• Published 31st May 2014
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Second Contact - SpartanD014

When Spartan D-014 is randomly ejected from slipspace, he ends up on a strange new world. It's peaceful enough, but not all is as it seems...

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Chapter 06


The questioning had continued early into the morning, only stopping because the ponies’ exhaustion was finally catching up with them. Five of the ponies, Twilight’s friends, had left the earliest. Then, Twilight had continued questioning Adam for a few more minutes, before she too was forced to succumb to her bodily needs. Adam watched as she slowly trudged up the stairs, muttering something about not wanting to wake up “Spike”. The only living beings left in the library were the two princesses, their guards, and Adam.

“Are you sure you do not want to return to Canterlot with us?” Princess Celestia asked him once again.

“No, ma’am,” Adam replied. “I need to plan for today.” The princess had asked him the question several times now, and each time, Adam had given the same reply. Sighing, Celestia shook her head. Outside, Adam heard a loud thump, followed by a knock on the door. A guardspony poked his head inside, and looked at the two diarchs.

“Your majesties,” he said. “Your chariots have arrived.” Celestia and Luna made for the front door, followed by the guards. Before she could exit, Celestia turned around once more and regarded Adam.

“I will send our scientists later today to assist you,” she said. Adam nodded.

“Have them come to my crash site at…” Adam ran through the time he would need in his head. “… 1400. That should be plenty of time.” Celestia nodded, and walked through the door. The other ponies followed behind, and soon, Adam heard the sound of their chariots taking off. He looked at the chrono displayed on his HUD. It was currently 0500. That gave him a good seven hours of sleep (this previous night had taken a lot out of him), then two hours to plan for the pelican repairs. He waited until the chariots were out of site before he himself stepped through the door into the outside air. To play it safe, Adam activated his camo unit. He could already see several ponies exiting their doors, likely getting an early start today. Adam silently crept through the town, and headed back to the forest. He had a long day ahead of him. He needed to rest up.

Slowly, Twilight Sparkle’s lavender eyelids gave way, allowing the morning sunlight to pierce her retinas. She squinted, and closed her eyes again, willing for a few more minutes of precious sleep. Suddenly, the events of the previous night slammed into her, and she was wide awake. She bolted upright, and jumped out of bed. Twilight looked at the large analog clock hanging above her doorframe: It was 10:00am. Only five hours of sleep, she thought. Still, she had a busy day. If they were to help Delta return to his ship on the moon, she would need to be prepared for anything.

Twilight checked her surroundings, thinking of what to do first. Her eyes glanced over Spike’s empty bed, and she smiled. She had requested that he remain upstairs for the majority of yesterday, so as not to reveal to him the body of the dead guard. He was too young, and she did not want to taint his mind with such things. She looked around, trying to find evidence of his whereabouts. Then, her nostrils suddenly flared as the scent of fresh pancakes crept underneath the doorframe and surrounded her. Smiling, Twilight exited the bedroom, and trotted down the stairs. The door to the kitchen was cracked, and Twilight could occasionally catch a glimpse of the purple dragon cooking inside. She pushed the door open with her magic, and stepped inside.

“Good morning, Spike!” Twilight said. The dragon turned around to regard her just as he was putting the first few finished pancakes on a plate.

“Hey, Twilight,” he said. “I heard you come up pretty late last night. What were you doing?”

“Oh, you know, just some work,” she said, trying to avoid the question. “The pancakes smell delicious.”

“The first few just came off,” he said, carrying the plate over to her. “Syrup is on the counter.” He pointed a claw to the counter on the other side of the room, where a pitcher of syrup was sitting. Twilight grabbed it with her telekinesis while Spike walked back to his stool by the griddle, and continued cooking the pancakes. Twilight doused her pancakes in a generous amount of syrup, and using her telekinesis, grabbed a fork and took a bite.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Good work as usual, Spike.” The dragon smiled while he continued working on the pancakes. Twilight was in the middle of her third bite when she heard a knock on the front door.

“I’ll get it,” she said, standing up. She walked to the front door and opened it with her magic, revealing her five friends standing outside. She stepped aside, granting them entrance. They filed in, and took seats around the room, each muttering an early-morning “hello”. Rainbow Dash took a seat near the kitchen door, which put her in perfect proximity to the pancakes. Her eyes widened.

“Are those pancakes?” she asked, her stomach grumbling.

“More are on their way!” Spike yelled from inside the kitchen.

“Thank you, dear!” Rarity called back. Twilight took a seat with her friends, and looked at each of them. Finally, Fluttershy spoke up.

