• Published 22nd Aug 2013
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Spike is Rainbow Dash - That Drunk Pony

Spike and Rainbow Dash swap bodies because her element is acting weird after their battle with Discord. Yes this is a SpikeDash story.

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Chapter 3

Spike and Rainbow Dash headed back into town searching for dinner after completing another good day of training. Spike seems proficient enough to at least fly confidently. Not nearly as great as Rainbow, but good enough. "I'm proud of you 'Rainbow Dash'. You finally got flying down."

"Well 'Spike' I had a good coach." Spike chuckled.

"Yeah. You fly just like a fresh graduate from pegasi elementary." Rainbow retorted.

Spike grumbled, "Well at least I'm trying to do better."

Rainbow jested, "It's a joke. You're fine. Since you did so well, you get to choose where we go eat."

Spike is a little surprised that Rainbow would let him choose. She has been pretty much calling all the shots. "Well... how about..."

Rarity suddenly appeared, bumping Spike out the way. Her attention is all on Rainbow Dash who is worried at how far her body just flew. Rarity cooed, “Oh hi there my Spikey- Wikey.” Rainbow almost threw up hearing that. Rarity continued, “I heard you were hungry so I made us dinner.”

Rainbow really didn’t want to go. Rarity’s style doesn’t reflect her style with all the fru fru stuff. “I don’t think I want to go.”

Spike hears this and immediately pulls Rainbow to the side. He whispers to her, “Are you crazy!?”

Rainbow replied sharply, “What?”

Spike continued, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! Go with her!”

“Do you really want me to go? I absolutely hate Rarity’s fru fru things.” Rainbow said with disgust.

Spike was desperate for this opportunity and Rainbow Dash could see it in her body’s eyes. It wasn’t a good look for her. “Fine! Fine, but ‘Rainbow Dash’ has to join us!”

Rarity was against the idea of Rainbow Dash crashing the party. She had to lure her away somehow.

Rarity said, “Ok. Rainbow Dash can join us, but she will have to wash up first and look good to join us.

Spike had no problem with that. “Sure. No problem.” Spike said without hesitation.

Rarity and Rainbow were both surprised about this. Rainbow took Spike to the side and whispered, “Hey! What do you mean no problem!?”

Spike replied, “Yeah I have no problem with tidying up.”

Rainbow complained as her voice rose a little in volume, “But she wants you to look good, which means she wants you to dress nice. I am not about to let my body and image get tarnished over a little date that I don’t want to go on.”

Rarity was confused as to why they kept leaving her out. She could only make out a few of the words like looking good, something about an image getting tarnished, and a date that he didn’t want to go on. She was hurt by this. It seemed clear that Spike was purposely avoiding her. Maybe it was the pincushion treatment, or using him as a prospector, or using Spike as her butler. Rarity was beginning to give up on this escapade, but then it hit her.

She thought to herself, ‘Was Spike trying to get me jealous? It has to be that right? I mean he was avoiding me and acted up mostly around me. He never acts like this. Spike must still be in love with me! Rainbow also has been acting up. She is probably just playing along as part of a joke on me. I figured out your little game Rainbow, but I can play it better!’

Rarity then told the bickering duo, “Forget the tidying up. We are going out to eat anyways. Let’s just find a nice bench or gazebo and enjoy dinner.”

They end up at the park as the sun was at its lowest. They begin eating, but not many words are exchanged. Rarity couldn’t waste this opportunity to get Spike in her favor and then he will be all hers again. “So Spike?” Rarity said to get his attention, “What have you and Rainbow Dash been doing exactly? You have been spending a lot of time these past few days.”

Rainbow started picking up a few signs about Rarity. “Nothing much. Just helping ‘Rainbow Dash’ practice some stuff.”

Rarity didn’t believe this for a second. “Well Rainbow Dash. Care to show me what you’ve been practicing on?”

Rainbow knew that Spike wasn’t ready to perform in front of her close friends. She was about to say something to change the topic, but Spike responded, “Of course! I’d love to show off some new moves!” The way he said it was almost mocking to Rainbow Dash. He then flew up into the air and made some quick and simple flight patterns. They weren’t as fancy or had pizazz like Rainbow was known to do, but at least it looked clean.

