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Chrome, The path he walked - RIPoste

Chrome was a friend to many, but he was no more. Now, Overlord Lueur walks the plane in his stead, an enemy of all. A dark lord in the eyes of many, the villain laughs and weeps as he remembered how he came to be...

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Present 1: The Brighter Side Of The World

In a world where freedom belongs to all, wherever something goes wrong, people complain why there was no one to look over them. In a world where lives were controlled by others, there were always those who criticize the lack of choice in their lives. It is in our nature to feel that the grass is greener on the other side, unfortunately, it's not in some people's nature to think if the grass is actually greener on the other side.

Present 1
The Brighter Side Of The World


In the Equestrian Encampment, Rainbow Dash slowly sipped the warm tea served to her while she rests in Twilight’s Command Tent, a simple purple pavilion that was surrounded by more guards that Rainbow had ever seen around a Princess. The inside was no less decorated, a tapestry of the map of Equestria hung between two stakes driven into the ground. Two piles of cushion lay on the floor, one occupied by Rainbow Dash, the other by a sleeping purple baby dragon. In the center of it all was a desk laden with scrolls and a large map with multiple flags and icons placed upon it.

“Seriously, Rainbow,” Lectured Twilight, “You should not have flown all the way here. What would happen to you if you were injured on the way here?”

“Cool down,” muttered Rainbow, “I got here in one piece, isn’t that good enough? Besides, don’t you have other things you need to do?”

“The Battle Plans!” Remembered Twilight, “Omigosh! I totally forgot about them!”

Jumping over to her table, Twilight stared down at the map depicting the Crystal Kingdom and its surroundings. In fact, all that surrounds the block of wood, which represents the Crystal Kingdom, were a multitude of white, black and purple flags.

“It would be folly to think that a countermeasure was not taught up against a siege…” Muttered Twilight as all matters concerning Rainbow Dash left her mind, “our opponent was a captain who served Celestia after all… In fact, I believe he would have plans laid in place against an all-out siege and a sneak attack. Also, those different Crystal Ponies worry me… Had he augmented them somehow?”

“Uh… Twilight?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Yes?” Replied Twilight distractedly.

“Will there really be a battle?”

“I hope not,” confessed Twilight, “Celestia says we should try negotiating with the Overlord Lue... I mean Chrome.”

“Don’t call him that.”


“Don’t call him Chrome.”


Losing her temper, Rainbow jumped up.


Twilight stared at her friend, eyes wide with shock. Upon seeing her friend’s startled reaction, Rainbow Dash quickly sat down, face turned away from Twilight.

“Sorry,” Croaked Rainbow brokenly, “it’s just… That thing, it’s just not what Chrome would do… Not what… He would ever do… Because… He would never hurt us… Not like this…”

Eyes softening at her friend’s exhausted form, she did not even look at the entrance as a unicorn dressed in the yellow army depicting himself as one of the royal guard entered.

“Your highness, is there a problem?”

“No, you may leave,” replied Twilight Sparkle.

“If I may have a word, your highness,” Said the Royal Guard, “Me and my comrades heard the name Chrome just now… May I know what happened to him? His disappearance since last week worries us all…”

“He’s a victim,” said Twilight sadly, eyes still fixed upon Rainbow Dash, “as many were of the Overlord Lueur."

The Crystal Plaza was a bustling place as usual, but for different reasons this time. Various types of Dark Crystal Ponies rushed about as they prepared for war. Wagons carrying crates and barrels were sent to the walls while the empty ones were being loaded up with them. Elsewhere, weapons of dark crystals were being hammered into place by the tireless blacksmiths of the kingdom while their subordinates quickly equipped the mares and stallions waiting in line.

As soon as one was properly outfitted, each of the ponies quickly joined a nearby group that marches towards the walls, falling in rank and steeling their will. Above in the sky, Pegasi whose coats shimmer with a dark light darts about, delivering reports to the commanders or carrying demands elsewhere.

So busy was the Plaza that nopony noticed the Alicorn which walked out of the Citadel gates and strolled among them, a red Pegasi at his side.

“Shouldn’t I inform them of your presence, milord?” Inquired Crimson Fall. “It would be folly when an accident happens.”