“Has Princess Celestia sent you anything about Delta?” she asked quietly. Twilight shook her head.

“This is a big event in Equestrian history,” she replied. “If I know her, she’ll be taking all the time she can to plan everything out.”

“Ah still don’t trust him,” Applejack stated matter-of-factly. “He killed a guard! And now we’re playing nice with ‘im? I don’t like it.”

“I agree,” Twilight said. “There is no justification for killing a guard. But you saw how he did it; Princess Celestia and Luna had no idea how to heal the wound! Who knows what else he’s capable of?” The other ponies nodded in agreement. That is, all but Fluttershy.

“But… that’s not very fair,” she said timidly. “If the only reason we’re helping him is to get him to leave sooner… well, then that goes against everything we all believe in. Everypony deserves a second chance, no matter what they’ve done…”

“I never said we were ostracizing him, Fluttershy,” Twilight retorted. “I’m just saying-“ Twilight was interrupted as Spike ran into the room, clutching a claw over his mouth. Finally, he burped, which was followed up by a jet of green flames, depositing a sealed scroll on the ground. Twilight grabbed it with her magic and unfurled it, then began to read it. When she was done, she put it down.

“What’s it say!?” asked Pinkie excitedly. Twilight made to answer, but then looked at Spike.

“Uh, Spike,” Twilight began. “Why don’t you go keep working on those pancakes?”

“Alright, Twi!” he said, and left the room. When he was out of earshot, Twilight chose to speak.

“Princess Celestia just sent me more information on when we are to meet Delta,” she said. “Princess Luna will be around soon with several scientists from the Canterlot Academy of Science and Research, and we will meet him at 2:00.” The ponies nodded. “So, for now, we wait.”

Darkness. Movement. Lights. Plasma. Gunfire. Death. Surrounded. Engines. More gunfire. Reinforcements. Help.

Adam looked up and saw a Covenant CCS-class cruiser hovering over New Mombasa. Every few seconds it would release a beam of superheated plasma and would burn a new hole into the surface of Earth. He had dropped into New Mombasa with the rest of his ODST Platoon, the 67th Assault Division. Almost immediately they had come under AA fire, and lost half the platoon before they even landed. The situation on the ground was no better. Only seconds after jumping out of his pod, it was engulfed in a plasma mortar fired from a Covenant Wraith tank. He had barely gotten out of the way in time. Three of his squadmates didn’t. The area was cleared a few seconds later by a squadron of Longsword interceptors who assaulted the Wraith position and bombed them into oblivion. Adam looked around and, realizing he was the only one in the vicinity, he hefted his M7S Caseless Submachine Gun and began to run to the rendezvous. Before he could make it, however, he came under attack again. A cloaked elite dropped its camouflage unit and rushed at him with an energy sword. He raised his SMG, but it had already started to swing. Just then, the sound of a 99D-S2 Anti-Materiel rifle filled the air, and the elite’s head exploded mid-swing. Adam look around for his savior, and on a balcony about 750 meters away, he caught the scope glint of an ODST sniper. Adam waved his thanks, and was about to begin making his way for the sniper, when he heard a banshee from far off. He looked in the distance, and saw a small purple blob slowly growing larger. Adam dived behind the wreck of a car, hoping not to be spotted. He looked back to the sniper, and saw the soldier hurriedly trying to disassemble his rifle to make a run for it. The banshee was growing closer now, and would soon be upon them. A small green flash emanated from beneath the banshee, and a small mortar fired out, heading right for the sniper. He decided to abandon his kit and run, but was too late, and was caught in the blast. Thankfully, the vehicle had not spotted Adam, and it flew off to attack somewhere else. Adam looked around him. He had seen several members of his platoon land somewhat outside of the designated LZ, perhaps they were still alive. He called up a map of allies on his HUD, but saw nothing. Within this entire section of the city, he was the only living human.

