by FlutterSparkle96

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The Elements of Harmony have been studied by ponies for generations. There were always thought to be six elements. Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic. That is, until Night Spell discovered missing words in her history book.

Many generations have past since Nightmare moon was defeated by the mane six using the elements of harmony. To many ponies of Equestria, it is just another story in a history book, but to Night Spell, it is everything. She has spent all her life studying Equestria's history under Princess Twilight, the reigning leader and the former element of magic. Whenever Night Spell doesn't understand something she reads in her books, she can always know that Twilight will have the answer. But when Night Spell asks about the Elements of Harmony, Princess Twilight seems very disturbed about the young filly's passion on historic artifacts. But even more surprising is the hidden page on the elements of harmony Night Spell finds in one of the old history books.

Map of Equestria

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Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic. Separated they are powerless, but with the power of Unity, no evil shall prevail. Through the power of the seven, a force unmatched is made.
~Star Swirl the Bearded

The wind tore at Cadence’s face as she gallops for her life through the forsaken forest. On her heals, a group of terrifying armored boars chased after her. Effectively crippled from an injured wing, all Cadence could do was gallop as fast as she could. Sweat was pouring off her brow.

I have to get to Noveria. I have to get this safe. I have to get this to the gates.

In her possession was a dazzling white jewel. It glowed with miraculous luster under the moonlit night. She gasped and wheezed as she struggled to stay ahead of her pursuers. Her legs were growing weak and her stride was slowing. As she broke through the tree line with the town within reach, the vicious boars were on her heals.

“Give it to us now, princess!” The leader of the beasts spat. “Or we’ll take it by force!” The razor sharp tusks of the boars jutted out as if to puncture ones side. Slowly the boars came closer and closer and closer to Cadence, boxing her in. The piercing tusks were now inches from her sides. “Hand it over!” they screamed. Desperately she looked for a way out. Suddenly it hit her. She focused her glance at the city gates. With all of her remaining strength, she concentrated her power into her horn. As the boars squeezed in on her, she vanished in a flash of blue light. The shocked pursuers collided with one another tumbling and crashing into the dirt.

A few hundred feet away, the dazed and exhausted Cadence reappeared, the gem still in her possession. Frantically she sprinted into the city. The teleportation spell gave her a little more time but soon enough the pursuers were back at her heels.
“If you want this,” She proclaimed, “You’re gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hooves!” The boars bared their nasty teeth in a sneer.

“What a wonderful idea.” They replied. This response frightened Cadence and only made her sprint faster. In one last attempt to lose her attackers she kicked over the trading carts and storage barrels in the market. To her luck the dim witted boars tripped and slipped on her trap.

After hours of galloping she had finally made it. The large alicorn statues of the equestrian gates rose high into the sky in front of her. She was going to make it she thought. As she walked up the steps to the gates’ alter, she was ambushed. She was surrounded by the vicious brutes that had been chasing her.

“Did you really think you could get away?” A masked figure questioned with a sneer walking towards her. Cadence held tightly onto the gem in her pack. “There’s nowhere to run.” The figure laughed “Hand over the element and I may let you live.”

A weak smile came to Cadence’s face. “You’ll have to kill me first.” With the last of her energy she yelled, “Mico!” A blinding flash engulfed the beasts instantly, causing them to scatter. In this chaos, Cadence darted up the stairs to the gates. At the top she placed the gem in the center of alter. “Regni custodes, exaudi orationem meam. Mitte hanc materiam ab eo. Dimitte homines, ut terra.” She prayed.

The horns on the two alicorn statues began to glow with a magnificent light. The sparkling gem began to levitate in the air. Suddenly two beam of energy shot from the horns and collided with each other. A large portal appeared above the alter, like a zipper being undone.

“STOP HER!” The masked figure screamed, but it was too late. A moment later, the gem vanished in a simmer of sparkling light. The portal closed and the glowing horns on the alicorns faded. Cadence collapsed to the ground exhausted, unable to prevent the inevitable any longer. The evil beasts surrounded her once again. “Where did you send it?” The dark figure asked approaching her. Cadence remained silent. The figure swung at her with its clawed gauntlets placing a large bleeding gash across her face. “WHERE DID YOU SEND THE ELEMENT?” He screamed.

