• Published 19th Dec 2014
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A Spiritual Journey - HalfAngelHuman

Spirit and Kalinka make their back to the Hive to deliver Celestia's treaty.

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Secret of a Life

“Kalinka? Where are you?” Spirit said, searching for any sign of her disappearance. ‘Where on Equus did you go?’

“Yo idiot, if you’re looking for your marefriend, she left a note for you near that rotting tree.” Yin interjected.

“She’s not my marefriend Yin, she’s my Superior.” Spirit retorted as he trotted towards the dead tree. “And I’m pretty sure she would erase me from existence if I called her that.” he said as he searched around the tree’s trunk. “Aha! Found it!” he proclaimed as he read the note.


By the time you’ve found this, ten minutes may have passed. I found a hot spring that was nearby, and it has been three days since I’ve bathed. A mare has her needs, ya know. I was going wake you up, but you looked like you were having a nice dream. Your fangs kept pinching together, it was kinda cute. Come join me if you want, just follow the path of broken twigs.

“A hot spring? That sounds like a good idea,” Spirit said, sniffing himself. “Ugh! Scratch that, it sounds like a great idea!” he gagged.


“This must be it,” Spirit said as he walked into the clearing. “Wow! This place is amazing!” the hybrid said in awe. Comparing the rest of the forest the two Changelings have been traveling through to the sight before him would be like comparing a campfire to a fireworks finale. The trees surrounding the clearing were so full of life it reminded him of Aether. The water was a crystal blue, its surface sparkled like the starry sky. A small cave rested on a hill overlooking the spring.The whole area was the second most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life.

"Hey Spirit, over here!" a voice called.

"Kalinka!" Spirit answered, walking towards her.

"So you've finally awake. I thought you would sleep forever." Kalinka said, her lower half soaking in the spring. "Well," she said, gesturing her hoof to the hot spring. "Are you going to join me?" Spirit flashed her a small smile, placing his saddlebag next to hers before he leaped into the hot spring.

"Spirit Ball!" he yelled as collided with the water.

"Agh!" Kalinka cried, water splashing her in the face. "Watch what you're doing ya joker!" she yelled as he resurfaced.

"Sorry Kalinka." Spirit said unsympathetically.

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" she said, dunking his head underwater. Spirit flailed wildly as he tried to escape her grasp. "Now it's your turn!"


"La la la la! I can't hear you!"


"This place is amazing."


"Hey," Kalinka said, turning to Spirit. "After this mission, we should come back here. Make this our secret refuge."

“Our own little paradise…” Spirit muttered. “Sounds good to me!” he exclaimed, a huge grin on his face. “But wait, what should we call it?” he asked, placing a hoof under his chin.

“Hmm,” Kalinka sighed, mimicking Spirit’s pose. “...How about we just call it Haven?” she proposed.

“‘Haven’...I like it. Rolls right off the tongue.”

“Haven it is then!”

“Not that I don’t like to be the bearer of bad new,” Yin suddenly said. “But I think someone has already claimed this area.”

“‘Already claimed this area’? What are you talking about?” Spirit asked.

“If you can recall, there was a cave overlooking the hot spring. Apparently something was sleeping in it, and you two idiots woke it up with your loud voices. And from what I’m sensing, it’s pretty pissed.”

“And why didn’t you tell me earlier!?” Spirit yelled, climbing out of the hot spring.

“I don’t like you.”

“Spirit, what’s wrong?” Kalinka asked, her voice dripping with worry. A bloodcurdling roar suddenly filled the air, directing their attention to the source. In front of the cave stood a Manticore, drool oozing from its gaping mouth as it began to snarl at the two Changelings.

“That,” Spirit said as Kalinka clambered out of the hot spring. “That is what’s wrong.” The Manticore roared again, leaping off the hill and diving towards the pair. "Watch out!" Spirit yelled, tackling Kalinka out of the way. The Manticore landed where the two Changelings were, the pair's saddlebags right beneath it.

"The saddlebags!" Kalinka said as Spirit helped her up. "Celestia's Letter is in there!"

"Damn!" Spirit swore. "Um, hello Mr. Manticore." he said calmly. "We need those saddlebags you're standing over. If you would kindly let us retrieve them, we'll leave quietly. Deal?" he said, slowly moving towards the beast. The Manticore growled louder as Spirit moved closer. "I'm just going to take the bags." Spirit explained, his horn starting to glow. The Manticore suddenly twitched, its scorpion tail coiling.

"Oh no!" Kalinka gasped, running towards Spirit. "Spirit, look out!" she yelled, ramming him out of the way just the tail made its move. As he collided with the ground, he watched as the tail speared Kalinka in the chest. Crimson blood spilled from her wound as her screams of pain rang in Spirit's ears.