Adam awoke with a start, nearly falling out of his spot stretched out in the pelican’s troop bay. He collected himself, and sat up straight, then put his gloved hands to his eyes. It wasn’t the first time he had had the dream. It was the most botched operation he’d ever been a part of, after all. It was the reason he chose the lone wolf lifestyle…

Adam shook the memories away and began to focus on the task at hand. He picked his helmet up off of the floor and put it on. His onboard chrono read 1130 hours. It was a whole 30 minutes before he had set his alarm, but it was still time that could be used to plan. His day was going to be another long one, that was for sure. He stood up, and began to run a mental checklist, making sure he had everything he needed. He had many of the spare parts for his pelican tucked away in the overhead bins, just, for the most part, he lacked the know-how and the manpower to actually do any of the fixing. All of the instructions for repairing the ship were on his terminal, which was out of power. The battery was depleted, so there went the terminal. Adam nodded. The first part of his plan, then, was to restore power to the terminal. From there, he could repair the rest of the craft with the help of the ponies. Adam ran through the time-table he had had devised in his head. He had no idea how long it could take to restore the terminal, but once he had access to instruction and repair manuals, it would only be a week and a half before his pelican was once again space worthy. A week and a half to be able to get to Lightning and send out a message. A week and a half.

Twilight paced around her library nervously, occasionally sparing a glance at the clock. It read 1:31pm. They had to be at Delta’s crash site by 2 to begin helping with repairs, and still Princess Luna and her scientists had not arrived. Twilight gulped audibly, anxiously wondering what was keeping her. Applejack noticed this, and looked up at the nervous unicorn.

“Relax, hun,” said the farmer pony. “I’m sure Princess Luna will be along shortly.” This did nothing to quell Twilight’s anxiety, and she continued to pace around. She was about to respond when a dark blue flash filled the room, and when it subsided, there stood Princess Luna, along with four scientists (two of whom were the leaders of the Academy) and their equipment, and a contingent of five more guards. Twilight noticed that these guards wore thicker armor, and their spears were tipped with enchanted diamonds, so that if push came to shove, hopefully the ponies wouldn’t lose anyone. Luna looked around the room, and her dark eyes settled on Twilight.

“Twilight Sparkle,” she said, smiling. “Hello.” Twilight bowed, as did her five friends.

“Hello, Princess,” Twilight replied. Twilight’s attention then moved to the four scientists who had accompanied the princess. They each carried very full saddlebags, filled to the brim with scientific equipment. Twilight frowned. The walk to Delta’s ship was already an hour, but this would likely slow them down even more. Luna noticed Twilight’s discomfort.

“Something wrong?” she asked, frowning slightly.

“Well, we’re already going to be late arriving at the crash site,” Twilight explained. “I hope he’s not mad, is all.” Luna smiled, and her horn began to glow. A dark blue aura surrounded all of the ponies in the room, and in a bright flash of light, they were gone.

Adam reached up into the pelican’s overhead compartments, took out the last box of spare parts, and then walked outside to add them to the pile he had been organizing for the past hour. His current job done, he checked his chrono. It read 1:35; the ponies would be arriving soon. For now, he could simply rela-


There was a blinding flash of light, and when it faded, Adam saw sixteen ponies standing in the clearing before him. Six of them he recognized as the ponies from last night, one was the blue princess, Luna, four were what appeared to be scientists, and five more were guards. Adam stared at the ponies, an expression of shock on his face beneath the visor. The ponies must have noticed that something wasn’t right, and Twilight cocked her head to the side.

“What?” she asked, genuinely confused. Adam struggled to find his words.

“I… Wh…” he began. “What was that!?” The ponies all shared nervous glances.

“Um, teleportation?” Princess Luna replied.

“You have teleportation technology?” Adam asked, even more surprised. Once again, the ponies all shared glances.

“No,” Twilight said slowly. “It’s… magic?” Adam stared, dumbfounded.


“What?” Twilight asked.

“Magic. Right,” Adam replied. “Definitely magic.” This seemed to only confuse Twilight even further.

“What do you mean? Do you not know what magic is?” she asked.

“I know what magic is supposed to be,” Adam said. “I also know that it doesn’t exist.” This seemed to shock all of the ponies, and even the guard’s stoic expressions faltered for a moment.

“What do you mean magic doesn’t exist!?” Twilight yelled. “Of course magic exists!” Adam stepped back, slightly afraid. Did these ponies really believe in magic? Or was there something else going on here?

“I mean magic isn’t real,” Adam replied cautiously.

“If magic isn’t real, then how do you explain your flying machine!?” Rainbow Dash shouted, stepping forwards.

“Decades of research, technology, and engineering!” Adam replied, starting to get heated. “No magic!”

“ENOUGH!” Luna yelled loudly enough to quiet down both parties. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash stepped back, and Adam straightened his back. “Delta, I understand that you are an alien being. And as such, we all understand that there is a possibility that you do not have magic.” The last part was pointed specifically at Twilight, who flattened her ears against her head. “But we do; in fact, we rely on it for many of our day to day activities. This includes short-to-long-range teleportation.”

