A Wandering Soul

by An0nym0us Br0ny

First published

When an Dragon arrives in Equestria during war with the Griffons, he must decide whether or not to contend with his already conflicted emotions as he must learn to stomach the hardships of war.

A Dragon named Sevron, sets upon a land filled with contending Griffons and Ponies alike. Sevron must make the choice of whether he will be able to end the two contradicting parties, or give his innocence to war.

Authors Note: This is my first story, all comments will be read, and taken into consideration. Any kind of criticism is A-okay with me, and will also be taken into consideration.

Only the Beginning...

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Sevron, a name that was fabled. Only said to be a legend. Not anymore. The mythical Dragon was flying straight as an arrow, headed to the battling land of Equestria. His objective, was to confront both leaders of the battling factions, hoping to end the war in some way. And with life on the Immortal Plane, came a price.

"Where do we stand?" Celestia questioned her sister, Luna. The war had come to an abrupt halt, and both factions had come to a stalemate. The silence of the Castle had begun to pick at Celestia's mind. It had only been this quiet since before any of the conflict had begun. Solace began to build up in the stale air, all was quiet, until a distant flapping, that belonged to a creature such of the Pegasus. But when the sound became clear, and the flapping was much clearer, nopony could mistake it, a roar, a fierce and howling roar, that, of a Dragon. Celestia bounded to the balcony, nearly blinded by the light of her own Sun. What she saw, was something of a myth, a legend. A Dragon, the last Dragon to exist, Sevron. His body was huge, the size of two whole towers of the Royal Castle. Crystallized spiked, stretched out from the spine of the Dragon. Razor sharp teeth, bound together in a snarl, and if looks could kill, only the Gods would know. Giant grey wings, adorned with two sets of legs, with huge talons that could easily impale the Castle walls.

Sevron came down to eye level and got so close, that Celestia could hear him breathing in her ear.

"Why are you here?" Celestia said.

"I am here, for you." A deep, resonating voice came from the Dragon, without his lips moving.

"How do you speak?" Celestia was now bound with wonder of how the Dragon was able to speak her language.

"I speak through telepathic waves, with go through your ears which is then translated to the language that you speak." The voice carefully explained how it was done, as to persuade Celestia that she was indeed not, losing her mind. "You have created a disturbance among the many Planes and Universes that exist. You're actions are rebounded through every Plane and Dimension in every possible scenario. Over and over again. I have come, to put an end to it."

"Tell that to the Griffons, I'm sure they would listen also." Celestia snickered. The thought of either side, just simply giving up, just by the will of one creature was simply, preposterous. "The Griffons, nor I will will not give up so easily, so I ask you, what do you think it will take to convince them to stand down?" Celestia spoke with such seriousness, that Sevron was able to interpret how she truly felt.

"I see, so, you think that violence is the only answer? Fine, then I will oblige to that, and that only." Sevron made his place clear, so that she knew that he truly wanted nothing to do with the war. Whether, it was the truthfulness in Sevrons words that made Celestia flinch, she still gave him an opportunity.

"I will still give you the choice of joining my army, or letting us continue. Think about that for a moment." Celestia, gave pause to let him think about the consequences to him not contributing to stop the Griffons reign of tyranny.

A great sigh came from Sevron, and he finally gave way. "Fine, I will join in this foolish war, but not for you, but for those who suffer because of this."Sevron finished, and flew away to a den he had found at the top of a mountain that would suit him, for the time being. He would be introduced to the army, the next day, and then, they would play their card.

As Sevron flew, he began to think, he was immortal, and so was Celestia, if they kept the fight going on for eternity, what would become of them? What would they do? What would happen to the generations of ponies, born into a war that stretched on forever. Sevron knew from experience, that this step, would only be the Beginning.


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Sevron sat in the courtyard just outside the Castle limits. A few guards were posted there to keep an eye on him as Celestia mustered the ponies she wished for him to meet. He sat for about 20 minutes, but quickly lost time, as he fought boredom. Finally, after a seeming eternity, Celestia strode out with 8 ponies for him to meet. And of course, they were all a little bit jumpy, but were able to contain themselves. Celestia made each one step up like a child and announce what they provided for the army.

