• Published 12th Jun 2014
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A Wandering Soul - An0nym0us Br0ny

When an Dragon arrives in Equestria during war with the Griffons, he must decide whether or not to contend with his already conflicted emotions as he must learn to stomach the hardships of war.

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Life Now...

A sort of calm feeling, came over Sevron. He was at home, in his den, a safe place, a place where he could be alone with his thoughts. But, any sane creature would consider that melancholy, for many creatures like to be around society, civilization, but, Sevron had been alone for so many years, that it seemed normal to him. 'So, this is my life' Sevron began to think. He was a sad, lonely soul, who could never find love, happiness, or even calm. The feeling he had wasn't calm, it was pain, a numbing pain. The pain that you got when you were sad, alone, when there was nobody to talk to. That's what the feeling was. A puddle, a small puddle, most likely from the rain last night. For some reason, Sevron was drawn to it, he crawled over to it, and looked into it. What he saw, depressed him further, he saw the face of an old, lonely Drake, a killer, a widower, a savage. He quickly backed from it, he was terrified, of himself, of what he was and what he would become. He had to work against it, he had to except what he was, for then, maybe there was a chance for him after all. He slowly lowered his head, and wrapped his tail around him. He was at home, he was safe. But for how long? How long would he be able to stay a secret? How would he do it? What would his life become? 'Stop, you can't worry about the future now.' He had to think about what he had now. The future could wait. Before he could fall asleep, an echo rang throughout the Cave.

"Hello? Are you in here?" A voice, one the six ponies that he had met, and fought with. Though he couldn't tell which. They rounded the corner and looked at him for a second.

"Okay, we'll talk first. We were wondering if you wanted to come on a picnic. A picnic? At a time like this?

"What is it for?" Sevron asked.

"It's a holiday, a sort of day off. It's the Summer Sun Celebration, we only really have time for a picnic instead of having a big party. Every pony will be there. So, we thought that you should be there." Twilight explained. So, they wanted him to come to a celebration, were they already that used him? He had only arrived a week ago.

"Fine, if you want me to be there, I will, when is it?." Sevron asked.

"Now! Come on!" Rainbow Dash said. They sped out of the Cave, Canterlot was a ways away.

"Here , get on my back." Sevron suggested. Fluttershy, Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy all climbed up on his tail, and on his back. Rainbow Dash planned on flying alongside them. As they glided through the sky, Sevron began to think, he could live with this, at least for a while, if anything. He began to crack a smile, it was the first time he had smiled in a very long time. So, his life could continue like this, if he tried hard enough, he could do it.

Author's Note:

Sorry this took so long, I know you've been waiting, so here it is! I had some problems uploading, but I'm past that now! Thx for reading! ; )

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