“Hmm…” Adam replied. “I know a few eggheads who’d get a kick out of this…” Rainbow Dash seemed to laugh at the use of the word “egghead”, and Twilight shot her an annoyed glare. Well, I guess they don’t have space travel, then, Adam thought. Adam was about to say something else when one of the scientist ponies stepped forward.

“Um, hello,” he said in an accent that, to Adam, sounded heavily British. “I am Doctor Star Gazer, head of the Canterlot Academy of Science and Research.” Star Gazer walked closer and closer to Adam until he was standing right in front of him. “It is a pleasure to meet you!” At this, Doctor Gazer shot out a hoof, and did his best to lift it high enough for Adam to shake. Adam paused for a moment, and finally bent down to shake the pony’s hoof. After a shake, Adam released the pony and stood back up. The pony began walking back to the rest of the group, and Adam took a chance to examine the doctor. He, like many of the ponies present, was a unicorn, and stood about half an inch taller than Twilight. He had a very light gray coat, with a short brown mane sitting atop his head. On his back were very full saddlebags.

After Doctor Gazer returned to his group, the other scientists decided to introduce themselves. One, a blue Pegasus with a short white mane, was named Skychaser, and was also the head of the Canterlot Academy. The other two were their assistants, who did not offer out their names, but rather began setting up the equipment in their saddlebags. While they did this, Adam began to do the same. He checked over the spare parts he had organized, and set up several work lamps, in case they had to be working late into the night. When he was done, he turned back to the scientists, who seemed to be finished setting up.

“Everybody done?” he asked. The ponies all stood back from their work, and looked to Adam. “Good. Here’s the plan:

“On the long term, what we’re trying to do, is get this thing flying again, so that I can return to my frigate that’s crashed up on your moon. To do this, we need to repair the engines, and to do that, we need to repair the reactor. Any questions so far?” Skychaser raised his hoof.

“Yes,” he said. “This technology is far ahead of anything that we currently possess. How are we supposed to help?”

Adam smiled beneath his helmet, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m getting to that. The thing is, I don’t know exactly how to fix it either. I do know, however, that the terminal inside my cockpit has instruction manuals on ship repair. Unfortunately, it is out of power. So, phase one of the plan is to get my portable battery fixed, so that we can power the terminal. From there, we will look at the repair manuals, and fix the reactor. Once the reactor is fixed and power is restored, we will fix the engines.” The ponies began to nod in understanding. Adam, however, was not done, and he held up a hand.

“That’s not all,” he said. “Getting this thing to fly won’t be easy. When I crashed, I used what little power I had left to activate the ventral engines and slow myself down. The strain on the engines was too much, and ventrals were completely destroyed. So that eliminates a vertical takeoff.

“However, it is possible for this thing to do a horizontal takeoff. The main engines are still in good condition, they just need a little fixing up. The hard part of that will be creating a launch strip long enough, and getting the ship there.” At this, Luna stepped forward.

“I shall have workers create this ‘launch strip’ for you at once,” she said. “I will find a suitable location, but how long must it be?” Adam thought for a moment.

“Hmm… These engines should get us airborne in 500 meters,” he said. “But, for safety, let’s go 550.” Luna nodded, and closed her eyes for a moment, seeming to concentrate. Then, she reopened them, and smiled.

“The message has been sent. Construction will begin immediately.” Adam nodded.

“Right then,” he said. “We have work to do. First thing’s first, I’ll bring out the busted battery.” The ponies all nodded, and set about doing their various tasks. The guards took up positions around the crash site, Twilight joined the scientists at their workstations, and her five friends took to doing whatever they saw was necessary. Luna, however, stepped aside, and cut Adam off just as he was about to enter the pelican.

“Delta,” she said. Adam looked her in the eyes.

“Yes?” he asked curiously.

“When your ship is repaired…” at this Luna faltered, as though she believed that he would not like what she was about to say. “We would like to have a few ponies accompany you.” Adam stared at her, not sure if she was serious for a moment.

“Absolutely not,” he said, and tried to push past Luna. But Luna persisted, and moved back in his direction.

“Delta,” she said. “It is merely a safety issue! Were I crashed on your world, would you not do the same?”

“It’s not about that,” he said. “It’s about standard operating procedure, the fact that you ponies have never flown in a ship, and that it’s just not safe at all!”

“Delta,” she said, still not backing down. “We will be as careful as we can. We will not interfere while you are flying, and we will not do anything to endanger the lives of anypony.” Adam sighed, and looked at Luna, defeated.