The first up, was Rainbow Dash, a loyal flyer who commanded the 32nd-Air Battalion. Her current rank, was Colonel Chief Commander for the whole Air Force part of the army.

Next up, was Applejack, an honest and strong leader who commanded most squads in the battlefield. Her current rank, was Lieutenant Colonel.

After her, came Twilight Sparkle. She worked magic with technology and was able to hack just about anything. On some occasions, she may act as an intel manager, for soldiers out on the battlefield. Since she was just about the equal a technician, she had no ranking, for it was not needed.

After, came Fluttershy, a timid, and kind soul who commandeered rescue squads for escorting civilians and V.I.P's. Her current rank was Lieutenant Gunnery.

Pinkie Pie came up fifth, she was generally a psychologist for troopers who may, or may not be loosing their minds. And, as you guessed, she had no ranking either.

Then came rarity, she was technically the Mare who took care of Armor and Weaponry for new soldiers, and even repaired them on occasion. She had no rank either, since she only stocked things.

Finally, then came Luna and Cadence, they announced that they were the apparent Co. Commanders, Luna of the Air Force, and Cadence of the Infantry.

And finally, after all those shenanigans, they were done and over with, since Sevron was now officially part of the army they had a very brief conference.

"Alright, now, to begin we know two things. One, is that the Griffon army plans to attack one of our most important bases. Two, is that we have the element of surprise. They do not yet know that we have Sevron in the army, so, if we attack quickly and swiftly they won't know what hit 'em." Celestia surmised. Everyone nodded in approval except Sevron, who simply asked,

"Where will we meet?" Since nopony else but Celestia had heard him speak, surprise lit up all over their faces. "I will explain at a different time, we do not have the time."

Celestia inhaled, "We will meet about 3 clicks away from the base and safely wait until they arrive, then, we will charge on them with all force."

Again, everyone nodded in approval. Even Sevron. As they all went their separate ways, they had a compelling feeling that they might actually succeed, with the plan. And that, drove them to go on.

And so it Begins...

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As Sevron glided through the sky, he took a brief moment to capture his surroundings. A beautiful string of mountains stood to his right. He was able to make out faint outlines of rivers and lakes, it was truly a beautiful sight. But, in that moment, the memories of recent days flooded back into his mind and his optimistic feeling as washed away. Soon, the camp where Pinkie, Twilight, Applejack, Etc. came into view along the horizon. He floated a moment above them to get a good look at the base that Celestia said, the Griffons planned on attacking. Again, the beautiful sight of setting sun along the horizon humbled Sevron. After a moment, he descended down to the lush field where all 9 ponies waited.

"Good afternoon." Sevron said, as he landed. He felt the grass settle under his claws. He looked toward the base, hundreds of ponies milled around in a scurry to get nowhere. Each of them settled in as they all lay, in wait of the Griffon attack. Roughly an hour later, a barely visible group of scouting Griffons almost escaped Sevron enhanced hunting skills. Soon after, a giant barrage of Griffons was easily seen as they cascaded over the horizon. Sevron alerted the group, and Twilight light a sort of firework, she called, a flare. Sevron heard the clopping of hooves behind him. Hundreds of soldiers were poised and ready for the attack. Hundreds of Pegasi flew above them, each holding some type of weapon holstered to their sides. When all was still, and the Griffons were upon the base Celestia gave the final order:

"Charge!" Everypony sprinted in sync in rows toward the base, the Griffons, still oblivious to where anyone was. When they got close and Sevron was preparing to attack, he bellowed a great roar, a roar of courage ferocity that was felt throughout the army. This got the Griffons attention, and suddenly they were face to face with their enemy. Sevron could feel the terror in the Griffons eyes as they attacked, a fully grown Drake, the last of his kind, was now their enemy. Left and right he took down scores of Griffons, all that was heard were their screams of pain and tearing of skin and the breaking of bones. Blood was spattered everywhere in an abstract array on the grass below. Sevron was the most intimidating, he stood larger than any of the Griffons ever expected. Sevron perched upon a tower and blew flames in various directions towards the Griffons, incinerating them instantly. The screams and fighting could have been heard a mile away, but all of it happened so quickly, like a flash of a memory. But this memory would not be a good one, this memory would only be one of many.

