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Chrome, The path he walked - RIPoste

Chrome was a friend to many, but he was no more. Now, Overlord Lueur walks the plane in his stead, an enemy of all. A dark lord in the eyes of many, the villain laughs and weeps as he remembered how he came to be...

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Past 3: Coverless Book

Sometimes, a book need not be judged by its cover, because it has none...

Past 3

Coverless Book


Imminent conflict in the far north, where the Crystal Kingdom resides had caused much distress throughout Equestria. News were rife throughout the continent that an Ancient Enemy had been reawakened and had taken over the Crystal Kingdom, one of Equestria’s most prominent Allies.

What made it worst was that for the first time in a long time, the full might of Equestria’s military had been mobilized to deal with the threat. Rumors and reasons for the sudden decision to mobilize the whole of the Royal Equestrian Army had been the most popular topic for gossip. Many spoke that the enemy had an army to oppose the forces of Equestria. Others reasoned that the populace of the Crystal Kingdom were scattered into the Frozen North, a range of mountains plagued by blizzards. Then there were the rumors that the princesses themselves were incapable of dealing with this new threat themselves, that this new enemy was far more powerful than any other met before.

However, in the town of Ponyville, one Pegasi knew what was false, and which was true.

On the outskirts of Ponyville, a cottage lay basked in the glow of the moonlight. It was a simple, quaint place, like a typical countryside house. It was a two-story building that consists of roughly five rooms. Straw roofing, wooden walls, a yard that contains henhouses and other dwellings for little animals. A chimney rose from the roof, yet no smoke flowed from it, for no fire burns within the fireplace.

Inside the cottage, darkness covers most of its features. What furniture and decorations illuminated by the blue moonlight only served to add to the gloom that hung within the house. Within the living room, a lone figure sat upon a straw sofa. A female Pegasus, whose eyes were gentle, yet tarnished by a growing sadness. Her coat and hair shone gray within the light of the night.

She lay upon the sofa, a photo book open before her, and a bunny, his fur bright silver in the moonlight, lay beside her, fast asleep. However, she paid him no heed, her eyes focused upon the pictures of days past, times that she had cherished, and wished had continued.

“Fluttershy,” whispered a voice, “Are you alright?”

The Pegasus barely replied to the question, not even sparing the one who asked it a look. He did not blame her, however, after all, he knows of her grief, her pain…

From within the shadows, a creature that looked as though he was made up of many others stepped forth to be illuminated in the moonlight. A horse head, which was adorned by a deer’s antler and goat’s horn, was attached to a dragon-like body. For forelimbs, it has the paw of the lion and a claw of an eagle. For hind legs it has a hoof of a goat and the leg of a lizard. Sporting a tail of a lizard, which ends with a white tuft of hair, a wing of a Pegasi and a bat lay folded to its back. Red eyes that were normally jovial now carry concern; the white bushy eyebrows and beard making the creature look several years older.

His name was Discord, a Draconequus and the spirit of Disharmony.

“Fluttershy,” Discord repeated, “why? Why so much grief?”

For a while, he thought that Fluttershy would not answer, and that this attempt would be the same as the last few hours. That was when the Pegasus looked up at him, her tear-stained visage feeling his sight.

“It’s because of this,” Fluttershy whispered, a sound that spoke of great grief and loss, as she indicated the book with her hoof. “Do you know what this is, Discord?”

“A photo book,” Discord replied.

“And what does a photo book hold?”


“No,” corrected Fluttershy gently, “memories.”

“What is he to you?” Asked Discord, “what is Chrome Windcutter to you? To both of you?”

“He…” hesitated Fluttershy, “he’s my first friend.”

Taking a seat upon the floor, Discord smiled at his friend. One of the rare times where Discord was not fooling about.

“Tell me, Fluttershy, tell me all about him. Maybe I’ll understand.”

A sad smile upon her face, Fluttershy obliged her friend.

“This here,” She said, indicating a photo within the book, “is of our class at Miss Cloudwalker’s school… Then this one…”

Slowly, as Fluttershy recounted the events of her past to her companion, she began to remember. Remember the times past; recall the moments shared, and happiness that came with them. Above all, she remembers the reasons why those times were cherished.

