• Published 7th Jul 2014
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It All Happened One Morning... - TiberiusPonificus

Something's happened to the children of Ponyville. What it is, no one is sure. One thing that is certain is that they don't look like ponies anymore.

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Pipsqueak & Dinky Doo

Author's Note:

Sorry this one took so long. I wasn't sure what chapter to write first, but people wanted to write this first, so here it is! Now, you'll notice that I call Doctor Hooves, "Time Turner". I wanted to use his official name to move away from the Doctor image and just characterize him as Ponyville's eccentric inventor. I hope nobody minds.

"Wake up, kids! I got blueberry pancakes with your names on 'em!"

To hear that first thing in the morning is such a lovely thing. Especially after sleeping on the floor all night. It was in a sleeping bag, but still. Dinky wanted to sleep on the floor with me, but I pushed that she sleep in her bed. It was there after all.

I was simply happy that her mum and dad let me stay the night here. My own mum agreed that I needed to spend time with other ponies, and this was a good way to do it. After spending so much time playing games and talking, I was able to sleep with a smile on my face. And breakfast sounds really good right now.

I managed to get myself off the floor and stretch, when I noticed something odd. I felt something at the end of my hooves curl when I stretched. I looked down, hoping it wasn't a spider, then wishing it was. My hooves...weren't hooves anymore! They were these...peach-colored...things like little tentacles on the end of where my hooves used to be. I could move them, which felt so strange as I've never had something like this before. I needed to tell Dinky.

I shuffled the blanket off of me as I sat up, and I felt like my shoulders were bigger, or at least wider. I looked down and saw that it wasn't just my hooves that were different. My whole body had changed! Everything had the same peach color as my hooves, from my chest to my hind legs, which now bent backwards. The little tentacles at the end of my hind legs were short and stumpy and not as mobile.

I went over to Dinky's bed as best I could on these new hind legs of mine. I could see her blonde mane poking out from under the sheets facing away from me. I reached out and shook her with my...claw, I suppose I'll call it for now.

"Dinky! Dinky, wake up!" I said in a hushed tone. "Something weird's happened!"

She turned over to my face me, but what I saw wasn't a pony's face. It was flat, with her muzzle gone and a small nose where it used to be. She had the same peach coloring as me, just slightly lighter. The sight of it made me jump back and let out a yelp in shock.


"Mmn...what's with the screaming?" Dinky groaned. She groggily opened her eyes and blinked a couple of times. As soon as her eyes were fully open, she must have seen what I looked like now, because she shot straight up on the bed and screamed. "Aaah!"

"Oh no...you too?" I asked. With the blanket down, I saw that her body was the same as mine, down to the claws at the end of where her hooves were.

"What?" Dinky looked down at herself and saw her changed body. She patted her chest and hind legs, telling her that this was all real. "What happened to me? What happened to us?"

"I don't know..." I answered. I really had no idea what happened to me and Dinky. "When we went to bed, we were ponies, right?"

"Right...I'm sure of it," Dinky replied. "So how did we...?" She looked straight at me with that flat face of hers. "You didn't mess with anything of Dad's, did you?"

"I didn't touch any of your dad's things, I swear!" I said, raising my forelegs up. "I was with you all night!"

"Oh yeah. Sorry." Dinky crawled off the bed and almost fell over having to put her knees on the floor. "Woah!"

"I got ya!" I held her up as she got the rest of herself down.

"Thanks," she replied and sat down next to me. I didn't think about it until I caught her, but neither Dinky nor I had our coats anymore. Since we were about the same color, I wondered if this was what it was like to be coatless, and the layer underneath was what we were wearing now. "This body's all sorts of weird."

"You can say that again!" I took another look at both her body and mine. We were definitely the same strange creature. We had similar claws at both our forelegs and hind legs. Our hind legs were longer, too, so we probably couldn't walk on all our legs.

"Did you cast a spell in your sleep, maybe?" I asked her.

"I don't think so," Dinky replied. "I certainly don't know any spells like...Ahh!" She felt her forehead and panic struck her face. "My horn! Where's my horn?"

"It's gone!" I told her. She moved her mane back, and her horn definitely wasn't there anymore.

"But if I can't use magic, how am I supposed to change us back?!" She asked.

"I don't know...maybe you didn't cast this spell, then," I answered, crossing my forelegs in thought. "But then how did this happen?" Suddenly, the door opened.

"Everything okay, muffinnnAAHH!" Dinky's mother Derpy walked into the door and saw us. Her gray wings spread high in shock.

"Mom! Please don't freak out!" Dinky shouted, holding out her foreleg.

"Um...Honey Muffin? You might wanna take a look at this!" Derpy called out for Dinky's father Time Turner.

"Is something wrong, Derpy? I'm hearing an awful lot of screaming!" I heard from the hall, alongside the sound of hooves. Soon, the familiar brown mane and coat that was her father walked into the doorway and jumped back. "Waah! Kids?"

