In the Silver Lining

by Tower of 0

First published

So, two ponies walk into a bar, right? Eh, forget it....

Two friends finally find eachother, well, one finds the other in a pub. And get to catch up on a few things that have happened to them since the passing months. Too bad something might just happen to make the night a bit more interesting.

Does follow Spending Time with Applejack, be warned if you haven't read that first.

Old Friends, New Stories

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A pegasus stallion has found himself hunched over in his barstool, slowly drinking his night away. The ball cap adorned on his head positioned so his eyes were hidden from anypony else. Of course, that didn't stop the unicorn that just walked in from noticing him. The unicorn made his way from the front door to the bar quickly and quietly, hitting the pegasus' hat off.

"Hey! What's the jo-" He stopped mid sentence after he spun himself around, noticing the cream-coated unicorn. "Well if my eyes do deceive me! Ain't it the infamous Ivory Dreams!"

"Nice to see you again too, Swifty." Ivory replied with a grin as he picked up Swifty's hat from the ground.

"How have ya been bud?" Swifty asked, gladly taking his hat back, but leaving it off his head.

"I've been great, thanks for the concern. I see you keep your main and tail short, I thought you stopped racing?" Ivory observed his friend's familiar mane style.

"I still enter myself in the Cloudsdale races, as the famous Silver Streak, mind you." Switfy exclaimed with a lot of pride in his voice.

"Why not go with your real name, as the Swift Storm?" Ivory asked as he took a seat next to his friend.

"'Cause everypony loves Silver Streak, and I ain't just about to retire my nickname just yet!" Swift chuckled to himself.

Ivory just chuckled along with good ol' Swifty. Swift swears that he'll become a racing legend one day.

"'Ey barkeep!" Slurs came from a back corner, "How 'bout another *hic* drink?"

Ivory slapped his hoof on the bar jokingly and turn to the drunk, Ponyville's drunk. "I don't think you need anymore to drink there, Berry Punch." Ivory stated with the widest grin Swift's ever seen on him.

"Says *hic* you!" Berry retorted back from across the pub.

"All righty then! I bet you can't even walk up here without falling on your ass." Ivory challenged the drunk with glee. "If you can, I'll buy your drinks til you leave."

Berry certainly couldn't resist a challenge like that, especially when booze was involved!

"You're *hic* on!" She slammed her hoof on the table and attempted to get up.

A loud thump followed by the two stallions laughing their asses soon filled the building.

Ivory wiped the tears from his eyes as he turned back around. "Hey, Tap Feat, how about passing a regular his usual?"

Tap just nodded and slid a mug of cider, plain ol' cider.

"That's one's on the house." Tap smiled, "For putting on a good show with the town drunk."

"Cider? Is it spiked?" Swoft was looking at his friend who just chugged half the mug before putting it down.

"Of course not, you know i don't drink." Ivory thought for a moment. "Unlike some ponies!" He raised his voice towards the end.

"Blah blah *hic* blah!" Berry waved a hoof from where she was laying before falling into a drunken slumber.

"Besides," Ivory looked over to his friend, "I don't need to drink since I have an amazing marefriend."

"OH yeah, I remember you writing to me about the fight you had months earlier." Swift slightly had a smile as he remembered.

"Let me tell you, she has one hell of a kick!" Ivory chuckled before downing the rest of his cider.

"You don't say?" Swift sarcastically asked.

"Oh ya, she nearly broke my ribs. My house got it worse than I did." Ivory was serious all right, too serious. "But the make-up sex was worth it."

Swift spit his drink all over the counter. "What?!"

"You heard me." Ivory smirked to himself as he lifted the mug to his lips.

Swifty saw the smugness in the stallion next to him, kinda scary to him. "She nearly broke your ribs, possibly trashed your house, but you didn't freak out about or anything?"

"That shoudn't come as a surprise to ya Swifty. You know me all too well to know that I barely get mad." Ivory looked over his empty mug.

"True, but still, she must've been one crazy mare to nearly break your ribs and trash your place."

Swifty had a point there, but Ivory also knew how Applejack was since growing up around her and Swift at the same time.

"She wasn't crazy, first of all, she was in heat. Her cycle was so out of whack that she got angry at me over an accident I didn't see coming."

"Just be glad it's summer here, Ivory."