And what was lost with the passing of time…

Nine years ago.

“It’s quite chilly, no?” Shivered Dark Jet, a dark red Pegasi foal, as he draws the scarf around his neck tighter while gazing out at the city from the front oaken doors of the brick red skyscraper that was the Flight Protégé Institution.

The morning was perfect, a cool breeze blows gently over the skyscrapers that look as though they wished to climb for the sky. However, where one would had been prepared to laze within their cozy homes on such a lazy morning, the situation seemed otherwise.

The city was preparing for winter, in the streets, trees stood bare as their brown dying leaves were collected by ponies who were all dressed up for the chilly weather. The city mood was festive, as its population chatted and shared various tales while they prepared for the incoming season.


Even now as the city was busy preparing for winter. The mobile city of the clouds, Cloudsdale was within sights. It was such a magnificent sight, a city created solely out of white cloudmass, rivers of rainbow liquid flowing within its Weather Factory, while white smoke was pumped out of its chimneys. Slowly, but surely, the City of Clouds made its way towards Fillydelphia.

Dark Jet could not help but feel a pang of sadness at what’s about to happen. After all, it was winter holidays, and that meant that everypony was about to get together with their families.

Worse part? They were spread throughout all of Equestria.

It was worse than last time too. Last year, when the bunch of them were only first years, the class wasn’t as bonded to actually miss each other. This year, on the other hoof, he was already feeling the ache. His parents from Manehatten were on their way, which was a good thing, just that he had to see others off first.

Meaning that he had to endure the aching of seeing his classmates off one after another.

“You sure are edgy,” muttered a voice beside him.

“You are one to talk,” retorted Dark Jet as he turned to face the speaker, “at least you get to go off first.”

Chrome Windcutter, a light green Pegasus foal with light blue hair and silver eyes, stood before him with a slight twinkle within his eyes, suggesting a playful nature. Seriously though, Dark Jet would never forget the change that overcame Chrome in just a matter of days. Just months ago, Chrome was definitely the most antisocial pony that anypony would ever know of. However, with a bit of egging from Dark Jet, Chrome had managed to display his skill at planning and flying, quickly gaining popularity among his classmates. In a matter of days, almost everypony had forgotten the old morbid Chrome as they beheld the, lighthearted, if not quite solemn, Pegasus before them.

Though somehow, Chrome still seemed distant to the class, though that could be just him being over sensitive, admitted Dark Jet to himself.

“Well,” shrugged Chrome as he turned his eyes towards the moving city of cloudmass, which was currently hanging at the edge of the city, “I suppose I’ll meet you next year?”

“We’ll see him next year,” corrected a yellow Pegasus filly who had just pushed open the oaken doors, entering the outside world. A grey staunchly built Pegasus colt who towered over both Dark Jet and Chrome followed her.

“Lightningstreak, Tallsign, nice to see you up at last,” smiled Dark Jet, “how long did it take to get Tallsign to finish his breakfast at the cafeteria?”

“About five minutes and thirty-five seconds,” replied the yellow filly, “he’s gotten sloppy.”

“Hey!” Protested Tallsign, “I was half asleep! How do expect me to finish sixteen hayburgers in such a situation?”

“I guess that makes thirty-one to twenty-eight in Dark Jet’s favor,” added Chrome, “watch out, the gap’s getting wider.”

“Anyway,” snorted Tallsign, “are they coming down yet? I really wish that we could just fly up there.”

“And you know why that’s not allowed.” Stated a black Pegasus mare dressed in prim blue uniform, emitting one of those no-nonsense auras. “We don’t want you to mess up the winter preparations by accident.”

“Captain Rearsweep!” Saluted the four foals present.

“Yes, yes,” muttered Rearsweep as she returned the salute, “at ease.”

“I just can’t wait for them to arrive though,” continued Tallsign. “It’s just so boring in here-“

“CHROME WINDCUTTER!!!!” Screamed a voice, the suddenness of the event startling everypony present.

As the five Pegasus turned to look, they could spot an azure coat Pegasi flying down to them, her red mane streaming behind her as she dashed down.

“Uuuuh… Captain Rearsweep? Why does my mom look so mad? At me?” Asked Chrome Windcutter worriedly.

