• Published 18th May 2014
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In The Company of The Sun - PlumBuckeredOut

After countless refusals for a proper hearing the Prince of Parnce takes matters into his own colven hooves.

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Ch 9: Clarity (v.1)

We had gone back to the royal sister's castle. In this time I had forced myself to wake, I did not like the dreams that followed levitating. There was one dream that I had repeatedly had where I was gliding mere inches from a night's black ocean. I could taste the salt of the water coating my throat, yet the dream yearned on. One detail I never quite picked up on was how to tell whether all my dreams were of insight, or my wit's leisure of fantasy. I'm sure every earthbound creature dreams of flying and the effects it holds to soar so freely. Just as every base creature drolls on about the lax nature of ali-horned creatures. I couldn't dare to fathom the power of Luna, Celestia... or any other winged unicorn. Darkness had blanketed the blue night sky, In Parnce we held all sorts of night festivals, My heart ached as Luna's guise of hope eroded during her flight to Canterlot.

I didn't need to ask why she felt so, it was not merely written on her face, but engraved on her heart. Her aura drifted like squid's ink in water, thick with pain, a pain she seemed able to hide well from Celestia. How could she be silent? I knew she needed to let her emotions free, she needed another to build her strength once more, yet I was not the one. She needed the support of love, the kind not even her sister could give. But a suitor I was not, and I let the thought pass me, as I thought of revisiting the treaty of our father's. This time would be different it seemed. There would be griffons, and two other equine tribes. Luna's voice cut through my contemplation. I looked to her, the sudden prickling throb crept down my limbs as they awoke. I leaned myself on to the Castle wall as she repeated herself.

"Do you remember where the guest quarter's are?" She asked.

"Yes. I'll be up there... I just need a moment." I admitted. I was pleasantly surprised she hadn't spoken in her father's tongue.

"I don't remember much of you Norm..." She caught herself before any trace for nostalgic tears peaked, and cleared her throat. "My sister cares dearly for you. Do not forget this tomorrow..." She whispered to me, then cantered into the castle.

I stood there, musing on her words. By the time I had cleared my confusion my legs had regained sensation. It was at my last step into the castle that I turn my gaze to Prince Umbra.

"How are you Prince De Parnce?" He chuckled.

"Pleased... but now I'm second guessing if I'll feel this way for long."

"Cheeky, Norm. You can keep your comforts... You'll need them for tomorrow." He rebutted.

I stepped closer to inspect his expression, it was hard to make out much with his complexion against the darkness. Such darkness that matched Luna's. He was grieving, or holding back some plaguing sorrow. "Umb-"

"Prince Umbra." He corrected me.

"Right. What are you the Prince of again?"

His irises sparked red as purple mist drifted from his eyes. "I'm a Prince of many things... but I know what you are really asking. 'What will I lord over one day?' Let us just say it is a land too bitter for you to know of..." His eyes reverted to normal as he added calmly "and it's best kept so." His magic flared and a green and black cloud-like portal stretched up from the cobblestone to his height.

I let him go. His emotion had drawn out my usual composure, thankfully I had made it to my room without an incident. Their posh guest room bed was far more inviting than my own in Parnce, but I didn't covet the sister's wealth. Nor envied it, with that much wealth followed darker emotions that my kind didn't fall prey to.

"Prancians know their limits, when to say no... when to give up, what to fight for. " I remember mumbling before the down-feathered pillows wisped my conscience to rest.

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