Dinky nodded. "Mmhmm. It's us."

"We woke up like this," I explained. "We didn't touch any of your things, professor! Honest, we didn't!"

"You sure? Now would be a terrible time to lie, you two," he sneered.

"Dad, which one of your inventions could possibly do something like this?" Dinky asked, spreading out her forearms. "You've shown me every invention you've made, and I don't think any of them could change the body like this!"

Time Turner drew his head back and cleared his throat. "That's true, isn't it? Sorry for snapping like that. Just got a little scared is all."

"Do you know what happened to us?" I asked nervously to her father.

"No, but I can certainly find out. Sit tight, and I'll go get the scanner." He turned and left towards his lab, the sound of his hooves disappearing into the hall.

Derpy walked into the room and sat next to us. "This is actually quite the complete transformation!" She took Dinky's claw in her hoof to take a closer look. "No hooves, no horn, no coat. Your mane stayed the same, along with your pretty eyes." She nuzzled Dinky's nose with her snout.

Dinky giggled. "You're not mad at us?"

"What's there to be mad about?" Derpy asked. "It's clear you didn't do this on purpose. We'll see what your father can find out and move on from there. That's how we handle a problem, right?"

"Right. One step at a time!" Dinky said. This was a saying said amongst her family. Not surprising with her dad being a tinker on the side.

"Good!" Derpy smiled and flapped her wings in glee. "Seeing as how your hind legs are longer, let's see if we can get you to stand on them. I'll help you get up." She lowered her head and let Dinky hold onto it as she brought it back up. Standing on her hind legs, Dinky was almost as tall as her mother!

"Woah..." Dinky uttered as she teetered on her hind legs, careful not to fall. She steadied herself quickly and let out a deep breath, sure that she wouldn't topple.

"There we go! Your turn, Pipsqueak." Derpy turned to me and let me hold on to her neck as she helped me up. It was rather odd, to be so much taller than you remember being yesterday. I simply let myself stand up, bottom claws firmly on the floor.

"Wow. The only time I see things from this high is when I'm on Dad's back!" I commented.

"Don't get too used to it," Derpy said. "We'll find a way to return the both of you to normal."

"You think we can?" Dinky asked.

"I'm sure of it! Let's get some data down first." Derpy pulled out a pencil and notepad and started writing. "Face: Absence of snout, decreased nose size, ears moved to sides of head, smaller lips. Hair color of mane and color of eyes remain unchanged."

"Is this important?" I asked. I didn't like standing so still when I wasn't sure of what was going on.

"Sure, it is!" Derpy answered. "Gotta know every little point of data to work off of. Moving on, we have the body. Shorter neck, wider shoulders, absence of coat, replacement of hooves by...5-digit claws, absence of tail..."

"What?" I looked behind myself and felt my flank. There was no tail to be found anywhere. I hadn't realized it was gone until Derpy said so. I guess I always took it for granted. I miss it already.

"Hmm...it's too bad neither of you have your cutie marks, so we could tell whether or not they stayed around," Derpy commented. "Finally...aside from identifiable gender, that's all we can tell from looking on the outside. We can run this through a database and see just what you two turned into."

"And this..." Time Turner finally came back in the room carrying a strange looking pen in his mouth, "...will tell us the source! Hold still, please." The end of his pen began to glow with a blue light as he pointed it at me and Dinky, moving it up and down our bodies. After a few seconds, he stopped and took a look at the pen with his hoof.

"Did you find anything?" Dinky asked her father.

"Well, it's definitely magic of some sort," he answered. "And it didn't come from you, so that's a relief."

"I could've told you that!" Dinky crossed her forelegs and pouted.

"Yes, but now I have evidence!" Time Turner looked back to his pen. "This magic's powerful. Quite powerful. But it's also faint, like it's being stretched out. Whatever spell did this, it was a potent one that had a large area of effect. If I run this against our database, we can see just how far. Follow me!"

He trotted out of the room with Derpy following suit. I held on to her back so I wouldn't fall over walking on my hind legs. It was actually easier than I thought it would be, the flatness of my hind claws being enough to support me. The feeling would still take some getting used to, but I was already doing well, so I don't think that'll take long.

Through one of the doors, we walked into Time Turner's lab. It was a room that was so far apart from the rest of the house, you'd swear you walked into another world as soon as you opened the door. It also looks bigger on the inside, as you'd never be able to tell this place exists looking at this house from the outside. Walls of bronze with lights placed everywhere, different cords going this way and that, and in the center, a large console with different sized screens dominated your sight. You could hear the hum of the machines working constantly in the background alongside steam coming out from various places. I've been here before, but every time I come here, it's always an amazing sight.

"I'm gonna put in the data on their physical appearance and run it through an animal database while you check the scanner," Derpy said as she walked to one side of the large console.

"Thank you, dear!" Time Turner went over to another part of the console and stuck the pen into a small hole. The end glowed blue again as one of the screens began showing a whole bunch of numbers and meters that were beyond anything I could read. "First, it's identifying the magic it read off of you. And then, it's going to show us similar signatures so we can see just how far this goes..."