“No matter,” replied Overlord Lueur, ruling dictator of the Crystal Kingdom. “I have no desire to have preparations halted because of me. Furthermore, they would notice me soon enough.”

His words proved right when an Earth Pony bumped into him. Turning around, the Earth Pony almost cursed aloud when he saw who walked among them.

“Your Majesty!” Cried out the pony as he kneeled before Lueur. His call attracting the attention of others, which escalated quickly. Soon enough, the entire plaza was filled with the chants praising Lueur’s own name.

“Your Majesty!”

“All hail Lueur!”

“Our King!”

Sparing a wry smile for Crimson Fall, Lueur held up a hoof, silencing the crowd with a single gesture.

“Carry on, my subjects,” purred Lueur, his words carried to the ears of everyone within the plaza. “It heartens me to see you dedicated to your work, heartening indeed, so go on, but clear a way for me to the gates.”

“Yes, Milord!” Echoed the entire plaza. As the remaining continued with their work, a few guards quickly cleared a way to the gates for the dark green Alicorn and his companion.

“I told you it would work, my friend.” Smiled Lueur.

“I never doubted you, your majesty.” Replied Crimson Fall.

Far from the working masses, fourteen ponies met in a dark room, all cloaked and hooded despite the fact that the room had no windows, nothing to let even a single ray of light in. In fact, the only source of light within the room was from a single candle, which burns within a metal lamp.

“Is it ready?” Asked one, “are we ready?”

“Yes,” replied another, “just in case, always just in case.”

“But is it enough?” Wondered a third, “to take out an Alicorn?”

“More than enough,” assured the second pony, “the sword had so much magic packed into it, not even Celestia herself could stop it!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Snapped the second pony irritably, “I’m sure that it would shred Celestia to bits!”

“Well then,” said the first voice, “now it’s all up to him. Him and the negotiations.”

“If all goes well,” added another, “we won’t even need to use it.”

“But if it does not,” laughed the second voice, “we have a key to perfect glory with history showing us killing an Alicorn.”

“Alicornslayers,” Chuckled a voice, “I like the sound of that.”

“Killing isn’t important.” Said the first voice, “We just need to end the war the first chance we get, if the war even starts.”

Nodding at the statement, the lamp was blown out as the ponies slowly filed out of the room.

“Milord? What are you doing at the gates?”

A Dark Crystal Pegasi, with a coat of a shimmering turquoise that was covered in pitch black armor knelt at the gates as a dark green Alicorn and a Red Dark Crystal Pegasi casually strolled up.

“Nothing of note, Wild Wake,” replied Lueur as he beheld the his own creation, the location he had created, “nothing of note.”

They stood before the Gates of the Kingdom, a structure raised by Lueur to protect his kingdom. A wall many meters tall and ten meters thick held up two massive doors of dark stone. Flanking the thick wall were two towering spires that bustled with activity, as many Dark Crystal Ponies hurried back and forth, stacking materials and weapons for the upcoming battle.

“As you can see,” boasted Wild Wake proudly, indicating the preparations, “everything is up to expectations, even if an army ten times as strong stands against us, they would have to lose many before they could breach the defenses.”

“They won’t breach our defenses!” Corrected Crimson Fall, “With our lord by our side, no army stands a chance!”

“No,” smiled Lueur, “they will not, not yet anyway.”

“However,” continued Wild Wake, “we would need to have-“

“Overlord Lueur!” Boomed a voice suddenly.

“What in the world?” Cursed Crimson Fall as she looked around in suspicion.

“It’s her,” smiled Lueur, “they have come for negotiations.”

“I am the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle!” Continued the voice, “Me and my fellow Princesses, Princess of the Sun, Celestia, and Princess of the Moon, Luna, demands that you step forth from within your walls for a parley!”

“Told you,” chuckled Lueur, “Open the gates, Wild Wake. And gather the ministers."

“But Sir! It could be a fiendish trap!”

