• Published 12th Jun 2013
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In the Silver Lining - Tower of 0

So, two ponies walk into a bar, right? Eh, forget it....

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A Drinking Game and a Month of Roleplays

"So, anything you'd like to share?" Swifty asked as a rowdy group of stallions came in.

Ivory pondered for a moment, observing his surroundings while he thought. There was a sleeping Berry Punch that might needed to be carried home before the night was through. Tap was polishing some mugs. Least of all, the rowdy group that just came in. Ivory opened his mouth to say something.

"Oi! Who 'ere wants to have a drinkin contest?" One of them asked.

"Yeah! Ain't nopony is able to beat our mate here!" Another spoke.

Ivory flinched a little. Were these boys really starting to brag? Boys will be boys. But the bragging kept going on and on and never seemed to end with the taunts! He had enough of it and slapped his hoof on the bar, gaining the attention of everyone in the room, for the exception of Tap and Berry.

There was a few moments of silence, then a loud snore ripped through the bar.

"Well!" Ivory turned around on the stool and hopped off, with the biggest grin he's ever faked. "I have somepony in mind who may be able to test that!"

Ivory was making his way to Berry Punch, still asleep on the floor. He hoisted her up on his back, bringing her to their table.

"Wakey wakey.." Ivory said playfully, giving a few light slaps to Berry Punch.

Berry mumbled something before looking over at Ivory.

"Well hey Ivory! How's it-" She stopped and looked around the table, "This isn't some elaborate set up for a gangbang is it?"

"Why you gotta put that image in my head?!" Swift commented.

"Plus, you know I'm perfectly happy with Applejack." Ivory stated with a matter of factly tone.

"Is that who you're dating? Didn't even think she would find time for one." Swift chuckled to himself, earning a glare from Ivory.

"Anyway...." Ivory turned back to look at Berry, "Would you kindly out drink these arrogant assholes for the better of this pub?"

"I don't know... what's in it for me?" Berry looked back at Ivory with a half-smile.

"Hey! I think she's had enough for one night!" Tap tried to argue.

"Would you rather keep a quiet bar or a rowdy one, Tap?" Ivory asked, causing the stallion to shush.

"For starters, I pay for your drinks and two, you get to drink in a contest for once." Ivory reasoned.

"'Ey, what are the bets at?" The arrogant drinker stepped in, his accent heavily foreign.

"Fifty bits up front, winner takes all, loser pays for the night." Ivory put his bits on the table.

Berry took out half of their bet and refunded the half to Ivory, "Hey, i wanna chip in on this too, I am the one competing."

"Fair enough." Ivory agreed with her, taking back half his bits while Berry put the rest of her bits on the table.

"Since I know this'll be an easy game, I'll double mine to a hundred bits." The stallion said with a big grin on his face.

Ivory popped his neck, this guy was really getting on his nerves. Ivory clapped his hooves together and went to the bar, where Tap had the first mugs ready. Ivory encased the mugs in his magic and brought them to their table, setting a mug infront of each contestant. Ivory slammed a hoof on the table, signaling both drinkers to start. Both were down in ten seconds flat.

"Round 2!" Ivory exclaimed as he used his magic to bring over two more mugs.

The signal was given again. Gone again in 10 seconds. Rounds after Rounds came and each drinker proved a high tolerance, that is, until round 41. The cocky stallion was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, feeling a bit woozy and struggled to keep straight, as for Berry on the other hoof. She seemed fine, even if she was hammered, she did one hell of a job not showing it. Ivory brought over Round 42, the stallion just looked at the mug, Berry already downed hers and he was the only one taking his time. He started to drink it down, spilling it on himself as he leaned back. Leaning a bit to far...


He went to the floor fast asleep, Berry let out a drunken whoop as the stallion's comrades helped him to his hooves and out the pub. Victory for the local drunk, losers were the cocky foreigners, absolutely perfect. Ivory gave Berry a pat on her back, her reaction was going straight back to sleep on the table.

"Is she..." Swift was about to ask something until he was cut off.

"Don't worry about it! She'll be fine." Ivory dismissed the question.

"So, how did you even get that country mare of Apllejack to look into her busy farming schedule and make time for you?" Swifty shot the question as Ivory sat down again.

"Ehhh.... long story, rather eventful. Although, a month after, I found out she's into a bit of role playing." Ivory put a hoof to his chin and tapped it lightly, remembering that whole month where the weekends were nothing but roleplay nights.