After every last Griffon was dead, everypony took a sigh of relief, thankful that they were still alive. Sevron, unlike the others who were chanting and celebrating, took this time to abolish the idea that he had actually killed live, sentient creatures. He may have been a hunter, but the animals where he lived were destined to be killed and eaten, on top of that, they weren't sentient. The very thought that he actually killed so many, made him want to go back to his cave and cry. Drakes had never been known for cowardice, but this was different. He actually killed creatures who could have evolved, and actually amount to something. Again, more thoughts and memories filled his head, but not of the dead Griffons around him, but the Death of his entire race. One thought came into mind that was clear and obvious: So, it begins...


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The Memories, they came back to him like a flood and took over the better part of his mind. He could remember it clearly, as if it only happened yesterday. He sat there and watched as the Drakes of his Cove screamed in pain as they were burned to death. The sinister feeling of guilt and yearning gave a sickening feeling in his stomach as he could do nothing to help. He even watched his own family die by an unknown hand. A sense of dread, and hatred for the world had dawned on him that day. He shut out everything of what anyone said about him, he didn't care. Maybe that's why he didn't feel like he had now, because his hatred for the world had finally overthrown his sanity. And if that were true, then the world should be ready, for Sevron was a savage and would not stop until he reached his ultimate goal, killing whoever killed his kin. But he couldn't let that happen, lest he decide to destroy the world and whatever got in his way would be sorry. Sevron came out his little world when Rainbow Dash poked him.

"Are you okay?" She asked with a prodding hoof.

"I'm fine, just thinking." Sevron responded. He didn't understand ponies and why they were so keen on being friends with everyone, and keeping them happy. Although he truly didn't care, he had a sense in the back of his mind to investigate, but that would be for later. Sevron got up and went over to Celestia, who was speaking to Luna and Cadance. As he came up, he listened in a little bit.

"... and if you find any stragglers, silence them before they can say anything." Celestia dismissed them and turned to Sevron.

"Is there something you need?" She asked. Sevron used his words sparingly as to keep the conversation short.

"Only one thing, is there anything else to do? Is this it, do we just wait?"

"Well, that's all we can do, we're not in an offensive position just yet, but we're close." Sevron nodded and began to leave, he looked at the ponies below, and thought 'How do they stay so happy?' he'd never figure that out, he hadn't really taken the time to study Equestrian history, or their culture. But, he didn't really need to, he would learn along the way. But again, as he flew to his den, he thought about earlier, the Memories. He pushed them aside, and attempted to at least stay in a good mood for the remainder of the day. But the word never left mind, Memories.

Life Now...

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A sort of calm feeling, came over Sevron. He was at home, in his den, a safe place, a place where he could be alone with his thoughts. But, any sane creature would consider that melancholy, for many creatures like to be around society, civilization, but, Sevron had been alone for so many years, that it seemed normal to him. 'So, this is my life' Sevron began to think. He was a sad, lonely soul, who could never find love, happiness, or even calm. The feeling he had wasn't calm, it was pain, a numbing pain. The pain that you got when you were sad, alone, when there was nobody to talk to. That's what the feeling was. A puddle, a small puddle, most likely from the rain last night. For some reason, Sevron was drawn to it, he crawled over to it, and looked into it. What he saw, depressed him further, he saw the face of an old, lonely Drake, a killer, a widower, a savage. He quickly backed from it, he was terrified, of himself, of what he was and what he would become. He had to work against it, he had to except what he was, for then, maybe there was a chance for him after all. He slowly lowered his head, and wrapped his tail around him. He was at home, he was safe. But for how long? How long would he be able to stay a secret? How would he do it? What would his life become? 'Stop, you can't worry about the future now.' He had to think about what he had now. The future could wait. Before he could fall asleep, an echo rang throughout the Cave.

