• Published 16th Jun 2013
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The New Girl at School - world1245

With a new, beautiful girl showing up just before the start of winter break, Austen has a limited amount of time to make his move. The shy girl is Austen's match in every way, but what will happen when he finds the real reason she came to Joplin

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Chapter Two: What A Dream?

So, the rest of the day went pretty well, seeing as the new girl, Emma, was in all of my classes.

Now, I had just started watching MLP, and I really wasn't caught up on it yet, either. That night, I was up late, watching it on my iPod, when I saw Fluttershy, and for some reason, I thought of Emma. I mean, she did have yellow clothes on and butterfly in her hair. I just didn't know.

Then I had an idea.

I thought it was a pretty good idea, too.

I was inspired by how Twilight met Fluttershy, and how she couldn't stop obsessing over Spike.

Now, I'm pretty sure that I couldn't get a Spike plushie online and have it by next week, the last week of the semester, so I decided to use what I had.

I pulled out my secret collection of adorable stuffed animals. I studied them each and I picked the one I could part with to help satisfy my suspicion.

I stuffed the toy I decided on into my backpack and set it by the door.

I looked over at my alarm clock that cast its red light across the room. 1:48am shown brightly on the glossy black surface of the darkened ceiling.

"I need to get to bed," I said, but I found myself reaching for my iPod. "No, Austen, you need to sleep."

I pulled myself up into my bed, and clawed myself under the sheets. Then, something very unusual happened, I dreamed.

That doesn't necessarily sound suspicious, but take into account that I haven't dreamt in like, a year.

So, I was walking, er, drifting down a hall. The walls were lined with large stone bricks and in the distance you could here the slowly, deliberate slap of a hoof on the ground, like pacing.

I drifted down the hall towards the sound. There was a large wood door, slightly cracked open and a familiar voice came from the inside.

"Enjoying my lair, Austen?" It asked.

"How do you know my name?" I asked quickly, surprised a sound came out.

"Oh, I know you quite well, but first off," he snapped his fingers and he appeared on my head, much smaller. "I'm Discord, master of chaos," the creature said, offering me his lion paw with his eagle talons.

"Wait, you're that one guy, that stole the Elements and nearly broke up their wielders' friendship."

"Oh, yes, I did, oh, and what a joy it is." Discord said with a laugh.

"Wait, so they haven't gotten them back? You still have them?" I said, nonchalantly. I mean, its just a dream.

"Of course I do. I'm sure they're still bickering about who's better."

"Really? Then where are the Elements?"

"Oh, they're in this case, right here," he said. He snapped his fingers and he was off my head and in front of me, dressed like a jewelry store clerk as he opened the case. "As you can see, these are expertly crafted and very magical."

"Really? I'm pretty sure the girls have them back right... now," I tried to bend the dream to my will.

The Elements disappeared. "Oh, no, whatever shall I do?" Discord feinted. "Wait, what's this behind your ear?" he reached behind my ear and pulled out the element of honesty. He did this with the other ear, under my arms, and I pulled out the Element of Magic myself. (I wasn't gonna let him touch there.)

I looked at him in astonishment. "So, you thought this was some crazy dream, huh? Well, keep dreaming, bucko. I'm as real as, well, this apple pie," he said.

"What apple..." just then, an apple pie slammed onto my head. I licked my face.

"If this weren't so delicious, I would be mad."

"See, I'm not all that bad. Just a little insane,"

"What's fun without a little insanity?"

"Well, its time for you to get back to bed, so, see ya around, Austen," he took out a straw and shot a spitball at my face.

I woke up in my bed three minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. "And that's why I hate dreams." I say and slowly rise to a sitting position. I throw my legs over the side of my bed and walk to my alarm clock across the room. I flipped the switch on the side and then I tripped over something. I looked down and thought I saw an apple pie.

I blinked and saw it was my backpack. I pull out my stuffed animal from my bag. "Stupid idea." I mutter to myself. I scooped it up and started towards the door grabbing a muffin on the way out.

Author's Note:

Well, thanks for actually reading. It may be a little bit before I add a third chapter, because I've got another story I want to write. Well, peace out! Keep it real! Other 80's valedictions that no one really uses anymore.

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