• Published 31st May 2014
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Second Contact - SpartanD014

When Spartan D-014 is randomly ejected from slipspace, he ends up on a strange new world. It's peaceful enough, but not all is as it seems...

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Chapter 04


Adam’s search of the cockpit had turned out up fruitless. As he had feared, no power was reaching the computer systems. A physical check of the ship’s reactor showed that it had been badly damaged, and was completely dead. Adam cursed his bad luck, and decided to turn in for the night. He had been working for so long he hadn’t even realized the sun had set. Adam hung a flashlight from the ceiling and lay down along the rows of seats. MJOLNIR armor wasn’t as uncomfortable to sleep is as some might think. The gel layer actually conformed to the body shape, and offered a soft barrier between flesh and the multilayer alloy armor, making sleep not very hard. Adam closed his eyes, and slowly began to drift off…

Darkness. Movement. Lights. Plasma. Gunfire. Death. Surrounded. Engines. More gunfire. Reinforcements. Help.

Adam looked up and saw a Covenant CCS-class cruiser hovering over New Mombasa. Every few seconds it would release a beam of superheated plasma and would burn a new hole into the surface of Earth. He had dropped into New Mombasa with the rest of his ODST Platoon, the 67th Assault Division. Almost immediately they had come under AA fire, and lost half the platoon before they even landed. The situation on the ground was no better. Only seconds after jumping out of his pod, it was engulfed in a plasma mortar fired from a Covenant Wraith tank. He had barely gotten out of the way in time. Three of his squadmates didn’t. The area was cleared a few seconds later by a squadron of Longsword interceptors who assaulted the Wraith position and bombed them into oblivion. Adam looked around and, realizing he was the only one in the vicinity, he hefted his M7S Caseless Submachine Gun and began to run to the rendezvous. Before he could make it, however, he came under attack again. A cloaked elite dropped its camouflage unit and rushed at him with an energy sword. He raised his SMG, but it had already started to swing. Just then-

Adam awoke in the back of his Pelican dropship to the sound of a rapid alarm. He grabbed his M6H and ran out of the dropship into the darkness of night. He had set up the auto sentry with a security upgrade to keep watch outside of the Pelican, to make sure that no more intruders approached. So far, none had, but now it was picking something up. Adam could see nothing, so he activated the Promethean Vision upgrade built into his helmet. Whatever had entered the security cone around his Pelican was very obvious, as it was the only living thing likely within a kilometer of the crashed ship. It stood a small bit taller than the small horse he had fixed up earlier today (though it still stood about a foot shorter than he did), and had a dark blue coat. Compared to the horses he saw earlier today, this one had several obvious differences. For one, this one had a pair of wings and a horn, and its mane seemed to be blowing in a non-existent wind. At present, it only seemed to be watching him. But then it must have noticed that Adam had locked eyes with it, because Adam could clearly see its body tense up, as though it wanted to run, but couldn’t. Adam smirked as he realized what was happening. It’s spying on me, he thought. Adam figured that it couldn’t hurt to learn more about the creatures spying on him, so with a series of blinks, he activated his suit’s active camouflage unit. Instantly the light was warped around him, and he became almost totally invisible. Of course there was still a blur of where he was standing, there was nothing that could be done about that, but to the untrained eye, he was as clear as glass. Still using his Promethean Vision, he noticed that the horse’s eyes widened in shock. Adam stealthily made his way around the Pelican and behind the horse, where he raised his pistol. Adam was about to subdue the creature when it suddenly whirled around on him, its horn glowing. Instinctively, Adam swung his pistol, and cracked the horse on the side of the head with it. It fell onto the ground, unconscious. Well, Adam thought, crap. He now had an unconscious alien creature lying at his feet, and he had no idea if it was a good idea to help it this time. The first time, the horse he had healed had been the victim. This time, this horse had provoked him. Adam mentally reprimanded himself for his rash behavior, and thought of what he could do. He could fix it up, but it would undoubtedly be mad when it awoke, and he still had no idea what these horses were capable of. On the other hand, he could carry it somewhere far away and leave it until it woke up. Adam decided on the latter. However, this forest had shown itself to be very obviously dangerous. If he could find the edge, he could leave the horse there. Adam opened up a link to his auto sentry, and commanded it to raise altitude to maximum. The anti-gravity device blasted up about 50 feet, and began to spin around, scanning the region. When it was finished, it lowered back down and transmitted the information to Adam’s helmet. Adam opened up the pictures it had taken, and saw that the edge of the forest was only a couple of kilometers away. He looked back down at the horse. It won’t be out for that much longer, he thought. Adam entered the Pelican, grabbed a sedative from his medical bag, and walked back out to the horse. He inserted the syringe into its neck, and then picked up the horse onto his back. It was smaller than Earth horses, but that did not mean it did not weigh that much. Adam struggled for a moment to keep his footing, the finally began to walk off in the direction of the edge.

