• Published 26th Mar 2012
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"I'm not a Chicken" - TrebleBass

Scootaloo questions her actions as she finds herself in the dark and rain, alone.

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Drops of rain came down from the dark sky as the filly ran through the trees. She was not welcome at home, not anymore. She sped through puddles of water and mud, not caring about getting dirty. If anything, this was cleaning her.

The rain was coming down harder and she began looking for a small shelter, which was found as a sturdy branch on a large oak. She laid down on top of it and thought as the storm outside was getting louder and louder. She still got wet, as the leafs could not block all the water, but it was better than out in the open.

"I'm going to die out here." The pony said to herself, looking at her once orange coat, now covered in mud and foliage. "I'm going to die out here, and I'll have no one to blame but myself." She began to cry, but the rain dripping on her concealed all evidence of it.

"If only I had control! If only I hadn't lost it! Maybe I would still be home... with my friends." She looked up at the moon. On nights like this, Dash would let her sleep on the clouds with her, keeping her dry in her floating home. But... that was all over... not even Dash would forgive her of this.

She shook her head. "Snap out of it Scoots! There's no changing the past... I've got to look forward. What in the name of-" she stopped herself. She dare not swear to Celestia- She did not show kindness towards... her kind. "... What am I going to do."

Flashes of lightning and the roar of thunder blasted above her. "For one... I should find some shelter, these apple trees won't do well against lightning. Also, I'm a little too close to town... they could find me here."

Scootaloo hopped down from the tree, using her wings to soften the fall. But... her wings couldn't stop the mud from making her slip. She fell backwards and slammed her head into the tree. She faded away as the rain continued to pour onto her face.


"I told ya'll that comedy wasn't our talent!" Applebloom said in a "I told you so" kind of voice. The three Crusaders trotted down from the stage as rotten tomatoes were flung from the audience.

"Well, at least we got that out of the way... Now we can focus on other stuff, more cooler stuff!" Scootaloo said, leading the trio as they left the building.

"What else IS there to do?" asked Sweetie Bell. "We've done just about everything, even things that nopony would EVER have as a special talent." She thought back to the zip-lining incident and shivered at the pain from that fall.
"I have an idea!"

The three looked around to find Silverspoon and Diamond Tiara standing next to a food stall in the market place that was across from the Improv-House. "What do YOU two want?" asked Scootaloo in a sarcastic voice.

"Well," said Diamond Tiara "We heard you three still don't have you're cutie marks, and we wanted to help."

Applebloom chuckled "That's a good one, ya'll wanting to 'help' us." Sweetie Bell chimed in-"Okay then, what's the catch? What prank are you trying to pull this time?"

Silverspoon and Diamond kept their sympathetic looks as they walked up to the three. "Paa-leeaase Sweetie Bell, we've changed since a year ago! We're no longer those 'bratty' types, we want to help."

Scootaloo turned away, followed by the rest of the Crusaders. "Help? We don't need your help. We don't need anyponies help! We're doing fine on our own!" She led the ponies down the side alley to avoid having to walk around the two rich ponies.

"Okay wait!" Yelled Diamond Tiara, walking a couple feet towards the three, "The truth is, our daddy's won't give us our allowances unless we prove to him that we're nice, and we thought what better way than to help 3 losers get their 'cutie'-marks."

Scootaloo gave a quick glance back "More the reason for us NOT to let you help!"

Diamond lost her temper and flared at the orange Pegasus "Now listen here you little gelder**! You'll help us or we will end you!"

"Please, like we're afraid of you two." Scootaloo snorted towards the two.

"Oh, you will be. You forget what connections we have! We can ruin your pathetic excuses of lives! You think about that you worthless Chicken!"

Scootaloo tensed up, her cool attitude melted away. 'Chicken'.... She hated when somepony dared to call her that. "Call me that again... and see what happens..."

Diamond smirked, "Oh, what? You mean... Chicken?" Scootaloo now turned around, her eyes red with anger. "Oh look, the chicken's mad!" Diamond started chuckling.

