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Banished To Tartarus - A Story of Unlikely Heroes and Moral Villains - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

Thousands of years ago, a young half-demon by the name of Haxx was living amongst ponyfolk. One day, the young demon snapped and began a rampage. The princesses were forced to contain him, and send him to Tartarus. After many many years, he's back...

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Chapter 1 - No Problems Whatsoever

A grey pony stumbled into the kitchen. He had a pitch black mane, with hair that stuck up in a stylish way. He had brown eyes, but they were half-open due to him being tired. His cutie mark was two eighth notes, which he got when he learned how to play a guitar at sixteen. The grey pony opened the door of a cabinet and reached in to find his meal. Rummaging through cans of food, he found himself an apple and pulled it out. Staring at it, he shrugging and proceeded to take a bite out of it as he walked to the living room.

"Love Note," a voice called out from behind him. Note turned around to see who it was. A purple-colored changeling stepped out into view, a bright smile across her face. "Y-your awake dear," she said softly. Her eyes were a solid dark pink-ish, and her mane and tail was a mix of purple and blue. She had a soft blush on her face, kicking her hoof shyly.

Love Note smiled softly as he looked at her. "Good morning, Cruxia, sweetie," he hummed. He motioned for her to join him. As she stepped closer to Love Note, he was able to get a view of her full body. She was bloated in the stomach, for she was expecting soon. She took a seat next to Note, and Note quickly threw his hooves around her to hold her close. "How's the little one doing?" He whispered in her ear playfully.

"She's doing great," Cruxia whispered back, placing a hoof on her belly. Note placed his hoof atop of hers, smiling warmly as he nuzzled against her mane. He enjoyed the feeling of being with this mare he loved so much.

"She?" Note asked, laughing softly. "It's a little filly?" He moved back to look Cruxia in the eyes, a questioning look on his face.

"Mhmm," Cruxia answered, nodding slowly. "She's going to be daddy's little girl," she said in a playful manner as she smiled softly. Note returned the smile, leaning in and kissing her on the lips. The two closed the eyes as they kissed for the moment. Note finally moved back, smiling as he opened his eyes to stare at Cruxia once more.

"Me and the guys are going to go hang out," Note told her, moving to stand up. He was stopped when Cruxia reached out one hoof to grab his, pulling him back to her gently.

"Love," she began, giving him a serious look, "Y-you can't go out drinking too much. The foal w-will be here soon, and she n-needs a d-daddy to take care of her."

Note sighed and nodded. "I know, I know," he said, kissing her cheek, "I'm only having one. Alright? Not getting hammered or anything. Plus, somepony has to watch over the guys." He laughed softly. Cruxia smiled and let go of his hoof, allowing Note to stand up. Note moved to the door, opening it as he looked back at Cruxia. "Stay safe dear!" He called. He grabbed the guitar case that was leaning against the wall next to the door, and slung it over his back as he left the house, closing the door behind him.

After leaving his house, the first thing he noticed was two stallions approaching him. Both were white coated, one had dark blue mane, and the other a light blue. The one with light blue had black markings across his body and an array of rainbow-colored piercings on his ears. He was a unicorn, with a shield on his cutie mark. The dark blue maned stallion was an alicorn, with a snowflake on his cutie mark. Note smiled wide as he held out his hooves to the two. "Shouhei! Ireagato!" He called out with joy.

The light-blue haired one, whose name was Shouhei, let out a small chuckle, with the other stallion, named Ireagato, rolled his eyes. "Hey there Note. How are you?" Shouhei asked as he approached the stallion.

Note grabbed the two, bringing them into a tight hug. The brothers, although slightly annoyed by Love Note's constant affectionate gestures, have grown to accept it over the time they have spent with him. Shouhei even gave him a small hug in return. "Better than ever, actually," Note began when he let go of the hug. "Just learned that it's a she."

Ireagato perked his ears. "Really? Congratulations," he said, nodding with a smile. Shouhei reached out with one hoof, patting Note on the back with a wide smile. "You did great," Shouhei said to him.

Note shook his head. "Shouhei, c'mon pal," he began, pushing him off playfully. "We did great. I mean, look at us! We're heroes!" Note clapped his hooves together. "It was only two months ago. We took the law in our own hands, and took down the biggest criminals in Equestria. Not to mention, we made so many friends along the way. It's because of you guys that I was able to have lil' Cruxia." Note chuckled at the little nickname he gave the baby. "Tonight. We're going to have a little party. We're going to the club, and the drinks will be on me."

