• Published 23rd Feb 2015
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A Man and his Ponies - Tower of 0

Justin has finally decided to confront Twilight about her behavior towards him, not what he was expecting.

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Paradise Cheesecake

The group of four left the train station and gazed upon the city so-named 'Paradise City' in somewhat awe. Only was getting ready to blurt something, that somepony, or one, being Justin as he was suddenly getting all giddy about something. He quickly picked up his filly and started to bound down the street as he sang out something.

"TAKE ME DOWN TO THE PARADISE CITY! WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN AND THE-" Justin was interrupted by a small cough and looked down to see Fudge looking up at him expectantly.

"What are you doing..?" She asked.

Uhm..." Justin stopped to see the many eyes gazing upon in wonder, "...Daddy's just being.. daddy.."

His name was the next thing her heard before turning to see both Derpy and Twilight with theirs, and Justin's, luggage in tow. The human chuckled a bit awkwardly. IT didn't take them long to get out of the middle of the street and onto the sidewalk where they started trekking down the sidewalk in some rather complete silence

"So..." Justin broke the silence and looked at the mares before smiling a bit to himself, "..I certainly have surrounded myself in mares, haven't I?"

Twilight just shook her head and Derpy almost let out a giggle. The four continued down the sidewalk with some ease until they came across a hotel to stay at. Justin, however, was paying attention to a building across the street. A Cafe was what got his attention, the other two didn't really pay him any mind but his filly looked up at him.

Fudge opened her mouth to say something, but was swiftly interrupted by the human's stomach making a small rumble. "Dad..."

Justin shook his head and looked down his filly in his arms, "Yes Fudge?"

"You wanna grab a bites after we check in?"

Justin turned to look at the hotel and nodded a bit, "Yeah... that sounds good." Everypony was soon busy settling in to their rooms. Twilight had requested that she got her own room so she didn't feel as though she was impeding on Derpy's and Justin's privacy. Not that it mattered since Fudge had to say with them anyway. Once they were settled, Justin gave Derpy a quick peck and let her know that he was taking the filly across the street.

"You want me to bring back anything?" Justin asked his mare.

Derpy thought for a moment and shook her head.

Justin gave her a smile and slid the room key into his pocket as Fudge followed him out, stopping next door and knocking on Twilight's door. "Twwwiiii! I'm heading out to get something to eat, you want anything?"

The door cracked open a bit and a purple eyes gazed up at him. "No thank you."

Justin gave her a smile and headed away as the door gently closed again. He scooped up Fudge when they went out the front door and carried her all the way to the other side of the street. He set her down and the duo went inside, quickly finding a window table.

Justin put in some orders for some raspberry cheesecake he saw on the way in and a cup of tea for himself, a glass of chocolate milk for Fudge since she wasn't all that hungry. The filly sat close to her human father, occupying herself with a place mat and a pen Justin gave to her. For some time, the human was drumming on the table with his fingers for a bit, stopping to look around.

He noticed two things already that put him off. One he could see plain as the day, but the other was a feeling...

"E-excuse me.." The voice of a mare pulled him from his thoughts and he looked to her. The mare had a pristine white coat with blue-green mane and tail that looked like silk. "..Do you mind if I sit here?"

Justin stared into her emerald eyes for a moment, then scooted one of the chairs out to her. "Oh no, not at all miss."

The mare gave him a shy smile and sat with them. A hostess soon came over and set down Fudge's milk, the human's order, and a glass of water. Justin was confused at the glass for a moment until a green glow encased it. Justin picked up a small fork and cut some of his cheesecake.

"Soo..." Justin opened as he put the piece on the fork. "Why're you sitting with us today Chysalis?"

The mare's eyes widened and looked to the human. "H-how.. did you-"

"I honestly don't know... I felt at least two things out of place, turns out it's ponies."

Chrysalis just stared at him in silence.

"You were bit harder to figure out... that other one is the stallion giving me a death stare from across the room.." Justin explained, the mare about to look over he shoulder. "Don't look. Might alert him."

Justin was about to take another bite of his cheesecake until a green bolt whizzed on by and took out his treat. Fudge stare in awe at the act and the human let out a discontent sigh. Instead, Justin took his cup of tea and drank it down in one go. Setting the cup back down.

"That was... a perfectly good slice... of cheesecake.." Justin complained some.

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