"KALINKA!" Spirit cried, his screams attracting the Manticore's attention. It turned to face him, its tail flinging Kalinka off like trash. She landed in front of Spirit, her eyes blank and body twitching. "Kalinka, no." Spirit whispered, something inside of him slipping. “No…” he repeated, his eyes beginning to turn red. “No!” he shouted, a dark aura suddenly surrounding him.

“Oh, what’s this?” Yin pondered, watching the event in front of him unfold.

You!” Spirit hissed at the Manticore, making it flinch. “You dirty, mangy mutt!” he yelled, taking a step towards the startled beast. “I hope you’ve enjoyed breathing, because those breaths you’re taking right now will be your last!” Spirit declared, charging directly at the Manticore. The Manticore swung its paw at Spirit’s head, only for Spirit to slide under it. Spirit swiftly turned around, bucking the monster square in the face. The Manticore roared in pain as it tried stab Spirit with its tail. Spirit immediately countered with a beam of dark-green magic,vaporizing the tail. "That was for my friend you stabbed!" Spirit yelled over the Manticore's roar of pain.

'Him becoming feral was all because of that mare getting skewered? How asinine. Yet intriguing.'

Where do you think you’re going!?” Spirit hissed at the now-fleeing Manticore. He shot another bolt of magic at the Manticore, striking it in the leg. Spirit trotted towards the heavily injured Manticore, watching it try to crawl away with a sadistic smile. He shot its other leg, the Manticore’s attempt to escape going with it. Spirit walked around the Manticore, until he was face-to-face with the beast. He stared directly into the Manticore’s eyes, acknowledging the fear it displayed. “When you get to Tartarus,” he said, charging up a bolt of magic. “Tell Tirek that Free Spirit sent you.” He unleashed the magic, the Manticore’s screams filling the air as it was reduced to ash.

‘I must say I am impressed.’ Yin admitted to himself.

And that’s that.” Spirit smirked, his eyes returning to their natural blue color. Spirit suddenly gasped as his eyes widened. “Huh!? W-what happened!? Where’s the Manticore?” Spirit said, gripping his head. “The last thing I remember is Kalinka getting- OH TAU! KALINKA!!!” he yelled, remembering his injured partner. He ran towards her, checking for a sign that she was still alive. "Kalinka! Are you okay!? Please, answer me!" he cried, shaking her.

"Hey idiot, why don't you move her somewhere safe?" Yin suggested.

"Where do you think I should move her!?" he shouted.

"Oh, I don't know...how about that cave on that hill?" Yin deadpanned.

"The cave!" Spirit said, picking up the bags and Kalinka. 'Hold on Kalinka! Just hold on!'


Spirit propped Kalinka against the cave wall, checking the wound in her chest. 'It's pretty bad. I need to heal it fast.' He grabbed Kalinka by the shoulders, shaking her gently. "Hey Kalinka, stay with me. I know you're hurt, but you need to stay with me." Spirit advised, pulling her to his body. "You need to feed."

'What is that idiot doing?' Yin questioned.

Spirit pushed her head on his neck. "Come on, Kalinka. You have to feed!"

"N-no..." Kalinka moaned as she tried to pull away. "Dangerous..."

"I don't care if it's dangerous Kalinka! You're hurt! You have to feed!" Spirit yelled, holding her tighter.


"Kalinka, I've already lost my parents. I'm not losing you too! Please, feed!" Spirit begged, tears streaming down his face. "Please, I don't want to be alone. I don't care if feeding on another Changeling is dangerous, I just want you to be okay."

"Spirit..." Kalinka struggled to say as she put her mouth on his neck. "Never...alone." she said, biting his neck. Spirit gasped in pain as his chitin skin was broken. Green blood spilled onto the cavern floor, the sound of it falling mixing with the sound of feeding. Spirit's vision began to blur as he watched the wound on her chest slowly close. His eyes grew heavy as the beating in his own chest slowed.

"K-Kalinka..." Spirit said as his world began to grow dark. "What...are you?"


When Spirit awoke, he found himself in complete darkness. His neck throbbed as he tried to collect his thoughts. 'Are we...further in the cave?' he wondered, rubbing his neck.

"Have a nice nap?" Spirit turned around to see a pair of green eyes staring back.

"Kalinka? How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine, though I should be asking you that. You could have died trying to heal me!"

"It's a good thing I have a heart then. In case you've forgotten, I'm not your average Changeling." Spirit said, pointing at his chest. "Speaking of normal," Spirit said, his tone shifting. "Kalinka, why is your blood red? Changeling blood is green." Kalinka flinched at the sudden question.

"W-what are you talking about? I-it must have been your imagination." Kalinka stammered.

"You're lying. Kalinka, what are you?" he questioned. Kalinka began to shake, her eyes shifted left and right as if she was looking for a way out. "Kalinka, is there something preventing you from tell me?"

"I have given you a new life. You shall not tell anyone what I have done. Understood?"

"Yes, my new Queen."