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Ponies on earth - drnachos

The year is 1942. Earth is in WW2. Celestia sends ponies to earth to teach humans friendship.

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Konichiwa Flutter-su

Emperor Hirohito sat proudly on his throne. He was busy reading a book on marine biology. The castle was silent. All was quiet the only people in the room were him and his servant. His servant bowed to the Emperor. Toshi wondered why the emperor would read books on marine biology when he should be busy conducting the war against the American Foreign Barbarians. "I shouldn't question his honorable highness. To do so would offend the Kami and the balance of nature. Toshi proceeded to shine the emperors shoes. Toshi finally gained the courage to ask. "Your highness why do you read about marine biology?" He asked. The Emperor looked at him. "I read for pleasure. We are currently winning the war anyway. We have already seized midway and are making our way deeper into the Aleutian islands." The servant finished polishing the emperors shows and preceded to bow before him then leave the room.

Next there was a bright purple flash. Emperor Hirohito tried to adjust his glasses to see if it was a trick of the light. It was not. The shy mare was laying on the floor. She shivered and was scared to death. Emperor Hirohito preceded to the mare laying on the carpet by the window. The sunlight shining in her pink mane. Hirohito bowed before the shy young mare. "The Kami have blessed us." Hirohito was ecstatic. He carried the young mare into his quarters and dressed her in a kimono. "The people of Japan will love you." Fluttershy squeaked. "Um Mr.Emperor I don't know if thats such a good idea I mean its ok if you want." Eeeep. Hirohito smiled. "Don't worry. It shall be OK my dear." He and Fluttershy wandered down the halls of the castle.

1 Hour later

Next Fluttershy and the Emperor stood in a dark room. "Mr.Emperor where are we?" Hirohito just stood there with a blank face. "My advisors have informed me that you must be molded into a fighting machine. This reel of film should help you become a strong and able warrior." Hirohito walked out of the room. He started to cry. "What have I done?" Back in the room Flutteryshy was shown an extreamly graphic video,explaining how the Americans are evil devils and how they must be destroyed. Fluttershy was so shocked by this she gained amnesia. Thoughts of Equestria,Peace,Harmony all of them faded from her memory. She was now a war machine for the Emperor. To live for the Emperor,to die for the emperor was her mission.

2 Hours later

In Theaters across Japan a newsreel was played. The intro read,


(The Blessings of the Kami)

"Today Amaturasu smiles upon us. She has sent to us her offspring. The Divine Daughter of war is before us. This spirit has wings with enables it to fly. It is blessed by the gods. She shall lead us to victory against the barbarians." The next reel of film showed Fluttershy flying with a band of Japanese zeros. Acting completely unlike Fluttershy. She carried in her hooves a Type 100 Machine gun. She flew and shot down American planes. Screaming obscenities in Japanese. "AMERICAN bābarianzu ni shi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warera ga kōtei wa Nihon ni heiwa o motarasu tame ni anata no shi o yōkyū suru!" An American B-29 flew by. Captain Cook stood vigilant. He had won many battles before against the Japanese threat. He held a picture of his loving Girlfriend back home. Before he could think Fluttershy flew by the plane shouting obscinities in Japanese and shot the plane down. The plane fell at a amazing spped. Flames spout in the air. The plane crashed into the island of Midway. Charles barely still alive, reached for his picture of his dear love. The picture itself was on fire. He slowly passed away. Burning to a crisp. Later an American squad found him and buried him on the island. An American flag was draped on his body as dirt was shoveled onto his makeshift grave.

Authors Note: Hi. I want to apologize for my inactivity. I promise to start writing more. Also if your wondering who Charles Cook is he is my grandfather. No he wasn't killed in the war,I just wanted to make the story a little more interesting. Also in the next chapters you will start to see allot of history diverge from where it should be. This is called alternate history. Look it up.


