• Published 23rd Feb 2012
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Opposites Attract... - Rainbowshy_Flutterdash

Fluttershy discovers she has feelings for Rainbow Dash...

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5. Partying

"They're WHAT!?" Pinkie shouted when Twilight, AJ and Rarity told her the news, "But... how did Dashy get Fluttershy to be a fillyfooler too?!"

"Actually, darlin', 'Shy came on to Rainbow first." Applejack said, bringing a look of complete and utter shock to the pink pony's face.

"But.. But... Oh, ok..." Pinkie said, her hair drooping a bit along with her mood, "Good for them I guess..."

"What's wrong, deary? We thought you'd be excited about the news." Rarity inquired, a little let down that she didn't get to see her friend jumping with joy.

"Oh, it's nothing!" Pinkie answered, trying to mask her newfound depression with a rather convincing smile, "Just thinkin' is all!"

"Okay then. We'd better be going, have to prepare for the party!" Twilight decided, thoroughly convinced by Pinkie's new demeanor.

"What party?" Pinkie asked, shocked and upset that she wasn't invited.

"We, uh... Kinda figgured you would throw one for Rainbow and 'Shy. I guess that's what we get for presumin' stuff before it's set in stone." Applejack told Pinkie, a bit ashamed.

"OOOOHHHHH!!!!! Yeah, I'll throw 'em a party! It'll be AMAZING!" Pinkie caught on, now forgetting how upset she was. With that, the pony darted off towards Sugar Cube Corner to make plans.

Within two hours dozens of cakes, pies, cookies and banana muffins were set out and ready to be eaten. Pinky had decorated her home with rainbow colors, butterfly patterns, clouds and, of course, HEARTS!!! She was quite proud of her work and began to put the finishing touches on her cakes when the guests started showing up. The first pony to arrive was Derpy, who looked a bit glum and went to a table to sit alone.

Derpy was followed by Ms. Cheerilee, who was in turn followed by Diamond Tiara and her parents, and so on and so forth until everypony in Ponyville was there, save for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash themselves.

"They're coming!" Twilight yelled from the window, having everyone hide under their tables. The new couple walked in, looking at Pinkie.

"You wanted something?" Rainbow asked in an absurdly happy tone.

"SURPRISE!!!!!" was her answer, and it rang out from every corner of the building. Both pegasi's faces lit up with big, toothy grins and brightened eyes as they looked around and saw all their friends congratulating their new relationship. After many, many thanks and a few hidden tears from a certain pegasus and earth pony, the actual party began.

There was dancing, eating and, surprisingly enough, singing from nearly everypony that came to the party. Even Derpy chimed in to sing her rendition of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley. After many MANY glasses of cider Fluttershy was able to persuade Dash to get up and sing her favorite song, ‘You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid’ by the Offspring. Fluttershy’s face was set aglow by how beautiful her new love could make even a song such as that sound. Once Rainbow had finished her first song, she was already ready to sing her next song, then her next one, then her next one, then her next one. She sang for hours, entertaining the party with some heavier rock, down to a love ballads and even a sweet duet of ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ from her and AJ. The sadness the two brought into that song moved most everypony to tears and quickly put a touching stop to the great party.

Rainbow Dash woke up in her bed. She couldn’t remember half of what happened the prior night, just that she had a great time with Fluttershy. The sweet smell of honey on toast lifted her out of her bed and lead her into the kitchen where she saw…

“Fluttershy!?” Rainbow half shouted, noticing that her newfound lover was in the kitchen cooking her a wonderful meal, “What are you doing here? Wait… We didn’t…”

“Oh, no no no no. Nothing like that happened.” Fluttershy interrupted, the yellow on her face quickly becoming red, “I just decided to walk you home since you were a little… uh…”

“Drunk,” Rainbow guessed, laughing like a maniac.

“Oh, um… Yes, drunk. So, I brought you home, then you yanked me into your bed and wouldn’t let me go. I didn’t mind though. You were nice and warm…”

“Oh…” Rainbow said, blushing at her brashness, “So… Didja sleep good?”

“Very good. Your bed is so soft. Toast?” Fluttershy held out a plate of toast, all with different kinds of jelly on them.

The lovebirds ate breakfast together whilst talking, joking, and in Rainbow’s case, flirting. They were truly the perfect couple.

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