• Published 1st Mar 2012
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Controlled Chaos, Chaotic Control - Siswitch

Will Discord give up chaos for love? No. But will he be able to hide his passion from the princess?

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Control your temper

“A princess who doesn’t know how to dance?! My dear I’m a spirit of chaos and I can dance!”

“Discord it’s not really a-”

“No more talk! Take my paw and the lessons shall begin.”


Celestia picked up some of the newspapers she had asked her guards to get for her, all of them were about the same thing.





Correction, most of them were about her.

Celestia tapped her hoof against the floor of her bedroom in annoyance, glaring at Discord, who was smiling wide as he looked at his beloveds face.

“Stop smiling.” She ordered in an authoritative tone.

“I’ll stop smiling when it stops being funny.” He chuckled slightly. “Stop being so serious, Celestia. I’d hate for that beautiful mane to turn gray.” Celestia gave an exasperated gasp at that and paced about the room.

“Just.. Why? Why did you have to say that? I could off dealt with you telling everyone you’re not stone anymore but this is jus-” Discords chuckling cut her off, she turned to see him holding one of the newspapers in his claw.

“Oh that’s a bit harsh calling me ugly, I’m eclectic!” He put his paw on his hip and shook his head disapprovingly. He felt Celestia’s cold glare burning through him and turned around gingerly. “Sorry dear.” He tried to think for a second “Um... I don’t know why I told everypony, it just felt like the right thing to do. I’m sick of hiding in this castle and sick of hiding our relationship.”

“Still Discord... It’s hard for me to own up to being with something like you wh-”

“I’m sorry.” Discord interrupted, his words strained a little. “Did you just say ‘something like you’? What exactly do you mean by ‘Something like you’?” He narrowed his eyes at his Princess, who looked shocked at her own words.

“N-No... I didn’t mean ‘something’!” She stammered, shaking her head as if to disagree with herself. Discord glared and folded his arms.

“Oh, ok then. That makes this better.” His sarcasm cut through her and she winced.

“I’m sorry.” She sighed, looking at him pitifully. “I’m not ashamed of you, Discord. It’s just that everypony thinks you’re just a savage spirit of chaos that only wishes for eternal tyranny.”

That was true, although he wouldn’t use the words ‘savage’ and ‘tyranny’.

“I just want them to see the other side of you that’s not ruled by desire for chaos... I wish them to see the side of you who’s romantic, funny, surprisingly eloquent!” She chuckled weakly, Discord smiled a little at those compliments. Celestia’s face fell and she trotted over to him, nuzzling his reddish-brown body gently. Discord gently stroked her mane with his talons to show he forgave her but Celestia still had something to get off her chest. “I’ve been very cruel to you Discord. I really shouldn’t force you to give up something that’s been your whole life but I know I won’t be able to be with you if I let you just mess with everything and... I love you too much to lose you.”

Her words shocked Discord, he stood there for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out what those words meant to him and what emotions they had arose. Celestia waited patiently for him to speak again, gently pulling herself out his hold so she could look at his face. Discord looked down to her with his mouth hanging open slightly.

“Celestia...” He cupped her face with his paw, she nuzzled it affectionately. “I know now why I told them all about us.” Discord realised one of the emotions that came to surface from her apology was resentment. He hated that she was making him stop doing what was the only thing besides her that made him truly happy. The draconequus couldn’t find it in him to sugar-coat the truth that was rising in him, he gazed into the beautiful eyes of his dear who was awaiting his explanation.

“I told them because... I wanted you to suffer.” Celestia jolted a little at his words, her expression a mixture of confusion and slight pain, Discord ignored this and continued, all the usual peppiness gone from his voice. “You have done nothing for me since you released me again. I’ve given up something that runs through my veins, something I can’t go an hour without thinking about without getting so bored I feel like screaming! I was fine giving it up because I love you but now I’m thinking; what are you giving up for this relationship? Nothing. You’re keeping happy raising the sun like a good little Princess, meeting your friends, doing everything you did before hand except now when you come to your room there’s a frustrated draconequus there ready to try and reach to your standards.” He backed away from her, pushing open her window. “Well you know what, my dear? I wanted you to suffer a little. Now you’ll have to deal with questions, allegations and being forced to admit to loving a ‘monster’ like me.”

With a strong beat of his mismatched wings he was off, flying through the air like a dart trying to get as far away as he could, he could easily teleport but he needed the physical motion of flying to take his mind off what had just happened.

Celestia stood in the middle of the room, her mouth hanging open as she tried to process what just happened. She shivered as she felt a tear roll down her cheek, the warm water quickly getting ice cold with the breeze coming from the open window, with the deafening silence slowly enveloping her she closed the window with her magic and walked towards her bed climbing into it, lying on her side as more tears graced her elegant face.

