• Published 1st Mar 2012
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Controlled Chaos, Chaotic Control - Siswitch

Will Discord give up chaos for love? No. But will he be able to hide his passion from the princess?

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Controlled Memories

“You know you haven’t said ‘I love you’ yet?”

“Oh those words are far to cliché my dear. I say actions speak louder than words.”

“Those sheep with the love-hear fleece were nice but people are starting to ask questions.”


After Discord finished telling his side of the story he realised how painful it was to reminisce about such innocent times. Even though he managed to keep his face straight the mares knew he was hiding something.

“So what did you do to get turned to stone?” Twilight asked with sympathy, she still didn’t like Discord but she felt great pity for him and was genuinely fascinated by their love story. Discord paused a little and sighed.

“I won’t tell you what happened but I will tell you it wasn’t my fault.” His voice was stern and annoyed, he turned away from both of them and folded his arms childishly. The two mares glanced at each other before turning to him again.

“Well if it wasn’t your fault them surely you won’t have a problem telling us?” The white mare asked, flashing her big eyes at him. Discord remained unaffected by her big eyes and simply rolled his in an answer, causing Rarity to pout.

A knock on the door caused them all the jump, Twilight and Rarity paused for a second before realising they had a draconequus in the room, both of the mares looked around frantically for a place for Discord to hide. Discord pondered whether they remembered him turning into a stallion or if they at all recalled their fight a few months ago.

“Girls.” He said quietly but firmly, they glanced towards him just as he snapped his talons, turning completely invisible. After short pause Twilight made her way to the door and sheepishly opened it, her eyes opening wide and her mouth curling into a forced smile as she saw the Princess standing at the other side.

“Princess Celestia!” She said in an overly cheery tone. Celestia paused at her tone before smiling in return. “What an unexpected pleasure to see you here!”

Discord raised an eyebrow, wondering if this was the ‘important work’ she had to do today, if it was he was more than slightly annoyed that she’d want to spend time with her rather than him. Rarity put on an equally forced smile as well hoping that Celestia couldn’t sense Discord was in the room.

“My duties took me through the area so I thought I’d check up on my best student. Is there something wrong?” She could sense the tension in the air and was slightly unnerved by it, especially because of the way the two were looking at her.

“Well you see I... Me and Rarity where discussing a rather private matter and...” Twilight desperately racked her brains for more words. Celestia tilted her head slightly in confusion, “We have an important date to plan and we’re very nervous about it! We’ve been discussing it for a long time and finally decided to actually do something productive.” She hated lying to the princess but she felt she had no other choice

Celestia paused for a second then nodded slowly, her smile turning into a small understanding one.

“Oh I see. I should go and let you plan for your date.” She flashed another sweet smile before turning to leave, her guards that where waiting at the door stood at attention. “Goodbye Twilight, Rarity. Have fun”

“Goodbye princess.” Twilight gave a relieved sigh as she left and turned to Rarity. The expression on the white mare was one of absolute confusion, her pupils where small in contrast to her huge shocked eyes. “Rarity?”

Twilight was confused at her friends shocked expression and was about to ask why but was cut off by Discord bursting out laughing. He reappeared and instantly collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter, his body convulsing with each new bellow that escaped him.

“Twilight.” Rarity distracted Twilight from the laughing Discord. Her voice carried a worried and annoyed edge. “You didn’t phrase that right dear... She thought WE were going on a date.”

Realisation hit Twilight hard, her knees felt weak as her own words circled her head, she realised how badly she had phrased what she said. Discord braced himself against the floor and looked at them, his voice still carrying remnants of laughter.

“W-Well... I think it’s time for me to depart, I’ve been here long enough” Discord morphed into a stallion again, still giggling to himself. “Have fun you girls.” He teased before exiting the library.

“Oh dear, Twilight if anyone find out do you know what will happen?!” Her voice was losing her accent as her panic grew.

“I can probabl-”

“Pinkie will throw us coming out parties! You know she will! Oh the whole town will be invited and everyone will think we’re together! No offence darling, you’ll make some stallion happy one day.” She quickly recovered, “but still! Oh woe is me!”

Twilight tried to calm her down but she knew deep down she should be freaking out about the same things Rarity was. Pinkie would indeed through them coming out parties and knowing her; she’d want to make novelty cakes.

Discord smiled to himself as he left the library, pondering how badly he should feel for being the cause of the panic that lead to the confusion, he decided to not take blame at all like usual. He noticed the familiar pink cloud that is Pinkie hopping happily his way.

“Excuse me, Miss Pie!” He casually called, Pinkie looked his way and happily bounced over to him.

“Hello there! Have we met?” She tilted her head a little at his familiar voice.

