• Published 13th Feb 2012
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Scootaloo's Mistake - DiabolicalMonocle

Scootaloo has had it. She wants to fly. Will she ever learn from her mistake?

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Scootaloo's Mistake
Author's Note: Thanks guys, I wasn't expecting so many views. I have listened to all of you and I agree. This chapter will be a lot more emotional. I'm going to spend more time developing the emotions now. Comment, rate and enjoy.

“Scootaloo, I'm sorry to tell you this, but...Rainbow Dash didn't make it.”

The words the doctor had uttered echoed around Scootaloo's head. Didn't make it....didn't make it...didn't make it. A maelstrom of words poured into her head. No thoughts, no emotions. Just words. There was nothing she could do. She entered her own mind and left her surroundings.

She had killed Rainbow Dash.

Her mind was blank, a dark canvas of nothingness. Scootaloo backed away quickly, scared of the sudden darkness. All was quiet, until the words poured in, suffocating Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash didn't make it, Rainbow Dash didn't make it. The words circled around her, getting closer and louder. The rising volume intoxicated her, not allowing her to think logically.

Several small figures appeared in front of the words.

“You killed Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo. It's all your fault.” Diamond Tiara said mockingly.

“You couldn't even fly. If you flew, you'd both still be alive.” Silver Spoon muttered with a disdainful expression on her smug face.

After everything, the fillies would still mock her. Their unrelenting, sarcastic comments. To them, it was a way of feeling better about themselves - knowing that someone else had a worse life than they did.

To Scootaloo, however, it had changed her entire personality. The feeling of vulnerability. Never knowing when to defend herself. Always having to be on guard. She never felt safe when those two were around.

The figures circled around her, joining the insurmountable amount of words. Putting in new words, becoming louder, laughing at her.

“Loser. Loser. You'll never fly. You killed your idol. It's entirely your fault. No-one will ever forgive you. No-one will ever want to call you their friend.”

Scootaloo collapsed on the floor of her own mind, hooves over her head. She tried to block everything out. It was all too much for her. Too much noise. The never-ending barrage of words tumbling down on her. Paralysing her. Pinning her to the floor. Trapping her inside her own mind. She couldn't move, let alone breathe.

“Just make it STOP!” The orange Pegasus shouted agonizingly, hoping for a miracle. As if by magic, everything disappeared. All of her troubles just suddenly vanished. All the words, the mocking figures, everything. Scootaloo stood up, looking around at her surroundings. All she could see was darkness - she was alone in her own mind once again.

“Hey, squirt.”


Scootaloo awoke again to the sounds of various medical machines. A unicorn in a lab coat stood over her with a look of worry.

“You passed out, Scootaloo. Don't worry, you're okay. You're here in the hospital.” The colt's words spoke security, even safety. His expression, on the other hand, showed fear and instability. He obviously didn't know what had just happened in Scootaloo's mind.

Wait, what did just happen?

Scootaloo had nothing to say. Her face remained blank as she tried to recall what had just happened. She strained her memories hard, as evidenced by her look of determination. Doctor Brown saw the lack of a response as a signal to continue.

“Scootaloo, I'm afraid you'll have to stay here for a couple of days. You have several broken ribs and a mild concussion.”

Scootaloo just nodded. She was too occupied thinking about the past events to think about her own health. She had had a dream. A dream that seemed so real, so sincere - but she couldn't remember what is was about. Falling down a...cliff? Cyan hooves grabbing her? A sudden realisation hit her.

She had killed Rainbow Dash.

The floodgates of her mind opened. All the memories returned to her in a massive surge of emotions. Her own icon. Her role model. Rainbow Dash was like a big sister to her. Tears streamed down her face. Dash had sacrificed herself to save Scootaloo. It was all her fault. If she hadn't tried to fly on that particular morning, Rainbow Dash would still be here.

The doctor stepped back in surprise. The sudden outbreak of emotions shocked him. His mouth opened wide as the nurse moved in from the doorway.

“Scootaloo, calm down. Everything's okay.”

The orange filly had no intentions of calming down. She had killed Rainbow Dash. She was a monster. Putting her hooves on her face, Scootaloo gave howling sobs. No-one will ever forgive her. No-one will ever want to call her their friend.

Awakening from his shock, Doctor Brown grabbed a needle from a cupboard and jammed it into the young filly's front leg.

“Scootaloo, this is a drug. It'll help you relax.”

In an instant, Scootaloo's world went blurry. Everything seemed more pleasant. Vivid colours became dull, and less noticeable. The voices of the doctors became slower and lower in pitch. She could just make out several doctors debating the health of herself. Soon, everything went black.

Scootaloo was back in her own mind again. Black walls, black floor. There was absolutely nothing in here apart from herself. She walked on for a bit, hoping to find light in the tunnel of nothingness.

The orange filly came to a stop as a breeze ruffled through her feathers.

“Oh Scoots, you're back.”

Yep, another cliffhanger. Well, I hope this was a lot better than the first chapter. If you're bored, check out my other work in progress : Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Up to you. Peace out.

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