• Published 16th Jun 2013
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The New Girl at School - world1245

With a new, beautiful girl showing up just before the start of winter break, Austen has a limited amount of time to make his move. The shy girl is Austen's match in every way, but what will happen when he finds the real reason she came to Joplin

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Chapter One: Insert clever name here

So, riddle me this, if you could choose any one pony to become human, who would it be? Well, honestly, I would pick Twilight, because her personality is soo similar to mine, but that is not what fate had in store for me.

So, that morning had started out like every other morning, with, you know, a meteor shower. You know, giant space rocks falling from the sky, no big deal. What was a big deal was the fact that I missed the bus. Stupid space rocks had distracted me.

So, by the time I actually got to school, it was halfway through second period. I got my tardy slip from the office, and hurried down to Mrs. Krane's class. With a class size of eight, it was officially the hardest class to sneak into. After pausing at the door for a few seconds, I decided that there was no use in stalling. I slowly creaked the door open to find that Mrs. Krane was in the process of giving a lesson on photo comp*.

"So glad you could join us, Austen," Mrs. Krane said, then went back to her teaching.

I quickly bee lined for my chair, which, with my glorious luck, was across the room, by the windows. I was so distracted by getting out my notebook for the note taking I needed to catch up on, that I almost completely overlooked the new girl sitting at my table.

She had a kind of humble beauty about her. She had on a sun beam hoodie and a pair of matching capris. She had a butterfly clip tied into her ponytail, and the most beautiful blue eyes. It took me the fact that she was blushing for me to realize that I was gawking at her. I quickly looked towards the SMART** board and began taking notes.

After a solid 26 minutes of me being bright red from embarrassment, the bell rang. I was about to get up and head to my third hour class, but I stopped. I decided to introduce myself to the new girl.

"Hi, I'm Austen," I said with a warm smile.

She returned a sheepish smile then got up, packed up her notebook, and quickly walked out of the classroom.

I must've had a pretty bewildered look on my face because Mrs. Krane started explaining to me. "That's Emma, she just got here this morning. She's kind of shy."

"I noticed. Well, sorry about being late, I missed the bus." I tell her a I leave the classroom. I quickly speed down to biology, and get in right as the bell is ringing. "Morning, Welling," I say to the teacher.

"Morning, Austen," he says as I take my seat. I look next to me and right where Megan usually sit is Emma, smiling nervously at Mr. Welling.

"Hey," Mr. Welling said to Emma. "Welcome to the squid class,"

"Ooo, squids? Where are they?" She asked excitedly.

"Uh, there..."

"That's the term Mr. Welling uses for people that don't pay attention in class," I cut in. I loved explaining that.

"Oh," she murmured, disappointed. After that the rest of the class went as usual, half of the people on there phones and another quarter of them asleep. How did these kids pass physical science?

After all the note taking, and Welling let us lose on the homework, I turned to Emma. "So, where ya from?" I asked.

"Uh, well, that's an interesting question. Uh, I uh, came from, uh..." she nearly whispered.

"You're not from this country, are you?"

"Uh, n-no," she said.

"You're from Canada, then?" I say, seeing as she didn't have an accent, and her skin was somewhat pale.



Emma left the class in a hurry. She was in such a rush, she forgot her notebook.

"I guess I've got to go track her down," I say as I pick up the notebook.

I know I shouldn't have done this, but as I was getting up, I opened the butterfly covered book and started flipping through the pages. Right there, on the inside page, was a check list that said:

Shower, go to school, find elements.

You had to give the girl points for organization, but what were these elements she wrote about?

"Don't you have a class to go to, bud?" Mr. Welling asked, bringing me back down to Earth.

"Oh, yeah, thanks Welling," I said. I could figure it out later, right now, I had to get to the fourth floor, and fast. I ran to the outside courtyard, and sprinted across to W hall. I power walked to the stair case and booked it up the stairs. I was to the third floor when the bell rang.

"Crap," I said under my breath. I didn't need another tardy in this class. Then, you wouldn't believe what I saw. I saw Emma, looking around like she was lost. "You need help?" I asked her.

"Uh, yes, a-a little bit, I mean, if you don't mind." She barely whispered.

"Oh, it's no problem at all. What room are you looking for?" I whispered back.

"401," she said, obviously comfortable with the tone.

"Are we going to have all the same classes?" I whisper to myself. "That's right up these stairs. Same place I'm going. Oh, by the way, I'm Austen," I say.

"I know. We had journalism together," she said, a little louder.

"Well, come on, its not good to be late to your first day in Coach Lawrence,"

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