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Spike is Rainbow Dash - That Drunk Pony

Spike and Rainbow Dash swap bodies because her element is acting weird after their battle with Discord. Yes this is a SpikeDash story.

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Chapter 2

Inside the fanciest restaurant in town by the balcony tables. Spike sits patiently for his date, who is the most beautiful and elegant pony he has ever met, Rarity. He is dressed up in a great tuxedo designed by the very pony he admires.

He then hears Rarity calling out to him, “Spikey!” Spike instantly snaps his head toward the angelic voice.

All Spike could udder out is “Wow” as he saw the beauty walk up to his table in her stunning dress.

“Is that all you can say?” she chuckled.

Spike then became flustered, “Oh I’m sorry Rarity. I didn’t mean to stare.” Spike then got out of his chair and pulled out her chair as any true gentledrake would do.

“Such a true gentlecolt.” Rarity complimented him as he blushed. He went to sit down when he realized that she called him a colt.

Spike didn’t want to be rude, but had to correct her mistake. “Um Rarity? Don’t you mean gentledrake?” She shook her head no and pointed to a mirror nearby. He walked over and saw in the reflection a purple and green stallion, but not just any stallion. He saw himself as a pegasi.

Spike is astounded at how awesome he looked as a pegasi. His first instinct is to fly out off the balcony. He flew high into the clouds and felt so free. Speeding around the town with great precision. The feeling of flying with ease is a feeling he has never felt before.

It isn’t until he heard Rarity yell out his name in the distance that he stumbled. He realized he just left her at dinner. He quickly descended to Rarity, who is already outside the restaurant.

“Spikey!” she looked very upset. “How could you just leave me like that!?”

“I’m sorry Rarity. I don’t know what came over me. It's just that I’ve never flown before and it is just too good to pass up. It is so much fun and I felt so free.” Spike realized he is rambling and making excuses. It is a personal dream of his to fly at least once in his life, but being with Rarity is what he wants most.

“Spike! I don’t like how you chose flying over me! It’s like you're becoming Rainbow Dash.” She scorned at the absent Rainbow Dash.

Spike defended Rainbow, “Don’t you think that is a little harsh to call her a bad influence? She is a little extreme at times, but she isn’t a criminal or something.”

“Do you like flying more than me?” Rarity blindsided Spike with the question. “Don’t you even care about me?” She then began asking more questions about his loyalty to her.

Spike kept agreeing with Rarity to appease her, but she continued to question him endlessly. As more questions were asked, more Rarity’s were appearing until he is backed into a corner and surrounded by her doppelgangers. The many Rarity’s then began to chant his name in unison getting louder and louder until he finally woke up in the guest bed of Twilight’s room.

Spike is sweating and breathing heavily at the nightmare that just took place. He put his claw to his forehead, but is met with an audible bonk as he hit his head with his hoof. He realized he is still in Rainbow’s body as he saw the cyan fur on his legs.

Spike gives out a sigh of relief that he is no longer in that hellish dream of his. Without noticing the creature standing right next to his bed, he began thinking to himself. The creature then called out to him loudly, “Spike!” He then toppled over to the side of the bed with the bedsheets wrapped around him.

“What!? I’m up!” Spike yelled back with the sheets still covering his eyes.

The sheets were lifted off by Rainbow. “Come on! It’s time to get ready for more practice!”

Spike felt very groggy. Seems like his body wasn’t used to waking up this early. Spike realized that her internal clock must be different because how early Spike normally woke up. “Sorry that my body isn’t used to waking up this early.” Spike snarled. Rainbow gave him a quick glare before Spike rose up from the rest of the sheets. “Sorry. I just feel a little grouchy when I’m forced awake. Let’s just do this, but first we should get something to eat.”

Rainbow nodded in agreement. Spike and Rainbow then headed out the door to go get breakfast. When Twilight heard the loud closing of the front door, she immediately got out of bed to tell them what she was trying to tell them the night before, but by the time she reached the front door, they were gone from her line of sight. She decided to just wait for their return and went back to studying the phenomenon.

Rainbow was hungry for apples, so she and Spike decided to go to the apple stall in the marketplace where Applejack was. Applejack was surprised to see the two walking together, but didn’t want to say anything about it. “Hey there you two.”