"Alcohol? I'm alright with that," Shouhei said, nodding with a smile. "I'm not much of a drinker, this may actually be my first," he continued.

Note stopped to stare at Shouhei, tilting his head a bit to the right as he gave a questioning look. "Wait, Shouhei, you never drank before?" Note asked, genuinely shocked at this.

"Not once in my life," Shouhei answered, nodding and giving Note an odd look. "Ireagato has gotten hammered before, but I have never had a single drink." Ireagato nodded in agreement with his brother. "He's telling the truth," Ireagato said.

Note quickly straightened himself, putting on his friendly smile and nodding. "Well, tonight will be your lucky night! We're going to get the guys together, and the mares, and we're going to celebrate like party animals!" Note raised his hoof to give the brothers a brohoof. They both accepted it kindly, first pounding hooves with Shouhei, then Ireagato.

In another part of Ponyville, there was a pet shop. This shop was owned by an odd pairing. A young adult griffon who lived outside of the Griffon Empire of which they normally reside, and her pet timberwolf. The griffon was a rather tough-looking character, for she works out a lot and loves exercise. She loves it almost as much as she loves her own pet, which is why she opened this pet shop.

A customer had just bought a food bowl and was heading out the door of the shop. "Thanks for shopping at Thunder & Bark's!" the griffon called, waving as the pony left the store. "Rhyme was right, Bark. This whole shop idea is really paying off." Thunder was answered by the timberwolf's playful bark.

Thunder heard the bell which hung over the door, the bell that would ring whenever the door had opened, ringing. She turned her attention to the door to see Note step in. "Hey, Mister Note! How are you today?" she called, waving to him as she leaned forward on the counter.

Note smiled as he walked up to the counter. "Thunder, buddy, it's been a while. How's the shop?" Note asked, looking at Bark. Bark gave him a playful bark and sat down in front of him, so Note could pet the timberwolf.

"Business is great," Thunder told him, tapping the register, "For an idiotic DJ, Rhyme sure had the brightest idea for me to open up a shop like this. Finally got out of that old dump and got myself a nice house. How about that?"

Note smiled, patting Thunder on the back. "That sounds wonderful, Thunder," Note told her. "So, what time do you get off tonight? I have something in store."

Thunder straightened up, looking at a clock. "About five o' clock. Why do you ask, Note? What exactly are you planning?" Thunder crossed her arms in front of her chest, tilting her head.

Note tapped the counter with his hoof. "Tonight, at six, we're going to get the whole gang together and meet up at the nightclub. Celebrating my upcoming daughter. She's going to have a great family to look out for her."

Thunder smiled. "A daughter? That's cute," she said, snickering. "I'll be there. I mean, we are family, after all. Without blood, of course." Thunder gave Note a wink and laughed.

Note rolled his eyes. "See you tonight, Thunder. If you catch the others, tell them about it!" Note then took off out the door, as Thunder gave him a playful salute. Bark continued to bark as Note left, bouncing up and down happily.

Note knocked on the door of the Castle of Friendship that was located in Ponyville. He was soon answered by the all well-known Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle. "Oh! Mister Note! What brings you here?"

"Greetings, princess," Note began with a bow, "I'm looking for my friend, Morn Star. Has he been by?" Note asked as he stood back up, tilting his head.

Twilight nodded. "He's actually here right now. We were just discussing some spells and all. Did you need him for something?" Twilight asked, tilting her head.

"Yeah. Could you do me a favor? Ask him to meet me and the guys at the club at six tonight," Note told her, smiling wide. Twilight nodded, and Note nodded back. "Thanks, princess. See you later." Note said, taking off.

It was six o' clock in Equestria. Note was sitting at the bar at the nightclub which he owned, Love's Lovelies. Music blared as mares danced about, stallions watching in awe for they had nothing else to do with their lonely lives. A single shot in front of him, he stared at the counter as he awaited the arrival of his friends. The bartender, who was a black-ish colored pony with a white mane and tail, a red streak going through his mane, stepped up to Note. "Mister Note, you going to take that shot or am I going to do it for ya?" the pony asked humorously. The pony had red eyes, with a fedora upon his head.