"Hello? Are you in here?" A voice, one the six ponies that he had met, and fought with. Though he couldn't tell which. They rounded the corner and looked at him for a second.

"Okay, we'll talk first. We were wondering if you wanted to come on a picnic. A picnic? At a time like this?

"What is it for?" Sevron asked.

"It's a holiday, a sort of day off. It's the Summer Sun Celebration, we only really have time for a picnic instead of having a big party. Every pony will be there. So, we thought that you should be there." Twilight explained. So, they wanted him to come to a celebration, were they already that used him? He had only arrived a week ago.

"Fine, if you want me to be there, I will, when is it?." Sevron asked.

"Now! Come on!" Rainbow Dash said. They sped out of the Cave, Canterlot was a ways away.

"Here , get on my back." Sevron suggested. Fluttershy, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy all climbed up on his tail, and on his back. Rainbow Dash planned on flying alongside them. As they glided through the sky, Sevron began to think, he could live with this, at least for a while, if anything. He began to crack a smile, it was the first time he had smiled in a very long time. So, his life could continue like this, if he tried hard enough, he could do it.

The First One To Go

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A sort of deja-vu feeling came over Sevron, a feeling that he did not get often. It was his sort of sixth sense, a sense that had grown on him from living alone. Something was going to happen, good, or bad. It was usually something bad, things never really took to being good for him. Something always got in the way. Whatever it was he had to put it off, there were more important things to do.

"Sevron, are y'all okay?" Applejack asked, the sense dread came over him again. It was strongly focused on her, a sign, something would happen to her, something horrible.

"I-I'm fine, just, zoned out." Sevron replied. Everyone turned their attention back to Celestia who was giving out assignments to everyone for the next attack.

"Alright, as I said, Sevron, you will be coming in last, as a surprise. Applejack, you will lead the frontal assault. Rainbow Dash, you will lead the battalions shortly after. Twilight, you will stay back, you will send signals for where, and when, the Air Force needs to attack. Does everyone understand?" Celestia said as she finished her orders, everyone nodded.

"Then you're dismissed." Everyone dispersed, preparing for the battle. Sevron left and glided to where he was to wait, it was atop a mountain, near the Griffon base. The attack wouldn't occur soon, so he sat there and took in his surroundings. A beautiful lake lay at the foot of the mountain, a small mountain range, created a circle around it. Trees grew up the sides of the mountains, a cool breeze washed over him, it made him forget that he was fighting a war, that what he was about to do, was unforgivable. Sevron lay down on a flat strip of land, and closed his eyes. And, he soon began to sleep.

Sevron was awoken by the roar of a thousand ponies, as they cascaded over the mountains, they soon came upon the base like a tsunami of living creatures. The Air Force soon came along, eliminating griffons by the dozens. Sevron waited a few moments, then let out a battle cry, a roar so fierce that it could be heard miles away. He flew upon the the little base, crushing griffons, arrows flew at him but his scales deflected them, a few tried to come up to him, but he swatted them like flies. Scores and scores of griffons were killed that Sevron didn't know they were being overrun, until their troops started dying. The screams of his allies enraged him, he blew fire, and took out flocks of griffons, their crisp burnt bodies painted the ground, Sevron was knee deep in bodies and blood. Yet another wave of Griffons came upon them, hundreds. Everypony fought to their last breath, screams of ponies and griffons alike, deafened the air, most coming from around Sevron. But a shrill cry from behind him caused him to look behind him. Applejack, Griffons surrounded her they overcame her, Sevron was too busy defending himself that he couldn't help. Five of them came from behind. They took her down on her back, and killed her. Rage, pure rage, and agony came smacked Sevron in the face. The world slowed down, and Sevron's body began to burn, rage. It transforms what things can become. Rage, it is the most powerful thing in the world. The world sped up again, and Sevron blew up, literally, blew up. The sheer power, sent the Griffons flying, but one thing was in the blast rage, focused on the Griffons. The force was so intense, that it killed the Griffons on contact. But, then as soon as the rage was there, it was gone. And then sadness, a yearning that churned his stomach. He had done nothing to help, but now, he was on the brink of crying. He crawled over to her and bent down to her face.