“Of course there will be a trap,” laughed Lueur, “Not from their side, but from ours…”

Three Alicorns stand in the darkness, their forms outlined by a glowing orb that floats before them. Two had manes that flow without the presence of the wind. The tallest had a coat of pure white, a mane of glimmering rainbow and a cutie mark of a sun. The other had a coat as dark as night, a mane who looked as though it carries stars within it, she possesses a cutie mark of a crescent moon. The third, the shortest among the three, had a coat of lavender and a simple well-trimmed straight mane with a purple streak running through it. All wore crowns atop their foreheads, their symbol of office.

For they were the Princesses of Equestria.

All had their eyes fixed upon the only location basking in the radiant splendor of the light. A city encircled by towers and walls of crystals which shone like stars or were shrouded in shadows.

“Do you think he would answer, my sister?” Asked the Alicorn with the coat as dark as night.

“I do not know,” replied the white Alicorn, “But it is for the best that we show him such respect, Luna. Especially when he had learned of our plans to eradicate him.”

“Yes, Celestia,” replied Luna, “we owe him an apology at least.”

“We all do,” said the lavender Alicorn, “and so does he.”

“Hush Twilight,” Chided Celestia, eyes never leaving the massive black gates in the distance. “His actions are justified, his anger correct.”

“Have you seen what he did?” Asked Twilight, a hint of anger in her voice, “he left the streets of Canterlot in devastation! He took over the Crystal Kingdom like King Sombra did! He even forsook his friends!”

“Did he?” Replied Celestia, “he changed his name, did you not recall? There’s still kindness within him, for he do not want you to face him as friend, but as an enemy. Chrome stays as a friend, but Lueur have no friends.”


“Twilight!” Interrupted Luna, “I know that his betrayal had caused a fracture in your friendship, but know that Lueur had been one of us. We had taken away his happiness. We caused this, now we have to fix it.”

“Some fixing,” argued Twilight, pain and anger plain upon her face. “Have you seen Rainbow? She had gone through such pains of losing Chrome! Not to mention Fluttershy, who had to see two of her childhood friends fighting each other? What about the rest of us? Two of our friends were at a loss and there’s nothing we could do to help! What about the rest of the Guards? Chrome was a friend to them too! Had you ever wondered what they would feel?”

“Yes…” Sighed Celestia sadly, “It was my fault that I was so wary about Chrome. After all, a unicorn had once appeared in a similar fashion. And the Crystal Empire suffered for it. Now…” She heaved a breath, looking upon the pained expression Twilight possessed with sympathy, “I decided to meddle with his fate, and the Kingdom suffered once more because of it.”

“It’s not your fault,” Consoled Luna, flashing a look of warning at Twilight, “It was only for the best for Equestria-“

The sound of gates slamming open with a massive impact interrupted her speech, causing Luna to halt midsentence to behold the spectacle with the other two princesses. None of them admitted it, but they could not deny the shiver that ran down their spines when they saw what they did.

A dark-green Alicorn with a shimmering coat stood in the archway of the gate. His mane of black and white flowed despite the absence of the wind. Bat wings remained folded to his body, but the memory of seeing them remains fixed in their minds.

However, what terrified them was something else. Though they were too far away to see it, they could feel the pitch black eyes gazing upon them. Eyes bereft of hope and peace, eyes like the void that sought to engulf everything and devour it.

Though they wish it otherwise before, deep down in their hearts, at that moment they knew that this was the greatest enemy they have yet faced.

An enemy, not a friend.

Lueur smiled coldly as he beheld the three figures in the distance. All former friends before, traitors now.

Beside him were the sixteen ministers of his court. They were originally ponies that had served the previous regents of the Crystal Kingdom, but he had allowed them to continue keeping their posts, so long that they swore allegiance.

Not that he cared anyway.

Forming a casual thought, the ground beneath Lueur began to tremble. Beside him, the ministers look about in positive alarm, Lueur noted to his amusement. In fact, the ministers had just realized that the group of them was actually moving forward without them actually taking a step.

The ground was carrying them to where princesses were waiting.

“Milord? The ground!” Yelped one of the ministers, a light brown Dark Crystal Pony.

“Relax,” Soothed Lueur, “No harm will come to you now.”

Blinking at the statement, it took the minister a full five seconds to actually realize that the being before him was responsible for this feat. Muttering a quick apology, the minister bowed in respect.

