• Published 21st Dec 2014
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Wand, rocks and balloons - Fou

What happened when Trixie worked at the rock farm?...

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The Kiss Book - Prologue

Author's Note:

Maybe I should start a new story for this, but honestly, I don't know how long I will do it. I like to see Wand, rocks and balloons as a sandbox where I can write anything I want related to the Mauxie shipping.

I don't like having an editor because I love to post a text right after I finish it.
This also means every editing is very welcome in the comment section.

The Kiss Book
written by Kumquat and The Volcano Mare


Hello, future me! This paragraph must be deleted in the final version of this book, but I want to be sure I won’t forget to CHANGE THE NAMES!! Maudie is shy and Trixie doesn’t know we’re writing this (maybe I’ll talk to her about it later, when we become a little closer).

But for now, I prefer to keep our real names to make it easier to write.

I don’t really know what pen name I could take — there are too many words I like! Maud said I should call her The Volcano Mare, that’s sooo cool! But I have absolutely no idea for Trixie… Maybe it needs awesome in it. With a few words she really likes to use. The Awesome Everypony Is An Idiot Except Maudie Who Is An Idiot Too But Only Sometimes.

Anyway, let’s write a real prologue.

All the kisses written in this book are real kisses. They’ve been kissed by Volcano Mare, a professional kisser, with The Awesome E.I.A.I.E.M.W.H.I.A.I.T.B.O.S. (alright, this is too long), an expert in being teased, kissed, and complaining because she’s too shy to admit she loves it.

I, Kumquat, will be the one telling you about all these kisses. I will have witnessed some of them, and some others will have been told to me by Volcano Mare. Have fun reading about them!