• Published 18th May 2014
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In The Company of The Sun - PlumBuckeredOut

After countless refusals for a proper hearing the Prince of Parnce takes matters into his own colven hooves.

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Prolog: Within The Power of A Seed (v.3)

Nestled deep in the Earth's soil rested two opposing forces. The purest of these forces was the Seed of Harmony, which blossomed from only the purest of hearts. Its antipode was the Seed of Hatred, and unlike the Seed of Harmony it grew by every creature's sour desires; greed, vanity, and lust of power. This left the Seed of Harmony vastly weaker than it's counterpart, yet at the time only the darkest of a being's soul to could feed Hatred's power. In its youth the Seed of Harmony kept itself hidden. The Seed of Hatred, undaunted by the creatures above, drilled its stalk like a needle through the dirt and grew among its passive kind.

That tranquil forest the Seed of Hatred had invaded gave into the seed's corruption. The ancient trees turned gnarled and grotesque, flower's seeds mutated into magical weeds and, the vines of the forest became linked within the seed's vile magic, growing sentient crab-clawed buds.

Only the brave would enter this twisted forest... exactly whom that sprig of evil wanted.

It had been this way for thousands of years, before the migration of Pony tribes, before the settlement of Equestria and in this time the seeds were fully grown. For some reason or another the Ponies of Equestria resonated better with the Tree of Harmony. It could have been their lawful nature, but do not believe that all Ponies upheld justice. Sure they knew right from wrong. They just chose otherwise. Or so they thought.

Equestrian law was always able to handle the influx neigh-doers, and so the real root of the problem was never treated. Their land grew vast, just like the seeds beneath them had. Their roots had stretched so far that even the once oppressive ocean borders could no longer halt their speed, but it wasn't the ocean's fault. No, once the Equestrian Ponies landed on a new continent they brought along the pollen of Harmony and Hatred within themselves. Throughout the lands the Tree of Harmony became known across the earth, every creature aspired to do right by it. Yet no one had been able to find its counterpart, many dark powers wish to tap into the seething darkness that not even the sun could blot out.

As the years passed the knowledge of the trees became shrouded in mystery, yet the two still held their power, and still waged their wars. None so easily wished forgotten as The Chaos Wars. Every creature has a desire for more... more power, more gold, more food, more, and more, and more. The Seed of Hatred festered in the new lands like an invisible poison to the once balanced lands, and soon the native's laws could do nothing but rewrite their laws to combat the growing disharmony. What was once "What is done unto you will be punished unto them." could no longer stay and the Equestrian Ponies were but too eager to lend their laws along with an alliance of peace.

And it is within this treaty that the Seed of Hatred had split in two, now there were two taproots of Hatred encompassing the world. For what the Ponies did not know, was that their allies had never lived out of their tamed country before, not since their ancestors. No dirt, nor desert, nor water kept Hatred's growing influence at bay. Of course the lawful minded Ponies of Equestria rallied their might to combat what evil they could, but Hatred was no longer a simple seed. It had flourished in the Dragon's lands and with its new power even the purest of hearts could be persuaded that not all evil was bad, and not all good was the law.

At least, that's what my father had told me.

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