"I'm... not... a chicken!" Scootaloo began walking towards the two fillies. Silverspoon began to get scared by the approaching pony, but Diamond did not slow her teasing. "What's the chicken going to do? Lay an egg!?"
Scootaloo was now face to face with Diamond, her wings stuck out and her nostrils flared. "DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!"

Diamond didn't notice the signs in front of her, she continued to speak with more sarcasm and arrogance. She closed her eyes,turned her head and placed her hoof and her cheek. "Ohhhhh heeeeelllp Silverspoon, I'm about to be attacked by a ferocious chi-" She turned and opened her eyes, only to be met with two hind hooves. She was sent flying into the alley wall, and blood spilt on the floor.
"I'M... NOT... A CHICKEN!" Scootaloo said, now standing over her.
Silverspoon was left silent and frozen at the sight. Diamond wasn't moving... and her... she wasn't breathing!

Scootaloo was now calming down from her rage, and realized what she had just done. She turned to her friends, who were now cowering behind a trash-can. Her stomach clinched and her breath began to convulse. She looked back at Silverspoon, who was about to turn and scream. She had to. She couldn't get in trouble!
Scootaloo immediately dashed towards Silverspoon, who barely had opened her mouth, and kicked her in the back of the head. She fell to the floor, blood coming out of her mouth.

She saw her foot move, and immediately stopped its motion. She kicked her head; again... and again... and again. Her orange coat and purple mane were being stained by the splattering blood

She felt a hoof on her shoulder. IT WAS DIAMOND TIARA! SHE MUST HAVE GOTTEN BACK UP! Scootaloo whipped around and extended her legs, making contact on the filly's chest. After the kick, she ran up to the filly on the floor. "I told you I'M NOT A CHICKEN!"
"NOO! APPLEBLOOM!" Scootaloo looked up and saw Sweetie Bell crying hysterically, staring at the two fillies. Scootaloo looked back down.
"No.... NO!" She jumped up and tears began to fall from her face. The pony below her was her yellow, red maned friend. Panicked, Scootaloo ran down the alleyway, away from the main street. She ran past Sweetie, who then ran to comfort the bleeding filly.
She sped from the town, tears falling behind her, and ran into the closest place she could hide in, Sweet Apple Acres.


Scootaloo re-opened her eyes to see that it was still raining, and the night had seemed to have gotten darker. She looked around her and saw brown blurs standing above her. She felt the fallen rain flow under her. It was... sticking. She the back of her head with her hoof, and looked at it. It was red.

"So, this is how I'm going huh? Not from a high-speed collision, a giant fall, or even some great war? But falling onto a tree?" Tears began to swell in her eyes, worsening her all ready blurry vision. "Well, I deserve it!" She yelled as loud as she could. It wouldn't matter if she was found now. Heck, if she was found, maybe she'd get buried.

"No..." She thought to herself. "I don't deserve crap!" Her eyes began to get heavy, and she couldn't feel the rain falling on her, but she could still hear it pounding on the ground around her.

A few thoughts raced through her mind. What would Dash think of her? What happened to Apple Bloom? What happened to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Would anypony forgive her?

Scootaloo's mind went over what happened hundreds of times... What had she done wrong? What could she have done differently? What could have stopped this from happening?

Then, she began to remember her life; her days in the orphanage, her friends and school, the day she first flew, and the hundreds of attempts at getting a cutie-mark, both fun and painful. But most importantly, she remembered when Dash promised to watch over her. Dash had loved her like a sister, and now Scootaloo had made her ashamed.

Her eyes began to shut. She didn't stop herself... she accepted the consequences of her actions. Her body went numb, and her senses dulled. All that was left was the patting of the rain she heard at her ears, and the darkness she saw. No light... just darkness... just nothing...
Her thoughts faded as she heard one final thing.
"Quick! I found her!"

She was content in that final moment.
The last thing she had heard was the one pony she cared for the most.
The last thing she heard was her sister, Rainbow-dash.

**From "gelding", which means a castrated Stallion - It implies that the mare 'destroys/ruins' lives