In fact, moving the ground was no mean feat at all. It took not even the barest fraction of his already immense power to do so. In fact, it took only seconds before the event halted and Lueur faced the three princesses of Equestria.

It was a magnificent sight, should it be seen in the time of peace. On an empty plain engulfed in shadows, four Alicorns stood facing each other. Three shrouded in darkness, eyes fixed upon the one who stood smirking at them, bathing in the embrace of the light denied to them.

“Lord Lueur.” Greeted Celestia, her eyes full of determination, Lueur noted to his satisfaction.

“Celestia of the Sun,” replied Lueur, before turning his eyes to the other two Alicorns present, “Luna of the Moon and Twilight Sparkle of Friendship, what brings you and your massive armed… rabble to my territories?”

“It was never yours to begin with,” said Luna, “and we hoped that you would return it without any incidents breaking out.”

“Never mine?” Gasped Lueur mockingly, “well, I suppose so. However, would it not be mine through the… Right of Conquest?”

“You attacked the Crystal Empire, and dethroned the Regents who were placed in charge of it.” Growled Twilight, “an action as such would be tantamount to an assault on Equestria itself!”

“Careful, Twilight,” warned Lueur, who was clearly enjoying the situation, “so much like your brother, letting emotions get in the way of politics. Remember, I am the guest to this meeting, as such, I have the right to leave and render this discussion and any agreement that could turn out from it... void.”

Before Twilight could snap out a retort, Celestia strode forth, the very action silencing everypony present.

“Lueur,” She began, “we apologize for all the wrongs we had ever done to you. All we ask now was for you to make the decision to prevent any unnecessary battles. We just wish for peace, for stability. We just hoped that you could return the Crystal Kingdom to its previous state, and that you return my niece and her husband to us unharmed.”

All eyes present turned towards the Dark-green Alicorn who holds the solution to all problems. The one who need only speak a single word prevent a conflict unlike any seen before.

Unfortunately, there were those who knew otherwise, and were not surprised when Lueur broke out into mirthless laughter.

“Apologize?” Snarled the dark lord, “Peace? Stability? Who do you think you are, Celestia?”

Manes blazing like a blend of black and white flames, Lueur continued in a voice that seemed to shatter the very air itself.

“I was betrayed, my dear princess, is an apology enough to atone for your crimes? You wished for peace and stability, but your actions show otherwise!”

The very earth trembling as his rage flowed through it, Lueur continued.

“And what right do any of you have to make such demands? The sun? The moon? Do you see them anywhere? No! Friendship? You are about to make war! What use is friendship?”

Then as sudden as it started, Lueur calmed down. His mane hung down, no longer blazing out like before. The ground stopped shaking, and his voice returned to normal.

“However,” continued Lueur, “There would be a solution to this, I can return the Crystal Kingdom and its regents to Equestria on one condition.”

“Which is?” Asked Celestia, a hint of hopefulness in her voice.

“That all three of you relinquish your crown and authority to me, return to being common folks and accept me as ruler of all.”

“You jest!” Snapped a shocked Luna, her horn glowing with powerful magic.

“I do not,” replied Lueur, “your rule is filled with mistakes. Mine is not.”

“How can you be so sure?” Accused Twilight, eyes wide with shock at the proposal.

“Look upon the Crystal Empire!” Said Lueur, “Twice now had it been attacked by enemies and taken over. Both enemies created by none other than the princesses of Equestria themselves!”

“Lies!” Rebutted Luna, “You lie!”

“Do I?” Laughed Lueur cruelly, “The First Princess of the Crystal Kingdom! Do you remember her? Sombra was an Umbral, a being of shadows who came to live among the Crystal Ponies! What did she do? Knowing that the power of love could destroy the Umbrals, she continued with the annual celebration of the Crystal Festival anyway! Instead of saving Sombra and turning him into a valuable friend and ally, that fool of a princess decided to carry on with the annual festivals so that she could show off the power of love! She even had the gall to tell Sombra that he could choose his own path while deliberately shortening his own life at the same time!”

“Then there was me!” continued Lueur, “I had served Celestia wholeheartedly, but she tried to destroy me because she was suspicious! Just because of a suspicion that I am the same as Sombra! Me and Sombra, we are both pieces on a board who decided to rebel against your precious game!”

