• Published 19th Dec 2014
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A Spiritual Journey - HalfAngelHuman

Spirit and Kalinka make their back to the Hive to deliver Celestia's treaty.

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Night of Fate

Three days have passed since the Royal Pony Sisters learned that two Changelings, the half-breed Free Spirit and his friend Kalinka, were living in Ponyville. Seeing how different the two were from other Changelings discovered, Princess Celestia gave Free Spirit an option; deliver a peace treaty to the Changeling Empire in exchange for not being arrested as well as becoming official citizens of Ponyville. Wanting the best for Kalinka and himself, Free Spirit accepted. The two are now on their way to the Hive, their old home.


“I still can’t believe that I’m voluntarily going back to the Hive.” Spirit said, stepping out of a bush. “It has been five months since I was banished from there, I wonder how the place looks?”

“It probably still looks the same as it always has: a giant black and green beehive.” Kalinka said behind him, walking underneath a branch.

“You must be some kind of stupid. Did you forget that the Empire has placed you on KOS?” Yin said.

“Shut up Yin! Do you really think that I forgot?” Spirit snapped.

“So, the Dark Prince is awake?” Kalinka asked.

“Sadly, yes.”

“I don’t get it, though. Why didn’t Princess Celestia just exterminate him?”

“She tried. That’s when we discovered that me and Yin are linked. If he goes, I go. We’re two sides of the same bit.” Spirit answered. “When Yin said he was ‘the real me’, he meant that he’s my Changeling side. More specifically, he’s my Changeling side’s instinct to feed. That’s why Princess Celestia spellbound him, so if I go seven months without feeding on emotions he can’t possess me again.”

“I wish he never came to being. It’s his fault that we got caught.” Kalinka said bitterly.

“It’s also kinda my fault that he now exists. I thought since I was a Changeling-pony hybrid, I could just eat regular food to survive. That way, nopony would know that I was a Changeling in disguise.” Spirit sighed. “Apparently, that isn’t the case. I can go a long time without feeding on emotions, but I still need to feed on them.” Spirit turned around, meeting the gaze of the green-eyed Changeling. “The funny thing is, I’m actually a little glad he exists. Now we have the chance to bring two extremely different races together! I can at least say that something good came out of this.” he said with a small smile.

Kalinka stared at him in silence before rolling her eyes. “That is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever heard you say.” she said, walking around him.

“I agree with the mare. You are thanking me for existing? Were you breaking boulders with your head when I asleep?” Yin questioned.

“You know what? You’re annoying!” Spirit exclaimed. “Hey Kalinka! Wait up!” he called, chasing after her.


By the time Spirit caught up to Kalinka and managed to calm her down, Luna’s moon had almost reached the center of the sky.The two made a small camp to rest for the night, deciding that it would be suicide to continue traveling in the Everfree at in the dark.

“So, how far do you think we are from the Hive?” Spirit asked, stoking the small fire in front of them.

“At the pace we’re going at, I’d say about five more days or so.” Kalinka answered, laying next to him.

“You hungry Kalinka? I got some berries in my saddlebag.” he offered, reaching for the bag.

“I’m grateful for the offer Spirit, but I’m not like you. Regular food doesn’t do anything for Changelings. I’m not a hybrid.” she said, stopping Spirit.

“Oh right, sorry about that.” he said, focusing his attention back on the fire.

“There’s no need to be sorry Spirit. You didn’t do anything wrong, you were just being polite.” she assured, patting him on the shoulder.

“Ya know, it’s pretty late, you should get some sleep. I don’t mind taking first watching.” Spirit said, staring at moon.

“Okay,” Kalinka said, curling up next to him. “G’night Spirit.” she said, closing her eyes.

“Good night, Cranberry.” Spirit whispered as he continued to stare at the moon. ‘Five more days. We’re that close.’ Spirit thought in awe. ‘Wow, the moon looks so beautiful tonight.’ he analyzed. He started to feel light-headed as he continued to gaze upon the ivory orb. ‘W-what’s going on? Why can’t I look away?’ He thought as his world suddenly turned black.


Spirit suddenly awoke to a strange sight; he was no longer in the Everfree Forest. Instead, he found himself in an empty meadow, green as far as he could see. “Where...where am I?” he said, sitting up.

“You are in Aether. This is what most call ‘Paradise’.” a familiar voice answered. Spirit turned around to face the speaker, his eyes widening in disbelief.

“I-I remember you! You were there when I beat Yin!” Spirit exclaimed, standing up. The orange stallion smiled as he walked towards Spirit.

“Hello, son.” the unicorn said, placing a hoof on the hybrid’s shoulder. Spirit’s whole body started to tremble as tears welled up in his eyes.

