• Published 12th Jul 2013
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Give it back: A kingdom hearts/MLP crossover. - Bronyz4ever90

The princess of the night discovers a living suit of armor in her gardens one night. Where did it come from, and what is the weapon it holds?

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The end has come

Disclaimer: An idea came to me a while ago, and I was thinking about where I could go with it. A thought of: What would have happened if instead of the remaining at the Keyblade Graveyard, The Lingering Will was sent somewhere else? Here’s seeing where such an idea could go.


“Mmmm, tis another beautiful night…and almost no pony around to enjoy it” sighed the saddened Princess of the night, gazing out with a mournful gaze at Canterlot. She could sense that a few ponies were up and about enjoying the night. It gave her comfort, and yet the majority of Canterlot were asleep in their beds.

Backing away from her balcony, Princess Luna turned back towards her room. Night court had ended a while ago, and she was trying to see what she could do to help make the night more fantastic. Perhaps if she were to send several of the stars to shoot across the sky, more ponies would awaken from their slumber to witness such beauty.

“And if they don’t, we can make them awaken”.

“Silence” Luna whispered to herself, never pleased when her other half made itself known. When she had been purged of the darkness that had been plaguing her heart, Luna had become overwhelmed by a sense of regret towards what she had done. However, traces of former bitterness remained still within her mind.

“Why? T’was I that gave thee comfort when thou ungrateful wretches refused to gaze upon thy hard work?” whispered the dark entity.

“Thou went too far..I went too far. I made the mistake in trusting you once, never shall I do so again” Luna argued back with the disembodied voice in her head, thankful that Celestia was not here to listen to this. When she had become tempted, and accepted the darkness in her heart; she had become Nightmare Moon. When that happened, she had become a puppet in her own body.

So when Celestia banished her to the moon, she had become saddened but, grateful. Nightmare Moon had been stopped for the time being, and no pony else would be hurt because of Luna’s selfish decision.

“Who was it that accepted thy offer? That came to me when no pony else would even appreciate what we had done for them” echoed the voice in Luna’s head. “Thou worked so hard every night, doing whatever you could do to make everypony happy? Did they appreciate what we...?!”

“Enough” hissed Luna, not about to fall into this argument once more. She knew what had happened, and she knew why she had made her decision at the time. “I was jealous; bitter…I wanted to feel the same love that my sister received when she raised up and created glorious days”.

Every heart, no matter how pure and good that they were contained darkness. Depending entirely on what sort of pony they were, the darkness would be either overwhelming, or merely a tiny sliver. Once upon a time, Luna’s heart had been stemming in darkness, corrupted by her own jealousy.

However, thanks to the intervention of Twilight Sparkle and her friends; the darkness had been returned to a tiny fragment..but it was still there. Plus, because not a lot had changed, where most preferred to sleep then enjoy the night; the darkness had been growing over time. Luna could still feel it at times, whispering in her sleep and offering her everything she wanted and more.

“I shall never fall again, this I swear” she promised herself, finding solace in staring out at the sleepy town.


Meanwhile, on a distant world in another universe…

“Your body submits, your heart succumbs, so why does your mind resist” demanded the newly born Terranort, furious at the resistance of what was left of his former “apprentice”.

The sky was a golden yellow, transparent chain’s locking the outside world out. The desolate landscape picked up high winds that surrounded the two warriors. The Keyblade Graveyard was a barren wasteland, where the fate of three would be changed forever.

Terra, a former keyblade wielder’s body had been stolen to be used as the aging Xehanort’s vessel. His body was stolen, his heart completely snuffed out in darkness. But his mind and will remained his, and had transferred itself into his armor.

Terranort glowered at the insolent armor, a cruel smile coming to his lips. Casually spinning his keyblade in place, he remarked coldly “I’m not surprised. Your will has always been strong, but strong enough to resist in your current state? Unheard of”. Pausing, Terranort chuckled “It intrigues me, you’ve lost and yet you still fight? Why?”

No words were spoken from The Lingering Will, as it slowly arose from where it knelt. Drawing it’s keyblade, it pointed it at Terranort; it’s message clear. “Thief…not take…without..fight” thought the being, it’s mind unable to form coherent sentences. Lowering its blade, it silently dashed towards it’s target, locking keyblades with him.