“Somewhere you can never reach.” Cadence coughed, spitting up blood. “You will never see the element again.” The dark figure pulled out a piercing, poisonous blade and placed it against her neck.

“I shall ask you one last time,” He spat, “Where did you send the element of unity?” But Cadence remained silent knowing that what would follow would be the end.

“Do you have anything you wish to say?” the figure asked preparing for the final blow.

“Shining, I’ll be with you soon.” She called to the sky.

She closed her eyes and the figure swung.

Chapter 1: Your Most Faithful Student

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The elder sister took on responsibility of both sun and moon and harmony has been maintained for generations since. Night Spell closed her huge book, The Unabridged History of Equestria.

"I think that's enough history for one afternoon." She said to herself as she stood up and stretched from under the tree she was reading by. With one quick swish of her horn, she shut the book and placed it in her side bag. The young, iris coated, cobalt maned filly took a deep breath of fresh summer air. The smell of fresh lavender and lily tickled her nose as she walked through the Canterlot gardens. She loved it here at the castle. She loved being in Princess Twilight's School for Gifted Unicorns. She was astonished when the princess herself asked her to be her personal protégé at the school. She loved the princess. Ever since her mom died Princess Twilight had been a second mother to her.

"Good afternoon Night Spell!" one of the castle gardeners greeted.

"Good afternoon Tiger Lily." she replied. Night Spell had been here long enough that she knew all the castle staff by name. She felt at home. She knew everypony and everypony knew her. As she walked into the grand hall, she stopped to gaze at the huge stained glass windows lining the walls. Each of the huge windows showed a picture of equestrian history from the regal sisters defeating Discord to when the Great Equine War ended. Night Spell could sit there for hours and imagine how it would be at that time.

"Day dreaming at the windows again are we?" a soothing voice asked. Embarrassed, Night Spell sheepishly turned around to face the smiling Princess Twilight. "You certainly love your history don't you?"

"Yes Princess." Night Spell nodded. "I really do." Princess Twilight smiled. She turned and began to walk towards the end of the hall. Like a small child, Night Spell scurried to catch up with her. Twilight silently chuckled to herself. Night Spell reminded her so much of herself at her age studying under Princess Celestia. Except for her sister, Princess Luna, Twilight was the closest to Celestia. Even after Twilight's coronation she was still very close to her. It was Celestia's influence that convinced Twilight to open her school for gifted unicorns. "What was it like back then?" Night Spell asked.

"Many things have happened during my time." Twilight explained. "And many lasting friendships I have made." Twilight paused to look at the window of when she and the rest of the mane six defeated Nightmare Moon. Twilight's eyes began to fill with tears. The concerned and confused Night Spell wondered why she was crying at something so wonderful. Twilight placed her hoof against the window as if she were trapped behind the glass. "I miss them..." It had been over a century since Applejack passed away; the last of her friends to do so. Twilight, being an alicorn, would never naturally die.

"Princess?" Night Spell asked, "Are you okay?" Twilight had completely forgotten that she was there with her. Wiping away her tears she nodded.

"I'm fine little one." She answered, "Just a little lonely." All of Twilight's closest friends, except for Spike who had become one of the greatest elders in Equestria, had died some time ago. Even Celestia, Luna and Cadence had tragically passed on during the Great Equine War. She wished more than anything to see them again.

"But I'm here aren't I?" Night Spell exclaimed. Twilight smiled.

"Yes you are and I'm very happy you are." Twilight bent down and hugged her student. "We better get moving along." She said "We've got some spells to work on." Night Spell nodded and the two, teacher and student, walk out of the room together.


As much as Night Spell loved studying under Princess Twilight, the droning lectures that Twilight gave about every spell bored her out of her mind. Every hour-long lesson it was the same thing. Ten minutes of actually practicing the spell and fifty minutes of listening to Twilight babble on about how her favorite unicorn, Star Swirl the Bearded, discovered the spell. As much as Night Spell loved history, Twilight's lectures could bored any student to sleep.