"True that." Ivory agreed with his friend as he paced two bits on the table. "Found a good mare to be with yet?"

Swift groaned a bit before answering. "No, I don't even know where to start, better yet, what to look for in a mare."

"You'll find you're special somepony one day." Ivory patted Swift on the back before attending to his drink.

"You have any advice?" Swift turned to Ivory, hopeful that he would have an answer.

"Find a mare worth while. Not too fancy. Not too simple either." Ivory replied, setting the mug down. "I'm surprised you haven't even taken a drink yet, or told me about one of you race stories."

Swift looked down towards the counter where he still had his hoof wrapped around a shot glass and quickly downed it.

"Well, I'll tell you one story I should be quite proud of."

"I'm all ears buddy."

"So I enter myself in a race the year before, ya see? And the competetion...."

A Day at the Races

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There he was, Swift Storm, Novice Pegasus Racer, but well-known to most in Cloudsdale as the Silver Streak. His silver mane, which contributed to his title, was at it's usual short length that made it hug his head. He somehow was now at the starting of the biggest racing event known to equine-kind, the Equestria National Circuit.

This was also the hardest race to gain a spot in also, seems as only the big wigs of wings were allowed to compete. This year seemed different for them though, seeing Silver Streak had quite the positive reputation in Cloudsdale along with a few sponsors, one of which was Cloudsdale weather factory.

Yet, there he was, at the only race he ever dreamed of entering. A dream come true for him, but Swift Storm was seen as a pest to some egotistical racers there. He sported a calm, knowing smile. His face usually was calm either way, but he was just happy to finally be apart of the ENC.

"Are all racers at their starting positions?" An announcer pegasus floated into view.

Most of the racers nodded.

"All right, this is Phase One of the Equestria National Circuit, you'll be starting here in the capitol of Canterlot and race your way to Applewood." The announcer continued.

Canterlot to Applewood? Swift had to make sure he made it there, just had to.

"You will get time to rest once you're there, the Princess has made arrangements to accommodate each racer until Phase Two of the races."

"All racers," A mare flew into view, taking the announcer's place, "would you please get your wings ready?"

Her tone was polite, but everyone obliged.

"On your marks. Get Set."

Moments passed by slowly as she paused with a smirk.


All the racers left the streets of Canterlot to take to the skies above. Swift was slowly making his way through the large pack of fliers. He could've sworn a Wonderbolt was doing the exact same as he was. He felt a small bump from on of his sides. Swift gazed around to find a devilish smile adorned on a griffon who had a scar over one eye.

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait, there was a griffin smiling at you?" Ivory asked, interrupting his friend.

"Yeah, but I could tell he was planning something." Swift replied.

"Yet, how many fliers were in that race?"

"Roughly 40. more than half were pegasi."

"Well I would assume so."

"Yeah,a lot of fliers."

"Anyway, what happened between you and that griffon?"

"You see what happened was..."

The griffon then proceeded to slam its entire body into Swift's underside, causing to lose his control. The griffon itself laughed to itself and said something Swift didn't quite catch. He was reeling in the air, trying to catch himself before something bad had happened to the other fliers and himself.

Swift finally caught himself near the edge of the race cloud. Swift grimaced to himself.

"Alright, time for Silver Streak to live up to his name." Swift smiled to himself as he took off again.

Swift was gaining speed and gaining it fast as he passed racers one at a time or two. His silver tail left behind the origin of his nick name, a silver line following his flank. He slowed his speed down as he neared the griffon. He clapped his hooves together in a joking manner, catching the griffon's attention, then gave the griffon a joke salute before flying off.

Swift was gaining leverage and climbing to the top of the pack in minutes, but the trip to Applewood was still a long ways ahead. Eventually, every other racer would get tired at some point and slow themselves down to a pace, this left Swift and that one Wonderbolt he spotted earlier. They both were leading the pack now.

Swift and the Wonderbolt made it to Applewood after a few long hours of flying. The other fliers only managed about thirty minutes after they both landed. Swift spent a majority of the duo flight exchanging conversation and stories with the Wonderbolt, and might have made a new friend in the process.

The race had it where a hotel or hotels could accomidate the fliers after each phase. The first to fliers there were treated to penthouses or master suites. Mostly the hotels offered master suites due to the penthouses always being occupied, and since Swifty never been to a hotel let alone spend the next few days in a master suite.

