• Published 26th Mar 2012
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"I'm not a Chicken" - TrebleBass

Scootaloo questions her actions as she finds herself in the dark and rain, alone.

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In Retrospect

The rain was getting harder outside, and the drops on the window were speeding down the glass. One could barely see the buildings outside, the stars hadn't come out yet this early during the night, and the crescent moon still on the horizon minimized the light in the town to only what the streetlamps provided.

The filly tried to sit up, but a pain in her ribs stopped her. Since she couldn't get up, she looked around the room she was currently in. Her neck was stiff, so her view was limited, but she saw enough.She laid on a white bed, in a white room divided by a curtain in the middle. To her left was a window, and to her right were two chairs occupied by sleeping ponies. Each one had dried tears on their faces, and their manes were disheveled. One, in her hoof, held a red apple, that was now a faint brown; she either had been keeping it with her for long, or it wasn't fresh when she got it. Applebloom hoped for the latter. The other pony was a white filly, barely small enough to curl up in the chair. Snuggled up to her face was a crudely-made picture frame, which held a photo of her and her 2 closest friends.

"A..Applejack? Sweetie? What are ya'll doin' here? And for that matter, what am I doin' here?"

The orange mare blinked her eyes open, and took a second to hear what her sister had said, but when she realized her eyes opened wide and she flew to the bed.

"APPLEBLOOM! YOU'RE AWAKE! Quick, sweetie! Wake up! Applebloom's okay!!"

She was about ready to jump onto her and hug her, before remembering the bandages around her stomach and chest. However Sweetie Bell, just waking up with a yawn, didn't quite remember those stitches, and jumped right ontop of her friend, tears running down from her eyes, just as AppleJack. Applebloom smiled, but her pain got the best of her, and let out a groan. Sweetie, realizing this, quickly jumped off her, but kept her face as close to Applebloom's as she could.

"Thank Celestia you're okay, you had us worryin' sick!"

Applebloom, remembering the decaying Apple AJ had, asked a question that she was afraid of, but had to know.

"AJ, how... how long 'ave I been out?"

Applejack kept her compassionate face when she was asked, which was relief enough for Applebloom. "A few hours," She was now petting Applebloom's head to help her relax, "They had 'ta give you some painkillers, so you were sleepin' for awhile." Her face grew a little more tense, and her smile lowered a bit, not much, but enough for her sister to notice and grow a little tense as well. "You were in a lot of pain, the doctors said, but the painkillers helped that after they gave 'em to ya."

Then, her composure fell apart. She turned her head, and closed her eyes to hide her feelings from Applebloom. Tears began to drop onto the floor; her hooves could not hold them, and neither could she. "We were so worried about you!" Her voice became raspy as she choked on her own grief. She could barely speak anymore.

Applebloom was crying now too: she couldn't hold it back, not with both her sister and one of her closest friends falling apart beside her.

Wait... ONE of her closest friends. Where was Scootaloo?

She struggled to remember what happened before, before she was in a hospital. "Let's try that new comedy club, I bet you that our cutie marks have to do with comedy! And if not, check it off the list!" ... "I don't know Sweetie, I'm not to funny... and no offense, neither are ya'll." ... "C'mon Applebloom, we gotta try it! Sweetie, lead the way!"

"I... I just have a question." She spoke up, unsure if the two were capable at explaining anything in this condition. Then again, it was better than what she knew.

"Make that two...One bein'.... how'd I get this here" She pointed to the large bandages surrounding her body. "Also... where's Scoots?"

Applejack tried her best not to show it, but her anger was felt through her voice. "Why don't ya'll ask Sweetie Bell, I'm sure she could answer both your questions, with the same buckin' answer."

Confused by this, Applebloom looked to Sweetie bell, who was now crying into her hooves, not with joy, but this time with anguish. She could tell that there wasn't going to be anything said for a while, so she began to think. to herself. What happened? Think! What happened at the Comedy Club?