Spike then landed and huffed, “I am so awesome.” This continually offended Rainbow, but at the same time she was impressed at how much he learned in the little time. This also was enough to satisfy Rarity, but even she noticed that it wasn’t as reckless and crazy. It was more stable and had a lot of control, which was odd.

Rarity then thought, ‘Maybe Rainbow asked Spike for help to keep herself in control. It looks more elegant than usual.’

They continued with small talk, where Rarity kept trying to learn more about their relationship and to determine if they were really trying to make her jealous. Rarity couldn’t seem to break them as they continued with the same story every time. She then got frustrated and blurted, “Are you two dating?” and immediately covering her mouth.

Spike and Rainbow both looked at each other and began immediately denying it. “Me with her!? That would never happen!” Rainbow said.

This prompted Spike to say, “Yeah! Why would I be with that little pipsqueak anyways when I am so awesome anyways!”

Rainbow then returned, “Hey! Don’t call me a pipsqueak you….” Rainbow then paused as Rarity was still there. “Whatever… Let’s just go back to the library.” Rainbow said as she finished off her sandwich. Spike told Rarity, “Sorry about this.” then proceeded to follow behind leaving Rarity even more confused.

She was now confirming in her head that they weren’t together, but what were they then and why was Spike acting up around her then? She left with more questions than answers. Just then she bumped into Applejack and Fluttershy on their way back. She decided to tell them what had just transpired. They were just as confused as Rarity. Applejack then told Rarity about what happened at Twilight’s place.

Rarity asked, “What do you mean what happened at Twilight’s home? Was there something weird there too?”

Applejack told her, “Well when we got to Twilight’s place, nothing was out of the ordinary. Books stacked high and papers all over the floor with different mumbo jumbo. Twilight seemed a little tired, but was overall fine. Probably just been studying and reading too much. Then when we told her about Spike and Rainbow acting weird, she started acting weird herself.”

_____ Back at the Library _____

Twilight responded to the reports of Rainbow Dash and Spike being off today. “What do you mean they’ve been off!?”

Applejack said, “We mean they have been oddly close together. They are acting weird too. It’s almost as if…”

Twilight interjected, “Nothing’s wrong with them! They are probably just playing a game or a trick on you both!”

Applejack was suspicious now. “What’s really going on Twilight? I can tell you’re lying.”

“It’s nothing Applejack…” Twilight said avoiding eye contact.

Applejack had to ask. “Are Rainbow Dash and Spike dating!?”

Twilight was then confused, but used the opportunity to avoid telling the real truth, “What? No of course not.” she said with very little conviction to seem like she’s trying to deny it. She then turns the clock with her magic to make the clock show the time was later than it was. “Well would you look at the time. I guess it’s time for you to get going so let’s talk about this never.” Twilight rushed as she pushed the two out the door.

____ Back to the present ____

“That’s pretty much how it went down. Something isn’t right here and it seems Spike and Rainbow are at the heart of it.” Applejack deduced.

Fluttershy then said, “Maybe Twilight knows they are a couple, but they don’t want to reveal it yet. I mean they did seem off from how you described it Rarity. It was like they paused before they fought each other seriously. Maybe they really do care for each other and are afraid we won’t accept them?”

This got Rarity’s blood into a boil. She thought to herself, ‘If that’s true then… I have to find out the truth, by whatever means possible. I must do this!’ Rarity then rushed home and began plotting for the next day. Fluttershy and Applejack had no idea what to do now. To be honest, the didn’t want to dig any deeper and would rather see how things played out.

Spike and Rainbow entered the library, cooled down from the exchange earlier. They were sleepy from the hard work and eating a lot. Twilight immediately began questioning them, but they were too sleepy to care, told Twilight that they will talk in the morning, and just headed to bed.

Twilight was even more worried because she noticed how their actions, mannerisms, and how they talked were slowly starting to sync together. This could only be a bad thing.