Discord groaned as his thoughts drifted back to Celestia, Even though he had always been dramatic he couldn’t help thinking that maybe he had gone too far, he angled his wings to head to the Everfree forest. The draconequus needed to relax even if it was just for an hour or two.

Everything he said to Celestia was true and he was not the type of guy to hide his words when he has something to say so he didn’t feel guilty for that, he felt guilt over the pain he saw in Celestia’s eyes.

He didn’t care about saying painfully blunt things but cared about the reaction afterwards, he confused himself sometimes.

Discord saw a clearing in the trees and snapped his wings shut, creating a large pillow to land on so he didn’t hurt himself when he fell.

“Alright.” The draconequus said to himself, dispelling the pillow. “What shall I do today?”


Nothing came to him.

For once in his life he had no idea what chaos he should cause. His instincts where failing him

“Come on now! Don’t be difficult.” He yelled at his brain, his brain ignored him and once more drew a blank. “Oh come on! You’re a spirit of chaos and you can’t think of anything chaotic?!”

Discord sat huffily on a rock and gave a few dramatic sighs, each one getting louder and more dramatic. Eventually he came to the conclusion nopony was around to care so after one last pathetic sigh he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“This is just because you’re upset right now, don’t worry about it. Give yourself time and you’ll be sure to come up with something, this probably happens to all draconequus’s from time to time... It doesn’t make you any less of a man.” The fact was Discord could think of plenty things to do, it was just that he’d done them before and held no excitement for him.

“If you wish to cause chaos my draconequus I suggest you go farther away than this.” Discord turned his head to see Zecora standing a few feet away from him with saddle baskets resting on her back, behind her he could clearly see her hut Discord neglected to notice earlier.

“Oh, right. Well no worries I don’t think I’ll be causing chaos tonight.” He groaned, looking away from the zebra. Zecora narrowed an eye a little in confusion and went a little closer to him.

“You are a spirit of chaos, if I’m not wrong, you go together like a singer with a song.” She smiled a little, her smiled faded as she saw he was upset. “Is what’s got you down by chance a problem with the royal romance?” Discord nodded then looked at her remembering something he wanted to ask earlier.

“Just while I’ve got you here, why do you speak like that?” He tilted his head at her.

“Oh I’ve spoken like this since I was a filly, my mother did too so to me it wasn’t silly.” The zebra said cheerily, smiling as she remembered her mother. Her attention drifted back to Discord as he sighed again. “I’m not an expert on romance but tell me what’s wrong and take a chance.” She offered to him. Discord pondered for a few seconds before sitting up straight.

“I told a group of ponies about me a Celestia because I was angry at her not suffering at all because of this. I’m giving up being me for her and she’s just... Doing nothing!” He raised his arms to emphasise his anger at the situation.
Zecora thought for a few seconds before sighing deeply.

“Relationships are about give and take, you cannot hurt for hurts sake. She might not look like she isn’t doing her bit but maybe you two should talk and sit...” Zecora gave a small reassuring smile to him, placing a hoof gently on his shoulder. Discord promptly shrugged it off and stood up

“Ugh, so generic. Coming from a zebra as interesting as you that was some pretty boring advice.” Without another word he disappeared in a sparkle leaving an annoyed zebra who muttered a curse in her native tongue. Discord groaned as he reappeared in mid air, quickly stretching out his wings and catching the breeze. He knew he would have to talk to Celestia eventually, he didn’t need to be reminded by a rhyming zebra.

Aimlessly Discord soared the skies, hoping to find something to catch his attention or at least inspire chaotic thoughts, after around half an hour he noticed a dark blur on the horizon that was quickly coming to meet his acquaintance, he swerved to avoid it but it swerved back obviously aiming for him.

Discord quickly teleported behind the blur watching as it put on the brakes and turned around with an elegant but forceful air twirl, a look of pure hate spread across her dark blue face.

“Luna?” Discord was unready for the princess of the night to tackle him mid air, knocking the wind out of him, he quickly regained himself and growled. “What was that for?!”

“Nopony makes my big sister cry and gets away with it!” She looked ready to tackle him again.

“Whoa, lets settle down here, ok?” He raised his hands defensively. “Why don’t we land and talk about thing rather than acting like animals?” Luna seemed to calm down a little

“Ok then...” Slowly she descended to the ground, gracefully landing without a sound. After a few seconds she glanced up to see what was keeping Discord only to see empty space where he used to be. A low growl escaped her throat as she bared her teeth. “That coward! Discord... When I get my hooves on you, you are so dead.”

Discord didn't know where he was going, he needed to get away from her. He kept randomly teleporting to different far off locations until he came to the end of the Everfree forest. Looking around for a place to hide he spotted a large cottage that looked beautiful and oddly comforting to even look at. He glanced at the garden outside and saw many pens and coops with an assortment of scuttling animals.

"Alright." He muttered to himself. "Looks like I'll be a chicken for a while then."