“Well, it’s just that she had been quite angry at you for… not telling her some stuff,” chuckled Rearsweep awkwardly, in fact, she had totally forgot to inform Chrome about this particular incident.

“CHROME WINDCUTTER!” Yelled the azure Pegasus as she landed, “COME OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!”

Scampering down the steps, Chrome quickly dashed over to her, his four companions following, for various other reasons.

“Now, Cloudwalker,” chided Rearsweep, “it will not do to shout in the morning-“ biting her tongue as the azure Pegasus shot her a frosty glare.

Turning her gaze back to the trembling green foal before her, Cloudwalker’s eyes narrowing in pure fury.

“Chrome Windcutter,” She began in a very STRONGLY controlled volume, “do you have any idea how disappointed I am in you?”

Silence met her answer.

“I said, do you have any idea how disappointed I am in you?”

“Very?” replied Chrome weakly.


“Cloudwalker,” winced Rearsweep at the volume of the blast, “perhaps somewhere else? This is the public, you know?”

Another glare was shot at her, silencing her immediately. However, this time, Cloudwalker nodded.

“Very well,” Agreed Cloudwalker, “I’ll carry out the lecture at home. Chrome, you are following me. Tallsign, Lightningstreak, your parents are coming soon, so just wait for them here.”

Without waiting for a reply, Cloudwalker took off, followed by a very terrified Chrome, who whispered a quick goodbye before soaring off.

The group of Pegasus stood there in daze, amazed at the escalation of events. Silence flowed over the area, only to be broken by Tallsign.

“Well… I take back what I said. It’s not that boring now…”

Dark Jet could not decide to laugh or shake his head as he watched his friend flapping away.

One week later

Sirens blared as the city of clouds above Fillydelphia signaled to all ponies within a mile of its departure. As the mobile cloud city began to take its leave, one could see the hundreds gathered upon the city’s edge as they waved goodbye to those below.

In fact, it was a beautiful sight. A city covered in white snow while hundreds were gathered on the tallest skyscrapers as they bid farewell to those who had brought winter to them. Snow floated down from the morning sky, creating a lighthearted feeling as the city of clouds began its move to bring winter to elsewhere in Equestria.

The town of Ponyville.

As the city of Cloudsdale drew further from Fillydelphia, the crowds gathered upon the edge of the city began to scatter, returning to their normal lives. Many did so in groups, each chattering to each other as they began preparations for their next location.

“We did nicely this time, no?” Laughed one to his companion.

“I believe that was the fastest time we covered Fillydelphia yet!” Boasted a mare to her friend.

“Hope we get those water tanks filled,” Fretted a third, “We are going to need a lot more for snow production.”

“Anypony seen Cloudwalker about?” Asked one.

“She should be at the control room helping out,” replied another Pegasus, giggling at the thought, “said something about needing to help out as she was too busy lecturing her kid.”

“Well, the week just ended, so he’s not grounded anymore,” laughed the one who asked. “Wonder what that little chap is up to now…”

“I am so never going to lie to her again,” muttered Chrome, as he paced along the streets of cloudmass gingerly. His hooves pressing against the white dense clouds that made up the floor. Buildings of various designs loomed on both sides of him, though Chrome had no interest in the designs of white cloudmass at the moment.

One week ago, he apparently discovered that Cloudwalker had discovered his deception, that he had been lying to her that he was on excellent terms with his classmates at Flight Protégé Institution, which was only true by effect of four months ago. Needless to say, his mom was extremely furious by the fact that he lied, leading to an half hour long lecture, which he was grateful for not going deaf in, and grounding him to stay at home for a week, not really a bad thing, considering that their home was actually a schoolhouse.

Problem was that his classmates kept popping by and dropping him visits, adding to his growing pool of envy that they were actually allowed to help with the preparations while he was stuck at home.

“At least I got to spend the last day with them,” reasoned Chrome aloud, “so that’s not a lost cause.”

Ears picking up a slight rustle behind him, Chrome heaved a sigh. After going through the exact same scenario last year, he could not be expected to not know what’s up. Turning about, Chrome faced the empty streets.

“Okay Fluttershy,” He called, “I know you’re there, come on out.”

