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This story is a sequel to A Free Spirit in Ponyville

Free Spirit and Kalinka make their back to the Hive to deliver Celestia's treaty. On the way there, Spirit learns some things he never knew.

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Yes, the sequel to (A Free Spirit in Ponyville) I can't wait to see how this goes.

5401081 Echinda in Greek mythology was the "Mother of All Monsters". Since (as far I know) they never said the name of the world they live in and the fact that there are monsters everywhere, I thought it would be fitting to name the world after her.

We'll that explains why she can play in the snow in your side story.

Can't wait for the next story.:pinkiehappy: But, take as much time as you need, there's no rush.:twilightblush:

5658539 Thanks for understanding! :pinkiesad2:

I can't belive it took me this long to notice this story. Nice work! Can't wait to get caught up again.

What was up with those last two lines? Was that something being said somewhere else?

Edit: Nevermind. The answer is in the first paragraph of chapter 3

O-M-GOSH i love it :pinkiehappy:

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