His walk took the better part of an hour, and when he reached the edge of the forest, the moon was slowly approaching the horizon. Adam cleared through the underbrush and came out in a wide open field. It was still dark, so he activated his Promethean Vision to see what there was to see. To his surprise, the town that he had flown over during his crash was only half a kilometer in front of him. About 50 meters to his left was what appeared to be a small cottage, surrounded by sleeping animals of all types. Adam put the dark blue horse down on the ground, and noticed that it was beginning to stir. Its eyes were flickering open and closed, so Adam quickly activated his camouflage unit. The horse struggled to its hooves, and looked around, confused. Just then, it spread its large wings, and took off into the night sky. Adam was surprised at this; previously he had thought that the wings served some ancillary purpose, perhaps even short-range gliding. But to see this, he was rather stumped. How such a large, heavy creature was supported by such light wings he could not even begin to guess. He watched the creature as it flew further away, before it stopped and began to hover. Its horn began to glow, and it slowly hovered higher and higher, before it then hovered right into the center of the setting moon. The horse flashed brilliantly, and the moon began to fall at an increased rate, and Adam noticed that sunlight was beginning to stream in from the east. Adam stood, wide eyed and mouth agape at the spectacle. He had no idea what just happened, but he knew it was extraordinary. A loud beep suddenly filled his helmet, and he noticed his active camo unit was running out of energy. He ran off into the forest, and began his trek back to the Pelican.

Princess Celestia awoke early, as she always did, to raise the sun as her sister lowered the moon. She stepped out onto her bedroom balcony, and looked to the east, where soon her great radiant sun would be shining. She waited for the signal from Luna, but it did not come. She waited, and she waited, but after ten minutes, the signal still had not come. Celestia began to grow troubled. Her sister had gone off into the Everfree to spy on their guest, perhaps something bad had happened? Celestia was just beginning to get very worried when she suddenly felt the moon begin to descend rapidly; her signal to raise the sun. Celestia lit her horn, and felt herself grab on to the massive sphere. She tugged upwards with the grace that only came from years of practice, and began to raise the sun over Equestria and lands beyond. Her job done, she reached out to Luna with her magic. Luna, where are you? She said. Luna? Just then, Celestia heard a flash coming from her room, and turned around to see her weary sister lying in the middle of the floor. She stood up and unsuccessfully tried to walk. Celestia ran over to Luna, her fear beginning to overwhelm her other senses.

“Luna!” Celestia cried. “What happened!?” Luna panted as she caught her breath, then spoke.

“I made… contact… with the creature…”

Adam awoke to the sound of his suit’s alarm clock going off. After he had returned to the Pelican, he lay back down in the back compartment in an effort to get as much sleep as he could. The rest of his sleep had remained undisturbed, for which he was thankful. But he had no time to sit around today; he needed to begin making whatever repairs he could. He knew that he had none of the right tools to fully repair his Pelican, but Adam hated just sitting and waiting. He had to do something. He opened the ceiling compartment of the troop bay, and began rummaging through the various items he kept stored up there. Finding what he was looking for, Adam took a box down from the compartment. He opened it up, and pulled out a portable battery. It would never power the Pelican, but he could at least try to get the computer up and running again. He put the box back into the compartment and closed the hatch, the made his way to the cockpit.

Once inside the cockpit, Adam ducked down underneath the main control panel, and pulled off a maintenance hatch. He took two wires from inside, and plugged them into the battery. He then turned the battery on, and stood up to inspect the computer. Adam frowned as he noticed that no power was flowing. He checked the charge on the battery, and found it to be dead. Another inspection showed that it had been cracked along the side, and had leaked out any useful energy. Adam sat down in the pilot seat, feeling defeated. Now what? He thought. Before he could think of anything else to do, Adam’s HUD began beeping at him. The auto-sentry had detected something in the perimeter. Adam called up a feed of the camera, but before it could load, the connection was severed. Whatever was out there, it had just destroyed his auto-sentry. Cautious, Adam walked into the back compartment, opened the weapons locker, and took out an MA5D assault rifle. He walked up to the back door, ready to defend himself. Before he could open it, he head a strange knock on the door. Confused, Adam lowered his weapon, and figured that he had nothing left to lose. He was already lost on an alien world inhabited by strange talking horses, what else could go wrong? Adam pressed the switch on the wall and the hatch lowered itself down. Outside, Adam saw a dozen of the horses, these ones all white and wearing gold armor. All of them had horns, each of which was glowing. Nearby were several floating… spears? Adam almost found the display amusing. The guard horses then lowered their primitive weapons, and parted way, allowed eight horses to enter the clearing. Seven of them he recognized: six were the ones who originally visited him (he noted with annoyance that the purple one he had healed was no longer wearing her bandages, though upon further investigation he noticed that her scars were completely gone too), and the seventh was his visitor from last night. The eighth was a new face. It had an alabaster coat, a golden crown, and stood the tallest of them hall. It was still half a foot shorter than he was, but it boasted a large pair of wings, a long horn, and (like the dark blue one) a colorful ethereal mane. All eight of them had upset, even angry, countenances. The large white one stepped forward, its look of displeasure becoming even angrier as it neared him. Adam raised his assault rifle threateningly. To counter this, the twelve guard horses all raised their spears again. Adam chuckled. Their spears would do nothing against his shields, and even if they did go down, his armor was more than strong enough to handle whatever they were made of. Then the white one spoke.

