Scootaloo's Mistake

by DiabolicalMonocle

First published

Scootaloo has had it. She wants to fly. Will she ever learn from her mistake?

Scootaloo has never been able to fly. Everypony is laughing at her, so she decided to give it a go. You've got to run before you can walk. How will she ever learn from her mistake? Will she ever forgive herself?


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Scootaloo's Mistake
Author's Note: Hello there. This is my second story, and I wanted to go for a really sad, depressing story. Comment, rate and enjoy.

Today was the day. Scootaloo was fed up with Silver Spoon's and Diamond Tiara's snide comments. She was going to learn how to fly.

She decided to learn on a crisp, fresh morning, long before anypony would wake up. If they were awake, they would stop her from trying - stop her from learning how to use her own wings. It was just too 'dangerous'. Scootaloo couldn't take it anymore. What was the point in having wings when you didn't even know how to use them?

A couple of weeks before, The Cutie Mark Crusaders had visited Devils Drop - a cliff notoriously known for being a sheer drop. They all tried to get their Cutie Marks for sightseeing, but after several hours of boredom, the group was reduced to throwing pebbles and rocks off the drop. Thankfully, Scootaloo knew exactly where Devils Drop was.

Scootaloo made her way through the quiet, empty streets. She managed to sneak past every house without alerting anypony to her presence. Letting out a suppressed chuckle, the orange pony continued on her way.

Every breath she exhaled resulted in a small cloud of steam.


It was way too early. Applejack had asked Rainbow Dash to get up in the morning, to make sure there would be lots of rain for her apple trees. Dash complied, even though she really didn't want to. She yawned, lazily opened her wings, and flew off.

She had collected more then five rain-clouds and moved them over the Sweet Apple Acres. Sure enough, the apple trees now glistened from the fresh liquid. Content, Rainbow Dash was done. Yawning again, she made her way back to her house for some much needed shut-eye.

As she glided over in the direction of her house, she noticed a small orange figure running through a clump of trees. Scootaloo! She must be trying to get her Cutie Mark still, Rainbow thought to herself. I might as well just follow her, and see what she's up to.

It was a dense fog that morning, so Dash could easily follow Scootaloo without her even knowing it. The multi-coloured Pegasus followed the small filly up a massive hill until she just stood at the edge. Hmm, what's she up to? What kind of Cutie Mark would she get from that?

Scootaloo stood at the edge. Rainbow Dash once told her that you have to run before you can walk. Well, by the end of the day, she would sprinting. The small Pegasus opened her wings and tried to forget about how high up she was. She had to do this. She had to make Rainbow Dash proud.

Scootaloo let her body drop off the edge.


Rainbow Dash hovered for a few seconds before realising what Scootaloo was trying to do. She was trying to fly. No way would she make that jump. Even in her younger years, Dash was good at flying, but she would've never pulled that off.

Dash flew after the orange Pegasus, who was frantically shaking her wings to no avail. Rainbow Dash knew she would never be able to grab the kid and fly off, so she knew what she had to do. She flew faster after the figure and reached out with her hooves.

If Dash hadn't been so lazy, she wouldn't be facing this problem right now. She knew Scootaloo couldn't fly, but she never lifted a feather to help her. That was Dash's problem; she was just too idle.

Scootaloo wasn't flying.

She wasn't even falling with style, as Dash would sometimes call it.

The filly flailed her limbs, hoping as if by chance, she would escape from her fate. As if a miracle would happen. The ground was rushing up to her now. Closer and closer she fell to her inevitable doom. Scootaloo closed her eyes and prayed. She shouldn't have tried this. If she couldn't even hover for ten seconds flat, then how the hay was she going to fly away from this?

Scootaloo gave up. What was the point in even trying? She was going to die and there was nothing she could do about it. Relaxing her muscles, the filly willingly let gravity take hold of her.

A set of hooves grabbed her from behind and held her close. The hooves twisted her around until Scootaloo was facing up. She expected wings to open and her to fly away into the clouds with her rescuer, but by now, Scootaloo realised there was no hope. They were going to hit the ground.

Scootaloo looked over her shoulder, in an attempt to identify her rescuer. There simply wasn't enough time to look around fully, and the last thing Scootaloo saw was a couple of multi-coloured strands of hair flowing free.


Beep beep beep beep beep

Scootaloo awoke to sounds of beeping and other strange, mechanical noises. The smell of disinfectant was strong, and she realised she was in a hospital. Her eyes struggled to open. Groggily, Scootaloo began to see her surroundings. Most of it was a blur, but she could just make out the nurse at the door.

“Doctor, she's awake now.”

A smart-looking unicorn came into the room, wearing a lab-coat. His bright blue eyes hid behind a pair of big glasses.

“Scootaloo, I'm Doctor Brown. You've been in an accident. Do you remember anything?”

It was a good question. Scootaloo couldn't remember a thing. Her muddled thoughts didn't help her at all.

“No Doc, I can't remember a thing.” The unicorn moved closer to Scootaloo, taking off his glasses.

“You tried to fly off a cliff that no-one has ever survived from.” Scootaloo gulped nervously. She was definitely going to be punished for this.

“How did I make it, Doc?” She asked. Curious as to why she had been the only survivor. A small filly like her made it, while others didn't.

“A Pegasus flew after you and caught you. She used her own body as a shield to protect you. Do you know a Rainbow Dash?”

Scootaloo suddenly remembered everything. The sense of falling off Devils Drop. The sense of inevitable doom. The feeling as a another pony grabbed her and spun her around. It all came back to her in a massive wave of emotions.

“Yes, Doc. I know Rainbow Dash.” The small filly stifled a sob. “Is she okay?”