Rainbow said, “Hey AJ. Can we get a dozen apples?”

Applejack is a little confused. She only knew Rainbow Dash to call her that. Maybe Rarity was right about Rainbow influencing him. “Uh, sure Spike.” She put the apples in a bag, and gave it to her customers. She normally doesn’t like prying into personal business, but she was curious.

Applejack brought Spike to the side and asked, who she thought was Rainbow, “Hey, Rainbow. Why are you acting so chummy with Spike?”

Spike simply answered, “Well, he is just helping me train. Don’t worry about it.”

Applejack was still suspicious, “Why would you need him for help? He doesn’t know about flying. I don’t know how he is supposed to help you.”

“Well I just wanted a different perspective on my flying. Besides Spike is a fan of the wonderbolts too. He knows a little about flying mechanics.” He said a little hurt by her comment. “Well Applejack, I need to go now. We got to get to training as soon as we can.” Spike then grabbed Rainbow and sped out of there.

Applejack was still suspicious. She could feel somepony isn’t giving the whole truth. She then noticed that they left their bag of apples.

Rainbow really wanted to know what AJ said to him, “So what was that all about?”

Spike still running said, “She was asking questions about us. She is getting suspicious of us.”

“That’s no good.” Rainbow exclaimed. She then suggested to Spike, “How about we spend a little time learning about each other. We stand out too much and are attracting unnecessary attention. We obviously can’t get caught or be distracted. Besides it might get you a little more relaxed about flying.”

Spike and Rainbow finally appeared in the training grounds again. Spike then added, “Yeah. I guess that could work. We can talk while we enjoy our delicious... “ Spike trailed off realizing they left the bag of apples back with Applejack.

Rainbow wasn’t particularly happy about it and decided to start the training instead without food.

Spike and Rainbow together is slowly becoming a rumor around town. The rumors spreading only made it worse for Rarity. She constantly hears gossip about the unlikely pair while she is measuring somepony or fitting them in their outfit. It slowly starts getting to her.

She begins to think to herself, ‘Why didn’t he just tell me his true feelings? I would’ve accepted him. The more I think Spike with her, my stomach begins to turn. Why Spike… why not me?’

She then accidentally pricks a needle in her customer. When she hears them yelp, she snaps out of it and begins to apologize to her patron. She then continues working, but the thoughts slowly flood back into her head. After completing her final measurements for the morning, she just had to see Spike. She immediately left for the training grounds.

Back at the training grounds, Spike’s stomach was growling loudly. It was practically roaring like an untamed lion. Even Rainbow could hear her stomach bark at her. Out of the blue, Fluttershy came with a bag of apples. Rainbow could smell it and immediately charged in its direction.

Fluttershy was surprised to see a charging Spike come at her. “Finally some food!!” Rainbow yelled.

Fluttershy just dropped the bag and flew up before Rainbow began eating. Spike then heard food and began rushing too. He started eating some of the apples too. Fluttershy was shocked to see how ravenous the two were. Once they finished and became more civilized, she flew back down to talk.

Fluttershy then asked, “Are you two ok now?” They both nodded in an embarrassing fashion with mouths stuffed with apples.

Once they finished, Rainbow praised “Fluttershy. You’re our savior. I haven’t been that hungry in a long time.”

“Oh it was nothing.” Fluttershy replied. “Applejack asked me to deliver them to you guys. I hope everything is alright.”

Spike said, “Yeah. Spike here is really helping out.”

“Oh, can I watch then?” Fluttershy asked.

Spike and Rainbow then looked at each other. They both knew that they weren’t ready to show anything. If Spike begins flying, Fluttershy will know something is up. Rainbow quickly denied Fluttershy’s request. “NO! We aren’t … ready to show you. We also don’t want any distractions. This is needs to be one on one personal training!”

Fluttershy jumped at the quick shout. This made Fluttershy much more suspicious. “Well ok then. I guess I’ll leave you to go back to work then.” She flew away back to town and both Rainbow and Spike let out an audible sigh. They both knew that people are just growing more suspicious by their weird actions. They then decided it would benefit them both to go with their original plan and talk things out to get to know each other better.