Silence met his answer.

“Fluttershy, you did the exact same thing last year,” Continued Chrome exasperatedly, “You can’t really expect me to not know that you’re there?”

He could still remember how it happened last year’s winter holidays. Apparently, when he returned, Fluttershy had secretly been avoiding while following him. Needless to say, Chrome eventually discovered her ploys and managed to coax her out. After a series of untroubled events, Chrome eventually learned that Fluttershy was still as insecure as she had always been but was just glad to see him again, though not knowing how to apologize for not seeing him off.

‘It’s pretty much the same thing this year,’ thought Chrome as he continued calling for his friend to show herself.

“Um… Chrome,” Whispered a soft voice behind him.

“Wait a moment please,” replied Chrome without turning to look at the speaker, “I’m trying to-“

Cutting himself short, Chrome blinked a couple of times as he registered the familiar voice. “You standing right behind me, right? Fluttershy?”

“Uh-huh,” agreed the soft voice.

Turning around, Chrome beheld a yellow Pegasus foal with pink curly mane, a single strand running down her face, conveniently covering one of her eyes and giving her that ‘super shy look’, which fits her personality. Additionally, Chrome noticed that Fluttershy had received her cutie mark, a trio of pink butterflies, what ever that means.

“So,” began Chrome awkwardly, “how’s life?”

“Quite good,” admitted Fluttershy, her voice a tad more confident than Chrome felt she was a year ago. “Um….” *Mutters something*

There she goes again, Chrome almost facehoofed in exasperation but stopped himself. WHY COULDN’T FLUTTERSHY EVER SPEAK AUDIBLY? IT’S SO INFURIATIN-

“Um… Pardon?” Chrome asked, his voice a total contrast to what’s in his mind right now, “didn’t quite catch that.”

“How about you?” Whispered Fluttershy, Chrome barely catching the words.

“Oh me?” Smiled Chrome, despite what’s screaming within his head right now, “I’m doing fine, had a nice-“

WHAM! Before Chrome realized it, he was cut off by a sudden impact to his flank. The force behind the blow knocking Chrome clean off his feet, sending him tumbling into a wall of Cloudmass, which conveniently cushions the blow.

“Take that!” Yelled a scratchy voice, definitely female, as Chrome shook his head to clear the dizziness from the impact. “Nopony bullies Fluttershy and gets away with it!”

“Um… Rainbow, it’s-“

“Careful, Fluttershy! Looks like he’s recovering! Maybe I didn’t hit him hard enough?”

Wincing, Chrome got on his feet, glaring at the cyan Pegasus filly whose hair looks as though it had went for a swim in the rainbow rivers of Cloudsdale. A cutie mark of a cloud with a tri-colored lightning bolt shone from her flank. The filly, however, met his gaze with an indignant stare of her own.

“Okay bozo!” Started the filly, “If you think that bullying Fluttershy here would be a coooool thing to do, you might wanna think again, cause nopony bullies Rainbow Dash’s friends and gets away with it!”

“Rainbow Dash, huh?” Returned Chrome frostily, who definitely had not taken the hit well and failing to register the last part of what Rainbow Dash said as his anger started to boil out of control. “More like Rainbow Crash, the way your hair looks tells me you often do emergency landings in Cloudsdale’s rainbow rivers.”

“Crash?” Bristled Rainbow, “Excuse me, I’m the best flier in all of Cloudsdale! Or going to be, but that’s not the point! I most absolutely do not crash!”

“Oh yeah?” Smirked Chrome, “and I wonder how does not crashing makes you the best flier on all of Cloudsdale?”

“Listen pal,” smiled Rainbow, puffing out her chest, “I’m the only Pegasus in all of Cloudsdale to perform a Sonic Rainboom! That naturally makes me among the elite in Cloudsdale!”

Chrome stared for a second as he registered what the filly had said.

A beat.

That was as long as Chrome could hold it. Legs going weak with hilarity, Chrome dropped to the floor like a rock, a torrent of laughter bursting forth from his throat.

“Hey! What’s so funny?” Snapped Rainbow, annoyed by Chrome’s reaction, “stop laughing!”