Swift put the key to his suite into the lock and pulled it out a second later. The light flashed green and door unlicked itself, allowing Swift to enter his temporary lodging. He was awe struck. The suite he had gotten literally might have been bigger than his home, even though it didn't possess just one story.

There was a bed bigger than his back home that was seen all the way on the back of the room. The kitchen was big and complete with a stocked fridge. Even the bathroom amazed him, against one wall was a huge jacuzzi with a shower off to the side. Swift had a feeling this was going to be one helluva race if this keeps going.

Swift was laying on the bed, admiring it's plushness, until a knock came to his door. He groaned as he got up and made his way slowly across his suite and open the door. There he found the Wonderbolt from earlier with a bit of a smile to her face.

"Hey, I invited some of the other fliers to my suite for a party, you wanna join?" She asked

"Sure, I guess I could for a party, been a while since I been to one though." Swift replied, eyeing her.

"Fantastic!" Without another word, or before Swift could get another word out, she yanked him from his room.

"You met and partied with a Wonderbolt? I think that might just make Rainbow Dash a wee bit jealous my friend." Ivory stated, taking a drink from his third mug tonight.

"Who's Rainbow Dash?" Swift asked, obvious he didn't know much about some of the ponies in Ponyville.

"A friend of Applejack's. She's a bit protective of her friends if she doesn't know you too well, other than that, she's cool as long as she's not bragging." Ivory answered his friend's question.

"Sounds like she has a huge ego." Swift observed the comment.

"One you wouldn't believe." Ivory chuckled a bit.

A Drinking Game and a Month of Roleplays

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"So, anything you'd like to share?" Swifty asked as a rowdy group of stallions came in.

Ivory pondered for a moment, observing his surroundings while he thought. There was a sleeping Berry Punch that might needed to be carried home before the night was through. Tap was polishing some mugs. Least of all, the rowdy group that just came in. Ivory opened his mouth to say something.

"Oi! Who 'ere wants to have a drinkin contest?" One of them asked.

"Yeah! Ain't nopony is able to beat our mate here!" Another spoke.

Ivory flinched a little. Were these boys really starting to brag? Boys will be boys. But the bragging kept going on and on and never seemed to end with the taunts! He had enough of it and slapped his hoof on the bar, gaining the attention of everyone in the room, for the exception of Tap and Berry.

There was a few moments of silence, then a loud snore ripped through the bar.

"Well!" Ivory turned around on the stool and hopped off, with the biggest grin he's ever faked. "I have somepony in mind who may be able to test that!"

Ivory was making his way to Berry Punch, still asleep on the floor. He hoisted her up on his back, bringing her to their table.

"Wakey wakey.." Ivory said playfully, giving a few light slaps to Berry Punch.

Berry mumbled something before looking over at Ivory.

"Well hey Ivory! How's it-" She stopped and looked around the table, "This isn't some elaborate set up for a gangbang is it?"

"Why you gotta put that image in my head?!" Swift commented.

"Plus, you know I'm perfectly happy with Applejack." Ivory stated with a matter of factly tone.

"Is that who you're dating? Didn't even think she would find time for one." Swift chuckled to himself, earning a glare from Ivory.

"Anyway...." Ivory turned back to look at Berry, "Would you kindly out drink these arrogant assholes for the better of this pub?"

"I don't know... what's in it for me?" Berry looked back at Ivory with a half-smile.

"Hey! I think she's had enough for one night!" Tap tried to argue.

"Would you rather keep a quiet bar or a rowdy one, Tap?" Ivory asked, causing the stallion to shush.

"For starters, I pay for your drinks and two, you get to drink in a contest for once." Ivory reasoned.

"'Ey, what are the bets at?" The arrogant drinker stepped in, his accent heavily foreign.

"Fifty bits up front, winner takes all, loser pays for the night." Ivory put his bits on the table.

Berry took out half of their bet and refunded the half to Ivory, "Hey, i wanna chip in on this too, I am the one competing."

"Fair enough." Ivory agreed with her, taking back half his bits while Berry put the rest of her bits on the table.

"Since I know this'll be an easy game, I'll double mine to a hundred bits." The stallion said with a big grin on his face.

