• Published 18th May 2014
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In The Company of The Sun - PlumBuckeredOut

After countless refusals for a proper hearing the Prince of Parnce takes matters into his own colven hooves.

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Ch 13: Doubts (v.1)

Celestia's demeanor darkened as she opened Luna's bedroom doors. Luna was curled on her pillows, groans of mercy shook her regal frame. All my thoughts froze, as I focused only to Luna's aid. The Crystal Queen, Mora Ninna was resting beside Luna, humming her sweetest lullaby. It did not seem to do much for little Luna as I reached Luna's view she hesitated, forcing herself still enough to talk.

The pain she felt sapped any trace of cordiality from her tone "Wh-what did you see yesterday?" she ordered.

'"Yesterday... in your thoughts?" Her eyes narrowed menacingly. "Of course then." I winced as a warily chuckle escaped my lips, and I tried to string my words to her thirsty ears. Her eyes were darkening as I stalled. "Recently my dreamstate has been rather sensitive to Luna's mind... the only time It wasn't-"

"I don't care about then!" Luna spat as she lunged angrily towards me, Celestia and Mora restrained her back to her pillows with their magic.

"This is important Luna, I promise." I assured her. "When my dreamscape didn't hone onto Luna... I entered a dream void. Dream void's aren't like my visions, they are created when a person is either consumed with too much emotion, or are void of any. I believe someone in the castle is afflicted with a Dream void."

"Is this "Dream void" contagious?" Celestia asked.

"It depends on who the afflicted is. If it is someone like me, a seer, then only others seers should be affected, But if it happens to be Luna... we may all be affected, since she is the gatekeeper of our dreams." I replied.

"I've yet to feel any evils, or nightmares...I don't think the curse is within the sight, But I wouldn't blame dear Luna either. In the North there are many evils that could mystify or entrance one's mind. They fed off fear or disharmony... there could be monsters that feed off dreams." Mora said.

"Have you slept well recently Celestia?" I asked.

"It's nothing I'd blame any ancient monster on." She rebutted. "I need my sister well enough to sit within the treaty's commune. I'm sure we are all apprehensive and nervous for the meeting. Maybe this Dream void isn't from one being but all of us." Celestia thought a loud. Her voice distorted as she talked, I tried my best to stay focused on her, but the deepening pitch was too jarring for my ears. She took her eyes off me as I felt my face cringe. "Why a gathering like this has not happened in Equestria for over 500 years. " Her tone slowed uncomfortably as she spoke, my glance drifted slowly towards Luna as the very air chilled and time crawled. Visions rippled through my core.

This treaty will seal your fate. No longer as prince, nor king but as spirit to the realm of your choice!

You'll choose pettiness over me? Destruction over our time, our memories?

No one is outside your rule of judgement, your air of balance will rain chocolate or snow bubbles... if you decree.

Nothing will be gray when you take upon this crown.

"It's getting worse!" Mora held onto Luna in a hug as she forced her magic into her song. It echoed within the halls of our ears and I felt my muscles bow, and give out as she sang her melody.

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