• Published 12th Jun 2014
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A Wandering Soul - An0nym0us Br0ny

When an Dragon arrives in Equestria during war with the Griffons, he must decide whether or not to contend with his already conflicted emotions as he must learn to stomach the hardships of war.

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The Memories, they came back to him like a flood and took over the better part of his mind. He could remember it clearly, as if it only happened yesterday. He sat there and watched as the Drakes of his Cove screamed in pain as they were burned to death. The sinister feeling of guilt and yearning gave a sickening feeling in his stomach as he could do nothing to help. He even watched his own family die by an unknown hand. A sense of dread, and hatred for the world had dawned on him that day. He shut out everything of what anyone said about him, he didn't care. Maybe that's why he didn't feel like he had now, because his hatred for the world had finally overthrown his sanity. And if that were true, then the world should be ready, for Sevron was a savage and would not stop until he reached his ultimate goal, killing whoever killed his kin. But he couldn't let that happen, lest he decide to destroy the world and whatever got in his way would be sorry. Sevron came out his little world when Rainbow Dash poked him.

"Are you okay?" She asked with a prodding hoof.

"I'm fine, just thinking." Sevron responded. He didn't understand ponies and why they were so keen on being friends with everyone, and keeping them happy. Although he truly didn't care, he had a sense in the back of his mind to investigate, but that would be for later. Sevron got up and went over to Celestia, who was speaking to Luna and Cadance. As he came up, he listened in a little bit.

"... and if you find any stragglers, silence them before they can say anything." Celestia dismissed them and turned to Sevron.

"Is there something you need?" She asked. Sevron used his words sparingly as to keep the conversation short.

"Only one thing, is there anything else to do? Is this it, do we just wait?"

"Well, that's all we can do, we're not in an offensive position just yet, but we're close." Sevron nodded and began to leave, he looked at the ponies below, and thought 'How do they stay so happy?' he'd never figure that out, he hadn't really taken the time to study Equestrian history, or their culture. But, he didn't really need to, he would learn along the way. But again, as he flew to his den, he thought about earlier, the Memories. He pushed them aside, and attempted to at least stay in a good mood for the remainder of the day. But the word never left mind, Memories.

Author's Note:

Sorry this chapter took so long, I've been wrapping up a lot of things and haven't had a lot time to write. So, I guess I went into a bit of a writing coma. Anyway, I should be able to upload more frequently. Thank you, please leave a comment, like, and favorite! : )

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