Terranort grunted heavily, showing signs of struggle against The Lingering Will. Assuming that his powers now greatly surpassed Terra’s, he started to push back his foe. Sneering, Terranort brought down a free hand, darkness gathering within it before he slammed his fist into the armors chest area.

The Lingering Will flew backwards, coming up from a roll. It gazed out at Xehenaort, who was charging towards it. Bringing it’s keyblade up, it backed away, parrying and deflecting Xehanorts succession of thrust towards it’s head, sparks flying left and right from the collision of blades!!

“You can’t defend forever” mocked Terranort, loving every moment of his revitalized youth. Pushing back the armor towards the edge of the battlefield, he coldly asked “What seems to be the problem? You locked us in here, and yet you can’t seem to stand against me”.

“Return...it” thought the armor, using shield in the middle of the attack.

Throwing off Terranorts balance, Lingering Will counterattacked, slashing three times across Terranorts chest; sending the arrogant evildoer skidding backwards. Going in for a fourth slash, it’s blow was parried away; silently grunting from the dark shockwave damage it got from Terranorts overhead slash.

Laughing from the opening he was given, Terranort sliced away at Lingering Will, smirking whenever his keyblade connected with it’s body.

It’s helmeted head moved against it’s will from each strike, unable to strike back. When it felt Terranort halt his attack for a moment, it clashed it’s keyblade against Terranorts, pushing away Terranort’s blade. Taking advantage of the moment, Lingering Will slammed it’s armored fist against it’s enemies cheek.

Grunting from the surprise attack, Terranort jumped backwards from his foe. Aiming his keyblade, he shot out a flurry of dark bolts. “YIELD” demanded he at the sight of The Lingering Will deflecting and blocking the darkbolts. When he finished firing, his body was surrounded by similar looking aura before dashing across the field.

Sending the darkbolts flying away from itself, The Lingering Will flinched and staggered from a few stray bolts that managed to slam into it.

Touching where the burn marks appeared, it thought to itself “It..dosent..hurt”. But what did hurt was when Terranort rammed himself into it, sending it onto it’s back.

Terranort didn’t let up from his attacks, continuing to dash and crash his body against Lingering Will’s armor. Each blow started to make knick’s and dents appear on the armor. Becoming bolder with his dashes as time went on, he thrust his keyblade forward in an attempt to skewer The Lingering Will!!

Lifting it’s helmeted head up, Lingering Will instinctively raised it’s keyblade up towards the sky. A prism shield blocked Terranorts attempted skewer attack. Seizing the moment, Lingering Will threw itself at Terranort, clashing it’s keyblade against Terranorts, the two proceeding into a back and forth block and slash.

In the midst of the slashing, Lingering Will rolled underneath a cleave towards it’s head. Getting up behind Terranort, it shot out several pyro balls, all which scorched Terranorts back. Not done, it then ran forward and brought up it’s keyblade towards Terranorts neck, striking him hard.

“Urgg” grunted an injured Terranort, sliding forward across the ground. Lifting himself up shakily, a hint of anger crept into his eyes as he slowly smirked. “You’re making me very angry” he declared in a low tone. A dark aura started to cover his body, calling upon his darkness to aid him. “And for you, that is the last thing you want to do” Terranort warned the living armor.

The Lingering Will’s only response was beckoning for Terranort in a taunting way to fight him. If it had eyes, it would surely blink in shock when Terranort suddenly vanished, and reappeared via portal behind Lingering Will, ramming the back of his keyblade into where it’s spine would be.

Staggering forward from the blow, The Lingering Will whirled around, swinging it’s keyblade in an arc towards Terranorts head only to hit air. Turning it’s head left and right, it was struck once more!! Turning around in all direction to find Terranort, it failed to notice the pool of darkness appear below it; Terranort coming out swinging as it was sent flying onto where it’s stomach would be.

“Humph” humped Terranort, having expected more from Terra’s lingering will. Raising his keyblade into the air, a slew of molten, yellow boulders appeared in a circular fashion around The Lingering Will’s still form. “METEOR” he called out, lowering his keyblade; sending the powerful looking rocks flying towards Lingering Will!!