Chrome, however was oblivious to what she said, rolling about as he chortled. Rainbow, unable to stand it anymore, opened her wings, a murderous look in her eyes.

“I said STOP LAUGHING!” She yelled, diving at Chrome. However, this time he was prepared for her, and quickly leapt to his hooves and making a quick last-minute dodge.

As Rainbow skidded to a halt, it was her turn for a frosty glare, one that Chrome totally ignored.

“So…” snickered Chrome, “you performed a Sonic Rainboom?”

“Darn right I did!”

“Impossible,” interjected Chrome.

“What did you say?”

“If you could perform a Sonic Rainboom,” grinned Chrome, “you would had been accepted into any of Equestria’s best Flightschools and would had been the talk of all Pegasi in Equestria. The fact that you were not proves it.”

“What?” Snapped Rainbow indignantly, “who needs to prove that I did not perform a Sonic Rainboom! I did it! Even Fluttershy saw it, right?”

“Um…” mutters something inaudible

“Fluttershy,” Said Rainbow, rolling her eyes, “You need to speak up!”

“Well,” Smiled Chrome, “How about you prove it to me?”

“Oh?” Grinned Rainbow, walking up and pressing her forehead against Chrome’s, “Is that a challenge?”

“If it is?”

“Then I’ll take you on!” She grinned sinisterly, “Let’s race it out at the arena!”

“The obstacle course?” Questioned Chrome, despite knowing that he had asked her to perform a Sonic Rainboom, Maybe this would be better, “alright then.”

As both foals spread their wings and rushed off, neither of them realized that they left a friend coughing in the clouds they threw up.

“Um…” Muttered Fluttershy, “this isn’t going to end well, right?”

“We’re doing the same requirements to be admitted into the Flightschools, minus the cloud busting,” Said Chrome, “that okay with you?”

“Yeah, yeah,” replied Rainbow Dash confidently, “when are you going to stop yapping and start flapping?”

Purposefully ignoring the jibe, Chrome returned his gaze to the obstacle course.

He really missed this place. In fact, he could still remember the first time he flew seriously here. An incredibly large cloudmass served to be the floor, and the three infamous obstacle of the course. The Columns, pillars of clouds that had only one purpose to serve, which was to block your way. The Mist River, a sea of fog serving as a test of endurance and balance while taking away your sight so long you were within. Finally, the Bubble Field, as innocently looking as bubbles could be, but packing a punch when one flies too close.

“Um…” said Fluttershy before muttering something her friends could not hear.

“Speak up, Fluttershy…” Said Chrome and Rainbow simultaneously before glaring daggers at each other.

“Okay…” Replied Fluttershy before raising a hoof.


The two foals at the starting line went tense as they prepared to push off.

“Get set…”

Wings cracked as they were flexed, glaring eyes were turned upon the tracks as the contestant put aside their differences.

Only the race matters now.

They did not even hear Fluttershy speak, hooves pushing off as the umpire’s hoof descended.

It happened so slowly, yet so fast. All Chrome could remember seeing was a quick flash of cyan as Rainbow Dash darted forward in an incredible show of speed. Sparing only a second to gaze in surprise, Chrome poured his strength into his wings as he attempted to catch up. Slowly but surely, he inched forward, when Rainbow Dash suddenly braked and dived to the side.

Swerving quickly, Chrome narrowly dodged the pillar that Rainbow led him to.

‘Fool!’ He chided himself, ‘Don’t bother about beating her, just care about defeating the course first!’

Repeating Captain Rearsweep’s advice to him, Chrome’s mind entered a state of calculation.

‘She has speed,’ He thought to himself while casually dodging the cloud pillars as he kept an analytical eye upon the blur that was Rainbow Dash, ‘however, she has next to no control over it. In a race of speed, she’ll definitely win, however, this is no race of speed alone.’

After all, courses requiring control over balance were Chrome’s specialty back in Flight Protégé Institution, and obstacle courses require just that.

This race was his.

Fluttershy felt a pang of nostalgia as she beheld the scene before her.

It was exactly two years ago, when she witnessed Chrome Windcutter taking on the exact same Obstacle Course. However, something felt different this time round.

The last time she saw him took flight, she could only feel a desire to prove himself, this time, however, she could feel a sense of lightheartedness in the way he executed his moves. Happiness, even.