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Those jap basterds

Sorry, friend, but you get a downvote from me. Your concept is very interesting, and I really like the idea of the mane six appearing as "friendship ambassadors". However:

First of all, you need to find a way to structure dialogue. The way dialogues are written at the moment is just painful.

Second: Proofread. Proofread again. Then get someone else to proofread. There are missing commas and capitals all over the place.

Third: Longer chapters. As is, the chapters are too short to get into anything before they end. If this is a stylistic choice to get us into the action faster, that's fine. However, I recommend longer chapters and a bit more detail, to give the story a chance to really grab your attention. The quality of your writing really doesn't matter if you can't make people interested and, above all, keep people interested.

Finally, some advice. Think long and hard about how you are going to deal with the emotional impact of war on all characters, but primarily the ponies. I feel that there is a prevailing "meh"-attitude towards the effects of war on combatants in the fanfic world, which is something that REALLY bothers me. Especially when it comes to "Ponies at war"-stories.

Don't get disheartened. This has HUGE potential, but it needs serious work to make it what it can and should be.

I agree with Ethrak. I'm really only following this to see what happens with Germany. If you'd like, I could help you structure your stories better. For instance, you end sentences way too often.

787116 If you want to be my pre-reader pm me. :D

Damn japs. Evil evil bastards. Worse than the nazis.

921406 Yeah, they did commit possibly the worst atricities of the war, and get this, their government actually denies it to this day.

786127 dude this is just the introdution of each of the elements to the contry leaders i sure that after the introduction is finished there will be longer chapter 788032 oh and dude i wished that you had sended pinkie pie to the soviet union now THAT would be very very interesing to watch but it is still a quite good story keep it up

I'm afraid that I actually cringed while reading this. It was quite tough to actually follow the story and my only motivation was my interest in WW2 History. To write a WW2 story, you should know more about the topic itself. You made the Germans look like monsters and I have a great respect for the Wehrmacht Heer. You were probably thinking about the Gestapo and SS.
Also, Stalin who couldn't look at the blood in the battlefield? Man, I swear all his Generals and Field Marshals would laugh at him.
And the brainwashed Fluttershy was like dropping an anvil in the part of my brain that rationalizes things. I doubt she'd just change like that from a video in a language she most likely doesn't know, or a hastily learned language.

3384084 Oh, I'm sooooo sorry, I most have said "America did absolutely no wrong in WWII whatsoever".

3384084 Hey compared to the shit that the Japanese did on THEIR OWN Civilians (Eg, testing biologically weapons, and DEATHRAYS) The atomic bomb was a drop in the occean

3384084 Oh, and the reason why Nagasaki was bombed was because the Japanese didn't surrender after Hiroshima. Yeah, believe it or not, they actually weren't trying to surrender the whole time, who told you that? And Hiroshima was chosen as the target because it was a highly militarized city. Before the bombing, the US government selected a number of cities as potential targets, all of which were very militarized. After much consideration, Hiroshima was finally chosen. Am I saying it was a good thing to do, no. But it happened, there's nothing anyone can do now (and no need to do anything at all).

Plus, are you forgetting that America helped Japan recover after bombing everything? Seriously, nobody in Japan is angry about the bombings anymore, in fact, believe it or not, the actually like Americans over there. I know, crazy, right?

That will be all I have to say.


Yes and also because Nagasaki was an industrial city so that why Nagasaki was targeted

3384084 What kind of school did you go to? Everything in that comment was wrong.

3695801 English schools suck then.

3695948 If anything you are the one who is being obnoxious.


I thought you were talking about using "your" instead of "you're". But, "buck"? It's a pony, it makes sense that their swears would be different than ours.

3571971 Exactly, Truman asked which Japanese cities were vital to their war effort, they were Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so they were bombed.

Ww2 + mlp = amazing story i and hope you continue to wright more chapters :rainbowdetermined2:

TENNO HEIKA BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My great grandfather was in wwII he was in the 15 infantry division.:twilightsmile:

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