"Alright, are you ready to try the rejuvenation spell?" Twilight asked rather loudly completely knowing that she had made her pupil dose off. Night Spell shot up in her seat frightened and a little confused. She got up and walked over to a dead, potted plant next to Twilight. "Since this is your first time doing this spell, I want you to cast it out loud." Twilight explained. Night Spell nodded. She steadied her stance and focused on the dead plant. She concentrated her energy and her horn began to glow a deep violet. The dead plant began to shimmer as a magical link between Night Spell and the plant was formed. With a little resistance, she flicked her horn at the plant.

"Recreantur" she commanded. The dead plant suddenly began to bend and twist as if time itself was being reversed. The petals regrew and the green pigment returned to the blossom. Night Spell relaxed and in front of her was a vibrant, blooming chrysanthemum.

"Well done! You did it!" Twilight praised. Night Spell beamed. She enjoyed receiving compliments from her teacher. "Now practice makes perfect. Do it again." Twilight flicked her horn at the flower and muttered, "Mortuus" The plant instantly shriveled and died again. Night Spell once again readied herself in front of the plant.

"Recrenter" she blurted out. A bolt of magic shot from Night Spell's horn knocking her over. It ricocheted around the room and bounced off the wall until finally, it smack Twilight square in the face bursting in a shower of sparks and smoke. "Princess!" she screamed in concern. "Princess are you alright?" The smoke cleared and a shocked and hair singed Twilight stood in front of her. Looking at the damage, Twilight weakly grinned. "Princess, I'm so sorry,"

"Well," Twilight whimpered, "It could have been worse." Suddenly, in a minute of inspiration, Twilight had an idea. "Hey! This is the perfect chance to fix the problem!" She exclaimed, "Do the spell again and it should fix it." Scared and shaking from adrenaline, Night Spell got up an stood in front of Princess Twilight. "Now remember to pronounce the entire spell this time." Night Spell, still shaking, readied herself one last time.

With the flick of her horn, "Recreantur" she commanded. Twilight winced as the spell began to take effect. Her soot and flash burns disappeared and her mane regrew to its former glory. As if time had once again been reversed, Twilight blemishes disappeared. Night Spell relaxed, now physically drained from spell casting.

Magic is not easy for any unicorn. It is extremely demanding of body and mind. Do one spell that is to straining or too many times and even the strongest can die. Only through practice and training can a unicorn reach there full potential.

"Good work." Twilight complimented admiring her, now shimmering, hair. Night Spell weakly smiled. "The spell of rejuvenation. Repairs damaged or destroyed objects, and is a great body cleanser." She joked. Night Spell couldn't help but burst out laughing. The two fell on the ground laughing. In the commotion two of the castle's royal guards walked in completely confused.

"Your Highness, is everything alright?" The confused captain asked. Embarrassed, Twilight quickly stood back up.

"Yes everything is fine," She replied, "What is the problem?" The captain snapped out of his confusion.

"Dinner has been prepared." He informed.

"Oh gosh is it that late already?" She exclaimed. Night Spell got up from the floor and followed the guards and the princess out the door.

After dinner, Night Spell was free for the rest of the evening which meant one of two things: that she was heading to the library, or she was going to the rooftop observatory to read. On that night she had some reading to do. "Now where was I?" she asked as she open up her huge history book under the star covered night sky. She found where she left off and continued to read.

Chapter 2: BSBFF

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Friendship is not complete without unity. You can be the nicest ponies in Equestria, but without unity, you will never be friends ~ Spike the First

The scorched, soot covered ground crunched beneath his feet. The land of Boardor had a certain luster to Dissension. It had been two years since he had first set foot in this abysmal, volcanic place of malevolence. The sheik shine of his black coat had all but disappeared, replaced by soot and dust. The hill he was standing on overlook a large excavation site. In it, hundreds of vicious boars worked like slaves, mining and digging until they literally dropped dead. The site was amusing yet extraordinarily testing of Dissension. His patience was running out.