“He got what he wanted, right?” Whispered Fluttershy to herself.

She never gave much thought to it, however, now that she had received her cutie mark and had seen Chrome. She finally understood why she stuck around him.

Chrome was like a critter then, confused, unsure how to communicate with those around him. She was drawn by his eyes especially, eyes that screams for companionship but knows not how to achieve it.

Fluttershy could only smile as she beheld her friend taking upon the obstacle course. How could she not?

After all, her friend had changed, for the better.

Chrome burst forth from the River Mist, not even breaking in speed while within it. His control over his balance had improved so much under the intense training at Flight Protégé Institution that just controlling his balance and speed in any situation was second nature to him.

Even now, the water droplets from flying in River Mist that had caused him so much trouble during the entry exam barely hindered him.

Feeling a slight prickle on his neck, Chrome quickly drew aside as a cyan blur sped past him once again. However, despite the show of speed demonstrated by Rainbow Dash, Chrome remained confident in his victory.

‘After all,’ Chrome noted, ‘from what I’d seen so far, she had a habit of flying too fast and just braking in front of an obstacle, losing the momentum of the flight.’

Oh, he just loves the feeling of being in control; Chrome chuckled as he plunged into the Bubble Field after Rainbow.

Everything occurred within his expectations; Rainbow had started using small bursts of speed, losing her momentum as she skidded to a stop before every bubble she encountered.

Rolling out of the way before another bubble, Chrome continued his path without a break in speed. Flapping his wings, Chrome swerved out of another within an inch of him in what Captain Rearsweep would deem a ‘sloppy dodge’.

Not that Chrome actually cares; he was confident of his win.

Before long, he had completely overtaken Rainbow, sparing her slight smile as he sped past her.

Rainbow Dash was having an exceptionally hard time with the obstacle course.

“There are just too many things in the way!” She complained as she stopped before another bubble three times the size of her before soaring above it.

Not to mention she had just been completely overtaken by that colt- what was his name again? - Who had been bullying Fluttershy.

After all, everypony in Cloudsdale, except for her, bullies Fluttershy! So, it’s up to Rainbow to stop them!

“I gotta win!” Fumed Rainbow as she slowed down to a brake just inches before another bubble in her way. “For Fluttershy!”

Regardless, she could not help but hold some admiration for the colt, after all, despite the fact that that green Pegasus was a lot slower than her, he was capable of CASUALLY clearing each of the obstacles with ease. How awesome was that? Somepony actually treating Cloudsdale Racecourse like a playground.

“I need some tips from this pal after he promises not to bully Fluttershy,” muttered Rainbow Dash grudgingly.

“What’s up, Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy almost leapt up ten feet into the air at the unexpected greeting. Turning about, she came face to face with a grey colt who looked at her with a bemused expression.

“Tallsign?” Whispered Fluttershy.

“The one and only,” responded the grey colt proudly; puffing his chest out, only for his head to fall forward as Fluttershy muttered something he could not quite catch.


“Um… What are you doing here?”

“Well,” replied Tallsign, “Me and a bunch of fellas from the old Flightschool just so happen to see Chrome heading for this place, so we decided to tag along.”

As he spoke, Tallsign indicated behind him with a wing. Looking past his figure, Fluttershy could spot a crowd, or more accurately, her class from Flightschool. Cringing slightly at the excited crowd, she hardly registered Tallsign’s words.

“By the way,” Tallsign sounded surprised, “who’s that racing Chrome?”

‘Just how much energy does that Rainbow Dash have?’ Cursed Chrome as he sped along the curve on the way back to the starting line. He had managed to clear the bubble field way before Rainbow did so, and had gotten a good lead on her.

A lead that was rapidly shrinking as soon as Rainbow was clear of the obstacle course.

The filly was at full speed right now, in fact, all confidence that Chrome had before had completely evaporated as he shot quick glances at the blue bolt speeding towards him.

Wind rushing past his face, Chrome strained his wings as he had often done at the monthly school events. Feeling the adrenaline pumping through him, he eliminated all other desires within him at the moment.

He just wants to win.

It doesn’t matter why.

He just wants to win.

