• Published 8th Jul 2015
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Just me and the deer - BlueSkyHeadLeft010

Well great. One minute I'm playing a video game on my computer, and then next I'm suddenly standing next to my town's Sonic drive thru and i'm a freaking Pegasus. I want answers. And if I still had hands that'd be great.

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Entry 2: Let the Good Times Roll

Found my dog.

By some miracle he managed to get into the house and find the dog food.

It was littered all over the floor, along with other bags of food I know I didn't buy. My best bet was that he went over to the neighbor's place and found their 'hidden' stash. Not really hidden, just hard to get to. But hey, I'm not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.

I still don't know how he figured out how to get into here. It's been two months. Two. Looking at the doorknob I found no signs of forced entry. Guess I'll never really know.

Oh yea, did I forget to mention he wasn't the only one in my house? Yep, I found all the neighborhood dogs.

They were all just lounging around.

The place was a total mess. Dried peanut butter on the tile, stuffing from decimated plushies, sheets strewn about. Yep, it was a dog's world.

(*Update* Found where the dogs got in. One of the Bradford Pear Trees had toppled over on the office room and broke a window. It seems like the dogs have been using this as a prime passage to and fro.)

Anyways when I walked into this mess they bristled at me.

Now I know dogs, and I know you don't mess with them if they feel threatened. However, before I could start backing up my dog (Bluey, he's a Spaniel/mutt) came up and just stared at me like for a full five minutes. Clearly he was in charge for some odd reason.

I called out to him and he recognized me by my voice, suddenly turning from on guard to happy as he wagged his tail and started licking and whimpering.

Since then the other dogs have warmed up to me even to the point it's kinda strange.

Now I get dogs are intelligent. They can understand verbal commands and motions from the body, but this... This was something else. It was like they could read my mind.

When I felt bad they would snuggle up next to me, and when I was needing some space they gave it.

One of the smaller dogs, Peanut an annoying dachshund, had rummaged through my backpack I'd brought and pulled out a bag of chips before placing them in front of me.

I looked at them sorta confused before he wagged his tail and nuzzled them forwards. 'Eat. You need the energy. He seemed to be saying as he just kept looking at me and then back to the chips before I opened them and began to eat. Then he just went over and started playing with the remains of a dog toy.

Now, this whole dog thing I can live with. I've never had any problems with dogs, but my concern is that I'm not going to be able to feed them all forever.

I... I think they understood too.

Because not long after they walked through the broken window and haven't returned.

It was sad to see them go, but Bluey was still with me. And he is currently curled up by my barrel.

I'm glad he's still around. Though I'm going to have to give him a good bath and trim his fur. If I wasn't sweaty already from my journey today I would be cringing at the smell of the place.

I'll probably have to find somewhere else to hang. This place is too damaged to fix with hooves at least. Shame.

Okay, here's what I did today.

I didn't head home right away.

I decided to do some shopping. And by that I meant looting places.

Now by no means would I ever steal anything if this wasn't the case. People were gone. I wasn't going to let good stuff go to waste. If I didn't take it no one else was.

I didn't go overboard, but I didn't pack light either.

Walked across the road and down the hill from Sonics with a child backpack on my shoulders. (I guess a kid must've dropped it when everyone disappeared). Then I went down the hill from there and into Lowes to nab some supplies from the garden center and vice versa. Then I was tired, so I walked on down to the local theater, ate somewhat stale, but still good popcorn, (will not regret it, nope!) and figured out how to slot the movies into the film projectors with my hooves so I could what all the new releases.

One problem. No electricity. Darn it!

And I had been so close to seeing the new avengers movie~!

Turns out Sonic was the only place that had a back up generator that still worked, so I walked back up the hill and nabbed the thing before heading back. (Found a trolley back at Lowes that I was using to carry my stuff in. It held the generator too.)

You'd be surprised what my little town has! Thanks to the mountains distancing us from local cities and things, we're usually prepared for anything in case we can't leave. This was good for me, since now I had a generator I could use. (Though tugging it with my mouth made my jaw hurt. I managed to wrap a dog cable on the handle so I could pull the trolley, but it still hurt. :P)

After that I kinda had a little fun...

Well okay, I raided Gamestop and took all their rpg video games, and I may or may not have took the elusive 6th edition Fluffy Space Princess comic from the 1980's that I'd had my eyes on for three years.

Needless to say, I needed some variety in my life if the internet was going to be down forever.

Oh yea, then I went into Wal-mart and got the non-perishable food items, took most of the good work clothes (that would flex enough to fit me or be able to adjust later on) for later use, and then ransacked the game isle, music isle, toy isle, and swiped the iTunes gift cards. It was either go big or go home in my case. I wanted to starve off boredom. Food and shelter was managed even if I was a pony, I would still figure out how to manage just fine, it was my sanity I was more concerned with. (You know, without others and all..)

Didn't bother checking out. No one was here and without electricity none of the alarms worked.

(I also kinda wasted a roll of TP on Wal-mart. It was so worth it to see the place get tp'd.)

By then my payload was bulging at the seams over the trolley. I remedied that by putting most of everything into shopping carts and then attaching them with the dog cables. (Simple enough!)

I didn't even feel the weight as I tugged. But then again ponies are built for this stuff by nature...

My wings itched like heck though. Every time a stray breeze caught them they would ruffle and send strange sensations down my spine. I wasn't born a bird or Pegasus, so I have no idea what the feeling could possibly mean, but it felt ticklish after the wind stooped. If I had nails I would've scratched my feathers, but I had to settle for hooves rubbing them instead.

It might've been a pain dragging everything back home, but down my street I saw an old tractor that belonged to my ex-uncle and figured out how to turn it on and hooked up the carts to it.

I've drove tractors before. Maybe not a lot, but enough to know how they work. Hooves would not stop me!

I was able to somewhat drive the thing enough to get it up to my home.

It wasn't easy. Luckily this tractor had a throttle instead of a gas pedal to control the speed, and for the steering I wrapped my forelegs around the wheel and turned with my whole body.

It was a long forty five minutes up my hill, but I made it!

Now I am headed to sleep on the couch here. Tomorrow I'm going to pack everything up at my place and look for a new establishment to live in.

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