Ivory popped his neck, this guy was really getting on his nerves. Ivory clapped his hooves together and went to the bar, where Tap had the first mugs ready. Ivory encased the mugs in his magic and brought them to their table, setting a mug infront of each contestant. Ivory slammed a hoof on the table, signaling both drinkers to start. Both were down in ten seconds flat.

"Round 2!" Ivory exclaimed as he used his magic to bring over two more mugs.

The signal was given again. Gone again in 10 seconds. Rounds after Rounds came and each drinker proved a high tolerance, that is, until round 41. The cocky stallion was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, feeling a bit woozy and struggled to keep straight, as for Berry on the other hoof. She seemed fine, even if she was hammered, she did one hell of a job not showing it. Ivory brought over Round 42, the stallion just looked at the mug, Berry already downed hers and he was the only one taking his time. He started to drink it down, spilling it on himself as he leaned back. Leaning a bit to far...


He went to the floor fast asleep, Berry let out a drunken whoop as the stallion's comrades helped him to his hooves and out the pub. Victory for the local drunk, losers were the cocky foreigners, absolutely perfect. Ivory gave Berry a pat on her back, her reaction was going straight back to sleep on the table.

"Is she..." Swift was about to ask something until he was cut off.

"Don't worry about it! She'll be fine." Ivory dismissed the question.

"So, how did you even get that country mare of Apllejack to look into her busy farming schedule and make time for you?" Swifty shot the question as Ivory sat down again.

"Ehhh.... long story, rather eventful. Although, a month after, I found out she's into a bit of role playing." Ivory put a hoof to his chin and tapped it lightly, remembering that whole month where the weekends were nothing but roleplay nights.

Ivory was rushing home one Saturday evening, the first Saturday of this month to be exact, he got a letter while trying to sell some of his work. It was a letter from Applejack saying that she needed him for something. What that something was is a complete mystery, but the letter sounded urgent.

He burst through the door, careful as to not break it off its hinges, and rushed to the one place AJ could be. His bedroom.
The door swung open, allowing Ivory to enter his threshold he called his bedroom. It may have needed a bit of cleaning, but yet, it looked like some of the mess was cleaned up...

"AJ?" Ivory asked, moving further into the room. "You here babe?"

No answer.

"I know you're in here," Ivory sounded a bit irritated, "what is it exactly you needed me for?"

The bathroom door creaked open and a familiar orange mare stepped forth, Ivory dropped his jaw and went stiff between the legs.

"M-Master.." Applejack spoke with a blush, a maid outfit that hung to her body until it reached the skirt.

Ivory just gawked at her, mouth wide open.

"Do ya like it, Master Dreams?" Calling her coltfriend master seemed a bit exciting for the mare, seeing as she wanted to try something new.

Her 'master' just nodded. "Very."

"If ya would take a seat, Ah'll be more than happy to please Master Dreams."

Ivory just simply complied and sat his rump on the side of the bed, watching Applejack get to work quickly. He always enjoyed her company alone, but this? This was different than he had anticipated, especially when he didn't expect his marefriend to be into this sort of thing.

Ivory jolted awake the next morning. Last night was now a bit of a blur to him, but AJ wasn't in bed at the moment and the 'skirt' was still on the floor. By skirt, he means what is left of the torn piece of fabric when Applejack tried to ride Ivory, wasn't a pleasant sound. That sort of thing happens, but that wasn't important, what was important was the smells emanating from the kitchen down the hall.

Ivory hopped out of bed, kicked the skirt off to the side, and continued for the door. When he reached the doorway to the kitchen, Ivory found a set table complete with a vase that held a single flower. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to sneak on on his marefirend while she was cooking. She wasn't even looking.

The unicorn mustered up a devilish grin on his face and stepped a hoof onto the kitchen wood. The flooring let out a small squeak, but it seemed that the noise didn't bother the mare in his kitchen. So Ivory took another step, bringing him slightly closer to his goal. He eventually made a quiet scramble over to her.

"Eep!" Applejack stiffened at the pressure of hooves squeezing her flank.

She turned herself around to face Ivory, whom of which was smiling to himself, and looked at the unicorn with a somewhat amused grin.

"It looks like Master Dreams is fully awake." AJ said, but before Ivory could fit a word in, gave him a kiss.