Doing his best wasn’t enough.

He just wants to WIN.

Putting on an extra burst of speed, Chrome sped up towards the finishing line, completely ignorant of the cyan lightning bolt catching up to him.

Just a little more…

Five meters away…

Rainbow’s nose was level with his wings…


Almost neck to neck….


Now almost level with him…


A little bit more…


Speeding past the finishing line, Chrome almost lost his balance as he skidded to a stop. Panting heavily as the adrenaline accumulated from the race began to fade, it took him a while to register faint cheering from the distance.

It was his old classmates from Cloudwalker’s Flightschool.

“Looks like we put on… a good show,” wheezed an exhausted voice behind him.

“Show?” Asked Chrome, not bothering to turn about.

“Duh…” Heaved Rainbow sarcastically, “Can’t you see them cheering?”

It was something about her voice, THAT JUST PISSES HIM OFF. Relatively annoyed, Chrome turned about, ready to utter a retort when somepony else interrupted.

“Nicely done! That was great racing, Chrome!”

‘Oh great,’ realized Chrome, ‘it’s him…’

Turning about, he came face to face with his classmate from Flight Protégé Institution, Tallsign. A grey coat with a great sense of ego, which often clash with Chrome’s, ALL THE WHILE REMAINING OBLIVIOUS TO THE CONFLICT...

The grey coat had trotted over, with Fluttershy and a group of Pegasi fillies behind him, all muttering excitedly about whatever made them excited.

“Tallsign,” Greeted Chrome reluctantly, “what’re you doing here?”

‘Oblivious as usual,’ Thought Chrome, as Tallsign walked straight up and gave him a winning smile despite Chrome’s OBVIOUS display of coldness.

“Well,” laughed Tallsign, “We just saw you speeding to the Racecourse and Fluttershy following you after quite a long while. So we got curious…”

“And decided to follow,” panted Chrome lazily, “also, don’t you have to go and help out at your father’s wor-“

“Before we go there,” interrupted Rainbow Dash, “who won?”

“Um…” Whispered Fluttershy, who somehow silenced the deafening chatter with a WHISPER. “Chrome did, by a nose.”

“WHA-“ Rainbow started to protest, before Tallsign cut her off.

“Oh yeah, so the two of you managed to catch up with each other like old pals?”

“Yup,” replied Chrome, “Sorta…”

“Wait a second,” Blinked Rainbow Dash, “Pals?”

“Um… I was trying to tell you, Rainbow, but you woul-“

“Ooooooh, why didn’t you say so?” Laughed Rainbow, giving Chrome a friendly wink, “great race by the way.”

Chrome stood there, transfixed to the spot at the sudden change of development in the Pegasi filly.

“Wa- Wha- WHAT?”

“Chill down, pal,” Snickered Rainbow, “friend of my friend is a friend. Sorry bout the hit, but since you beat me in a race, I’ll call it even!”

Fuming, Chrome struggled to control himself from leaping over at a particular Pegasi who was deciding how everything should be ran.

“Um… Chrome?” Said Fluttershy, “Could you forgive Rainbow? She’s just trying to protect me…”

Eyes darting from the silent crowd of foals, to Tallsign, to Rainbow, to Fluttershy… Seriously, he can’t refuse under all this pressure…


A beat…

“I’m soooooo shipping the two of you together,” snickered Rainbow.

Another week later…

“This is soooo booooooooring…” yawned Rainbow as she trekked along a snow covered pathway.

Chrome had to agree with her, compared to what had happened in the last week: helping the adults set up winter in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash pestering him for some tips on agility non-stop once she heard that he achieved constant full marks for balance in class, having to race Rainbow Dash four times at least every day of the week and proceeded to lose to her continuously after she perfected her agility… and other similar stuff… Well… She’s a good flier, and friend… just that she often do things without thinking. That of which was going to make it things more difficult to achieve her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt… Plus the additional fact that to become a Wonderbolt or any other Flying Groups out there, one had to either have a job first, or secure a contract through graduation from an affiliated Flightschool: One of which was Flight Protégé Institution. I had a very satisfactory response from Rainbow at unveiling that little tidbit.