Note looked up at the pony, giving him a sarcastic smile. "Misbeat, pal, don't make me knock that smirk off your face," Note told the bartender. The thing about Misbeat, is that he was no normal pony. He was a mastermind with a special talent that no other pony had. Before he became a bartender at Note's own nightclub, Misbeat was one of the most notorious criminals in Equestria. A cold-blooded murderer, thief, and con artist. He escaped prison more times than anypony could count. He was stopped, however, due to the efforts of Love Note and his group of vigilantes. Misbeat quickly owned up to his misdeeds, and took a role under Note's supervision, making sure to use his talents for the good of ponykind.

A pony took seat next to Note, tapping the bar with his hoof. "Misbeat, pass me a shot," he said. The pony had a white coat and a black mane, with blue eyes. His cutie mark had a bass clef on it, and a pair of headphones were around his neck.

Note looked to the pony, a smile upon his face. "Rhyme Beat, buddy, don't drink too much. We need you to man the DJ booth," Note said, laughing as he gave a brohoof to the stallion.

Rhyme shook his head. "Don't worry about it, boss. I've got it all under control. I'm only taking one shot for now, and one for the party, baby!" Rhyme winked and gave his usual cocky smirk. Note rolled his eyes as Misbeat walked back with the drink, placing it in front of Rhyme.

Note turned back to his own drink, staring at it patiently. He was unaware of the pony approaching him from behind. He was, however, aware of something slithering over his shoulder. Note slowly looked at the thing, only to be caught by surprise when the pony grabbed him from behind, throwing their hooves around him and squeezing tightly. "Note!" A mare's voice called. Note laughed as he turned to see the pony. She was a grey-ish pony with a long, black mane. Note could have sworn they were related. The thing about her, though, is that she was no ordinary pony. Two horns sprouted upon her head and a long tail replaced the usual pony tail which a pony had. The tail was almost like it's own creature, long and like a snake, with the tip of the tail being heart-shaped.

Yes, this creature before Note was no other than his favorite succubus. "Lilith, sweetie, how are you?" Note asked as he gave the young succubus a hug. Lilith has really improved since the first time Note met her. She used to live on the streets, for demons were not a welcome kind in Equestria. Both her parents were killed by racist ponies, leaving Lilith to fend for herself in the mean streets. Note found her and helped her onto her hooves, and when Note opened the nightclub, Lilith demanded to have a job as a dancer.

Lilith giggled, returning the hug. "I've been great. The club is doing well, been watching out for it for you. Of course, not alone. Rhyme and Missy helped."

Note laughed as Misbeat groaned at the nickname Lilith had given him. "That's my girl," he said, messing the succubus' mane with his hoof. "You going to be joining us for our get-together?" He asked her.

"Of course. I just went on break. Those stallions will have to wait," Lilith said, taking a seat next to Note. "Shot for me, Missy!" she called, giggling as Misbeat stormed away to get her a drink. "So, when do the guys get here?" Lilith asked Note, turning to him.

Note opened his mouth to answer, but Rhyme was a step ahead of him. "Right now, actually." The DJ said, pointing towards the entrance. Note and Lilith both turned to see Shouhei, Ireagato, Thunder, and a fourth brown pony with a blonde mane walk in.

Note stood up and smiled as he watched them approach. "About time you made it!" he said, greeting each with a warm hug, "What took you all so long?"

"Sorry, Note. Bark was a bit of a whiner when I tried to leave. So I brought him here. He's in the back room right now, chewing on a bone," Thunder told Note, shrugging. "Hope you don't mind." Note shook his head, smiling.

"And we had to convince bookworm to join us." Ireagato said, pointing to the fourth pony. The pony gave him a death stare as he raised his chin in defense.

"Well, I said many times that I was going to be with Princess Twilight Sparkle all day studying spells and all, but the princess told me that she has all the time in Equestria, and she gave me a speech about how friends are more important. So, yeah. I decided to show up." The pony said, nodding and giving a small smile.

Note chuckled. "Nice to have you here, Morn Star," he said. "I sent a letter to Prince Artemis and Princess Solar Flare. Hopefully they could join us in a bit."