Getting itself up, Lingering Will resorted itself towards dodging and fleeing from the approaching meteors. Struggling to keep it’s balance from each shock wave explosion from the impact of the missing meteors, The Lingering Will turned to face the final meteor. Rather than run, The Lingering Will neatly sliced the meteor in two, twin explosions appearing behind it.

Glancing at the surprised Terranort, Lingering Will aimed it’s own keyblade at Terranort’s body. A dark volley of it’s own bolts, shot out towards the thieving and treacherous keyblade wielder. However rather than firing in a quick succession, the bolts homed in on Terranort.

“Ha!! You think that will do you any good” demanded Terranort, preparing to deflect and block away at the bolts. He got a pretty big shocker when the bolts suddenly started circling around him, striking him from all sides. “Aggh!! Cursed fool” growled Terranort, leaping high into the air to strike down Lingering Will. Slamming his keyblade into the ground, a small crater appeared from the damage of his keyblade, shooting Lingering Will backwards.

Skidding across the battlefield from the surprise attack, it became more determined than ever to end this battle. Lingering Will wasn’t given much a chance to react when Terranort appeared before him!! Crying out in silent pain, Lingering Will’s armored form became more and more dented from the combo attack that ended with a dark purplish hand made of aura, emerging from Terranorts keyblade and punching him across the field!!

“You don’t belong in this world, or the next. Submit, and I promise that I will make this as painless as possible” declared Terranort with a cruel smile, eager to destroy the obstacle in his way.

“Back…” thought The Lingering Will silently, as he began to walk towards Terranort.

Slowly going into a jog, and then finishing with a sprint; The Lingering Will ducked underneath an impaling strike towards his head. Ignoring the gasp of shock from Terranort, The Lingering Will jammed his keyblade into Terranorts chest.

“Wh..what is this?!” Terranort demanded in shock, his body immediately glowing white. He could feel..his heart…Terras heart, slowly beginning to leave his new found body. How had In that moment, he realized he had become too arrogant in his new form, thinking himself invincible. This was unacceptable!! “N..no” he gasped, watching as the hybrid heart slowly began to leave his body.

The Lingering Will looked up at the departing heart. It was barely able to feel any sort of emotion, the floating heart filling it up with a sense of needing. “Give..back…my…heart” it thought, slowly reaching with an outstretched hand to take it.

Watching the Lingering Will’s fascination with its former heart, Terranort furrowed his brows in anger, his rage giving him strength. He could feel himself starting to vanish without his heart, soon he would not exist. He did not spend all this careful planning, all of his efforts to be undone because of his brief moment of carelessness. “ENOUGH” he angrily declared, striking the heart with his keyblade!!

The hybrid heart shattered into pieces, a tiny bit absorbing itself into The Lingering Will whilst the majority rejoined Terranort. Staggering backwards from the unexpected turn of events, Terranort clutched at his chest; feeling his mostly completed heart beat strongly. “That was close..but you’ve taken something that..” he started to monologue.

“Shut…up” echoed a voice from the helmet, slamming himself into Terranorts body. Utilizing it’s ultimate tech: The Ultima Cannon, The Lingering Will made a noise that sounded like an angry growl. It’s keyblade morphed into a giant sized cannon, holding it over his shoulder. Locking onto it’s target, a massive orangish-yellow beam shot out and slammed into Terranort!!

“GAAAAAAAHHHH” cried out Terranort, feeling excruciating pain from the beam. Terranort was sent flying into the air before slamming down into the ground, his body covered in burn marks. Lifting his head up weakly, Terranort reached out with an angry grasp towards The Lingering Will, before his head fell back into unconsciousness.

Terranort temporarily defeated, The Lingering Will looked up as a massive wave of pure white energy slowly started to encompass everything. Watching as Terranort was engulfed by the wave, it planted it’s keyblade into the ground, lowering it’s head. It knew there was no point in running, the effects of it’s best move draining it.

As the wave started to engulf it, images flashed through it’s mind of the two people that it cared about more than anything in the world.

“Aqua…Ven…someday…I will…set…thing..right” it thought, sadness overtaking it as the wave engulfed it. It thought that for now, this was the end.

Little did it know, this was just the beginning.

Author's Note:

Whew, done :). I hope that this first chapter was to everyone's liking. The idea for this fic has been going on in my head for days that I just had to write it out :). Till next chap, and if you see any errors or think anything needs to be improved; please let me know.