• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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A Man and his Ponies - Tower of 0

Justin has finally decided to confront Twilight about her behavior towards him, not what he was expecting.

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The sunrise came to signal that morning finally was upon the land and the front door handle started jiggling before it finally was opened. In came a grey pegasus mare with a small brown bag between her teeth and closed the door behind her. Walking off to the kitchen and almost bypassing the spectacle in the living room completely.

"Morning Derpy." A familiar voiced caused her to look in the living room and her mouth dropped open and the bag to the floor.

Sitting up against a wall with the widest smile she'd ever seen him wear was Justin, but what really caught her eye was the scale replica of Ponyville in the center of the room. Her wall eye even focused in on the models and Justin tilted his head off to the side as he looked at her, since her eyes were, well, straightened out now.

"Uhh... Derpy? What's up with your eyes?" He asked as he stood up, popping his back.

Derpy was at a loss for words, but she managed to point a hoof down at the dropped bag. "I brought... muffins.."

"Ooooo!" Justin quickly got up and walked around the diorama to Derpy, Lightly conking her on the head as he picked up the bag.

Derpy blinked a few times before her head darted in the human's direction. "How... where.. did you find the time to build this?"

"I think the better question is where I found my resources." Justin chuckled and took an inhale. "Fudge! Wake up! I'm about to start breakfast!"

There was a small thump, then the sound of somepony scrambling up to their hooves before Fudge came trotting out. Justin smiled at the sight before disappearing into the kitchen. Derpy was still in a bit of shock, but was quickly taken out of it by being yanked into the kitchen by her tail.

"So, Imma been thinking about heading over to Rarity's after work. You wanna join us?" Justin asked as he started to gather up some items around the kitchen.

"Us?" Derpy looked at the back of his head confused.

"Yeah, I have to pick Fudge up from school, so I decided that while I was out, have Rarity try the new flavor I came up with." Justin explained, flicking the stove top dial.

Derpy couldn't help but tilt her head. "What's the new flavor."

Before Justin could even get a word out, Fudge hopped up into the seat. "Triple Chocolate Chunk Fudge! It was my idea!" The filly exclaimed excitedly.

Justin just started to chuckle and nod his head at the filly's excitement. He knew several reasons why too; one was that she got to help her (he guessed now) pseudo father help with the creation of a new, two is that it was all her idea like she said, and lastly... well he didn't know so he just went along with it. Just then something came to mind.

"Say.." Justin started, turning to the fillies at the table, "..has anyone seen Vinyl lately?"

"You don't know?" Derpy asked in return. Justin just shook his head. "She's on tour again.."

"Awwww!" Justin let out a mock whine. "And she didn't take me with!?"

Derpy just looked at the human. "She left a note on your fridge... you didn't read it?"

"Pffffft! Why would I look at whatever's on my fridge?" Justin dismissed the idea, but looked over at the appliance and saw, just as pointed out, a note. "Oh..."

---Later That Day---

Justin happily made his way down the street, heading his merry way over to Ponyville's school after a slightly busy day. His lips whistled a tune that he had stuck in his head for a while now as he walked. A small box at his side that seemed to be made out of fabric. He waved and smiled to any of the citizens he passed that made eye contact with him. Usually earning a wave of the hoof or a grin back.

He eventually made it to the school just before it let out. Fudge was the first to even notice him and ran up to him. Justin knelt down to give the filly a hug, to which was interrupted a few seconds later by a mob of foals that were also excited to see him. He couldn't explain why kids liked him, for he didn't know why himself. He enjoyed it either way.

Justin couldn't help but giggle like mad as he laid against the ground with the group on top of Fudge and himself. "Alright, you lot, I'm happy to see you all too, but please get off now!"

The group of foals dispersed and sat around he human now with grins. Justin sat up and grinned back before looking to the small brown unicorn filly sitting in his lap.

"Alright kids, you ready for this little trick?" Justin opened up as he threw an open palm into view.

All the little colts and fillies looked with slightly gaping mouths and full attention. The human smirked as his other hand snaked around to his back pocket and dug into it a bit. Fudge just watched his face, eeping when his eyes snapped to her and his smirk grew into a smile. Justin looked back to the foal sitting around them as he pulled an object from his pocket.

With a sleight of hand trick (and a not-so-subtle distraction by Fudge), Justin pulled the string of a party favor. Confetti and little glitter streamers popped out of the little plastic barrel looking toy. Some of the foals foals were a bit disappointed, but the others enjoyed the impromptu trick either way and applauded Justin.

It wasn't long before both Fudge and Justin were at the door of Rarity's place of home and business, The Carousel Boutique. The walk may have been a bit lengthy, but that didn't matter to the human since the sun wasn't near setting yet. He knocked on the door as his little brown filly stood next to his leg.

The door opened and the snowy mare on the other side was met with a smiling face. "Heya Rare!"

"Oh! Hello, darling! I wasn't expecting you to arrive..." Rarity sheepishly smiled back as she then stepped aside. "Would you care to cime in and have some tea, dear?"

"Yes please and thank you." Justin ducked as he came through the door. "Is Sweetie around? I brought someone she could meet."

Rarity shook her head a bit before noticing the filly practically hugging his leg. "Uhh... no.. she left with her friends a little while ago."

Justin silently nodded his head in what little space he truly had and walked into the main room. Rarity just watched him sit down and look around the room for a short time before the filly jumped up on his lap. She continued on into the kitchen to start on the aforementioned tea she offered just moments before.

So now the two were sitting across from eachother in the room, each with their respective glass of tea. Justin swirled the cup around for a bit as he looked into the glass, as if he was in a sort of trance with a small smile.

Then he looked up at Rarity. "So, I have a question, one concerning unicorns."

Rarity just looked at the man before tilting her head just a slight bit.

"Being a unircorn who uses her magic quite a bit, can you use your magic while you sleep?"

Rarity was taken back a bit by the question, but look in his eyes said that he was serious. "Well... no. I couldn't imagine it'd be difficult for a unicorn with a higher understanding to do so, dear. Why, is something wrong?"

"Well..." Justin placed the cup down and covered Fudge's ears.

Fudge was immediately lost, but saw the unicron gasp without having to hear it. Even when her ears were allowed to hear again, she heard something that confused her even more.

"A-are you sure?" Rarity asked the human.

Justin just nodded and took the cup into grasp again and taking a sip. "Mmmhmmm..."

Author's Note:

After a lengthy wait, Justin has finally returned to the scene! What adventure awaits from his escepades? Who knows!

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