“And what do you suggest?” Whispered Celestia, eyes without emotion gazing upon Lueur. “All that ranting but you had not stated why your rule would be better.”

“Foolish Celestia,” Spat Lueur, “do you not see it yet? The proof is here! The four of us!”

“What do you mean?” Inquired Twilight, still in a state of shock.

“When you banished Sombra, there were none but you who could challenge him! Even now, the only ones capable of stopping me are but the three of you!”

“What are you implying?” Questioned Celestia.

“That the citizens of Equestria are far too reliant upon their rulers! Their rulers hold incredible strength, but the citizens are weak as a leaves in a thunderstorm!”

“History has shown us this!” Shouted Lueur as he glowed with magical energy, slowly rising into the air.

“When Discord came, it was none other than the two of you who stopped him! When Sombra conquered the Crystal Kingdom, its citizens could only watch helplessly as you fought and sealed him! When Luna challenged Celestia’s rule, it was down to Celestia to prevent her sister from running wild! When the Changelings attacked Equestria, it was none other than a princess and her husband who turned the tide with a single blow! Twilight Sparkle and her friends foiled Sombra’s resurfacing! The Princess of Friendship and her friends without the aid of others defeated even the mighty lord Tirek! And now! You three stand against me! To save Equestria again!”

“Proof lies in history!” Hollered Lueur, his form a mixture of dancing shadow and brilliant light. “Time and again have the citizens of Equestria been helpless against foes too powerful for them! Time and again had they relied upon their princesses for aid! But no longer!”

“My rule will grant power to all ponies!” Roared Lueur, “power to protect! Power that is as natural as the blood in their veins!” Reaching a hoof out to Celestia, he continued, “Join me! And together the world shall become a better place! A world will be created where no ponies will have to cower before another foe again!”

Celestia, however, shook her head as she took a step back.

“You were not there Lueur,” Said Celestia in a voice full of authority, “the world you spoke off had existed, but it’s not the ideal world you envisioned.”

“Yes,” agreed Luna, “we had seen that world, where ponies of all kinds possess power that was not seen today. A time where they protected themselves.”

“But power corrupts,” Added Celestia, “not all beings are like you and me who can resist the temptation power brings. Not all ponies dislike wielding power.”

“At the time,” continued Luna, “it was a living hell. Ponies grew mad with the power they wield and turned upon each other. Warlords dominate the land, each wanting more power, and the fastest way to get more was to take it from others.”

“Discord was the last warlord,” Continued Celestia, “He was a Draconequus who came from far away with the intention to stop the war between ponies. Unfortunately, so drunk was he with the power he gained in his mission, that he became the epitome of chaos and it was up to us to stop him.”

“After we defeated him,” Said Luna, “We saw what he did and what he failed to do. He had gathered and concentrated all forms of power upon himself… Authority, Magical might, Strength, you name it, he has it.”

“He had succeeded somewhat,” Said Celestia, “For he had created an ideal world without conflict, where he protects everything. Unfortunately, we had to stop him, for he was controlling things, not letting it run their own ways. Hence we decided to adopt this system. Peace continues to flow in Equestria, while we take up the mantle Discord had left with his sealing into stone.”

Twilight could not believe what she was hearing. What Celestia and Luna had revealed was not the history of Equestria, but the hidden side to it, for it revealed the very foundations on which Equestria was run upon. However, even as she thought of Discord, who was comforting a distraught Fluttershy, she could not envision a noble image of him. Seriously, that mischievous Draconequus a noble spirit? Not happening.

Turning her hopeful eyes to the form of Lueur who was levitating in the air, she hoped that this revelation would be able to dissuade the dark lord from war.

Unfortunately her hopes were quickly dashed.

“Your argument is sound,” agreed Lueur, “but I had given power as a gift to my current subjects, and I would be loathed to take it away.”

“Gift?” Said a shocked Luna, “you took away their minds!”

