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Banished To Tartarus - A Story of Unlikely Heroes and Moral Villains - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

Thousands of years ago, a young half-demon by the name of Haxx was living amongst ponyfolk. One day, the young demon snapped and began a rampage. The princesses were forced to contain him, and send him to Tartarus. After many many years, he's back...

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Chapter 2 - Banished To Equestria

Author's Note:

Some pretty suggestive stuff ahead. No sex, but some top-grade flirting and massaging coming up. <_<

Note's vision slowly came to. The first thing he noticed through the blurry vision was that two ponies stood before him. Upon closer inspection, they were not actual ponies. They had horns upon their heads, and the overall appearance of a threatening demon. It was this time that Note also realized that he was bound together by chains in a small, isolated room. Note began to struggle against the chains, but one of the demons punched him in the face. Note let out a groan of pain, spitting blood on the floor.

"L-Love N-Note?" Note heard a mare call out. Turning to his left, Note noticed that Nurse was next to him, chained up as well. She had blood leaking from her mouth, and several bruises on her face. "Don't fight them," she whispered, "You can't win."

Note stared at her for a couple of seconds, breathing heavily. He then turned to the demons. "Where are we?" Note asked aggressively, clenching his teeth. "Who are you? What do you want?"

Note was simply replied by another strike to the face, knocking one of his teeth out. Letting out a loud grunt, Note spat up more blood. "Keep quiet till the boss gets here," the other demon answered, "Or else, you'll end up like your friend over there." The demon pointed behind him.

Looking behind the demon, Note spotted Morn Star, who was chained to the wall opposite of them. Morn Star was unconscious, with bruises and scars indicating that he had been severely beaten. Note opened his mouth to say something else, but stopped when he noticed a pony walking in. Note was shocked at what he saw.

It was Twilight Sparkle.

The two demons turned and bowed to Twilight. "Greetings princess," one of the demons said, "We found these two at the nightclub. This one here, he is not Love Note. The boss said to bring him here, for he might be an outsider."

"Twilight?!" Note asked, struggling against the chains. "What is the meaning of this? What did you do to Morn Star?!" Note growled as he tried to lunge forward, stopped by the chains. "Answer me!"

Twilight turned her attention to Note, stepping towards him. "Twilight? I haven't been called that in years. As for you, I know you're a fake." Twilight sighed as she knelt down, getting in Note's face. "Although, I can't quite bring myself to kill you. You're just as handsome as the real Note." Note gave an odd look, just before Twilight kissed him on the nose.

"What in the name of Celestia is going on?!" Nurse demanded, watching this confusing scene. One of the guards quickly punched her in the face, sending her head to the right as blood swung from her mouth across the floor and wall.

Twilight turned to Nurse, shaking her head. "That name is a sin here. You really are outsiders, are you?" Twilight laughed. "Put the mare in a holding cell and kill the unicorn," she turned to Note with a smirk, "I'm keeping the pegasus." Note growled deeply as he narrowed his eyes at Twilight.

Shouhei groaned in pain as he tossed around on the ground. "Only one drink, he said," Shouhei groaned, "It'll be fun, he said." Shouhei eventually was able to turn over and get onto his hooves. Wiping his eyes with his hooves, he looked around to see where he was. The large castle and the royal-styled design of the area around him told him that he was in Canterlot. But, there was something off about Canterlot. Maybe it was the dark-looking streets. Maybe it was the lack of friendly ponies. It most definitely was the demonic guards patrolling the streets.

Shouhei felt a pain inside him. He felt the dark magic around him, and it caused the dark magic inside of him to swell up. Shouhei quickly turned to get away from the demons, away from the dark magic. Unfortunately, he found himself face-to-face with one of the demon guards.

"Careful, captain!" the demon said, placing a hoof on Shouhei's shoulder, "You're going to get hurt if you run around like that." The demon noticed that Shouhei seemed to be in pain. "Are you alright, captain?"