Spike and Rainbow both woke up at the same time with Spike hugging his body. At first they both jumped because they forgot they were in each other’s bodies, but then a blush came over them as they realized they were sleeping together. All that talk of dating yesterday rang in their heads and an awkward silence befell the two. Just then Twilight came out of the kitchen with breakfast already made. The two looked at the time and it was late for Spike, but early for Rainbow.

Spike alerted, “Rainbow! We’re late for training! We only have one day left!”

Rainbow wasn’t as distressed as she was tired from waking up so early. “Man I’m still not used to waking up this early outside of for work.”

Twilight asked them, “Are you guys coming for breakfast?”

The two had their stomach give a slight growl. They both then headed downstairs where Twilight had the table set up. Twilight then said, “It’s weird seeing Spike wake up so late and Rainbow being up so early.”

Spike then said, “Hey I guess that’s true.”

Spike then saw on his plate broccoli. Spike hates the stuff, but for some reason it seemed sort of appetizing. “This looks good for once.” Twilight was a little offended by that and Spike began eating.

Rainbow had the same plate, but was reluctant to eat the broccoli. She didn’t mind it so much before because the good nutrients it gives and how people overreact to its taste, but now it really seemed to bother her. She avoided it and ate the rest of the plate.

Twilight then jumped when she noticed this and surprised the two. “My hypothesis is CORRECT!”

Rainbow then responded, “What was that all about Twilight?”

Twilight then told the two, “You both are changing! Not just your bodies, but even now your minds are slowly changing! They are syncing together!”

Spike asked, “What does that mean for us?”

“Your personalities are fusing into one. Soon you both will be the exact same personality and once that happens… It will most likely become permanent.” Twilight fearfully told them.

They both jumped up in disbelief. “Are you serious!?”.

Twilight then gave a simple nod and the two both looked at each other. Twilight then added, “And you don’t have much time left until the process is complete.”

Rainbow questioned, “What do you mean by that?”

Twilight then told them, “The amulet is shining oddly. There is a rainbow aura from the bottom, but on top it is showing a new aura that is purple and green. It is like two auras slowly traveling to the center, which I hypothesize is both of your auras are going to fuse when they both touch. It was very slow yesterday, but before you guys got home, the auras jumped closer. Soon Rainbow will become Spike and Spike will become Rainbow or I guess a fusion of the two! This is really bad!”

Rainbow exclaimed, “Ya THINK!!?”

Spike added, “This is just too crazy!! Why is this happening now!?”

Twilight then noticed a small increase in speed of the auras. “You both need to calm down! These auras act like quicksand. The more you panic, the worse it gets!”

The two wanted to calm down, but hearing that made them began worrying internally. Twilight then revealed a little more about the auras. “There was a point where the auras were retreating!” This put a quick bandage on the two worrywarts. “When you both went out earlier in the day, the auras were going back and it seemed it was going back to normal. Whatever you two did in the late morning, you must continue doing.”

They both remembered at that time, they both were sharing everything and having fun. Spike and Rainbow both came the simple conclusion that all they needed to do was be themselves and just be calm, cooled, and collected. The fact that they know now was stressful, but they fought against those thoughts and decided to just continue their training. They couldn’t afford to be distracted anymore. At least they know that the way to cure themselves is to just be happy in a way. They immediately left for the training grounds. Twilight waved behind them hoping they will be alright. She wouldn’t want to have two Spikedash personalities around. She wondered how that would even be as she returned to her studies and research.

Author's Note:

The highly unrequested continuation of this story. I know you guys want me to continue Spike's Journey especially since it's right at the end, but I kind of promised myself I would at least update this and another story before I continue it. It's not like I haven't worked on that next chapter either.

Also for those who don't know, my updates to each story is just terrible. Most of these stories happened years ago. I am mostly going off of old notes and altering only small things. This story may seem rushed, but it was supposed to be less detailed than my past works. Truth be told it was only supposed to be 2 chapters, but my idea kept growing and now it ends in either 1 or 2 more chapters.

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this is a awesame story:pinkiehappy:keep up the work.

Fantastic story so far, I really enjoy the portrayal of the characters in this. I can't wait to see what happens next!

So much for this being a one shot also more please thank you:twilightblush:

This is a Freaky Friday type of story, isn't it?

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