Ivory was rushing home one Saturday evening, the first Saturday of this month to be exact, he got a letter while trying to sell some of his work. It was a letter from Applejack saying that she needed him for something. What that something was is a complete mystery, but the letter sounded urgent.

He burst through the door, careful as to not break it off its hinges, and rushed to the one place AJ could be. His bedroom.
The door swung open, allowing Ivory to enter his threshold he called his bedroom. It may have needed a bit of cleaning, but yet, it looked like some of the mess was cleaned up...

"AJ?" Ivory asked, moving further into the room. "You here babe?"

No answer.

"I know you're in here," Ivory sounded a bit irritated, "what is it exactly you needed me for?"

The bathroom door creaked open and a familiar orange mare stepped forth, Ivory dropped his jaw and went stiff between the legs.

"M-Master.." Applejack spoke with a blush, a maid outfit that hung to her body until it reached the skirt.

Ivory just gawked at her, mouth wide open.

"Do ya like it, Master Dreams?" Calling her coltfriend master seemed a bit exciting for the mare, seeing as she wanted to try something new.

Her 'master' just nodded. "Very."

"If ya would take a seat, Ah'll be more than happy to please Master Dreams."

Ivory just simply complied and sat his rump on the side of the bed, watching Applejack get to work quickly. He always enjoyed her company alone, but this? This was different than he had anticipated, especially when he didn't expect his marefriend to be into this sort of thing.

Ivory jolted awake the next morning. Last night was now a bit of a blur to him, but AJ wasn't in bed at the moment and the 'skirt' was still on the floor. By skirt, he means what is left of the torn piece of fabric when Applejack tried to ride Ivory, wasn't a pleasant sound. That sort of thing happens, but that wasn't important, what was important was the smells emanating from the kitchen down the hall.

Ivory hopped out of bed, kicked the skirt off to the side, and continued for the door. When he reached the doorway to the kitchen, Ivory found a set table complete with a vase that held a single flower. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to sneak on on his marefirend while she was cooking. She wasn't even looking.

The unicorn mustered up a devilish grin on his face and stepped a hoof onto the kitchen wood. The flooring let out a small squeak, but it seemed that the noise didn't bother the mare in his kitchen. So Ivory took another step, bringing him slightly closer to his goal. He eventually made a quiet scramble over to her.

"Eep!" Applejack stiffened at the pressure of hooves squeezing her flank.

She turned herself around to face Ivory, whom of which was smiling to himself, and looked at the unicorn with a somewhat amused grin.

"It looks like Master Dreams is fully awake." AJ said, but before Ivory could fit a word in, gave him a kiss.

Swift was waving a hoof infront of Ivory's face. Ivory was in a state of thought as it seems and Swift spent the last half hour trying to get his friend out of his daze.

"Equestria to Ivory. Come one Ivory."Swift said, knocking on Ivory's skull.

Ivory shook his head, clearing his mind. "Erm.... what were we talking about?"

"Nothing, apparently. You just zoned out for a little while." Swift said with a bit of smile.

"Huh... well..." Ivory looked down at the bar, "Something serious I guess."

Swift nodded, a bit in disbelief, a bit not wanting to to know.

"So, how about that second part of you race, Swifty?" Ivory quickly changed the subject.

Swift was a bit hesitant, but started to tell his tale again. Ivory went to thinking about that last Saturday of the month. He quickly went into a dazed state, his memory consuming his mind. Swift became unaware of this fact as he told his story, but little did he know what was really going on inside his friend's head.,,

Ivory found himself tied down to his bed. Well, sort of. His fore hooves were tied together behind his back, his hind legs tied down to the bedposts of the foot of the bed. Applejack's stetson placed on his head. She was in charge of the situation and it was clear what she was going to do.

"Well, it looks like Ah got myself a notorious outlaw!" Applejack said with smug grin. She seemed to be wearing a rather small vest with a plastic sheriffs star on it. A comedic-looking 'lawman' hat on her head, obvious where her stetson already is.

"I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't fer yer meddlin!" Ivory was working on his own southern accent. So far, it was pretty well, but not good.

"Now... ta carry out some justice. Courtesy of the law." AJ spoke with a happy tone, the smile didn't quite match though.

Ivory gulped audibly from his point of view.

Author's Note:

Whoa! Finally I get this chapter out to you all. Sorry for the longest wait I've put you guys through. Though... I don't think I like some parts of it, but I'll have to see what you all have to say about it. Although, since I don't usually check more own errors, I'm thinking about getting myself an editor... maybe. I'm not too sure yet, but I'll eventually make up my mind. See you soon!

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