• Published 7th May 2012
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Ponies on earth - drnachos

The year is 1942. Earth is in WW2. Celestia sends ponies to earth to teach humans friendship.

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We have nothing to fear but fear itself and ponies.

FDR sat in the oval office. He continued to look through his reports he has been receiving from the pacific. Reports from the Island of midway in the pacific indicate and American victory. FDR smiled. With Midway captured the Americans now have another secure base in the pacific. Roosevelt reached for the radio and turned it on. The radio crackled and the music of Frank Sinatra entered the oval office. FDR sighed and listened calmly. Just then there was an orange flash in front of his desk. FDR was startled and tried to adjust his glasses to confirm what he was seeing. FDR looked at the floor of the oval office. In front of him was an orange pony passed out on the carpet. Her orange coat rubbed against the eagle rug on the floor. Startled FDR wheeled over to her in his wheel chair and tried to pick her up.

Roosevelt wheeled threw the halls of the White House with the orange mare in his arms. He rolled into his bedroom and laid the mare on the bed. Roosevelt then said "I have no clue were you came from but I'm going to find out." Roosevelt thought to himself "There is no way the Germans could have sent this. Maybe it was the japs? No they wouldn't send an innocent childish looking cartoon pony to the oval office." Roosevelt rolled over to the bed and began to stoke her mane. Her silky mane rubbed against his old frail hands. He smiled as he looked at the innocent mare sleeping on the white house bed. He thought next "Oh god no what if Eleanor sees it? He wondered what to do.

Meanwhile out side the white house Eleanor was busy drying the clothes on the clothes line. She thought of the terrible war going on and when it would end. As long as she and her husband were together that's all she cared about. She began to put the clothes in the basket and she walked into the white house. She began to dry the clothes. FDR heard sounds of the drying machine and he knew it was inevitable of someone finding out about the pony. Eleanor walked into FDR's bedroom and saw him sitting next to the orange pony. Right there Eleanor fell to the floor. "ELEANOR!" Roosevelt screamed he ran up to his wife. She sat there motionless on the ground. She had died of a heart attack.

A couple hours later the White House was surrounded by media crew. People from radio stations and newspaper companies were interviewing Roosevelt about the sudden death of his wife. He stepped up to a wooden podium and began to talk to the American public. "Good day my fellow Americans. As you may know my dear wife Eleanor died today of a heart attack. This death has shocked me as it has shocked you all. The death of the first lady is a sad and heart breaking occasion. A state funeral will be held." There were flashes from cameras as a reporter asked FDR "Mr.President there have been rumors going about that there was an eerie orange flash of light in your office early today?" FDR shook a little. "Those reports are nothing but rumor and mass hysteria." After many questions later the president returned to the white house. He straightened his tie and began his trip to the pentagon.

FDR arrived at the pentagon. It was still under construction but the underground levels were being used. He chuckled to himself thinking about some of the secrets the public didn't know of. The limo driver parked the limo. He walked to the elevator witch carried him to the lower levels. He entered an odd looking labrotory where scientists were fiddling with fancy gadgets and weapons of war. He walked into the meeting room where he was surrounded by his Generals. The orange pony was locked in the cage. Awake but confused. FDR's face began to turn red. "Gentlemen why is the pony locked up in that cage?" The general loosened the collar on his shirt. "Sir the pony could be a threat to national security." FDR punched the table. "Damn it man do you think that innocent little orange pony is a threat?" The two continued to argue until Applejack shouted. "SHUT UP!!!!!" Applejack screamed in anger. "You people obviously don't know about the magic of friendship nor do you yall know 'bout the trouble your world is in?" I came here to try to help yall get away from violence and this is what I get?" FDR walked up to the pony. "I'm sorry. We are really all in a tough spot." Applejack snorted. "Buck right your in a tough spot. A mad man in Europe is killing millions of people. I'm here to help yall take him out."

After an hour passed Applejack was then contacted by Celestia. "Applejack how are things going in the US?" "Things are going better your majesty. The humans seem to understand the trouble they are in. Our real problem is this Hitler and Hirohito guy. They are just like Nightmare moon or Discord. They threaten world peace and happiness." "I'm glad you see the truth applejack. I'll report back to you soon." "Thanks princess Celestia."