“Relinquish your weapons and surrender peacefully,” it commanded. From the sound of its voice, Adam deduced that it, too, was female. She took another threatening step towards Adam, so he responded by raising his weapon more, now aiming at her head.

“Relinquish your weapons now!” she yelled. Her horn glowed golden, and an aura of the same color enveloped his assault rifle. He felt it being tugged out of his grasp, so he quickly swung the assault rifle and threw it at one of the guards. It hit the guard in its muzzle, and it fell over with a bleeding nose. Adam used this distraction to unholster his magnum and grabbed the white horse. He held her neck and turned her around so she was facing the rest of the horses, and held the magnum to the side of her head. Her horn glowed gold again, so he used his arm that was holding her neck to hold her horn instead. Immediately the aura disappeared, and she cried out in pain.

“Tia!” the dark blue one yelled, clearly afraid. The guards exchanged nervous glances, unsure of what to do. Adam smiled. He had them completely under his control.

Twilight stared in horror as the metal creature who had shown kindness to her and healed her grabbed her beloved mentor by the neck, and held a small silver tube against her head. The Princess tried fighting back and lit up her horn, but the creature grabbed it instead, eliciting a cry of pain from Celestia. Twilight began to tear up, desperately wanting to do something but not wanting to cause harm to her teacher. Luna stepped forward.

“Release her!” she yelled. Twilight could’ve sworn she heard the creature quietly laugh a sadistic laugh, and its grip on Celestia’s horn tightened. Luna looked to each of the guards, and soon their fear went away, and was replaced by anger. Luna closed her eyes, and her horn lit up. She was interrupted as she heard a loud BANG echo through the forest. She opened her eyes, and saw the creature was pointing its weapon to the sky. A small trail of smoke was coming out of the end. This was clearly a show of force, so Luna decided that if she was to save her sister, it would have to be very quick. Luna prepared the energy she would need, and then lit up her horn. A split second later, a light enveloped Celestia, and she was teleported back next to Luna. The metal creature stumbled for a moment, confused, and two of the guards threw their spears at it. Only a few millimeters from hitting the creature, a golden field formed around it, and the spears clattered to the ground, having missed their target. At this, two more guards threw their spears, and the same thing happened. The creature aimed its weapon at one of the guards, and pulled on a small handle. A bright flash came from the end of it, followed by the same loud BANG, and the guardspony fell over, holding his shoulder. A large amount of blood was flowing from it, and the guard was screaming and writhing in pain. The creature then aimed its weapon at Princess Celestia, and then said, in perfect Equish:


Celestia and Luna lit both of their horns, and enveloped everypony in the clearing, minus the metal creature. They then disappeared in a flash of light, leaving the creature alone again.

The twenty ponies reappeared in the center of Twilight’s library in Ponyville. As soon as they all rematerialized, Celestia and Luna ran to the wounded guard. He was still losing blood. Celestia and Luna looked at one another, and once again combined their magic. A mix of a gold and blue aura surrounded the guard, and they both began to use their magic to heal him. They continued their magic for a few moments, then stopped, confused.

“What is it?” asked Twilight nervously.

“We cannot heal him. This wound is unlike anything we have ever encountered,” said Celestia. “It’s as though our magic has no effect on it.”

Fluttershy ran forward, running right between the two princesses, and approached the guard. She gingerly moved his unharmed foreleg, and took a look at the wounded one. Right in his shoulder blade there was a small hole, only a few millimeters wide. Through the hole, all of the ponies could see the wood floor of the library. Whatever he had been harmed with, it had gone right through. The blood was still pouring out, so Fluttershy grabbed some bandages from her saddlebags. Already she noticed that the life was leaving this poor stallion. She used one hoof to keep pressure on the wound, and used her other hoof (along with her mouth) to straighten out the long bandage. Her hooves shaking, she began to wrap the bandage around the shoulder, but before she could finish, the guard let out a loud scream. He convulsed, and then lay motionless on the floor. His eyes glazed over, and his head tilted to the side. Fluttershy stopped what she was doing, and stood back, horrified, tears already streaming down her face.

Princess Celestia approached the guard, and closed his eyes with her hoof. All of the ponies in the room lowered their heads in respect. When they raised them again, Celestia’s usual calm expression was replaced with one of loss. For the first time ever, she was unable to help one of her subjects. Then, she grew angry.

“Whatever that creature is,” Celestia began. “It has just made an enemy of Equestria.”