Shouhei, although confused as to why the demon called him captain, answered with the first lie that came to his mind. "Just a little cramp. Nothing...nothing serious."

The demon gave an odd look, but shrugged it off. "Whatever you say, captain," the demon said. "Emperor Haxx is looking for you. Said he wanted to talk to you about some of your troops."

Shouhei let out a grunt of pain. "I'll be there...soon..." Shouhei answered. "First, I need to, lie down for a bit. Tell him that, alright?" Shouhei asked the demon, hoping to get him away.

"You're the boss," the demon said, turning and walking away. Once the demon was out of sight, Shouhei quickly took off. He needed to find a way out. To find his friends. To find his brother. Otherwise, he'll find himself taken over by the dark magic that was causing him this severe pain.

The first words that Ireagato heard came from a mare with a thick country accent. "Howdy there, partner."

Ireagato slowly opened his eyes to look around. The area was very sandy, very hot, and very southern. Ireagato concluded that he was in Appleloosa. He tried to get up, but was stopped when he felt the barrel of a gun pointed against his head. Ireagato froze as he moved his eyes to look up at the pony above him. The pony was orange, with a blonde mane that was like the collar of hay. She wore it in a ponytail, with a cowboy hat upon her head and a sheriff's badge on her chest. She chewed on a piece of straw, and held a revolver in her hooves. "Don't move, pal." The pony ordered.

Ireagato stayed still on the ground as he stared up at the mare. "Whoa now. Let's talk about this," he said slowly. "I have no idea how I got here."

"Well, that makes the both of us, partner," the mare said, raising her gun and sticking out her hoof to help him up. "Get up now, boy. You look like an idiot down there on the ground."

Ireagato took her hoof as she pulled him up to his hooves. "Thanks ma'am," Ireagato said, brushing himself off, "So, uh, who are you exactly?"

"I'm no ma'am to you," the mare said. She took her revolver and placed it in its sheath. "The name's Applejack. Sheriff Applejack. This here, if ya didn't know, is Appleloosa. I run things around here. Put in charge by Emperor Haxx himself."

"Wait, what?" Ireagato asked, stopping and giving an odd look. "Emperor Haxx? Who in the name of Celestia is that?" Ireagato asked the mare. Applejack quickly took her hoof and struck him in the face. Ireagato's head swung to the side, and he held his cheek with one hoof. "What was that for?"

Applejack narrowed her eyes. "We don't say that name around these parts. We don't say that name around any parts. It's best if you never say that name," Applejack crossed her hooves. "You act as if you're an outsider. What's your name, boy?"

"Ireagato," he answered, giving an odd look, "And yes, I am an outsider, if you mean I don't come from Appleloosa," he continued, shrugging. "Not sure what that has to do with anything."

Applejack's glare got deeper. "Ireagato Ireto?" she asked, spitting out the stray she was chewing on. Before Ireagato could catch up, Applejack took out her revolver and held him at gunpoint. "Freeze! You're under arrest, partner!" Ireagato stopped and kept still as he stared at the barrel of the gun. Ireagato quickly went over how he will get out of this in his head.

Ireagato swiftly used his magical skill in cryomancy, freezing both Applejack's hoof and the gun. Applejack was caught of guard and shocked as she struggled to free her hoof. "Yeah, freeze." Ireagato muttered. He turned to run away, but found himself staring at even more guns. A dozen ponies surrounded him; holding rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. Ireagato slowly put his hooves up, realizing he has no escape.

When it came to Note, not many things phased him. He lived with death, he lived with insults, he understands racism. He was an alcoholic at heart, with a song for every occasion and a shotgun shell for every threat. Only a few things really affected Note. His friends' safety was above all. Rape was also something Note deeply hated. Fortunately, neither of those were in the situation.

Unfortunately, wearing a collar was something that Note hated. Wearing a collar was also something Note was doing right now.

Note was in the Castle of Friendship, if you could even call it that anymore. The place was eerie and dark. Demons guarded the halls, watched over Ponyville in the towers. Note was in the heart of it all. Sitting on a large bed, fit for royalty, with the mare who had collared him in the first place; Twilight Sparkle.