“Who would be coming aboard?” he asked. Luna smiled, and her eyes brightened.

“Well, myself, of course,” she said. “Twilight Sparkle would also join us, as would Rainbow Dash and Doctor Star Gazer.” Adam frowned.

“Why Rainbow Dash?” he asked. “I get you, Twilight, and the scientist, but…”

“She’s curious,” Luna admitted. “She claims that she wants to see you prove that you can actually go faster than her…” Adam frowned, but for now, he’d allow it.

“Alright,” Adam said. “But as soon as we take off, I expect you all to do exactly as I say, when I say it. Or else we all could end up in a lot of trouble.”

“Right,” Luna said, gulping nervously. “Of course.” Luna stepped aside, and granted Adam entry to his ship. Once inside, Adam retrieved the broken battery from the overhead compartment, and took it back outside to the scientists. He put it on a table they had set up, and immediately, the four scientists and Twilight were all over it.

“What is this device?” asked Skychaser, eyeing it carefully.

“This,” Adam began. “Is the portable battery that I intend to use to power my terminal.” The ponies continued to look at it, taking in its every detail.

“As you can see,” Adam continued. “It is broken, and as such, is totally useless. What we need to do is repair the breach in the side, then get it recharged. Do you think we can do that?” Star Gazer looked up at him, a look of determination in his eyes.

“Yes, Mr. Delta,” he said. Adam figured he would leave the scientists to do their jobs, and went to his pile of spare parts he had created. While he was looking through them, he felt a presence move up near to him. He looked over his shoulder, and saw Rainbow Dash hovering above the ground behind him.

“I’ve been wondering,” Adam said, breaking the ice. “How do those wings support you?” Dash gave him a quizzical look. “I mean, yeah, the wings are bigger than a birds, but you’re a full-sized pony. How do they support you?”

“Magic,” Rainbow Dash replied. Of course, thought Adam. Everything is magic. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure I have everything I need,” he replied as he continued sifting through the parts.

“Ya know,” she said. “You say I’m too big to fit my wings… but what about that thing?” Dash pointed a hoof at the pelican. “It’s huge, and it’s gotta weigh a ton. How does it fly?” Adam stepped back from the pile, satisfied that everything was in order. Then, he turned to address the curious Pegasus.

“Well,” he began, ready to confuse the poor pony. “You’re right about one thing. It is too big to be supported by those wings alone. It flies by utilizing a lifting body, which helps take some of the weight off. Coupled with that, the four engine pods on the craft provide thrust, thus allowing it to hover and fly. As for actually maneuvering around, each pod can independently articulate, allowing for alteration of the direction of thrust, and therefore allowing for movement. It’s basic physics.” The cyan Pegasus stared back at Adam with a face of pure confusion, which lasted for several seconds, before she shook her head and stared back at Adam normally.

“I have no idea what you just said,” she replied. “But I’m going to just decide to trust you on that.” Dash then hovered away, back to her friends. Adam smiled beneath his helmet, and wandered back over to the scientists examining the battery.

“How’s it going over here?” he asked them. Doctor Gazer spared a glance upwards in his direction.

“Ah, hello Delta,” he said. “We’ve just been examining the extent of the damage with our magic. Fortunately, it seems to be mostly superficial. Once we repair the outside, it should be fine to be recharged.”

“And you think you can recharge it?”

“Of course,” replied the doctor. “We believe that we can channel our magic into it, and use that. Incredible design, really… we’ve been searching for years to find a way to channel our magic… Ah, but I digress. We shall have it ready in a few hours.” Adam nodded, satisfied with the answer. He, once again, left the scientists to their work, and walked into the pelican’s cockpit, taking a seat in the chair. He sat there for a few moments in thought, before he heard a cough behind him. The turned around, and there stood Twilight.

“Hello,” Adam said, turning back around. Twilight took a few steps forward, now coming closer to Adam.

“What will you do after?” she asked.

“After what?”

“After you return from your ship,” Twilight continued. “What will you do then?” Adam thought to himself for a moment. He really had not thought that far ahead. His plan was to get to the ship, and drop a distress beacon to the UNSC so that they could come find him. Until somebody actually found the signal, he could be waiting for a long time.

Lightning has a cryobay that operates on emergency power,” Adam replied. “I could probably stay in there, asleep until somebody comes to pick me up.”