"Applejack, come on stay with me!" Sevron yelled

"Y'all will do fine, without me. Ah'm already dead. Goodbye." Those were Applejack's last words. Sevron roared in anger, he couldn't do anything, and now, he let his friend die in his hands. 'I should have done something, gah! Why am I so stupid?!' Sevron lay, and just stared. Her body, covered in blood, yet undisturbed, like she entered a deep sleep, and could not be woken up. He got up and flew away, tears welled up in his eyes. He wanted to get back to his den, his place of solitude, where he could be alone, and grieve. But more, even more tragic thoughts filled his mind. 'Applejack is only the first one to go.'

A Day of Mourning

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A war arises many problems, psychologically, and physically. Sometimes both. But a death can ripple the minds and souls, of an army, especially the death of one that was loved. Applejack's death, arose all of these problems. She was the leader of the entire footsoldier army. Things like this would never go away, especially if it was continuous. It would mentally scar every pony who ever knew, and loved her. But, things like this also deserved to be recognized. Today, would be that day.

Sevron sat and thought about the treacheries of war. Applejack's death, only made Sevron realize that there were many more psychological effects than physical. While war could paralyze you, it could also drive you insane. A single death, could push anything to kill, or fight back in retaliation. But, it would make them easily controllable. If you told them that you could help them get revenge, they would gladly comply. But, when the deed was done, and they realized what they did, it could push them to suicide. Although this is not what happened with Applejack, it could have been an option. But, things like that could not be dwelled on at times, such as now. It would not be healthy for anyone to push themselves further into sadness.

The beginning of the a speech woke Sevron up from his thoughts, the crowd went silent and every pair of eyes was focused on her. The feeling of dread and the need to be inspired perfumed the air. Celestia waited a moment to make sure she had everyone's attention. Finally she began:

"I know that you are all mourning the death, of our dearest Applejack. And however close you were to her, you would know that she was a great friend, and that she was a strong leader. She was woven into every single one of our hearts. She will never be forgotten. She will carry on into the Beyond, and look down upon us from the stars in the sky. But, we should think about what she would want us to do. She would want us to continue to fight, to never give up, and to never ever surrender! In this war, we carry on in Applejack's name!!" Celestia finished her speech, ponies paraded around, they were ready,and prepared. Mentally, and physically. Celestia had given them what they wanted, she had them in the palm of her hooves. Now the question was, what would she do with that power? Would she lead them into Oblivion? Or would she take them down the road of victory? No one would ever know, until it was done, so for now, they would prepare for the next battle. And when they were ready, they would attack. This was no longer a Day of Mourning, this was a day of Preparation for a long, and bloody war.