"So, tell me. Why exactly did you collar me, chain me to this bed, and call me a fake Love Note?" Note asked Twilight, groaning. "I mean, when I woke up this morning, I'm fairly sure I was still Love Note."

"You may be Love Note, but you're not this Love Note," Twilight said, sighing dreamily. Note gave an odd look as she continued, "He's such a handsome devil. Owns the nightclub here in Ponyville. Love's Lovelies. He likes to take matters into his own hands. Emperor Haxx loves him for that."

"Hold on," Note said, perking his ears. "That's me! I own the nightclub! I like taking matters into my own hands! I'm a handsome, well, I wouldn't exactly say devil, but, still!" Note snorted. "And who is Emperor Haxx?"

"You don't know who Emperor Haxx is?" Twilight let out a giggle. "Well, he's our ruler, of course! He watches over Equestria, takes care of us...plus, you're not even the real Love Note. I can tell a fake when I see one."

"What makes you think I'm not the real Love Note?" Note asked, crossing his hooves. "Do I have to show you a birth certificate or something? Do I have to call my brother up here? Kicker wouldn't like having to come up her from Appleloosa to prove I'm the real Love Note." Note rolled his eyes at the name of his own brother.

Twilight shook her head. "I can tell you're fake because you have two wings," Twilight said, laughing. She moved closer to him, brushing the wing opposite of her with her hoof softly. "One here," she whispered in a seductive tone. She then moved to the closer wing, nipping at it playfully. "And one here." Note let out a small squeak. "See? You are a Love Note. Sensitive in all the right spots." Note was shocked. Note loved going to the spa, especially since the sensitivity on his wings. Only a few mares in existence knew of that; The spa ponies, his own wife Cruxia, and Nurse Seraph. The last mare was something that he didn't want to repeat. Being strapped to a surgery table was the last thing Note wanted to happen to him again.

"W-what do you mean t-two wings?" Note managed, trying to fight back the relaxing sensation of Twilight massaging his wings. "Pegasi have t-two wings by b-birth!"

Twilight shook her head. "Love's right wing was cut off during a fight. He, Captain Shouhei, and Applejack found themselves in a gunfight between some of the idiotic terrorists." Twilight rolled her eyes. "Love was hit by an explosion, causing his right wing to detach."

Note clenched his teeth. "Ouch. I kind of felt that..." Note said. Sure enough, Note had a brief moment where he felt pain in his right wing, as if it had been torn off.

Twilight nodded, her hooves still working at Note's wings and back. "Of course you do. It was you who lost your wing. Well, not you personally, but the other you." Twilight giggled, "Anyways, Emperor Haxx, Kraken, and I were able to give him a new, prosthetic wing. It's completely metallic, but fused with some magic, it's practically weightless. Love was able to fly once more. Although, I miss this wing a bit." Twilight brushed his right wing sadly.

Note noticed that during the exposition that Twilight was giving, he had fallen victim to the pleasure of the massage. Note quickly perked up, pretending as if he wasn't affected by it. "T-that's a shame..." Note then narrowed his eyes, "Wait, what about Cruxia?! I'm married!"

Twilight looked at him. "Cruxia? I have no idea who you are talking about," she said, tilting her head. "I can't imagine my Love with any other mare. That would be horrible."

Note turned away and looked at the wall, scared. "Yeah, you're the one to talk." He muttered under his breath. Fortunately for him, Twilight did not notice, and continued with the massage.

One of the other things that really bothered Note was the idea of not being with Cruxia. That hit him deep.

Rhyme groaned when he felt a hoof patting his cheek. "Wake up. C'mon, wake up!" a voice called. Rhyme simply turned to the side and cuddled against the pillow he was laying his head against. "He's not getting up. Should I shoot him?"

