• Published 26th Mar 2012
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"I'm not a Chicken" - TrebleBass

Scootaloo questions her actions as she finds herself in the dark and rain, alone.

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When she took flight from Dash’s home, Scootaloo had a plan in mind. The night before she had thought out a big speech that would probably inspire somepony to confront their own mistakes. She had time to practice it, but that would’ve made it seem dry and unemotional; after all, the plan was look the right kind of emotional. For the months leading up to today Scootaloo was sure she would be calm and collected, as a cool pegasus like herself always was. All she had to do was to genuinely apologize, after that it’d be out of her hooves. She was never anxious about their reactions, however, because as she saw it there were two ways it could play out. She would either be forgiven (an act that would precede a gross amount of hugging and crying), or she would get a punch to the face.

That being said, Scootaloo was a little baffled when she found herself on the ground with two full grown ponies crying on top of her, and a dull pain on the right side of her face.

Note to self: Apple Bloom hits hard.

Due to the development, Scootaloo’s game plan fell apart. Any attempt at articulating a sentence of apology died in her throat.

It hurt.

Her lips quivered, her jaw hung open both from the shock and her failed efforts to speak. Whatever view she had through the ponies above her was soon blurred. Of course, she wasn’t crying. Cool pegasi like her don’t do that.

But hypothetically, if she were, it would feel…


She was tired. Her head had been clouded since the day she left Ponyville and she never knew why. She simply accepted it. She thought that she would just have to deal with it. But here, lying in a pile with her old friends, that cloudiness started to clear. The dullness of her thoughts slowly faded as emotions she had pushed away came flowing all at once.

A tear or two dropped ran down her cheek before she wiped it with her wing, wincing from the bruise that was probably forming. They probably fell from the ponies on top of her. After all, Scootaloo didn’t cry.

Shaking herself from her introspection, she glanced at the mares on top of her. They were nearly full grown, much like herself. Their manes were longer too. Sweetie Belles’ more than likely styled by her sister; it had a few more curls than she remembered. Apple Blooms, on the other hoof, was braided and lay on her side. Scootaloo hadn’t been very keen on dealing with mane styling, so she kept hers rather short; it didn’t go much past the bottoms of her ears.

Glancing that their flanks, Scootaloo couldn’t help but notice the new colors that sat on their coats. Something she hadn’t focused on while going through the monotonous, clouded days in Cloudsdale. They had their cutie marks, while her flank was still blank.

Maybe I’m not fully grown, she conceded to herself.

A short mane.

A still blank flank.

A smaller more aerodynamic body made for flying didn’t hinder the allusion her mind was making.

Leaning up for the first time since she was tackled, Scootaloo wrapped her forelegs and wings around her two friends. She buried her face into the closest chest of her friends. She had missed them. She had missed her days of growing up with them.

But maybe she could still grow up with them… not at the same time, but with them by her side. She had maturing to be done; walking with a clouded mind stunted her emotional growth.

Her voice was scratchy and hurt at her attempts of vocalizing, but she forced the words out anyway.

“I’m sorry.”

I’m just a big foal, she thought.

Her friends grips tightened on her, their sniffling and whimpers becoming more frequent. She looked up to see Apple Bloom's red-eyed face.

"Just don't go leaving us again... Ya hear?"

She felt the tears roll down her face as sobs began to be choked out.

She was crying.

But that was okay.

Foals who made mistakes are allowed to cry.

Author's Note:

It's over.
I'm done with this.
Good or Bad, it's finally off my plate.
Rest in pieces you damn fic.

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Finishing always counts for something. :pinkiehappy:

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