A Dragon's Only Wish

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The day shone brightly, especially for Sevron. Today was not only just any day, it was Sevron birthday. After having spent his birthdays alone for the past 10 years, Sevron was glad that he had someone to celebrate with. So, Sevron, Celestia, Twilight, Luna, and Cadance all went out for a picnic. It was anything too special, but it could suffice. It was nice that someone would be willing to take time out of their day for him, it was, different than what he had experienced before. Either way, Sevron was actually happy that he was able to not have to worry about the war for at least a day.
As they flew to their destination, up in the mountains, it dawned on Sevron, that the ponies actually adapted to other beings fairly quickly. Unlike the nature of most species, they didn’t call war upon them immediately. But, in doing so would leave them vulnerable, at least until they began to fight. The ponies however, were somehow able to maintain peace for extended periods of time. Which in turn, would mean that they have some sort of coping mechanism for adapting to other species. But what? It could be something so simple as learning about them, and pointing out things they had in common and coming up with plans for their differences, or keeping them under the influence that they could destroy them at any moment. Although it wasn't a likely scenario, it was still possible. But still, Sevron didn't feel threatened. In fact, he felt more at home than ever. But, Sevron could not dwell on such things, for they tended to leave him even more confused, and also eventually destroy his day. So, Sevron began to think about his surroundings. A beautiful range of mountains, sped past him as he flew, a cool breeze blew over his body, suppressing the heat of Summer. A river snaked around the mountains foothills. The day was actually going very well. Surprisingly, nothing had really come between Sevron, and him trying to make the best of his birthday. Sevron looked to the distance, their destination was not yet in sight, so they still had a while of a fly. Sevron dozed off and set his mind to auto-flying, a sort of power that he had learned while messing around with some of his Dragon friends back when he was still at his home. He could set his mind to make his body continue to go where it was destined to go, but also allowed him to mentally go other places. So, he wouldn't even realize that he was still flying until he snapped back to reality.

Finally, after about 10 more minutes of flying they stopped, on a flatland along the rim of a mountain base. Twilight lifted a fairly large and heavy basket which held some hay sandwiches, for each of the Princesses, and large plate that lie on the bottom of the basket with a bigger hay sandwich, some gems (Complimentary of Spike), and a small keg of Apple Cider. Apple Cider seemed to have no effect on Sevron, than a pony drinking a single mug of it. Twilight gave everyone what they ordered and they began to eat.

“So… Sevron, how old are you now?” Twilight asked.

“I-I don’t know, I haven’t really cared to keep track.” Sevron replied. He thought about the for a moment and the last time he remembered his own age was when he was 50 years old, and was still fairly young for a Drake.

“Celestia, how long have you and Luna ruled over Equestria?” Sevron began to dig into his earlier thoughts.

“I don’t know, almost all of our lives I suppose. Me and Luna have had a very long period of rule.” Celestia answered. A bit of thought coveted Celestia’s thought’s also.

“Then answer me this, how do you adapt so quickly to other beings? You were at peace with the Griffons for a long period of time before they began the war, correct?” Sevron began.

“Yes, we were. And as for us adapting so quickly, I guess it is our peaceful nature. The Elements of Harmony have always had a peaceful feeling that sort of gets radiated on us, it’s just natural that we at least attempt to make peace.” Celestia finished Sevron’s thoughts. It may have been one of the only times some of his thought’s could have at least been fairly explained, instead of leaving it off as cliff-hanger. So, Sevron couldn't have been happier with the answer. Cadance finally spoke and asked Sevron,

“So, what did you wish for?”

“Well, my only wish was going to be having a day without any worries, but, I guess that’s already happened.” Sevron replied. Everyone smiled, it was true, they had no worries for the war in that moment. But that was the power of Dragon’s only Wish.

And In the End...

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A cool breeze caused the water to ripple, and Sevron came out of his entrance. His lingering mind had dwelled to his most sacred place, his mind. In there he began to ponder Celestia’s plan to quickly overtake the Griffons. A swift, and tactical move. The Griffons had taken serious control over the Badlands that surrounded their Kingdom. They set up four bases on the border of the Badlands, each on on a different side. But, their main control station was at their main base, on the front of their Kingdom. The station handled their communications, where soldiers would be stationed, and basic internal affairs. Celestia had suggested, that they lead an attack on the central station. Upon destroying it, the other three stations would be cut off from reinforcements, and thus, would be easier prey. The Kingdom was surround by a 500 ft. wall, that he would be able to fly over. He could then eliminate any defensive forces, and open the wall. From there on, the Griffons could do anything. For all they knew, they could surrender. But, aside from that, Sevron needed to make a decision. Celestia had offered him to take Applejacks position, but Sevron had thought that he’d be degrading the title she had built. Sleep, Sevron needed sleep. He needed time to think about all of this. To let his mind go through with the plans, and hopefully, by the morning, he would have his decision.