“Oh no, we haven’t I just wanted to ask will you be holding a party for Miss Sparkle and Miss Rarity?” Discord tried his best to not grin like the lunatic he was as those words left him. Pinkie bounced on the spot a few times.

“Why of course I will be!” She paused. “For what?”

“Oh, you didn’t know? They’re a couple now. I just finished speaking to them!” He made himself sound enthusiastic, it was easy seeing as he knew how much bother this would cause.

Pinkies eyes grew wide and she drew in a gasp, her mouth slowly curling into a wide smile and her eyes seemed to sparkle. Without another word she was off like a bullet, yelling about how ‘super fantastic’ the whole thing was and how she’d through them the biggest party ever. Discord couldn’t help but chucking maniacally as he saw her spread the rumour like wildfire.

“Disc-... Um, excuse me?” Discords head lifted up sharply as he heard Celestia’s voice. He had totally forgotten she had left the library a minute ago and wouldn’t be far. He smiled at her and bowed sarcastically.

“Your majesty.” He grinned, “What an honour it is for you to speak to a humble pony such as myself. What is it you require of me?”

Celestia smirked a little at his formal tone. She thought for a second before deciding it’d be fun to act for a little while.

“I noticed you have a puppeteers cutie mark, are you especially talented?” She tried to sound unfamiliar with him.

“Why yes, my princess. I am especially talented when it comes to entertaining mares for a long length of time.” His voice sounded proud and a little teasing, “And I must say every client I’ve had has been very satisfied with my services.”

“Hm, I have an idea.” The alicorn smiled, “Would you be interested in performing for me tonight at the castle? I know it’s an odd request but I’d love for someone like you to entertain at the castle, plus it’d be a shame for you to waste your magic if you’re not doing anything.” What Discord didn’t realise was Celestia had completely missed the double entendre.

“It would be my pleasure, your highness.”

“You were serious?!” Discord was trying to not sound hysterical but the look of ‘oops, I didn’t realise’ on Celestia’s face wasn't helping him. “I wasn’t! I wasn’t serious! I can’t spend heaven knows how long entertaining people! The only people I care about entertaining are you and me, mostly me.”

Princess Celestia glanced at her hooves with an upset look on her face, when she looked back up she immediately looked away from Discord.

“I’m sorry. I just thought you needed an outlet since you’ve been so good lately and... I was trying to be nice.” Her voice got weaker the more the sentence went on. The draconequus scoffed and crossed his mismatched arms.

“Don’t give me that guilt trip stuff, I’m not going to feeling guilty.” As soon as he said that Celestia dropped the act and sighed, that was the only time she had ever tried the ‘guilt trip’ act mares where supposed to be naturals at and she had failed, she trotted up to her boyfriend and nuzzled up against him softly.

“Look, this will be a good outlet for your powers and I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Celestia nuzzled up to him a little more. He sighed quietly and stroked her flowing mane with his lion paw, hating at this moment the entire situation he was in.

The lies.

The hiding.

The sheer, mind crumbling boredom of limited chaos.

All that got him through it was Celestia risking so much just to keep him in her life. He realised what she was doing just for him and didn’t want to seem ungrateful but she was doing it the wrong way, if she really wanted to help she’d let him do what he was born to do.

“I don’t need an outlet! I’m fine, hone-”

“Discord.” She interrupted him and looked him in the eyes. “If you do this for me, I’ll make it up to you.”

Discord realised the tone in her voice and instantly cheered up, pretending to ponder this for a second before smiling and kissing his love.

“Alright, my dear. For you.” He was still dreading this but he knew if he didn’t Celestia would be suspicious of why he didn’t want to use his magic, sure the chaos urge was still there but much of the chaos he had caused earlier he had left just to keep his mind at ease. “What will I have to do?”

“Just try and keep the crowd entertained. Do whatever you want as long as no one gets hurt.” He really didn’t like the tone she used there.

“My chaos never hurts anyone, it’s only for causing, at the most, rifts between friends, you know that.” He pulled away from her and narrowed his eyes. Celestia sighed and turned away from him.

“Say what you want Discord but I remember what happened.” Celestia’s words cut right through him. With an angry groan he teleported away, he wasn’t sure where he wanted to go but right now he couldn’t be blamed for something he didn’t do. Celestia looked at where he used to be and lowered her head sadly.

She found him easily enough, she apologized even though she didn’t mean it and he realised that but accepted it anyway. He didn’t care for the truth or the lies, at that moment he cared about Celestia not thinking about him as a monster. The only control he liked was the control he wanted on how she viewed that night.

For now though, the show would go on according to plan.

Oh, what a show it would be.