• Published 5th Nov 2014
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The Pirates of Manehattan - Tower of 0

A band of pirates have made a landing in Manehattan, and take somepony, rather someone, as ransom...

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Just Another Day for a Human

Justin couldn't help but think about the dreams he had last night about the two mares he cared for the most, and one that was eager to make clothed for his species despite being the only one there. It felt.. real. Kinda awesome he supposed. He shook his head, clearing away any thoughts he had before continuing on down the streets of Manehattan.

He still got looks from the ponies that were on the sidewalks, to which he responded with exaggerated winks, pointing with his fingers, smiling, or just making a funny face. The last action yielded the best results as ponies would be surprised and their faces were priceless in reaction to his. The smiles he gave were returned with the same from some of the ponies he passed. It made Justin feel sorta like Pinkie Pie, only without the physics breaking, wild demeanor, and random things just being pulled out of nowhere.

Justin started to whistle the tune to one of Pinkie's songs as he turned into an alleyway for a shortcut to.. somewhere. He honestly had no idea where he was going. Which, at first, seemed like a good idea to navigate the city without a guide. Justin then fell to the ground, his vision going as a pain grew in the back of his head. Justin then blacked out.

He later came to with some rope bounding him to a piece of wood. Justin blinked a couple times as he came to senses and started to note a few things. First off, he noticed that he was on the deck of a ship, somehow. Second, he noticed that the city of Manehattan was a ways away that they had a nice Pony of Harmony... or something along those lines that can be connected to the Earth counterpart. Third were that his binds weren't even properly tied, meaning that whoever tied them had a hard time even reaching.

A whistle blew from somewhere up high, and the deck suddenly started to fill with ponies of all shapes, sizes, even races. Although it was more of a small band of seven with a short stuff of a unicorn that stopped to look up at him. He just stared back with a blank expression.

"Boo." Justin jumped a bit, causing the small blue unicorn to squeak and take a few steps back.

"Cap'n!" The unicorn yelled out in the most adorable voice the human had ever heard before running up to a higher deck and standing near the door. "Cap'n! Our's captive is awakes!"

The door suddenly flew open and a red mare stepped out with a dark tricorn that had gold lining on her head, her mane was a bit of a mess but braided in some places. She walked up to the railing and stared down Justin with the most piercing pink eyes he ever did see. Promptly making her way to one of the stairs and trotting up to the human with a small smile.

"So.. you're the creature one of me crew picked out of an alley?" She asked, tracing a hoof along the bottom of his chin. "My, and exotic animal such as yourself may even catch a fair price on a different market rather than ransom."

"Ransom? Alright, just who the hell are you and what exactly do you want me for?" Justin asked and she stepped back a bit and giggled.

"I'm the captain of this ship." She responded, the human just rolled his eyes. "Captain Scarlet Gem, but you can just call me Scarlet."

Justin just huffed a bit. "Well, Captain, if I may.. but that doesn't exactly enlighten me on the situation I seemed to have been drug into."

The small, yet adorable unicorn scampered up next to Captain Scarlet. "We's gonna holds you's for ransom! If we's don't gets the bits, then we's makes you's walk the plank!"

"By Celestia are you freaking adorable." Justin squeed audibly at the small ones mannerisms and tone. "I just want to cuddle you so hard!"

"Silence!" Scarlet snapped at him. "You might as well enjoy your stay handsome, cause when we find out just who you belong to is when we'll issue a ransom....and if we don't find them.. well.. you better hope to the sun that you're worth a lot more in an auction."

Justin just gulped a bit while he started to steadily formulate a plan to escape himself. "I just hope that Vinyl and Derpy won't find them first..."

That Evening

Derpy rushed into the apartment in a frenzy. Simultaneously trying to fly and gallop as she stumbled about. Vinyl was calmly rocking her head to some of her music that was excellently flowing out of her headphones. She was sitting on the bed with a magazine in her hooves and flipping through some of the pages.