Just as they began talking amongst themselves. Fluttershy was hiding in a bush observing the two talk. They didn’t seem to be training like they said they were. They looked like they were just having a good time laughing and goofing off. She then decided to head back with a little smile thinking that they were really on a date and left the two ‘Lovebirds’ to have fun. She is sure that they will reveal themselves when they are ready.

Spike and Rainbow started talking about their common love for the Wonderbolts. “So Spike. What made you start liking the Wonderbolts?” Rainbow asked.

“Well being in Canterlot was kind of boring sometimes. Twilight’s brother took me to my first Wonderbolts show. Well he snuck me out to go see it. Celestia was angry when we got back because I skipped my piano lessons. Had to do double the lessons for a week.”

Rainbow couldn’t help, but snicker at that sight. “Sounds like you had it pretty rough back in Canterlot.”

“Well that’s kind of true. I learned a lot while I was there though.”

“Like what?” Rainbow chuckled.

“Hmm well they taught me how to write, cook, clean, play piano, violin, the sax,…”
A half-hour later. “... how to paint, sing, direct a play, dance”

Rainbow couldn’t take anymore. “Ok! I get it! You learned a lot of things.”

Spike apologized, “Sorry. I went overboard didn’t I.”

“Ya think?” Rainbow retorted. “Why would you learn all of that stuff anyways?”

“Well I wanted to please Celestia and impress Twilight and her family. It was really lonely in Canterlot. I wasn’t really let outside the castle and I only knew Twilight and her family and Celestia for a long time. It wasn’t until our last year in Canterlot that even Twilight got to know other ponies and I didn’t until way later.” Spike blurted out. “Sorry, you probably didn’t want to hear that.”

Rainbow wasn’t all that surprised considering how Twilight normally was and how Spike was probably too young to go out or was being tortured by boring lessons. “It’s alright Spike. If you need to vent out a little, I can always listen. I vent out all the time and it helps a lot.”

Spike was happy to have a friend other than Twilight to talk about these things. “Well thanks then, but how about we focus on you then.”

Rainbow stood up and excitedly exclaimed, “Well! I started watching the Wonderbolts when I was a little filly. They were so amazing with all of their tricks and crazy speed...” Rainbow Dash went into great detail about her intense fascination with the Wonderbolts. She noticed that Spike was slowly giving her the same expression that she was to him when he was listing a never ending list.

“Hey Spike. Want to know a secret?” Rainbow asked, which got Spike’s attention fairly easily.

“What is it?”

Rainbow wouldn’t tell so easily. “Well Spike, I’ll share it with you if you share me a secret too. So we can be on equal footing.” Spike promised to tell her a secret after she tells him hers. “Well Spike, I was first interested in the wonderbolts when one of them saved me. I was a little arrogant back when I was younger and felt fearless. Some of the boys in my class were playing truth or dare and one of them dared me to go into the everfree for five minutes.”

Spike wasn’t shocked about her being arrogant, but going into the everfree isn’t fearless. It’s just plain reckless and idiotic. Rainbow continued, “I wasn’t going to back down from a dare, so I went into the forest and waited. The longer I stayed there, the more sounds and creepy things I saw, but I wasn’t going to lose. Just then the noise stopped. All the creepy bugs and creatures left. It was probably the only time I felt actual fear at that time. I looked behind me and all I saw in the darkness was yellow glowing eyes. I heard heavy breathing and didn’t wait any longer. I flew away as fast as I could, where I thought I entered, but couldn’t find my way out.”

“The forest got darker and heavier the longer I was trying to escape. It was like a never ending prison. I actually felt terror. I tried to land in trees, but there were giant spiders there and on the ground were large beasts. I was pretty much doomed. Out of nowhere came a flash of light and I was scooped high above the everfree forest. I opened my eyes and saw that it was a wonderbolt who saved me. It was at that moment that I decided to be a wonderbolt and to rescue other ponies. Luckily for me there was no traumatic experience through all that. I wanted to be just as amazing as the one who saved me.”

Spike is at the edge of his seat. He asked “That was an amazing story! Did you ever find out who rescued you?”