A lone boar weakly and nervously walked up to him. "Master," he whimpered, "Tunnels six and seven have reached bedrock." Dissension's gaze focused on the cowering beast.

"And?" he asked.

"Neither tunnel found the element." the boar whimpered. Before the creature could continue his report, the now furious Dissension slammed his hoof into the boars face shattering a tusk and losing many teeth.

"Horrendum Doloris!" He cursed. The beast thrashed and squealed in pain as the curse took hold. "You continue to fail me swine!" He spat. "And this has been one time to many." A sudden fear overcame the boar.

"Master, please, have mercy!" he pleaded but his fate had already been decided.

"Decido!" He screamed. There was a flash of red smoke and the beast squealed. A moment later the smoke cleared and the limp body of the boar appeared, dead. "How much longer must I wait!" He yelled. His voice reverberated off the mountains towards the site below. "All this pain for one cursed stone!" His anger exploded. He hated that pink alicorn. It was because of Cadence that he was in this God forsaken place in the world. He may have had the pleasure of extinguishing her life but she had had the last laugh. The element was gone and he had no clue of where it was. "When I find that element Cadence," He called to the sky, "I will destroy everything you ever loved!" He turned and looked towards the setting sun, the direction of Equestria. "Starting with your family."


A day off. One of the rarest days Night Spell ever got. A day to do whatever she wanted. She could go to the busy streets of the shopping district, or spend her day dosing in the gardens. She could head off to Drakes peak just a few miles outside of town and visit Spike. Night Spell yawned as she got out of bed. She had slept late, but no one pounded on her door telling her she was late for her teachings. She smiled and stretched. She walked into the wash room and looked in the mirror. She had slept well, that's for sure as her hair had become an entangled mess.

"Adduc, dignissim," she called. The doors to the vanity under the sink opened and out of it flew an elegant brush. After struggling for ten minutes with her hair she gives up. She looked in the mirror again, nothing had changed. The bed head hadn’t come out at all. "This is hopeless, I can't go out like this." She complained. Then she remembered what she had learned the day prior. "Of course! The rejuvenation spell repairs damage!" She exclaimed. She looked in the mirror and focused on the rats’ nest of her mane. She flicked her horn and cast, "Recreantur," The spell bounce off the mirror as Night Spell had expected and hit her. As if a tiny needle was undoing a seam, the knots began to untangle and her split ends mended back to normal. A refreshing scent of lavender and lilac filled the room as Night Spell's shimmering mane finished being mended. The spell had more than worked. Her mane had stylized it's self into an intricate French braid. After a few minutes of gawking in the mirror at the result of the spell, Night Spell heard a knock at her door. It was light and fast.

"Nighty?" a little voice called from beyond the door. Night Spell smiled and opened it. Behind the door were the huge eyes of Twilight's daughter Star Glimmer. Night Spell knelt down and hugged the little filly.

"What are you doing over here without your mother?" she asked. Star Glimmer wasn't allowed to wander the castle alone and she knew it. The filly picked at the floor.

"I just wanted to say hi..." she whimpered. Night Spell smiled. She had meant well. She only wanted to be with the closest thing to a sister she had.

"Let's get you back to your mom." Night Spell said as she ushered her down the hall.

"Wait!" Star Glimmer called out. Night Spell turned around and looked questioningly at the little unicorn. "Can you show me a trick first?" Night Spell giggled. Star Glimmer loved watching her practice spells. Especially when it involved her being levitated or changed color.

"All right," she agreed, "But then we have to get you back to your mother." Star Glimmer nodded.

"Do the floaty one!" the filly exclaimed jumping up and down. Night Spell smiled and focused on Star Glimmer.

Levata" she commanded. A lavender aura surrounded the giddy foal and lifted her into the air. Star Glimmer's eyes grew wide with excitement.

"I'm flying!" she squealed. Night Spell couldn't help but smile. The sight of the laughing filly brought happiness to her heart. "Catch me! Catch me!" She called. Night Spell maneuvered her over her head and released Star Glimmer from the spell. Night Spell spread her hooves and caught her in her arms. "Yay!" Star Glimmer squealed. "Again! Again!"

