• Published 30th Apr 2012
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Wings of My Heart - Jaida857

Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy always knew they loved one another. Now it's time to show it.

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Change of Perspective -part 1

Time can pass very quickly when you're with the one you love. It can seem like just yesterday that you were only friends, and then suddenly a week has passed. Even though a week may not seem like the longest time, when spent with the right person, or pony, every moment is special.

This was exactly the case for Rainbow and Fluttershy. It had been a week since their first day together, the day when they both finally admitted their feelings for one another, and things couldn't be going better for the happy couple. Their relationship was still moving slowly, but neither of them felt the need to rush things. Well, maybe Rainbow wouldn't have minded if things progressed a little faster as she had never been the patient type, but she knew that Fluttershy was more comfortable with taking things slow.

However, slow didn't mean they spent any less time together. In fact, every day for the past week there was rarely a moment they could be seen apart. Fluttershy would try and lend a hoof in the simpler weather jobs, and Rarity had even invited Rainbow to join her and Fluttershy in their weekly spa get-together. Of course Rainbow had only ended up sitting around with them, what with her aversion to receiving any pampering, they had still been together, and that was what counted.

On that particular day, the two of them were visiting the library, where Rainbow was engaged in a very heated argument with Twilight over which volume of Daring Do was the best.

“You've got to be kidding me,” Rainbow scoffed from where she was seated on the couch with Fluttershy in her arms. “How can you possibly think volume five is better than volume one? The Sapphire Stone was way better than the Dungeon of Doom.”

“And I fail to see how you can think the first volume was better,” Twilight replied, rolling her eyes as she reorganized a shelf. “It was a good way to start the series, but Dungeon of Doom had a much better plot, and it showed that Daring Do has just as much intellect as she does skill.”

“What, and the puzzle in the temple didn't show that? The Sapphire Stone is a classic. I'm not saying that every volume wasn't awesome, but nothing can top the original, especially not that one.”

“What do you think Fluttershy?” Twilight suddenly asked, pausing in her work to turn around and face her guests. “You've been very quiet through this whole conversation.”

When Fluttershy was called out, she blushed furiously at being the center of attention and shrunk back slightly into Rainbow's embrace.

“Oh, well, I've never actually read any of the books,” she answered quietly. “But the way Rainbow talks about the Sapphire Stone, it sounds like it is one of the best.”

“See!” Rainbow exclaimed, smiling proudly. “She hasn't even read the books and she knows how awesome the original is.”

Fluttershy smiled at the praise and her blush faded. She was prepared to let them continue in their conversation, but her eyes happened to glance over the clock on the wall.

“Oh my, look at the time!” she said, realizing it was getting later than they had planned to stay. “I promised Angel I'd get him dinner by five.”

“Oh, I'm sorry to have kept you!” Twilight apologized, the previous argument forgotten. “You go ahead and get home, we can catch up tomorrow.”

“Alright, see ya Twi!” Rainbow said as she got up and stretched her wings. Fluttershy got up after her, making sure to grab her bag before making her way to the door alongside Rainbow.


“You cold?” Rainbow asked Fluttershy as they slowly walked in the direction of the cottage. The yellow pegasus shook her head, but her marefriend could see her shivering. Allowing herself a small smile, Rainbow spread a wing over her, pulling Fluttershy closer while also keeping her warm.

“Thank you,” Fluttershy thanked her, glad that she had noticed despite the initial denial.

All things considered, it would have been faster to fly back. However, the two of them found it easier to hold a conversation, not to mention be closer to one another, when they took that extra time to walk. Even if they were running a little late after spending extra time with Twilight, walking never hurt anyone.

“Oh no, I just remembered!” Fluttershy exclaimed suddenly, stopping in her tracks. Rainbow stopped next to her, her brow scrunching in a frown.

“What's wrong 'Shy?”

“I forgot to pick up the lettuce!” she replied, stirring up dirt with her hoof in worry. “You know how Angel can be when he doesn't get the food he likes. I'll have to go back and get it for him.”

“Hey, don't worry about it,” Rainbow assured her. “I got it. Just give me your bag and I'll pick it up, kay?”

“Are you sure?” Fluttershy asked. “I don't want to it to be inconvenient for you.”

“It's no problem,” she insisted gently. “You go home and I'll be there before you know it.”