Swift was waving a hoof infront of Ivory's face. Ivory was in a state of thought as it seems and Swift spent the last half hour trying to get his friend out of his daze.

"Equestria to Ivory. Come one Ivory."Swift said, knocking on Ivory's skull.

Ivory shook his head, clearing his mind. "Erm.... what were we talking about?"

"Nothing, apparently. You just zoned out for a little while." Swift said with a bit of smile.

"Huh... well..." Ivory looked down at the bar, "Something serious I guess."

Swift nodded, a bit in disbelief, a bit not wanting to to know.

"So, how about that second part of you race, Swifty?" Ivory quickly changed the subject.

Swift was a bit hesitant, but started to tell his tale again. Ivory went to thinking about that last Saturday of the month. He quickly went into a dazed state, his memory consuming his mind. Swift became unaware of this fact as he told his story, but little did he know what was really going on inside his friend's head.,,

Ivory found himself tied down to his bed. Well, sort of. His fore hooves were tied together behind his back, his hind legs tied down to the bedposts of the foot of the bed. Applejack's stetson placed on his head. She was in charge of the situation and it was clear what she was going to do.

"Well, it looks like Ah got myself a notorious outlaw!" Applejack said with smug grin. She seemed to be wearing a rather small vest with a plastic sheriffs star on it. A comedic-looking 'lawman' hat on her head, obvious where her stetson already is.

"I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't fer yer meddlin!" Ivory was working on his own southern accent. So far, it was pretty well, but not good.

"Now... ta carry out some justice. Courtesy of the law." AJ spoke with a happy tone, the smile didn't quite match though.

Ivory gulped audibly from his point of view.

Rivalries in Phase 2

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Swift started to unravel the memory of the second phase of the Equestria National Circuit, or ENC at this point.

"So, we were at the starting line on Applewood's Mane Street. Wings ready and the glares flying." Swift started, recalling his memories again.

The Silver Streak himself was nervous this time around, sure, just a few nights ago, he got friendly with a Wonderbolt, but that didn't stop his suspicions of the scarred Griffon trying to throw him off course again. Not something Swift took to lightly. Good thing he also was standing next to his Wonderbolt friend too, he knew she would have his back, he would have hers.

An announcer pony appeared, this one being of Earth decent, walked briskly out with a green flag clenched with his teeth.

"On your marks!" He spoke through his teeth, all wings shot out from the sides.

"Get set!" Every racer lowered their heads to the ground, eyes fixed on ahead and the skies above.

"FLY!" The announcer waved the flag and they were off the ground in an instant.

The Wonderbolt and good ol' Swifty were leading the pack by a longshot, few pegasi and griffons dotted the space between. All racers were told that they'd be flying from Applewood to Manehattan. Some groaned at that knowledge, but Swifty and his Wonderbolt friend bumped hooves, knowing they'd have some more air time. Of course, air time also meant more time to become friends with eachother too.

"So..." A female voice broke the silence that lasted a little over an hour "... THE Silver Streak finally got himself into the most prestigious race of flyers in Equestria?"

"The one and only, apparently." Swift replied back, "But I never thought that I'd be racing alongside a Wonderbolt."

"Well, it's not the first time an amateur made their way into this sort of race before." The Wonderbolt nodded her head.

"Well, I would expect that it'd take some years to earn a reputation large enough to race in the ENC." Swift looked over at the Wonderbolt, whom of which was looking ahead.

"Yes, but, you seem to be a unique sort of rookie. How long have you been racing exactly?"

"I dunno... since I was five, maybe six. Although, most races during flight school took place after the school let out. I'd race some of my friends most of the time, sometimes it would be the arrogant slow-poke who was just looking for a fight afterwards." Swift led on.

The Wonderbolt opened her mouth to say something only to get cut off by a form. Apparently, Swift was also thrown into a massive barrel roll that was harder to get out of than usual. Mostly his instincts were yelling "Flap your wings like a mad pony," even though his experiences made him know better. Swift folded his wings to his sides and outstretching his ligs to stabilize himself. Once stable, Swift's wings immediately shot out from his sides and a silver streak left in his wake as he bolted back after the form.

The griffon was laughing heartily to himself since he not only took the lead, but quite possibly sent his rival to a certain doom. Not that anyone would miss him anyway. Well, several ponies might, one of which taking an initiative after Swift's assailant. If the griffon could count as one.