“H-how?” Spirit strained to say. “A-aren’t you de-dead?”

“The Creator Herself has granted us permission to see you in this plane of existence. She does this for all foals who have lost their parents.”


“Your mother is at the house. I bet she’d be glad to see you again. Let’s not keep her waiting, okay?” Spirit’s father said, guiding Spirit to the house.

“O-okay.” Spirit said, blinking the tears away.


“Akroma, I’m back! And we have a visitor!” Spirit’s father said as he opened the door. Although Spirit’s father called it a house, it was more of a hut. It was very similar to Spirit’s house back in Ponyville; it was small and compact. Spirit began to shake again when he saw the mature female Changeling. She was sitting in a chair, assembling what appeared to be a picture puzzle.

“Welcome back Fazz,” Akroma said, her attention still on the puzzle. “Who is this visitor?” She asked, fitting a piece into the puzzle. Fazz sighed as he turned to the trembling hybrid.

“That’s your mother. She loves her puzzles, sometimes I think she likes them more than me.” Fazz said loudly.

That is an exaggeration and you know it!” Spirit’s mother said, looking away from the puzzle to glare at her husband. Akroma’s eyes grew wide when she saw the young Changeling standing next to him. Akroma froze, tears forming in her eyes. “C-can it be? I’m not imagining this, r-right?” she said, tears spilling as she walked towards her son. “Spirit, is that you?”

“H-hi mom.” Spirit squeaked, tears streaming down his face.

“Oh Tau, it is you! My baby colt!” Akroma exclaimed, sweeping Spirit into a tight embrace. Spirit returned the hug, sobs of joy coming from both Changelings. Fazz watched the reunion of mother and son, a small smile forming as tears began to fall from his eyes.

“Finally,” the unicorn whispered. “We’re together. It might be temporary, but we are all together. Thank you Tau Sunflare, thank you for letting me meet the son I never knew I had.”


“So Spirit, what do you want to know?” Fazz asked, the three of them sitting on a couch. After the small family reunion, Fazz and Akroma decided to see if Spirit had any questions he wanted answered.

“Well,” Spirit said. “I do want to know how I got here. One second I’m sitting next to Kalinka-” Spirit’s eyes widened in realization. “KALINKA!” he shouted, jumping onto the floor. “Where is she!? Is she okay!? She probably doesn’t even know where I am!” he panicked, prancing in place.

“Spirit, calm down.” Akroma said, picking him up with her magic. “You are still next to her.” she said, putting him back on the couch.


“You didn’t go anywhere, Spirit. Your body is still there, but your mind is here.”

“Huh?” Spirit repeated.

“You’re asleep son.” Fazz said bluntly.

“Asleep? I’m asleep?”

“The Aether is the afterlife for beings of Echidna. The only way you are able to be here is to be asleep.” Akroma explained.

“I’m curious though,” Fazz said. “Who is this ‘Kalinka’? Is she your special somepony?” he teased, watching Spirit’s chitin skin glow red. “Is she cute?” Spirit’s head started to steam.

Fazz!” Akroma hissed.

“What?” Fazz asked.

“Knock it off! You’re embarrassing him.” she scolded. “Anymore questions, Spirit?”

“How did I get here? I don’t remember falling asleep.”

“Do you remember when you were staring at the moon? Princess Luna casted a spell on you while you were entranced by it. It was by Tau’s request that she did so.” Fazz answered. “Anything else?”

“Um...is this a one-time thing?” Spirit asked. Akroma shook her head.

“You can come back anytime you want, but you can only see us when you are asleep. How long you stay asleep affects how long you can stay here.” As if on cue, Spirit’s vision started to become hazy.

“W-what’s going on!?” Spirit asked, swaying side-to-side.

“Looks like you’re waking up.” Fazz said.

“What! No! I don’t want to wake up!” Spirit yelled as he fought to keep his eyes open. “I still have some questions!”

“And we’ll be waiting here to answer them. Don’t forget, you still have deliver Celestia’s letter.” Akroma said as she began to fade away.

“We’ll be watching over you.” Fazz said as they disappeared.


Spirit’s eyes snapped open as he drifted back into reality. ‘D-did that really happen? Or was it all just a dream?’ he thought.

“Celestia’s letter.” a voice said along the wind.

“Oh yeah, the treaty!” Spirit said, standing up. “Kalinka, we need to-” Spirit said to Kalinka, only that Kalinka was no longer next to him. Her saddlebags were also missing too. “Where did she go?”

Author's Note:

For those who don't know, Tau Sunflare is an anagram of Lauren Faust. As Spirit's father said, Tau lets orphan foals see their parent through their dreams. This happens all over Echidna, even in Ponyville.
Me: Will you stop breaking the fourth wall!?