The grey Pegasus mare barreled right into the room and jumped onto unicorn and started to shake her back and forth wildly. All Vinyl could see was a blur of grey and yellow. and music pumping into her ears. Eventually she got fed up with it an pushed Derpy away from her just a bit and removed her headphones and glared.

"Derpy! Just what in the hay is wrong with you?!" Vinyl asked.

Derpy was panting, huffing, and puffing, trying to regain her breath. "Justin... he's.. gone!"

"Oh don't be silly, Derpy... I'm sure he's just fine." Vinyl waved off as she started to look for that magazine.

"But he's been gone for hours!" Derpy retorted worriedly. "I can't find him anywhere!"

Vinyl looked over to the mare and saw the look of genuine worry in her somewhat off center eyes. IT wasn't uncommon that Derpy became worried about things, even if they were little, but Vinyl could see that she may have been serious. Not wanting to believe it just yet, Vinyl nodded slightly.

"Okay.. if he isn't back by morning, we'll go looking for him tomorrow. Deal?" Vinyl solemnly asked before getting tackled again.

"Deal!" Derpy squealed as she launched herself at Vinyl and tackling her off the bed.

Back on the ship

"Dammit.. I gotta use the bathroom." Justin muttered to himself as he looked at the two ponies guarding him.

For some reason, they decided that he was now a threat when awake. The two seemed to be playing cards barely able to keep awake. One of them was built bigger and more to be a brute while the other seemed to be of average build. They both were trying to stay awake, then a light bulb, invisible of course, went off above the human's head.
"I sure hope those singing lessons with Fluttershy pay off" Justin took a silent inhale and remembered one tune he remembered her singing. "~Hush Now, Quiet Now-~"

They immediately fell to the deck and interrupted his singing with a very loud snore. Justin looked on while trying to hold back his laughing. He knew his singing voice wasn't quite up there to Fluttershy's, but it did tickle him to see that he barely had to put any effort into lullabying the stallions to sleep. His next step was to loosen the bindings a bit more, easily done as he started shimmying them down until they hit his feet.

Justin then went below deck and was surprised to find out just how many more ponies were on the ship. He only saw the eight on deck, if he included that Captain Scarlet mare. Down here was a lot more of the crew. Silently and steadfast as possible, he tiptoed his way around the stallions and mares scattered about the deck. Some in groups, some by themselves, and some up on a rafter or two. Justin tried to stay away from the groups, stepping over the single sleepers, and had an even harder time trying to dodge any hooves dangling from the rafters.

He was thankful that this deck was designed a bit to his height or a similar bipedal creature. He came to a halt in front of a port hole and started blankly from the darkness as a thought entered his head.

"Dammit!" He cursed to himself as silently as he could. "I have no idea where I'm going..."

Justin froze as he head a nearby stallion groan sleepily and slowly started to look around. He didn't spot the human, which was good. The stallion yawned as he was about to fall back asleep, but a hand shot out of the darkness and slapped itself against his muzzle and clamped his mouth. He would only let out a muffled yelp at the contact, his eyes following the arm into darkness.

His eyes shrunk to pinpricks as he saw the captive's face edge out of the darkness with a smile. Closing the distance rather dangerously.

"Hi!" The human whispered so that the stallion could hear. "I have a small question. Where's the bathrooms?"

The stallion started to ramble a bit as he pointed to a door nearby, slightly shaking as his words were muffled. The human smiled wider. thanked him, kissed his forehead, and left without other word. The stallion started to quietly cry himself back to sleep. Obviously shaken from the encounter as he slide down to the floor.

Justin entered the little colts' room to find out something interesting about this pirate ship: it had plumbing. He scratched his head for a bit as he looked at all the pipes leading all over the place. The bathroom itself looked like a public restroom, a surprising feature for a somewhat small vessel. He had a feeling he was going to have a grand time just messing with these pirate ponies as he went to one of the stalls. Justin already knew just what he was going to do.

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