Rainbow answered, “Well the wonderbolt who saved me is retired now, but he was one of the best to ever fly. Anyways, tell me your secret now.”

Spike still wanted to know who it was, but he still had a promise to keep. “Well I secretly have a…. crush on Rarity.”

Rainbow’s face was annoyed by that secret. “Yeah, now tell me something I don’t know.”

“What do you mean!?”

Rainbow responded, “Well pretty much everyone in town knows that. I wouldn’t be surprised if even Rarity knew.”

Spike was taken back by this knowledge. Could she have known this whole time. How does everyone know. The only people he told were Twilight and Pinkie, but they would never break a promise. Especially not a pinkie promise. We all know how that ended last time. Was he too obvious about it?

Spike looked broken. His head couldn’t process it all. Rainbow had to snap her fingers to wake him out of his trance. “Hey Spike! You awake?”

Spike shook his head, but felt a little defeated. If everyone knew, why didn’t they say anything. He guesses they just didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but now he feels even more hurt. “How long has everyone known? How do they even know?” Spike asked.

Rainbow blatantly told Spike, “Well you were pretty obvious about it. A lot of people could just see it in your eyes and actions. You had quite a few supporters, but truth be told, I expected it wasn’t going to go well. Rarity probably didn’t see you in that way. She is oblivious about many things around her.” Spike was hurt by that, but continued to listen. He needed to hear it as much as he hated it. “It’s almost like she was using you. She made you do many tasks and gave you barely anything for a reward.”

Rainbow could see the pain that he is feeling, but knew that this talk would only do good for him. “Look Spike. I know it hurts to like someone a lot and do so much, but get nothing back. I’ve been down that road before and it’s easy for some people to just say get over it, but it will take time. I’ll be here as a friend to help you.” Rainbow put one of her claws on Spike’s head shoulder as a sign of friendship, but Spike’s head still hung low. “If you want, you can start hitting things. It helped me get through my anger.”

Spike nodded in agreement and began yelling and hitting and breaking some branches on the floor. Rainbow decided to join in and eventually Spike’s sadness is going away. Rainbow knew this would only be a temporary fix, but he really needed to vent out a lot of steam. When all was said in done, there was a massacre of branches everywhere and broken table.

Spike was breathing heavily and a little messy with mud on himself. Rainbow was also a little messy. They both turned to look at each other and began laughing. Spike is finally feeling better. “I definitely feel better now.”

Rainbow the nudged at Spike a little. “Glad to see you’re doing better.”

Spike pushed back a little, “Thanks to you and your crazy treatment.”

Rainbow decided to push a little harder than Spike and it soon became a little tussle between the two. They stopped when they heard a sudden gasp from Rarity. They look back at themselves and they were in a very awkward position where Rarity saw it as Spike pinning Rainbow Dash. They wanted to say something, but she immediately took off.

Rainbow went to look at Spike, but he seemed surprisingly alright. Rainbow suggested, “So can we get back to training?”

Spike responded, “After I tell you a secret worthy for you. I made a promise after all.” Rainbow is a little shocked at this, but let him continue. “Well do you remember that one time when there was a shortage of hot water in Ponyville. That was me…”

“How did you even manage that!?”

“Well I wanted had a seven hour long bubble bath… I was having fun!” Spike pleaded.

“I guess I can accept that as a secret. Well let’s get going. We are wasting time now. It’s already noon.” Rainbow said dragging Spike back to work. “Oh and Spike. After all of this is over, if you help me get pass the first round, I’ll help you out with your love situation. She may be oblivious when you are trying to get her affections, but I will help you stand out more.”

“I’ll be fine. I don’t need to stand out THAT way.” Spike replied. Rainbow just hit his arm playfully and they continued training.

Rarity couldn’t believe what she saw. The heartache that it gave her was earth shattering. After all the time she took to get prepped up and planned to come in ‘randomly’ in the middle of their training to give refreshments and have a picnic to get closer to Spike again and win his favor. It was all for nothing. Applejack and Fluttershy noticed she was in tears. They went to check on their friend. They entered Rarity’s shop and in the middle of the floor crying was Rarity.

Applejack is first to ask, “Are you alright Rarity?”