That was enough to wake the sleeping pony. Rhyme shot up, looking around with wide eyes. "I'm up! I'm up! No shooting!" He called. He relaxed as he observed what he was seeing. He was in a room, one that had a couple beds. One pony stood before him, giving him a look of shame. She was a yellow-colored pegasus, with a firey-styled mane and a pair of aviators over her eyes. She wore a leather jacket, with a scarf over her neck. She was the embodiment of awesome.

"About time you woke up. I'm still having trouble waking your friend over here." The pegasus pointed towards another sleeping pony. It was no other than Princess Solar Flare, passed out.

"Solar Flare!" Rhyme called out. He quickly moved to her side, shaking her. "Solar! Get up!" he demanded. Solar Flare soon opened her eyes, groaning.

"What in the name of my mother do you want?" Solar asked, looking up at Rhyme. Her eyes searched him up and down, then towards the pegasus, and finally her eyes rested between the two. Her eyes widened as she stared in shock. "Princess Luna?!" She called out, shocked.

Rhyme turned around to see what she was looking at. Sure enough, an alicorn of dark blue with a mane that resembled the starry night was sitting at a table, back to them. Luna turned her head, only enough so they could see half her face. "Nopony's called me by that name in years," Luna said harshly. "How do you know me?"

Solar sat up, and Rhyme cleared his throat. "Well, princess, you are the princess of the night, who rules the throne with your sister, Princess Celestia, correct?"

Rhyme was answered with the pegasus punching him hard in the face, causing him to tumble over. "Never, I repeat, never mention that name!" the pegasus growled, standing over Rhyme.

"Spitfire," Luna barked. Spitfire's attention turned to Luna. "Calm yourself. He's not from around here, so he doesn't know." Luna turned around and stood up. Half her face was covered in a metallic mask, with a hole for her eye and some holes around the mouth.

"Princess Luna, what happened to you?" Solar asked. Spitfire quickly helped Rhyme back onto his hooves, and patted his back as he whined about the pain.

Luna sighed. "A long, painful story that I don't want to remember," Luna said, shaking her head. "Who are you? You are obviously important, given that you are an alicorn like myself."

Solar nodded. "I'm Princess Solar Flare. Leader of the Solum Empire," she told her, bowing respectively. "Although, it is only fair that I respect you for this is your domain."

"There are two things wrong with what you said," Luna began, "Firstly, the Solum Empire is dead. No longer. Crushed. Gone." Solar cringed at what she told her, shocked. "Secondly, this is not my domain. At least, no longer."

"What about your sister?" Rhyme asked. "Celestia," Rhyme stopped and looked at Spitfire, who assured him that she would not hit him again. "Celestia at least still rules Equestria, right?"

"No." Luna said, turning to walk towards a window. Rhyme followed her gaze, as he noticed that they were above the ground. Far above the ground. "The ruler now is Emperor Haxx. He took over, and rules with an iron hoof. He's pure evil."

"What about Celestia, then?" Solar asked, perking her ears. "Surely your sister could retake the throne. Where is she now? Is she here with us?"

"She's dead," Luna simply said, "By Haxx's own hooves." The room fell silent at this news. Rhyme and Solar looked at each other, shocked.

Misbeat slowly opened his eyes. Above him, a yellow pony hovered, with a pink mane and a cute-looking demeanor to her. "Excuse me sir, are you awake?"

"I think so," Misbeat said, groaning. He then opened his eyes fully, and screamed in shock. The yellow pony was not hovering, but was held up above him with two pairs of tentacles, extending from her back.

The yellow pegasus squeaked and hid her face. "I'm sorry if I scared you! I didn't mean to!" she said, whimpering softly. Misbeat stopped his screaming and dissolved into confusion as he stared at her.

"You...you have...things...coming out...of your back"! Misbeat said slowly, trying to comprehend what was going on.

"Y-yeah," the pegasus said, raising one of her tentacles to boop his nose playfully. "I've had these for years. I-I'm Kraken, nice to meet you. I wonder if Haxx will let me keep you!"

Misbeat was in for a long day.