"But we have to get you back to your mother." Night Spell tried to explain but the little filly wouldn't listen. It seemed like Star Glimmer was determined not to go with her. Then she got an idea. "Alright fine. One more." She conceded. Star Glimmer beamed with pride, happy that she had gotten what she wanted. "Hop on my back." Night Spell said. Star Glimmer lifted an eyebrow but hopped on. Night Spell smirked. She had fallen right into her trap. She focused on the throne room of the castle and an image of it appeared in her head. She concentrated all her power into her horn and commanded, "Lanuae Magicae" As if she was being sucked through a straw, her body was stretched, twisted and pulled as the ground around her swirled until they landed at their destination, the throne room. An astonished Twilight stood before her as the last remnants of the spell dissipated away.

“That was so cool!” Star Glimmer squealed. Then she realized where Night Spell had taken her. “Aw man! Nighty you stinker,” Night Spell smirked. She had beaten her at her own game.

“Now, now Star Glimmer,” Twilight cautioned. The now crabby filly stuck her tongue out at Night Spell. She raised an eyebrow at her and Star Glimmer went pale. She apologized immediately and returned to Twilight. “Thank you for bringing her back to me. I was just starting to get a little worried,” It was often that Star Glimmer would run off on her own and even more often that she would end up in trouble.

“Not a problem, Princess,” Night Spell replied.

“Say I heard that the Ponytones are in town today at Joe’s coffee and donut shop,” Twilight informed her. “Why not head over there and pop in for a visit?” Music, a cup of coffee and a donut sounded like a wonderful way to start the day. She nodded in agreement and headed out ready to start her day off.

Chapter 3: Peculiar Publications

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Knowledge isn't what makes us truly happy. Only through relationships do we become joyful.
~Princess Twilight Sparkle

Unlike the regal, elegant towers of the castle, over the century, Canterlot had become a massive city, stretching all the way to the base of the of the mountain. Skyscrapers rose to soaring heights above the ground, some of them reaching as high as the castle. Canterlot had become as large, if not larger than the megalopolis of Manehatten. Even with the crowded streets and busy roadways of the city, Night Spell had spent enough time here to know how to navigate to where she wanted to go. The busy crowded streets didn't bother her, in fact she liked it. No pony bothered her as she went on her way. No pony stopped her to chat or invite her to some event she would blow off. She was left alone, and that was just fine to her.

She passed in and out of Joe's Cafe with only speaking to the cashier. A maple glazed doughnut and a large caramel mochachino were all that she wanted. With breakfast in hoof, she headed to the Royal Library. To her, the perfect day was a day of reading and relaxing... with no one to bother her. The Canterlot Royal Library was the largest library in Equestria by far. Over 40 million books and documents of all kinds were kept within its walls. That's why Night Spell loved it so much. As she entered the large towering doors of the library, her stress began to melt away.

Book after book after book she began to pull off the shelf, reading to her heart's content. Books of all kinds interested her. Novels, science fiction even cheesy romance stories all had a place in her heart. As she would come to the end of one book, she was already beginning her next one. By that afternoon Night Spell had already finished five novels. She didn't even notice when the librarian approached her.

"Excuse me young mare, I hope you intend to put these all back," The librarian scolded in a huff. Night Spell brushed her off but did what she asked and began to return the books to their proper place. As she placed the final book in its slot, something caught her eye. A ragged old history book seemed to leap off the shelf at her.

"Ma'am?" She addressed the librarian, "Which book is that one?" she pointed. The non-amused and seemingly bored librarian pulled the dust ridden book from the shelf to identify it.

"It is the Equestrian Historia the 659th edition," She announced in a monotone voice. Night Spell's jaw dropped.

"That book is over two hundred years old!" She exclaimed.

"Very observant," The librarian replied. The sarcasm in her voice could have filled the entire library. Night Spell took the book and returned to where she had been reading. "I better not find anything in that book ruined, understand?" The grouchy librarian warned. She carefully opened the historic text and began to read. Night Spell's eyes glistened as her mind took her with on a journey through time.

