• Published 12th Jun 2014
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A Wandering Soul - An0nym0us Br0ny

When an Dragon arrives in Equestria during war with the Griffons, he must decide whether or not to contend with his already conflicted emotions as he must learn to stomach the hardships of war.

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A Day of Mourning

A war arises many problems, psychologically, and physically. Sometimes both. But a death can ripple the minds and souls, of an army, especially the death of one that was loved. Applejack's death, arose all of these problems. She was the leader of the entire footsoldier army. Things like this would never go away, especially if it was continuous. It would mentally scar every pony who ever knew, and loved her. But, things like this also deserved to be recognized. Today, would be that day.

Sevron sat and thought about the treacheries of war. Applejack's death, only made Sevron realize that there were many more psychological effects than physical. While war could paralyze you, it could also drive you insane. A single death, could push anything to kill, or fight back in retaliation. But, it would make them easily controllable. If you told them that you could help them get revenge, they would gladly comply. But, when the deed was done, and they realized what they did, it could push them to suicide. Although this is not what happened with Applejack, it could have been an option. But, things like that could not be dwelled on at times, such as now. It would not be healthy for anyone to push themselves further into sadness.

The beginning of the a speech woke Sevron up from his thoughts, the crowd went silent and every pair of eyes was focused on her. The feeling of dread and the need to be inspired perfumed the air. Celestia waited a moment to make sure she had everyone's attention. Finally she began:

"I know that you are all mourning the death, of our dearest Applejack. And however close you were to her, you would know that she was a great friend, and that she was a strong leader. She was woven into every single one of our hearts. She will never be forgotten. She will carry on into the Beyond, and look down upon us from the stars in the sky. But, we should think about what she would want us to do. She would want us to continue to fight, to never give up, and to never ever surrender! In this war, we carry on in Applejack's name!!" Celestia finished her speech, ponies paraded around, they were ready,and prepared. Mentally, and physically. Celestia had given them what they wanted, she had them in the palm of her hooves. Now the question was, what would she do with that power? Would she lead them into Oblivion? Or would she take them down the road of victory? No one would ever know, until it was done, so for now, they would prepare for the next battle. And when they were ready, they would attack. This was no longer a Day of Mourning, this was a day of Preparation for a long, and bloody war.

Author's Note:

Sorry that I haven't uploaded in so long, I was on Vacation in the Smoky Mountains, and there was no internet. : ( Anyway I hope you enjoy, and I will make sure to tell you when I will not be able to upload. Thx for reading! : )

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