• Published 3rd Sep 2012
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Ranger in Equestria - Midnight Blues

Will Treaty is not your average ranger, but when he stumbles into Equestria how will he survive.

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A Trip To Grimsdell Forest

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Ranger's Apprentice our any part of My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic.

Notes: The tale begins sometime after Halts Peril. Also, I don't remember all the signals between Tug and Will so I might make a couple up. Also, Also, I don't know the ins and out about survival so all I can do is try my best.

Hoof-beats broke the ever-present silence of Grimsdale as a rider and his mount made their way down one the forest's many winding paths. He was lost yet again. Every time he came this forest it seemed he got lost. Even with his near perfect memory the forest always succeeded in turning him around and around.

'If Halt hears I got lost in Grimsdell again he won't let me forget it for years to come'

Ebony ,a young border shepard, was beside the pair darting through the larger animals hooves from time to time without it missing a beat.

'I'll follow this trail for another five minutes before I whistle for Shadow. Hopefully we're close enough for her to hear'

A flick of Tug's ear and a nervous whinny brought Will's attention back to the trail. Will softly clicked once the signal for stop. Now in complete silence Will scanned the trail and surrounding forest for any signs of movement or color. Seeing nothing Will silently got off Tug and ,with his bow drawn, crept to the forest beside the path. Will came up to the next bend and slowly moved around it keeping to the forest.

Nothing. At least nothing he could see. Although there was an small side trail leading to a stone archway. Will went back to Tug and Ebony both waiting patiently for him to return. Shrugging Will mounted Tug and continued down the path. When the reached the side path Tug whinnied again. Curious now Will urged Tug down the side path.

The stone archway was made out of a type of rock Will had never seen before. At first glance it looked to be normal everyday stone but if you looked closely you could see faint traces of green flowing like ivy through the stone. Will had never seen green veins in a rock before.

Standing in front the arch Will could see it was wide and tall enough for a single rider to enter. Ebony sniffed the stone and growled hackles raised.

'Strange both Tug and Ebony feel somethings off, but what'

Will trusted the two animals more than he did any person when sensing danger, but still he was curious now, and if anything ranger's were curious. He reached his hand through and nothing happened, so he walked through it.

Nothing. walking back through Will felt a little foolish, He didn't believe in magic he was being paranoid. Still he wanted to try one last thing before moving on. He mounted Tug again and called ebony to his side. The horse, the rider, and the dog all passed through the arch.

Suddenly the shattering of rock filled the air with noise and dust. He turned to see the archway had crumbled to dust on the spot. A little nervous now Will took in his surroundings.

'Still in the forest'

His senses where screaming at him that something was different. Studying the smooth brown trunks of the trees and the almost perfect leaves he realized what was different.

The forest was just to perfect. Every tree was straight and tall without a single broken branch. The leaves where all perfect replicas of each other only varying in shades of color. He new well enough not to start panicking but he came close. This isn't Grimsdell, hell it wasn't like any forest he'd ever seen. After ten minutes or so of being close to panic Will calmed down and took stock. 'It still might be Gimsdell. Even though ever tree is near perfect it could be some strange part of the forest.'

Raising his fingers to his mouth he let out a piercing whistle. He waited for a minute before letting out another. He continued for half an hour before Tug flicked his ear in warning. Will was on alert now bow drawn arrow notched as he surveyed the area. If it'd been Shadow Tug would have let out a whinny of greeting. The bushes moved and parted.

It was a wolf but unlike any wolf he'd ever seen. It was a tangle of branches in a wolf like shape with two red pits instead of eyes.

A split-second after it appeared it was down, an arrow in the head. Others appeared and he shot off two more arrows in quick secession. The first arrow hit its mark downing a second wolf and the final arrow impeded itself in another wolfs knee putting it out of action for a while. The last two reached him as he unsheathed his saxe knife.

The first wolf lunged, Will ducked and slammed his blade into the belly of the wolf. The blade was yanked out of his hand as the wolf flew over him. The last wolf was on him. Will raised his arm to protecting his neck from the sharp teeth. The wolf bit into his arm. Will fell back with the weight of the wolf on top of him.

Suddenly, the weight was gone and he turned to see Ebony on top of the wolf biting deep into its neck and twisting her neck killing it. The wolf with an arrow in its joint had crawled off.

"Good girl" He went over bending down petting her in appreciation. Her wet tongue found his face and beginning licking. Laughing he stood up and went over to Tug checking the horse over and taking stock of his gear. He had blankets to sleep on, a Flint and Steel for fire, a few dried strips of meat left over from last nights hunt, a canteen, skinning knife, sax knife, longbow, mandolin, 20 arrows plus the 2 he recovered from the wolves, cooking utensils, some oats, and the colorful jongleur cloak.

The sun that had been directly overhead when he entered the woods was now to low to make out through the dense forest. Light was fading and he needed a shelter. Heading north Will found a stream and set up camp next to it. He gathered some firewood, he'd considered using the wolves but had decided against it in the end and had left them to deteriorate since they where after all just plants of a kind.

He got a fire going just as the last of the light faded and sat down to a meal of dried deer meat. He finished the meal and got into the blankets for the night Ebony curling up next to him. He didn't need to tether Tug as ranger horses where a far stretch from normal horses and were very loyal.

"Goodnight Tug, Goodnight Ebony"

Rangers being a solitary lot all developed close relationships with there horses and could swear there horses respond to them. Rangers often talked to their mounts. They had a unwritten agreement that all ranger horses could understand there riders.