The Wonderbolt finally reached her mark and bumped the griffon into side with a force behind a knee. Yes, she did just hit him for those of you who want to get technical. The griffon just scowled and put knee right where she hit him, sending her spiraling out of control too. Of course, his smile of victory didn't last too long.

A streak of magnificent silver caught the Wonderbolt and whizzed by the griffon. The griffon could only stare in awe at the feat Swift had just pull. Fast, but not fast enough to cause a sonic rainboom. That Wonderbolt was hanging on to Swift's back for dear life, or until he slowed down atleast. Swift, on the other hoof, had no intentions of slowing down.

"Uhh... Mr. Storm... I think to can slow down now...." The Wonderbolt piped up, poking at his shoulders.

Swift forced his eyes open and looked back, seeing that nopony was in sight. Especially that no good griffon. "Yes... yes I could..." Swift comment hesitantly. Letting himself slow down to a more mane friendly speed.

"So.. uhm... thanks for saving me n' all." The Wonderbolt fluttered off his back and shook hooves with him.

"Ahh... it's no problem, really. What are friends for?" Swift replied back with a grin.

The Wonderbolt just chuckled back.

"Speaking of which.... it's been a while since I've seen a good friend of mine. Last I heard, he got himself a nice mare in Ponyville.." Swift brought a hoof to his chin.

The Wonderbolt's ears snapped to attention. "P-Ponyville you say?"

"Yeah, ever heard of it? I've only go to the ground several, maybe more, just to go see my good friend, he used to live in... Manehattan. Met him one winter while my family was on vacation, ever since, we've been two best peas in a pod."

"Although, she reacted kinda funny when I mentioned Ponyville though." Swift pondered at the thought.

Ivory snapped to attention, "Why would a Wonderbolt react to saying Ponyville, it doesn't seem like something one of them would do."

Swift just shrugged, "How should I know?"

"Well, can you describe her atleast?" Ivory was sitting up straighter than usual.'

"Let's see..... All I could see was her muzzle, ears, mane, and tail." Swift was still pondering.

"You obviously forget that everypony knows everypony here, that's good enough for me." Ivory gestured around the bar.

Swift sat tthere for a moment, then shifted his gaze over to Ivory. "Her coat was a light light purple.... lilac maybe? Her mane color looked to be a light blue with highlights."

"What about the style of her mane?" Ivory was pretty sure who it was by now, but needed confirmation.

"Spiked up in the back save for her bangs." Swift jumped after Ivory smacked the bar counter, laughing to himself.

"I think you should crash here tonight, I'm pretty sure that there's somepony you might want to meet tomorrow."

"Can I get back to my story?"


Swift and the Wonderbolt have been flying for hours now. Just have passing the half-way point to Manehattan, evening was also starting to set in. Swift was getting exhausted, and so was the Wonderbolt, but she showed it more than he did. Determination was visible in both ponies, but they atleast had a few more hours of flight left.

About two hours have passed and the two, the other fliers still behind, made it to Manehattan, finally. The two hoof-bumped and continued into the hotel. Once their rooms were found, Swift spent not time closing the door behind him and falling to the floor of his suite. Low murmurs were escaping his lips as he slept, something on his mind.

Meeting the 'Wonderbolt"

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"Hey!" Flitter yelled before kicking the couch her sister decided to fall alseep on last night.

"I'm up... I'm up.." Cloudchaser mumbled sleepily before turning her muzzle into the back of the couch.

"Yeah? Well if you don't get up faster, you'll be late for weather duty! You know they scheduled light rains today!" Flitter informed her sleepy sister.

"Fine.." Cloudchaser sat up, using a single hoof to rub the sleepiness away from her eyes.

She didn't really want to get up to day.

"Hey!" Ivory said loud enough for Swift to hear before kicking his couch that his friend spent the night on.


"We gotta go sometime today, AJ just heard from her friend on the weather team then told me that they're gonna set up some light rains today." Ivory looked at Swift, "Get a shower, I don't want to get stuck inside today when I told you that we were gonna meet this 'Wonderbolt' you met a while ago."

Swift groaned as he got and waved a hoof at the other guest. "Morning Applejack."

"Mornin'" She simply replied.