All she could manage to say is, “Spike… moved… on!”

Applejack and Fluttershy decided to console their friend.

Applejack asked, “Well Rarity. How do you know he moved on?”

“He was being intimate with Rainbow Dash!” Rarity cried out in tears.

Applejack tried to picture it, but Rainbow Dash doesn’t seem like the kind of pony to do that. Especially in the public. “What do you mean by ‘intimate’ Rarity?”

Bawling on the floor, Rarity responded, “Spike was on top of her and grabbing Rainbow Dash’s hooves!”

Applejack then began piecing things together. “Are you sure you saw them being ‘intimate’ and not roughhousing?”

Rarity then stopped crying. It all made sense now. The mud on their cheeks and the dirt and leaves on them. It must be that reason. “You’re right! Spike and Rainbow were probably just playing around.” Applejack and Fluttershy took this that their friend would be alright and headed out the door.

Rarity then decided to go back outside, but as she did, she noticed that it was already getting late into the afternoon. She needs to continue her business if she is ever going to keep up with the new demands. As much as she would like to go see Spike, she can’t ignore her business any longer.She placed down her picnic basket and reopened her store. She tried to work without distraction, but Spike’s image kept creeping in her head again.

She began thinking to herself, ‘I will see him before the end of today. I must see him again and win him over!’

Walking back into the marketplace, Applejack wanted to talk to Fluttershy about the whole situation that is unfolding right in front of them. Applejack sighed, “Hey, Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy replied, “Yes Applejack?”

“What do you think of all of this?”

Fluttershy wasn’t fully sure what she meant. “What do you mean?”

Applejack advised, “I mean about Spike, Rainbow, and Rarity. This is starting to get weird. Maybe we should talk to Twilight about this. She at least needs to know about this.” Fluttershy agreed with Applejack so they decided to head to Twilight’s home before going back to their business.

They reached Twilight's home and knocked on the door. A very tired Twilight answered the door, "Yes?"

Fluttershy and Applejack were worried about their friend's current condition. Fluttershy asked, "Twilight. Are you alright?"

Twilight tried to pass it off as nothing, "Oh don't worry about me. I was just up studying for a while. Why are you two here though?"

Applejack, remembering why they came, answered, "Well we wanted to talk to you about Spike and Rainbow."

This woke up Twilight. Did they expose themselves? Will there be widespread panic now? She tried to play it off as nothing, "What do you mean? Rainbow and Spike are just fine.", but her expression caught Applejack's eye.

"You know something don't ya." Applejack accused.

It was hard to lie to Applejack, but Twilight couldn't just reveal the truth. She promised the Princess after all. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Applejack could tell she was trying to switch the topic, but decided to just go along with it. "Well Spike and Rainbow are spending a lot of time together. It ain't something they normally do and now Rarity seems to be hurt by it."

Twilight is more relieved that they didn't know anything, but is confused at what they were talking about. "What do you mean? Rainbow and Spike are just training. Also why would Rarity be hurt by that?"

Applejack began telling Twilight about some of the events that have been happening. "... They just seem to be oddly closer now. I think Rarity might actually have been oblivious to Spike's feelings and now is getting jealous of Rainbow. It's really getting out of hand. I think we should do something about it."

Fluttershy also added, "When I went to go deliver their apples for Applejack, they were acting suspicious. They really didn't want me to see them practicing. I normally don't do this, but I hid in a bush and saw them laughing and joking around rather than training. Almost as if they were on a date." Even Applejack didn't know about that.

Twilight didn't want to give anything away, but these are her trusted friends. "Well I can't really tell you the full details, but you shouldn't worry about Rainbow Dash and Spike. There is nothing going on between them. Everything will be back to normal in a few days. Please just trust me on this."

Whatever Twilight's reason is, it must be important. Fluttershy and Applejack are willing to trust their friend, but still wish they could know everything. At least they know it isn't something too bad then. They both then accepted Twilight's answer and left back to the marketplace with even more questions than answers. Twilight's glad they didn't pursue any more, but feels bad not being able to tell her close friends about the malfunctioning elements. Also what is this about Rarity being jealous? So many things are swirling around her mind and she has no time for this. She needs to return to studying.

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