"After the fall of discord," She read out loud to herself, "Equestria was held together by the power of the elements of harmony." Night Spell's mind began to drift away to that time as she did with every book she read. "Each of the elements blessed the land making it even more prosperous for ponies. The element of honesty granted the land fertile soil. Plants and grains flourished on Equestria's open plains. The element of kindness brought creatures big and small to the land creating a diverse ecosystem. The element of laughter brought peace throughout the land. War and fighting ended and the Great Peace in Equestria began. The element of generosity gifted Equestria with precious metals. Gold, silver, diamond and ruby were embedded into the earth among many other beautiful jewels. The element of loyalty gave allies to Equestria. The Griffins to the north, the deer to the south and the zebras across the Quiet Sea all pledged to help Equestria in it's hour of need. The element of magic granted, in turn, magic to all unicorns and wings to all the pegasi. With this the population of Equestria effectively tripled. With these elements Equestria thrived. But without ---- no lasting peace could be kept." Night Spell could barely make out the last few words in the article. "Without what?" she wondered. She read on. "The -------- was the most important of all. ----- eradicated all evil from the land making an eternal peace in Equestria." Now Night Spell was even more confused. "This makes no sense," She exclaimed, "It's as if someone intentionally blurred out those words." She was baffled and shocked that someone would intentionally ruin a book. She turned back to the librarian who had returned with a cart of books to put back. "Ma'am is this the only copy of the Equestrian Historia you have?"

"What you see is what you get." The librarian snapped. Night Spell had had enough of this crabby librarian. There was only one pony Night Spell knew that might be able to give her some more information about this book, and she lived in the castle at the top of the mountain.

"I wish to check this one out if you don't mind." She said in an edgy voice. The librarian sighed, mumbled under her breath and brought Night Spell to the check out desk.

"It's due back here in two weeks. Any later and you'll be fined," the librarian explained as she finished checking out the book, "If I find anything wrong with it when it comes back, there will be consequences. Understood?" Night Spell nodded and took the book. She walked out the doors of the library heading back towards the castle gate. She had questions that needed answering. Night Spell had always known that the elements of harmony had protected and helped the land, but never before had she heard about some other thing that was even more important than the elements. As Night Spell kept thinking about it, more questions filled her head. Her pace quickened as she continued to find more things that needed answers.

Chapter 4: Late Night Enchantments

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Anypony can learn to be happy... but friendship does it fastest! ~ Pinkie Pie

When Night Spell made it back to the castle, it was already early evening. For all she knew, Princess Twilight wasn't even there, but she went looking for her anyways. She didn't have to look for very long. Twilight had just sat down in the banquet hall for dinner. "Princess! Sorry to interrupt your meal, but I found something peculiar." Twilight sighed having only taken a few bites of her hot meal.

"Well, don't keep me wondering," Twilight joked, "Show it to me." Night Spell pulled the dusty history book out of her bag and placed in front of her. "The Equestrian Historia?" Twilight questioned, "What is so peculiar about this book?"

"First off," Night Spell began, "For a book two hundred years old it has held together very well. And secondly, something important was deliberately removed in it." She turned to the page she had been looking at in the library. Twilight read through the page and by the end of it, her eyes had widened.

"Where did you find this book?" She asked somewhat frantic.

"At the Royal Library," Night Spell answered in a confused and guessing tone, "It was on one of the shelves in a very strange place as if it wanted to be found." Twilight snapped the book closed startling Night Spell.

"You are to bring this book back to the library right away." Twilight commanded. "You are to tell the librarian that this book is to be placed in deep storage until I say other wise." Night Spell was confused.

"Why?" She asked, "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. But this book should have never left from the archives," Twilight answered. "Take it back to the library."

"The library's closed by now. It won't be open till tomorrow morning," Night Spell replied. Twilight sighed and gave the book back to her.

"Then bring it in first thing tomorrow." She concluded. Night Spell nodded and took the book back.