She sat there in the bed, staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours. A doctor or nurse walked in every now and then, but they didn't ask questions, they just pressed a couple buttons and trotted back out: there was obviously more important stuff going on in the hospital.
There was more important stuff going on in Ponyville.
"Applebloom? You there?"

She snapped out of her trance, and looked back at AJ sitting in the chair beside her in the hospital room. Sweetie Bell had gone home; she used up all her tears, not to mention she hadn't slept much since the incident. Besides, Rarity was probably worried sick about her.

"Yea, I'm here. Just spaced out or somethin' there."

"Heh, don't be doin' that now. Them broken ribs are enough, I don't need you comin' home a zombie."

Applebloom looked away from her sister and stared out the window. The rain had gotten heavier and the first flashes of lightning filled the sky, followed by deep roars of thunder. The moon was at it's peak in the night-sky, and shined some extra light on the now flooded roads. She looked down at the bed.

I hope Scootaloo is okay...


Sweetie Bell was soaked by the time she got home under the moon-light; both from the rain, and her own tears. She slammed the door shut, as she did, some water dropped onto the floor. Tonight had been terrible. She couldn't take anymore of it, she just wanted to go to bed. She trotted past a mirror and looked at herself. Rarity would have a fit if she saw me like this... then again, she is probably already freaking out... me being out this late and all.
She took a glance out the window at the rain: she heard shouts of ponies all around ponyville, trying to find Scootaloo. She caught the occasional glimpse of a pegasus in the air, and saw bursts of magic in the air from unicorns trying to create some light. However, the rain wouldn't allow it, and the magic flares were put out almost as soon as they got in the air.

Sweetie Bell walked towards the kitchen and saw Rarity asleep on the table, wearing her 'panic' outfit, which was simply a night-gown she wore in bed whenever she was sick, or 'scared sick'. Sweetie went forward to wake her sister up, preparing for a pummeling of questions with all kinds of emotions, due to Rarity's very common mood swings.

Scootaloo... what have you gotten yourself into?


Noon the next day.
And It still rained.

Standing in rows at the ceremony, everypony in ponyville gathered, just as they did for every funeral they had. Ponies showing sorrow for the families that had just lost the most they could lose, and yet, a little bit of wanting to simply go home and enjoy the Sunday they had just lost. A death was a death, there was no arguing that, however; of all the ponies in ponyville, the younger ones couldn't help but think Good riddance to that brat .

In the front row stood the 3 ponies most heartbroken by the event. By the casket stood a gray stallion who, despite trying his best to keep his composure, felt streams of tears running down his face. The other stallion standing next to him saw this, and couldn't help but speak up.

"Come now Deep Pockets, this is no late night outing nor Gala event. This your daughters funeral, and if you refuse to show emotions now, you might as well throw them away."

The father walked forward and looked upon the ponies of ponyville; his brother and friend, Filthy Rich, stood next to him, along with a bandaged filly in a wheel-chair. Everypony else stood staring, not a tear in their eyes. He was ready now. It was time to bury the casket.

Staring out the window, Rainbow Dash watched as they lowered it into the hole. Leaning her head on her hoof, her gaze moved from the ceremony to the clouds around her floating home. She might have been the only pony not at the funeral, but she was still as depressed as the rest of them. Well, not the only pony. She glanced back at the sleeping orange filly on her bed, still covered with tears from the night before.

That filly got herself in too much trouble this time. Filthy Rich and Deep Pockets want her LYNCHED! Along with that, Applejack is refusing to talk to me. What... am I going to do with you?

She smirked as the little filly kicked and turned in her sleep. Dash couldn't help but smile at her.

For now... I have to keep an eye on you and keep you out of anymore trouble.
With a final thought, she trotted over to the cloud bed and laid down next to the filly. She placed her wing over her, which was immediately clung to as Scootaloo pushed herself into Rainbow Dash's cyan fur.
She suddenly rolled around violently, flopping her hooves about, letting out mumbles of gibberish. Dash pulled her closer to calm her down, which she eventually did. Before going back to a motionless sleep, she muttered something.