"Sheesh, Ivory's house sure is active in the morning when there ain't that many ponies around here." Swift thought to himself as he trudged off to the bathroom.

Not before long, roughly 15 minutes after Swift woke up and showered, the duo were making their way down the street. Ivory was leading the way since the only thing that Swift managed to find in town was the pub, hence, why Swift eventually stumbled out of the joint plastered and supported by the unicorn until they reached home. Swift passed completely out on the couch drooling and snoring. This morning however, called for Swift to get over his hangover to meet this 'Wonderbolt' he met long ago, but not too long, so he'd look his best.

"So, uh, how much farther are we away from the humble home of this 'Wonderbolt'?" Swift asked, trotting up to his friend.

"Did you just ask how 'father' are we?" Ivory asked back not even bothering to look at Swift.

"No, how much farther are we?" Swift corrected.

"Oh, umm, a left up here and shouldn't be too far." Ivory responded.

The two suddenly took a sharp left, Ivory's pace seemed to quicken a bit, a detail Swift didn't let go unnoticed. He'd have to ask Ivory about that later. Ivory approached the house a knocked. No answer. He brought his hoof up again and knocked. The door handle rattled a bit before creaking open to one of the pegasi inside.

"Hey Flitter" Ivory greeted.

"Well hey there Ivory." Flitter opened the door more to get a better view at Ivory, and his company. "What brings you here this early?"

"Your sister apparently, this fellow here," Ivory motioned towards Swifty, "might have ran into her a while back. Is she home?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't she?" Flitter raised a brow at the unicorn.

"You and I both know she has a record of sneaking off." Ivory joked, a smile cracking across the pegasus' muzzle.

"True, and lazy some of the time." Flitter shot back. "Why don't you boys come on in? I'm sure Cloudchaser is about to get out of the shower."

"Actually, I have some errands to run, maybe later." Ivory looked to Swift, then back to Flitter. "Flitter, this is my good pal, Swifty, or Swift. Swifty, this is Flitter. You two make nice now, y'hear?"

Ivory then dashed off in a trail of dust as he went to hurry through his errands, if he might have had any.

"Swift huh?" Flitter asked her eyes shifting from the unicorn that just left to the pegasus. "You sound a bit familiar."

"The one and only Swift Storm, in the flesh." Swift put on a heroic pose. "Straight from the race lanes of Cloudsdale."

"Sounds like something to be proud of." Flitter mused, shifting her body in place. "I'm sorry about this, but my sister and I are about to leave for weather duty," She turned around for a small moment, ", if Cloudchaser would hurry it up in there!"

"I'm working on it! Hold your horses!" A voice called back, annoyed.

"Your sister?" Swift asked, his eyes past the door.

"Yeah, she likes to take her time." Flitter responded, rolling her eyes, "Maybe she'd see you as a bit of an excuse to get out of work."

As if on queue, Cloudchaser came through the bathroom door and immediately gasped, a hoof pointed towards Swift.

"What's he doing here?!" Cloudchaser erupted from where she was standing.

"You know him?" Flitter looked at her sister.

"Well... sort of.." Cloudchaser threw a hoof behind her neck.

"YOU DID WHAT!?" Flitter yelled, a glare fixed on her sister.

"I know Swift from the Equestria National Circuit. I used my Nightmare Night costume from last year to get in." Cloudchaser explained, "I did it to get a bit close to Swift. I know what I did was wrong, but nopony knew better."

"Apparently Ivory knew." Swift pointed.

"I still don't even know how he knew I had gone to the circuit." Cloudchase look at Swift.

"That would be my fault, I guessed he knew you by your mane." Swift replied sheepishly.

"Figures." Flitter snorted, "That stallion can pick anypony out of a crowd."

"True, he does seem to know us pretty well, seems like it anyway." Cloudchaser put more thought into it.

"But still, what you did was completely wrong on so many level!" Flitter burst out.

"Actually..." Swift stopped her, "... I find it rather cute that she'd do that just to see me. Tell me." Swift turn to Cloudchaser, who had a light pink on her cheeks now, "did you see me race prior to the event?"

Cloudchaser just gave a nod. Swift silently closed his eyes and smile a bit, recling into the couch he occupied with Cloudchaser.