Rainbow Dash had literally screamed out in anger at hearing that. Apparently, she never bothered to read the career books given out by all the Flightschools.

“Just a little more, my aunt said it would be around here…” Said Fluttershy excitedly, which counts as excitedly as she could be… which wasn’t much…

As they moved along the road, leaving three sets of hoofprints trailing lazily behind them, Chrome started to wonder what in the hay was so important that Fluttershy had to drag them out here.

It didn’t take them long to find out what surprise she had in store for them.

A house.

A broken down, dilapidated, rusty old house. Not to mention that there was a small river flowing before it, and the entire area around it looks in need of a heck lot of gardening.

“Seriously?” Snorted Rainbow, echoing my thoughts, “THIS is what you brought us here to see?”

“Um… well,” smiled Fluttershy, “My aunt’s giving it to me…”

“Say what?” Chorused Rainbow and I simultaneously.

“Um… yeah,” laughed Fluttershy softly, “the moment she heard that I was meant to be an animal caretaker, she remembered that she had a neglected house somewhere in Ponyville. So she decided that as I really don’t like to fly, she’ll give me a house on the ground…”

“So, you brought us down here so that we could admire your birthday present?” Said Rainbow, unimpressed.

“Well,” muttered Fluttershy, “I just want to tell you that wherever you would be, I’ll always be here…”

Chrome felt a pang of regret at that statement. How could he not? After all, it was Fluttershy who dreads having her friends leave her… As evident of when he had decided to further his studies at Fillydelphia.

“Well…” Started Chrome hesitantly, “at least we’d know where to find you. So thanks for showing us your… future home?”

Fluttershy smiled awkwardly at that phrase, to which Rainbow snorted in disgust.

“It’s gonna take more than a long distance to keep us apart!” Declared Rainbow, “I mean… What are friends for?”

“Yeah,” agreed Chrome, “distance won’t keep us apart that easily, right Fluttershy?”

Beaming at the reassurance of her two friends, Fluttershy nodded.



Discord had never sat so long without cracking a joke, or pulling a prank. To be honest, this was the first time he had actually taken on the role of a listener.

He had never known this Chrome that well, only knew that he was a friend of Fluttershy, a subject of Equestria and other of those whatnot. However, as he listened, the more he knew, and the more he uncovered about why Chrome’s betrayal ran so deep.

It appears that Chrome had mattered a lot to many ponies, had been a very good friend.

Unfortunately, Discord could only draw a single feasible conclusion as to what Chrome was.

This Chrome, was a total jerk.

After all, whoever heard of a pony who would willingly throw everything away, especially his friends, without giving a single concern for their feelings.

Yup, this Chrome’s definitely a jerk…


The sneeze echoed throughout the Great Hall, causing a cold wind to rage for an instance within that enclosed area, its furious torrents whipping mercilessly against the multihued crystals that made up the walls and floors; even causing the transparent chandelier, which illuminated the room, to sway dangerously with the breeze.

Rubbing his nose, Overlord Lueur frowned at the ceiling. Displaying a look of amusement, the dark green Alicorn folded his bat wings and made for the doors.

Flinging it open, his gaze was leveled upon the guard that was stationed there at Crimson Fall’s insistence. Noticing a slight tremble of fear within the orange Dark Crystal Pony, Lueur could not help but sigh.

‘Do they have to fear me so much?’

“Your name?” Asked Lueur, his voice echoing throughout the hallway.

“Evening Grind,” replied the former Earth Pony, his armor clinking slightly as he fidgeted under his lordship’s gaze.

“Nice to meet you,” laughed Lueur, patting the guard on the shoulder with a hoof, “could you fetch Crimson Fall for me? Tell her to meet me in my bed chambers now.”

“Yessir!” Saluted the guard. Dashing off to carry out Lueur’s orders, Evening Grind only stopped as he heard his lord call out his name.

“Oh, one more thing, Evening Grind,” Called Lueur.

“Yes, Milord?” Replied the guard.

“Could you tell Crimson Fall to bring up some cold medicine? Please? I think I caught a cold...”


Author's Note:

Hi all, Elusith here!

Past 3 out within 2 weeks, and I hope it's good enough for you guys! if not, please post any constructive criticism below in the comments!

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed it!

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