Later that night after most of the castle staff had gone to bed, Night Spell opened the book again. Why would the princess not want this book out? Night Spell turned to the vandalized page and stared, puzzled. The idea of not being able to know what those missing word were was eating at her terribly.

"There isn't much I can do about it," Night Spell told herself," "It's not as if it was enchanted to look this way." Her eyes widened as realized she had given herself the answer. "Of course!" she exclaimed, "rejuvenation!" Night Spell quietly giggled finding it funny that the answer had been right under her muzzle. She drew all the curtains shut and locked the door. She was going to have to be quick, quiet, and not seen. If Twilight or any of the guards saw what she was doing, it could get her in a heap of trouble. She carefully propped the book up on her bed and took a step back. "All right Night Spell," she coached herself, "You can do this. Do this right and you'll finally know what this page really says. Do it wrong," she look at the door, "well, lets just get it right." She focused on the smudged page, specifically on the words. As she concentrated, her horn, the book and the walls began to glow violet. She glanced at the door hoping no one had seen the now illuminated room. "Recreantur," she whispered. The book began to levitate off of the bed glowing ever more brightly. Once again, as if time was being reversed, the once mangled, dirty book began to mend itself. Night Spell watched in awe as the yellowness of the pages returned to their former glory. As quick as it started, it was over. The book plopped back onto the bed and the violet glow faded away from the room. Night Spell swiftly cracked open the door and scanned the hallway for anyone who might have seen the shimmer from her room. Not a soul in sight. She locked the door again and then turned her attention to the brand new copy of The Equestrian Historia.

"With these elements Equestria thrived. But without unity no lasting peace could be kept. The element of unity was the most important of all. Unity eradicated all evil from the land making an eternal peace in Equestria." She read. Night Spell's eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "There's another element of harmony!?" she questioned. From all of the books, papers, and stories Night Spell had read she had always known there to be six elements, but now this book was claiming otherwise. She rubbed her eyes trying to make sure what she was reading was correct. She sat there staring at the page bewildered and unsure of what to do next.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Night Spell jumped, being yanked back into reality. Franticly she stuffed the book under her pillow and put on a convincing sleep deprived face. She slowly approached the door to make it seem like she had just woken up. She slowly opened the door to find Star Glimmer there shaking. "What are you doing up so late?" Night Spell asked, terrified that she had been found out.

"I had a nightmare..." She whimpered. Night Spell gently smiled and took her in her hooves.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Night Spell asked, "It might make you feel better." Star Glimmer sniffed and wiped her face.

"I was alone in the dark..." She stammered, "I saw mommy lying on the ground, but I couldn't wake her up..." Star Glimmer's words turned into sobs. Night Spell was shocked. Star Glimmer was known to have nightmares before, but usually about monsters or the Everfree Forest.

"It was only a nightmare." Night Spell soothed, trying to calm the foal down, "Your mother is just fine." In her head though, thoughts raced. Premonitions were not unheard of in unicorns and since this dream was not normal for Star Glimmer, it made Night Spell more anxious. She sat there in the hallway calming Star Glimmer for a long time, unsure of what exactly to do. "Lets get you back to your room." Night Spell decided. By now Star Glimmer was calm enough to walk with her.

As they headed back to her room, they passed Twilight's chambers. The two quietly peeked in. To both of their relief, all was well as the princess slept soundly. "You see?" Night Spell said softly, "Everything is fine." Star Glimmer nodded and continued to her room. "Now try to get some rest okay?"

"Okay..." Star Glimmer whimpered as she returned to her bed.

"Goodnight." Night Spell whispered as she closed the door.

"Goodnight... I love you BSBFF..." Star Glimmer whispered back. Night Spell smiled and closed the door. As she returned to her room, her mind continued to race.

First the book and know this? She thought to herself. If Star Glimmer had truly just had a premonition, the thought terrified Night Spell. Twilight was the closest pony to a mother she had ever known. If she was gone, she wouldn't know what to do. Night Spell got back into her bed but couldn't sleep. She lay there quietly by herself, shaking, thinking through her own nightmare.