Sevron woke, early in the morning. He could see as the sun peeked out from behind the mountains. It shone especially bright today. For today, him and Celestia’s army, were going to make their final move, to destroy the Griffons. Sevron, blinked, and attempted to wake himself up. He shook his head, and began to stand. He felt empowered, like he was possesed by the excitement that he would finally be able to end the war. Sevron spread his wings and began to make his way to Canterlot. But then, he remembered something, he had to make his decision of whether or not to take Applejack’s place. He had thought of it, but hadn't made a complete decision. He thought about what she would want. He thought that she would want him to continue to fight for her, and lead her army to glory. But then, he felt as if he was taking her place. In that moment, Sevron heard a voice in his head,

“Don't worry, ah trust ya’ll will make the right decision.” It was Applejack’s voice. He could hear her. And then, he made his final decision, he would lead Applejack’s soldiers into battle. He would carry her name with him to every victory, and would fight, when she couldn’t. At this, Sevron spread his wings, and made his way to the Princess’s castle.

When he arrived, he could see that the army was surrounding the Castle. He dropped in on one of the outstretched balconies, and waited for Celestia to come out. It was a few minutes later, when she emerged from the Castle. The first thing she asked, was,

“So, have you made your decision?”

“Yes, I will gladly fill in Applejack’s spot, and fight in her name.” Sevron answered, he had a serious tone, which matched the feeling around him.

“Good, then I shall be the first to welcome you into the Equestrian Army.” She nodded, and took a breath before she began again,

“I have finalized the plan. You, and the footsoldiers will make an all out assault on the main base setup. Twilight has created a type of flare, one that can be shot up into the air. You will use that when the central base is destroyed, and their communications are destroyed. This will signify the Air Force to attack the other three, while you head into their Capital. You will ransack, and hold the Castle until further notice. And, also, please refrain from hurting or killing any civilians.” Celestia explained the plan very clearly to Sevron. She made sure that he knew what had to be done, and why to do, in case of an emergency. The Griffons were truly going to be unpredictable, and possibly would make some frantic decisions that would help Sevron take over.

"Now, I must tend to some things before the attack." Celestia nodded, waded off into another room. Sevron just lay down, and got into a comfortable position. He had some time to think, and he'd use that time wisely. Although, his thought were disturbed the clopping of hooves beside him.

"So, will you be staying?" Twilight asked, her four other friends came a second later, they were now short one.

"Though, we'll never be able to replace Applejack, we could at least use another friend." She explained, hope shone in her eyes, that he might stay, and Sevron would to see that hope fade, should he say. But, he didn't have anything to go back to, it would actually be better for him to stay here among the ponies. And hopefully he would be able to raise his social quota.

"I may, there's nothing waiting for me in back where I came from, so, yes, I will." Sevron was happy to see that they were all smiling, he liked it better when everyone was happy, especially today. It just might help win the war, because every smile, made them stronger. They all sat, and eventually, Sevron closed his eyes, and began thinking again. Today could be his last, but, it could also be the day that the war was ended, and there would be peace once again. Everyone could return home, to their families, and friends, and they could resume life as normal again, though, maybe not for all, every soul that was lost will come with mourning, families will be torn, but will eventually move on. Hopefully. No one really knew what would happen when the war was over. No one had really planned that far. Celestia's voice interrupted Sevrons thoughts,

"Alright, we are ready. The soldiers are all assembled, and only await for your command. Sevron, Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Today, we will need all of you to help.” Celestia informed them. As a group they all went to the location, where the soldiers were waiting.

When they arrived the Air Force, and Ground Forces stood at attention, Twilight, Sevron, and Pinkie Pie, stood in front of the Ground Forces. Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy stood in front of the Air Force. Sevron could feel his heart hammering in his chest, a special flame burned in all of their hearts, every Mare, Stallion, and Dragon. Sevron let his roar fly out of his mouth, a roar so loud, it shook the ground they stood on. With the main station in view, they marched upon them.

