• Published 11th Mar 2014
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Equilibrium - FlutterSparkle96

The Elements of Harmony have been studied by ponies for generations. There were always thought to be six elements. Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic. That is, until Night Spell discovered missing words in her history book.

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Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic. Separated they are powerless, but with the power of Unity, no evil shall prevail. Through the power of the seven, a force unmatched is made.
~Star Swirl the Bearded

The wind tore at Cadence’s face as she gallops for her life through the forsaken forest. On her heals, a group of terrifying armored boars chased after her. Effectively crippled from an injured wing, all Cadence could do was gallop as fast as she could. Sweat was pouring off her brow.

I have to get to Noveria. I have to get this safe. I have to get this to the gates.

In her possession was a dazzling white jewel. It glowed with miraculous luster under the moonlit night. She gasped and wheezed as she struggled to stay ahead of her pursuers. Her legs were growing weak and her stride was slowing. As she broke through the tree line with the town within reach, the vicious boars were on her heals.

“Give it to us now, princess!” The leader of the beasts spat. “Or we’ll take it by force!” The razor sharp tusks of the boars jutted out as if to puncture ones side. Slowly the boars came closer and closer and closer to Cadence, boxing her in. The piercing tusks were now inches from her sides. “Hand it over!” they screamed. Desperately she looked for a way out. Suddenly it hit her. She focused her glance at the city gates. With all of her remaining strength, she concentrated her power into her horn. As the boars squeezed in on her, she vanished in a flash of blue light. The shocked pursuers collided with one another tumbling and crashing into the dirt.

A few hundred feet away, the dazed and exhausted Cadence reappeared, the gem still in her possession. Frantically she sprinted into the city. The teleportation spell gave her a little more time but soon enough the pursuers were back at her heels.
“If you want this,” She proclaimed, “You’re gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hooves!” The boars bared their nasty teeth in a sneer.

“What a wonderful idea.” They replied. This response frightened Cadence and only made her sprint faster. In one last attempt to lose her attackers she kicked over the trading carts and storage barrels in the market. To her luck the dim witted boars tripped and slipped on her trap.

After hours of galloping she had finally made it. The large alicorn statues of the equestrian gates rose high into the sky in front of her. She was going to make it she thought. As she walked up the steps to the gates’ alter, she was ambushed. She was surrounded by the vicious brutes that had been chasing her.

“Did you really think you could get away?” A masked figure questioned with a sneer walking towards her. Cadence held tightly onto the gem in her pack. “There’s nowhere to run.” The figure laughed “Hand over the element and I may let you live.”

A weak smile came to Cadence’s face. “You’ll have to kill me first.” With the last of her energy she yelled, “Mico!” A blinding flash engulfed the beasts instantly, causing them to scatter. In this chaos, Cadence darted up the stairs to the gates. At the top she placed the gem in the center of alter. “Regni custodes, exaudi orationem meam. Mitte hanc materiam ab eo. Dimitte homines, ut terra.” She prayed.

The horns on the two alicorn statues began to glow with a magnificent light. The sparkling gem began to levitate in the air. Suddenly two beam of energy shot from the horns and collided with each other. A large portal appeared above the alter, like a zipper being undone.

“STOP HER!” The masked figure screamed, but it was too late. A moment later, the gem vanished in a simmer of sparkling light. The portal closed and the glowing horns on the alicorns faded. Cadence collapsed to the ground exhausted, unable to prevent the inevitable any longer. The evil beasts surrounded her once again. “Where did you send it?” The dark figure asked approaching her. Cadence remained silent. The figure swung at her with its clawed gauntlets placing a large bleeding gash across her face. “WHERE DID YOU SEND THE ELEMENT?” He screamed.

“Somewhere you can never reach.” Cadence coughed, spitting up blood. “You will never see the element again.” The dark figure pulled out a piercing, poisonous blade and placed it against her neck.

“I shall ask you one last time,” He spat, “Where did you send the element of unity?” But Cadence remained silent knowing that what would follow would be the end.

“Do you have anything you wish to say?” the figure asked preparing for the final blow.

“Shining, I’ll be with you soon.” She called to the sky.

She closed her eyes and the figure swung.

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