“Thanks so much Rainbow,” the yellow pegasus thanked her, quickly strapping her light brown bag onto Rainbow's back.

“Don't thank me, you gotta get home to feed the other animals! I'll see you soon!”

Giving Fluttershy one last kiss on the cheek, Rainbow lifted herself a few inches off the ground and began flying in the direction of the market. She heard Fluttershy call one last “thank you” before she continued back to her cottage.

Over the past week, Rainbow had begun to call Fluttershy's cottage home, seeing as that was where she had spent every night since that first day. She found that she really didn't mind sleeping in a bed instead of on a cloud, and she very much enjoyed the company. She had also been sleeping more soundly in the past week than she ever remembered having done so on her own.

She reached the market in a few short minutes as she had been flying versus walking that time. Quickly locating the produce stand, she paid for a bag full of fresh lettuce, with her own money mind you, and was about to leave when she heard someone say her name from behind her.

“Would you happen to be Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow spun around to locate the source of the voice, and found herself faced with a young colt standing a few feet away. He had a greyish-white coat with a darker mane, and stood a few inches taller than she did. She also noted the pair of wings that were tucked in neatly at his sides. His cutie mark resembled an open flame that looked as if it was burning a trail across his flank. He was fairly handsome as colts go, but of course that was only a passing observation.

“That's me,” she confirmed, idly flipping her mane out of her eyes. “How do you know who I am? I haven't seen you around here before.”

“I'm new in town,” the colt explained, his voice smooth with a faint accent she couldn't quite place. “The name's Blow Torch, but everyone just calls me Torch.”

“Well nice to meet you, but you still haven't answered my question,” Rainbow pointed out, still curious as to how he knew who she was if he was new to Ponyville.

“I heard that you're the pony to know around these parts,” Torch answered, taking a step forward as he spoke. “I need to get myself a reputation around here, and the talk of the town is that anyone who's anyone has got to know Rainbow Dash. I assumed that was you, what with your mane and all. There aren't many pegasi I can think of with a rainbow colored mane.”

“Well if you want to be known around Ponyville, you definitely came to the right place,” Rainbow replied, feeling flattered at his compliments. “Stick with me, and you'll be the coolest colt around here in no time.”

“So we can hang out sometime?” Torch pressed, wanting her to say it before he left. Rainbow chuckled quietly, a smile finally finding it's way onto her face.

“I'm free tomorrow afternoon,” she answered, seeing his face light up at her words. “Can you meet me here at three o' clock?”

“I'll be here,” Torch confirmed, stretching his wings out to prepare to take flight. “See you tomorrow, and thanks for letting me hang out with you!”

“Don't worry about it. See you later Torch!”


“Are you sure this is a good idea Rainbow?” Fluttershy asked yet again, an expression of worry still plastered on her face.

“There's no need to worry Fluttershy,” Rainbow promised, trying not to get even the slightest bit annoyed at the repeated question. “He just wants to hang out, get himself known around here. I'll be back before you know it, okay?”

“I just want you to be careful,” the yellow pegasus mumbled softly, her gaze drifting to the grassy ground surrounding them outside her cottage. “You never know what this pony is like, and there's no one to tell you because he's new.”

Rainbow was a little surprised to hear that was the reason Fluttershy was worrying. She was just trying to make sure she stayed safe? The thought itself was enough to make her blush, a light pink warming her normally blue cheeks.

“Hey,” Rainbow said, her voice unusually soft. She walked the short distance over to her marefriend and placed a hoof gently on her shoulder, bringing their foreheads close together until they were just barely touching. Fluttershy glanced up, meeting the deep pink gaze in front of her and feeling her heart beat a bit faster.

“I'll be okay,” Rainbow promised again, this time her voice much more patient. “We'll just hang out for a little while, and then I'll come back and we can do something you want, okay?”

“O-okay,” Fluttershy stuttered, almost speechless with the pony she loved standing there in front of her, close enough to have her warm breath tickle her nose. Rainbow smiled, seeing the blush rising quickly on the other ponies face.

“Love you,” she whispered, lifting her head to give Fluttershy a soft kiss on the forehead. She lingered there for a moment, feeling reluctant to leave now, but also knowing she couldn't just bail on Blow Torch. After a few more seconds, she pulled back, waving back to Fluttershy as she flew off towards town.

“See you soon!” she called over her shoulder just before she disappeared from sight.

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