“What?” Twilight said, sounding surprised. “You’d rather stay aboard that crashed ship up there, than down here where it’s safer and more comfortable?” This surprised Adam. A day ago, he had been a known hostile to these people. He had killed one of their guards! And now they were offering to put him up until he was rescued… Adam smiled.

“It’s kind of you to offer,” Adam said. “I’ll think about it.” This seemed to please Twilight.

“So what are you doing now,” she asked him.

“Oh, just thinking about what to do right now, while those scientists are busy outside,” he replied. “I hope that the battery will get the computer running. It’s possible that there was a power surge that fried all of the circuits.”

“You’ve mentioned your computer several times now,” Twilight said. “What does it do?”

“Oh, um…” Adam thought of the best way to describe what a computer did. He had always just known, having grown up around them, and suddenly found it was very hard to describe the true purpose of a computer. “I guess you could say it stores information. You like books, right?” Twilight nodded. “Well this is like a huge book, one that stores millions of pieces of information.” At this, Twilight’s eyes widened, and she became visibly excited.

“Really!?” she asked, smiling. “What kind of information?” Adam thought for a moment.

“Everything, really…” he said. “I guess once I get it working, I could run the first contact program. It gives you basic information about humanity, but of course the computer itself has even more on it.”

“How much more?” the lavender unicorn asked, her smile widening.

“Well, about 500 years ago we created a website called Wikipedia,” Adam replied. “It was essentially a massive encyclopedia, constantly being updating with all information known to humanity. Most computers are now preloaded with a downloaded version of the site, so basically, this computer has everything on it.” Twilight of course did not understand most of the words Adam used, like “website” and “downloaded”, but she did get the gist of what he was saying: this computer had every public piece of information known to humankind on it.

“I’ll…” she began to say. “I’ll go help the scientists. The sooner we get that computer working, the better!” Then she trotted away happily. Adam laughed to himself at her child-like innocence, and will to learn. He would have to remember to restrict exactly which sections of the Wikipedia program she had access to, but he saw no harm in her learning a bit more. From outside, Adam heard one of the ponies yell out “aha!”, so he stood up and walked out to them. He saw the battery being levitated by a blue aura, another of which was surrounding Star Gazer’s horn. Telekinesis, Adam realized. No doubt another use of their “magic”. Adam walked over to the gray scientist.

“What’s going on?” he asked. The floating battery then rotated to show Adam the once-broken side. Where there had once been a large breach, was a pristine and perfectly repaired surface.

“We have repaired the damage to the battery, and are ready to attempt filling it with our magical energy!” the doctor said enthusiastically.

“Well done,” Adam said. “How long will this take?”

“Just a mere moment,” replied Doctor Skychaser. “All we need is somepony to actually do it.” Princess Luna stepped forward.

“I shall,” she said. “I am the most experienced here with magic, I believe it shall be easier for me to channel my energy.” All of the ponies nodded in agreement, and Luna stepped closer to the battery. Doctor Gazer set it down onto a table, allowing Luna to pick it up with her telekinesis. She closed her eyes, and squinted in concentration. After a few moments, small tendrils of dark blue magical energy crept from the tip of her horn, and began to fill in around the battery. Adam looked at the display on the side, and noticed the charge bar beginning to go up. Luna continued to channel the energy for another minute, before the battery began beeping rapidly, a sign that it was full. Luna levitated it down, then released her hold on it. Almost immediately, she stumbled, and gasped for breath. The guards rushed to her aid, and Twilight Sparkle jumped to her side.

“Princess!” she cried. “Are you all right!?” Luna continued gasping for air for a moment, and finally, stood up to her full height.

“I am fine,” she finally said. “That simply took more out of me than I initially thought…”

“Honestly, I should’ve thought of that,” Adam said, stepping forward. “It is a 30 megawatt battery, fairly high-capacity.”

“It is alright, Delta,” said Luna. “Now, shall we test it?” Adam nodded, and picked up the battery. He then carried it into the pelican, being followed by Twilight, Doctors Gazer and Skychaser, and Princess Luna. He entered the cockpit, and removed the panel underneath the computer. He then hooked the battery up to the slot, and sure enough, the computer lit up. Adam stood up, satisfied, and then turned to face the ponies.

“Alright,” he said. “Now let’s get to work.”

Author's Note:

Here's the new chapter. Longest one yet! I hope you all like how the story is progressing so far, and I hope to get the next chapter out in a couple of weeks. I've also gone back and altered the formatting of the new chapters, adding line breaks whenever the point-of-view changes, and fixing some spelling errors. I hope you enjoy!