"I can understand then. I knew I had fan-fillies in Cloudsdale, but not Ponyville. It's a nice change to see that, who knows, maybe I have some more fans across Equestria from the circuit." The thought enticed Swift, but he knew fame wasn't needed, but the friendship of Ivory.

Swift was bred a racing pegasus, but he was pushed by the desire for fame. There was a time when Swift couldn't find a motive to race, but always came in second. That is, until he took a visit to Ponyville and came across two ponies, Ivory and Applejack. He didn't meet AJ until later, but Ivory and him hit it off well. It was like they were best friends, and that was all he needed. After returning to Cloudsdale, Swift's racing record changed. He was determined to see the friendship true, but he wanted to make Ivory know that himself was worthy. He wanted Ivory impressed as a friend. Until Ivory made it clear that Swift didn't need to impress him to be hid friend. He simply accepted Swift for who he was. That, changed everything for Swift, Swift kept winning, knowing he didn't need the fame to keep his friend. But his dream of entering the Equestria National Circuit hadn't changed until it was reality.

"Now, if you don't mind, my sister and I are late for weather duty." Flitter stomped to the door, still mad at Cloudchaser.

"We can't send him home in the rain, that'd be rude!" Cloudchaser interjected.

"Well maybe he can stay if he likes, but you're not skipping." Flitter glared back.

Wow, she was pissed. Never in his life did Swift ever see a pony so mad before. Even he had never seen Ivory mad, does Ivory even get mad? He seems chill overall. Swift's thoughts were interrupted, along with the argument, by a kock at the door. Flitter opened the door and there stood Ivory with an umbrella over him and heaving.

"Hey girls, I see you got to know Swift without me. May I talk to him about something?"

Ivory Gives Swift 'The Talk'

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"Applejack's what?!" Swift burst in the middle of the road, careful as to not leave Ivory's unusually large umbrella.

"Shush! I couldn't believe it either when I got the news, from her especially!" Ivory responded.

"And how did this happen?" Swift asked.

Ivory switched to sarcasm mode, "When two ponies love each other vewy, vewy much....."

"Ivory. Shut up. I already got the talk from my dad and I don't want to smack you for giving 'the talk' to me again." Swift got serious.

"Okay okay! It's just one of my defense mechanisms when I get nervous." Ivory took a deep breath, "You know last spring, right?"

"Yeah, heat season rolled on in also. If I'm not mistaken, that's when you and AJ hooked up." Swift thought about this for a moment before nodding in satisfaction.

"Well.... we did have our first time... and I might've forgotten to pull out." Ivory admitted, a bit of a blush present on his cheeks.

"You forgot...." Swift said, Ivory nodded. "HOW DO YOU FORGET THAT SHE WAS IN HEAT?!"

"It was an honest mistake." Ivory said in his defense

"Suuuure it was." Swift looked at him

"You know I wouldn't lie to you, you're one of my oldest pals!"

Swift couldn't simply argue with that. He had known Ivory since they were colts and before he moved away to Cloudsdale. Of course Ivory wouldn't lie to him, and the only times he has ever seen the unicorn lie was when he needed a quick getaway. Swift just looked at his friend with a look he always seemed to look at with.

"Any names planned for the baby?" Swift asked with his sort-of smile.

"No... not yet atleast." Ivory admitted. "We don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet."

Swift groaned out and face-hoofed and glared at his old pal for a bit. Then his expression just softened as the duo continued to walk. Swift then started to smile a gain as his mind remembered something. His grin then shifting to Ivory and nudging him slightly.

"Hey Ivory."

"Yeah Swifty?"

"Remember all the trouble we used to get into when we were younger." Swift kept his grin going.

"Oh Celestia do I ever forget. Especially the school book heist we pulled on Mrs. Quill." Ivory smiled.

"Yeah, those were the days. Even to mention our Dead Pony prank on Nightmare Night?" Swift recalled.

"Classic." Ivory reminisced. "Boy.. times have changed.. haven't they Swifty?"

"Yeah, you have a mare, I'm a local hotshot, You're about to be a dad, and I'm no where close to being one." Swift just looked down now at his thought train.

Ivory took notice and nudged his best pal with a smile. "Oh cheer up sour puss... dinner's gonna be on me tonight. I'll even make your favorite."

"Bet you can't make it better than my mom!" Swift challenged.