“Only from those who resisted, or rather, I took away their will to move against me.” Replied Lueur, whose form is still a mixture of light and shadow, “Of course, I would not relinquish control over the Crystal Kingdom either. A deal was struck with the Umbral and Stellal race after all…”

“Stellal?” Echoed Celestia, eyes wide with shock. “You cannot be…”

“Yes I am,” smiled Lueur, “As Sombra was sent to free the Umbral race from the shadows beneath. I was sent by my race, the Stellal to free them from their imprisonment in the sky!”

“So this is what this is all about…” Muttered Celestia, who was in a daze at the sudden revelation.

“They really want to thank you, my family and Sombra’s,” mocked Lueur, “after all, if you had not betrayed me, I would never have the mindset to accept their offers.”

“So you are adamant on this?” Said Celestia in a defeated voice, “you would go through with the war?”

“It appears so,” said one of the ministers, a former earth pony with a coat a dark tone of beige, “and that leaves us no choice.”

Before their very eyes, weapons were drawn, all of almost similar make, with the exception of a glimmering blade that glowed unusually.

“This is a parley!” protested Twilight, “no conflict is allowed in such a meeting.”

“I really appreciate this specially prepared ambush,” droned Lueur, who was smiling at his retinue, “especially without my knowledge, it’s really a well-intended surprise.”

As Twilight readied a spell instinctively. She could not believe what happened next.

The retinue around the dark lord leapt not at the princesses, but at the dark lord himself.

Lueur had never felt so much in control before. After all, his plan to flush out the ponies who were working on the betrayal had never worked so well. This feeling of satisfaction was only dampened by the fact that all the ministers were in on this.

‘No one can be trusted, can they?’ Sighed Lueur as he thought but a single word.

Beams of light and shadow burst forth form his form, each striking the ministers who leapt at him. Like dancing rays of black and white, not a single minister was spared as they were struck to the ground by either shadow or light.

“Impossible,” choked a Dark Crystal Unicorn who carried a blade that shines with an unusual red light. His name was Quicktongue, Lueur believed, but then again, Lueur had never bothered remembering the names of those that never mattered to him.

“Impossible what?” laughed Lueur, “that a blade meant to slay Alicorns would not work on an Alicorn or protect you from an Alicorn’s magic? You should really have paid close attention to my conversation just now. I am not an Alicorn, I am a Stellal, a being of the light, and I have also accepted the powers of the Umbral race.”

Turning towards the three Alicorns who stood witnessing his show of strength, Lueur laughed nastily.

“Spoiler alert: this is what’s going to happen to ponies who betray my trust!”

As he finished the sentence, a pillar of light descended from the sky, cutting through the very shadows that surround the group. In fact, the effect was so blinding that even Lueur had to close his eyes.

When the air cleared, what lay on the grounds were not ponies, but crystal statues. Each as clear as diamond, and with finely crafted details that even a master sculptor would admit to taking days to craft such specific features. Not the Lueur would ever blame them, after all, he had just transformed sixteen ponies into glimmering crystal statues.

“What have you done?” Asked Celestia, the first to recover from the blinding pillar of light. “And why did you not attack us?”

“This is a parley, so I did not attack you” Smiled Lueur as he faded away into the shadows, “despite that, you three possess enough magic to withstand that spell. However! If you insist on reclaiming the Crystal Kingdom, once you have depleted your magic challenging me, this will be your fate. After all, I hold the power of two divine races within my soul!"

An echoing laughter erupting from his mouth, Lueur faded away into the shadows. The ray of light vanishing with him, the Princess soon found themselves alone in the dark, with the figures of sixteen crystal statues not far away.


Author's Note:

Surprise guys!!! Well, technically i did not lie, for i said Past 2 would be coming out in a couple weeks, not Present 1. Anyway! Here you go, though one needs to read FIENDship is magic #1 to understand somethings in this chapter.

Of course, i am still a fledgling writer and I will really appreciate it if you would point out any areas of improvement within the story. Though I admit it that this Present 1 is a bit talkative, though i am not sure if that's a bad thing. I tried pouring more details as usual into it too, so i hope that will be enough.

By the way, just a small spoiler, A Present will not always accompany a Past, like how Past 1 and Present 1 came out together. Past 2 to Past 4 may come out without even a single Present showing up in the book. Just a bit of info

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