• Published 12th Jun 2014
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A Wandering Soul - An0nym0us Br0ny

When an Dragon arrives in Equestria during war with the Griffons, he must decide whether or not to contend with his already conflicted emotions as he must learn to stomach the hardships of war.

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Only the Beginning...

Sevron, a name that was fabled. Only said to be a legend. Not anymore. The mythical Dragon was flying straight as an arrow, headed to the battling land of Equestria. His objective, was to confront both leaders of the battling factions, hoping to end the war in some way. And with life on the Immortal Plane, came a price.

"Where do we stand?" Celestia questioned her sister, Luna. The war had come to an abrupt halt, and both factions had come to a stalemate. The silence of the Castle had begun to pick at Celestia's mind. It had only been this quiet since before any of the conflict had begun. Solace began to build up in the stale air, all was quiet, until a distant flapping, that belonged to a creature such of the Pegasus. But when the sound became clear, and the flapping was much clearer, nopony could mistake it, a roar, a fierce and howling roar, that, of a Dragon. Celestia bounded to the balcony, nearly blinded by the light of her own Sun. What she saw, was something of a myth, a legend. A Dragon, the last Dragon to exist, Sevron. His body was huge, the size of two whole towers of the Royal Castle. Crystallized spiked, stretched out from the spine of the Dragon. Razor sharp teeth, bound together in a snarl, and if looks could kill, only the Gods would know. Giant grey wings, adorned with two sets of legs, with huge talons that could easily impale the Castle walls.

Sevron came down to eye level and got so close, that Celestia could hear him breathing in her ear.

"Why are you here?" Celestia said.

"I am here, for you." A deep, resonating voice came from the Dragon, without his lips moving.

"How do you speak?" Celestia was now bound with wonder of how the Dragon was able to speak her language.

"I speak through telepathic waves, with go through your ears which is then translated to the language that you speak." The voice carefully explained how it was done, as to persuade Celestia that she was indeed not, losing her mind. "You have created a disturbance among the many Planes and Universes that exist. You're actions are rebounded through every Plane and Dimension in every possible scenario. Over and over again. I have come, to put an end to it."

"Tell that to the Griffons, I'm sure they would listen also." Celestia snickered. The thought of either side, just simply giving up, just by the will of one creature was simply, preposterous. "The Griffons, nor I will will not give up so easily, so I ask you, what do you think it will take to convince them to stand down?" Celestia spoke with such seriousness, that Sevron was able to interpret how she truly felt.

"I see, so, you think that violence is the only answer? Fine, then I will oblige to that, and that only." Sevron made his place clear, so that she knew that he truly wanted nothing to do with the war. Whether, it was the truthfulness in Sevrons words that made Celestia flinch, she still gave him an opportunity.

"I will still give you the choice of joining my army, or letting us continue. Think about that for a moment." Celestia, gave pause to let him think about the consequences to him not contributing to stop the Griffons reign of tyranny.

A great sigh came from Sevron, and he finally gave way. "Fine, I will join in this foolish war, but not for you, but for those who suffer because of this."Sevron finished, and flew away to a den he had found at the top of a mountain that would suit him, for the time being. He would be introduced to the army, the next day, and then, they would play their card.

As Sevron flew, he began to think, he was immortal, and so was Celestia, if they kept the fight going on for eternity, what would become of them? What would they do? What would happen to the generations of ponies, born into a war that stretched on forever. Sevron knew from experience, that this step, would only be the Beginning.

Author's Note:

Like I said, this is my first story, so anyways, please like and favorite, and more chapters will be coming soon!

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