"You don't think we're the only ones this happened to, do you, Dad?" Dinky asked.

"More than likely not," he answered. "My current theory is that magic this powerful had to affect an area larger than just this house and affected more than just two ponies. In fact, I find it quite fascinating that only you two were changed. Amethyst looked normal as ever before she took off for work, and your mother and I feel just fine. Maybe the number of ponies affected won't be that high..."

"I hope we can figure out a way to change us back..." Dinky looked down and shuffled her rear claw.

"We will, Dinky. I promise." Suddenly, the machine beeped and the screen showed a new image of different shapes across the screen.

"What's this?" I asked.

"This is a map of the immediate area," Time Turner explained. "It's the whole of Ponyville. Now, it's going to show us how many of its residents are giving off the same magic signature." He pointed with his hoof to one of the shapes. "This is our house, and those two little dots are the both of you. Once it reads the signature, more dots should show up, and...oh...oh my."

My eyes went wide as I saw what was happening on the screen. There weren't just a few dots showing up. There were many. Almost every house in the area we were in had at least one dot on it. Every one of those dots meant another poor pony that was transformed.

"There are so many of them..." Dinky said.

"This is bigger than I thought," Time Turner stared at the screen. "I'm going to need to collect more data." Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise came from the other side of the console, causing all three of us to jump.

"Grr! Stupid thing!" It was Derpy, and she seemed to be having some trouble.

"Dearie, what have I said about insulting the machines?" Time Turner walked over to her side, with Dinky and I following. The screen she was looking at simply had the word "ERROR" in big red letters.

"I keep searching using different words, but every time, it comes up with no results!" Derpy angrily pointed at the screen. "The database keeps giving me things like 'bear' and 'dragon', but nothing that matches the exact description of the kids!"

"That is troubling. You two don't look like bears, and you're certainly not dragons either," he said, looking at the two of us. "What's more, there are many more affected, Derpy. We're gonna need to go out and investigate for ourselves."

"But what about the kids?" Derpy asked. "We can't leave them alone in the house."

"True. Hmm...we could use my cloaking hat," Time Turner suggested.

"But that thing only works so long as no pony disrupts it. What if somepony bumps into you?"

"Then we'll just have to be careful then, won't we? I don't like this either, Derpy, but you're absolutely right. We can't leave them alone here." He turned towards us. "For now, you should eat up, you two. I'm sure all this excitement so far has made you hungry."

My stomach grumbled. "Now that you mention it...I don't suppose those pancakes are still good?"

After eating, which proved to be a bit of a challenge for us, since we weren't sure how to eat with our new limbs at first, Time Turner came into the kitchen wearing a funny looking hat. It was just a small umbrella fixed to his head with a strap. It was a deep blue color and had a couple of lights on the sides. I blinked a few times before asking what that was.

"This is my cloaking hat, Pip," he answered. "This will render me invisible to others outside a certain distance."

"The idea was to come up with a hat so ridiculous, you'd have to be invisible to wear it in public," Dinky explained.

"Says you. And your mother," Time Turner said before clearing his throat. "If you stay close to me, children, no pony will be able to see you. A panic in town is the last thing we need."

"Don't forget these!" Derpy came in holding what looked like a large white shirt and a...pink dress?

"Mom, why did you bring one of Dad's shirts and my Nightmare Night costume?" Dinky asked.

"Well, I just thought that without your coats, you might get cold out there," Derpy replied.

"Mom, it's summer!"

"So? What if a breeze blows by? I don't want you getting a cold in the summer..." Derpy put on her best worried face.

"That makes absolutely no sense," Dinky put her claws at her hips. "But you're not gonna let me say no on this, are you?"

"Nope!" Derpy flashed a big smile. "Now, hurry! We want to spend as much as we can today looking into this."

"Wait!" I just realized something. "What about my parents? I haven't called Mum yet!"

"Don't worry about that, Pipsqueak," Time Turner spoke up. "I've already contacted your mother and told her you'd be spending the day with us. Far as she knows, you'll be back with her by sundown. For better or worse."

"Okay..." I nodded and started to put the shirt on. It reached down long and covered my flank. Just as well, as not having my tail felt embarrassing for some reason.

"We'll get us back to normal by then, Pip! You'll see!" Dinky said. She had just finished putting on the dress, which looked a little snug up top and reached down halfway to her knees.

"Is that an old costume?" I asked.

"No, but this body's a little bigger than I was as a pony," she answered while tugging at different points, trying to make it comfortable.

"If we're all ready to go, I'd like you to stay close, children," Time Turner pressed a button on the strap once we got close to him. An invisible barrier came down around us, only causing a small ripple to show it was there. "Lead the way, Derpy!"

"Aye aye!" Derpy saluted with her hoof and opened the front door. One way or another, we were going to sort this out. I hope Mum doesn't mind me like this if we don't...