Artemis and Solar Flare were the royalty of the Solum Empire, which existed in another world. It used to be that Solar Flare and Artemis were friends while the empire was ruled by Solar's father. Dark magic corrupted Solar, however, and she turned against her father, taking the throne for herself. She ruled the army and attempted to invade Equestria. However, thanks to the help of Note, Artemis, and the Nite Guard, they were able to take down the army and free Solar from the dark power. Soon after, Artemis married Solar, and they ruled the empire together. Note was given a stone that allowed him to open a portal to the Solum Empire at any time he pleased.

"Well, let's head to the back room," Note said, picking up his shot glass. "Missy, you coming?" Note asked, a smirk crawling across his face as he watched Misbeat grow annoyed.

Misbeat sighed. "Yeah. Let me serve these last few drinks, and I'll be right back," he said, turning to take another order from a pony. Note nodded and walked off to the back room, the rest of the group following close behind.

When Note entered the back room, he was shocked at what he saw. The back room was simply a large table with seats surrounding it, where Note would hang out or have meetings. However, a pony sat at the far end of the table, staring back at the group. She was a mare, with a blonde mane and a white coat. A nurse's hat was upon her head.

"Seraph." Note said, raising his chin. "What are you doing in my club?" Note was on the offense. Last time Note had seen the nurse, she was put behind bars. Note personally had given her younger sister to a hospital, for Seraph's younger sister was sick with an incurable illness. She had to take a certain rare medicine once a week, or she would die quickly.

"You can call me Nurse," she said, standing up. "I'm not afraid of the past, but I have changed." Note stepped forward, taking a seat on the opposite end of the table. The ponies behind him all looked at each other, shrugging.

"Sit." Note demanded. Nurse sighed and sat down, looking at him. "Please, Mister Note. I got out on probation. I need to do some community service. Would you let me have a job? Something, anything. You're the only pony I can trust."

"I put you behind bars a couple months ago," Note began, crossing his hooves. "But you come back to me and trust me above anypony else?"

"You're the only pony who understood that I did what I had to for my family," Nurse said, tapping the table with her hoof. "You would do the same for your family."

Note shook his head. "Cruxia can take care of herself. She's smart and she stays out of trouble. Plus, I left her a magnum and a dagger to defend herself with if anything happens."

Nurse shook her head this time, pointing behind him. "You know what family I'm talking about, Mister Note," she said. "You will do anything to keep them out of harm's way."

Note stared at Nurse long and hard, narrowing his eyes. He soon let go of the tough act and smiled warmly. "You have changed." Note said, opening his hooves. "Welcome to the party."

Nurse took a sigh of relief as the ponies cheered, crowding around the table.

After a while of chit-chat, Misbeat walked into the room. In front of him, a tray of drinks levitated in the air with no magic. "Look at Misbeat and his fancy telepathy." Rhyme mumbled, chuckling.

Misbeat placed the tray on the table as the ponies took their drinks. "We got royalty coming." Misbeat said as he took a seat next to Rhyme, taking his own drink for himself.

Soon after, an alicorn stepped into the room. She had a red coat with an orange and yellow mane. A tiara was upon her head and some royal shoes were on her hooves. The ponies turned to look at her. "Solar Flare," Note greeted, nodding. "Please, take a seat. Where's Artemis?"

Solar Flare took a seat next to Lilith, who was sitting next to Note. "Artemis could not make it, unfortunately. There was an issue back at the empire, he said he will handle it. He told me I needed to, well, have fun. Get along with you all. Thus, here I am."

Note nodded, handing Solar a drink. "Glad you could make it, at least," he said. Note then raised his glass into the air. "Alright guys. A toast! A toast to us. A toast to my wife and my daughter. A toast to family!" With that, the other ponies raised their glasses and cheered along, downing their shots and slamming their glasses on the table.

A pony poked his head into the back room. The pony was bald and wore a black shirt, signifying he was a bouncer. "Hey, boss. We got a couple of troublemakers here. Messing with the girls. Need a little hand."

Note sighed and began to stand up. He was cut off when Lilith placed a hoof on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of them." Lilith told him. Note smiled and sat back down as Lilith walked out of the room with the bouncer.

"She's so kind." Note said, chuckling. He sat forward and tapped the table with his hoof. "This is what family is about. Looking out for each other. I'll never let you guys out of my sight, ya hear?"

Laughter filled the room. "Note, are you drunk already?" Shouhei asked, shaking his head. Note raised a hoof to say something, but stopped and simply laughed.

That was the last thing Note remembered before he passed out.

Author's Note:

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