The Attack

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It began immediately, Griffons flooded out, confused and surprised, they had not suspected a thing. The Air Force began its assault on the other three bases, taking out soldiers along with communications. The inner city was in the dark. Sevron spread his wings, flapping, and begun his own airborne assault on the base. The soldiers were weak and defenseless. They were being beat in every direction, in every way. They were doomed. Within minutes, the screams of the Griffons, and Ponies alike had faded. It was a blood bath. But now, it made way for a new kind of monster. A Dragon, a raging Dragon, no less, that would go to any length to destroy the Griffons. And he would succeed. With each of the four bases destroyed, the inner city, was defenseless. The city would muster up their last few hundred soldiers, in a final attempt to defend themselves. But Sevron would not allow it, he would rather die than let the Griffons win. They had come thus far, and they would not be stopped.

Sevron rammed the heavily armored gates open. Soldiers lined every street, there were only about 1,000 of them, and about 2,000 ponies. They were dangerously outnumbered. But, what surprised the ponies, was that their King was fighting for them. Sevron was not surprised, in fact, he would take it as a provocation that the King was just asking to die. Each army stood still for a minute, only until Sevron let out a deafening roar, he spread his wings and began to ascend into the air, his eyes, were on the prize. The King. Sevron took out many on his way to King, but the King stood, waiting for his executioner. Sevron continued onward, the ponies were easily overcoming the weak Griffons. The King shout something that was inaudible to Sevron. The Griffons were conceding, gathering around the King.

“You are pathetic! You hide behind your soldiers like a coward!” Sevron yelled. The king had no response, but, to Sevrons surprise, half of the inner griffons were now headed towards him. Adding to that Sevron could hear the Air Force, coming in right behind him. They were going to fight off the Griffons so that Sevron could get to the King. He swooped below and landed in a clear area, right beside the Griffon King. They both snarled, before charging each other. The King was clearly a good fighter, he made several swift moves with his sword, only a couple of them actually hit Sevron. Sevron could see fear in the King's eyes. He knew he was going to die, but he was going out fighting. Sevron parried the Kings slash at his abdomen, knocking aside his sword. The King was defenseless. Sevron pinned him to the ground with a claw.

“You can surrender now, and live, or, you could die ,and give your Kingdom up. Those are our only negotiations.” Sevron was at his peak of annoyance, his voice was deep, an unforgiving. But it did not sway the King, not one bit.

“NEVER!” The King had the same tone, cold, and unforgiving.

“Then may the Gods have mercy.” Sevron gave little remorse to the King. He dragged the King across the ground, and threw his body into a nearby wall. The sound of his cracking bones was satisfying to Sevron. But just to make sure, he made his way, to the Kings broken body. He wasn’t moving, nor breathing. Sevron roared in triumph, every living creature stopped. The Griffons knew they were done. Celestia emerge from the crowd, and flew up to balcony, and stood atop it. She surveyed the crowd for only a minute before speaking.

“Your King is dead. But we are not monsters. We do not wish to kill you, much less, hurt you. We only wish to come to a neutral comprise. We will send all the necessary supplies to rebuild your Kingdom and more. We will do all of this, but only if we have your cooperation, to prevent future wars. You all know, and we also know, that neither of us would survive another war. So, please, if you will, raise your claw if you agree to our terms.” Celestia, spoke as if every Griffon below her, were her equal, as if they were all representatives of their nation. Slowly but surely, one by one, the Griffons raised a claw, until they all had their claws up. A smile crept onto Celestia’s face.

“Then let the reunion begin!” Celestia ordered. The Soldiers and Griffons cheered, and immediately got to work. Everypony was hooked up to a cart and made their way to Canterlot, and many other provinces in Equestria. Everypony was glad to help.

Over the few years that it took to get the Griffons back to their former state, they grew to like each other, and finally made an alliance. As for Sevron, he stayed in Equestria, helping whenever possible, and wherever possible. It gave him a purpose, a drive to keep going. Even the smallest things Sevron would help out with. Equestria, was peaceful, except for the daily troubles of course. The Griffons were accepted into the pony society, and vice versa. Everyone was happy.