“Scootaloo, I'm sorry to tell you this, but...Rainbow Dash didn't make it.

Yay, my first cliffhanger. Pardon the pun there. Hope you enjoyed that story, will be continuing this in the future.


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Scootaloo's Mistake
Author's Note: Thanks guys, I wasn't expecting so many views. I have listened to all of you and I agree. This chapter will be a lot more emotional. I'm going to spend more time developing the emotions now. Comment, rate and enjoy.

“Scootaloo, I'm sorry to tell you this, but...Rainbow Dash didn't make it.”

The words the doctor had uttered echoed around Scootaloo's head. Didn't make it....didn't make it...didn't make it. A maelstrom of words poured into her head. No thoughts, no emotions. Just words. There was nothing she could do. She entered her own mind and left her surroundings.

She had killed Rainbow Dash.

Her mind was blank, a dark canvas of nothingness. Scootaloo backed away quickly, scared of the sudden darkness. All was quiet, until the words poured in, suffocating Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash didn't make it, Rainbow Dash didn't make it. The words circled around her, getting closer and louder. The rising volume intoxicated her, not allowing her to think logically.

Several small figures appeared in front of the words.

“You killed Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo. It's all your fault.” Diamond Tiara said mockingly.

“You couldn't even fly. If you flew, you'd both still be alive.” Silver Spoon muttered with a disdainful expression on her smug face.

After everything, the fillies would still mock her. Their unrelenting, sarcastic comments. To them, it was a way of feeling better about themselves - knowing that someone else had a worse life than they did.

To Scootaloo, however, it had changed her entire personality. The feeling of vulnerability. Never knowing when to defend herself. Always having to be on guard. She never felt safe when those two were around.

The figures circled around her, joining the insurmountable amount of words. Putting in new words, becoming louder, laughing at her.

“Loser. Loser. You'll never fly. You killed your idol. It's entirely your fault. No-one will ever forgive you. No-one will ever want to call you their friend.”

Scootaloo collapsed on the floor of her own mind, hooves over her head. She tried to block everything out. It was all too much for her. Too much noise. The never-ending barrage of words tumbling down on her. Paralysing her. Pinning her to the floor. Trapping her inside her own mind. She couldn't move, let alone breathe.

“Just make it STOP!” The orange Pegasus shouted agonizingly, hoping for a miracle. As if by magic, everything disappeared. All of her troubles just suddenly vanished. All the words, the mocking figures, everything. Scootaloo stood up, looking around at her surroundings. All she could see was darkness - she was alone in her own mind once again.

“Hey, squirt.”


Scootaloo awoke again to the sounds of various medical machines. A unicorn in a lab coat stood over her with a look of worry.

“You passed out, Scootaloo. Don't worry, you're okay. You're here in the hospital.” The colt's words spoke security, even safety. His expression, on the other hand, showed fear and instability. He obviously didn't know what had just happened in Scootaloo's mind.

Wait, what did just happen?

Scootaloo had nothing to say. Her face remained blank as she tried to recall what had just happened. She strained her memories hard, as evidenced by her look of determination. Doctor Brown saw the lack of a response as a signal to continue.

“Scootaloo, I'm afraid you'll have to stay here for a couple of days. You have several broken ribs and a mild concussion.”

Scootaloo just nodded. She was too occupied thinking about the past events to think about her own health. She had had a dream. A dream that seemed so real, so sincere - but she couldn't remember what is was about. Falling down a...cliff? Cyan hooves grabbing her? A sudden realisation hit her.

She had killed Rainbow Dash.

The floodgates of her mind opened. All the memories returned to her in a massive surge of emotions. Her own icon. Her role model. Rainbow Dash was like a big sister to her. Tears streamed down her face. Dash had sacrificed herself to save Scootaloo. It was all her fault. If she hadn't tried to fly on that particular morning, Rainbow Dash would still be here.

The doctor stepped back in surprise. The sudden outbreak of emotions shocked him. His mouth opened wide as the nurse moved in from the doorway.

“Scootaloo, calm down. Everything's okay.”

The orange filly had no intentions of calming down. She had killed Rainbow Dash. She was a monster. Putting her hooves on her face, Scootaloo gave howling sobs. No-one will ever forgive her. No-one will ever want to call her their friend.

Awakening from his shock, Doctor Brown grabbed a needle from a cupboard and jammed it into the young filly's front leg.

“Scootaloo, this is a drug. It'll help you relax.”

In an instant, Scootaloo's world went blurry. Everything seemed more pleasant. Vivid colours became dull, and less noticeable. The voices of the doctors became slower and lower in pitch. She could just make out several doctors debating the health of herself. Soon, everything went black.

Scootaloo was back in her own mind again. Black walls, black floor. There was absolutely nothing in here apart from herself. She walked on for a bit, hoping to find light in the tunnel of nothingness.

The orange filly came to a stop as a breeze ruffled through her feathers.

“Oh Scoots, you're back.”

Yep, another cliffhanger. Well, I hope this was a lot better than the first chapter. If you're bored, check out my other work in progress : Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Up to you. Peace out.


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Scootaloo's Mistake
Author's Note: Thank you guys for being patient with me – I had a bad case of writer's block , and I thought I was going to give up writing. Please check out my other work in progress: Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Cheers, and enjoy.

For the third time, Scootaloo awoke to the sounds of the various medical machines. She could've sworn she saw her in the dreams. A vague image and sound, but it was probably just her imagination.

Trying to move to a more comfortable position in the bed, Scootaloo yelped with pain. She had entirely forgot about her condition, and the pain was probably her cracked ribs.

Doctor Brown walked into the room, aware of the noise Scootaloo had made. Seeing that the small filly was now comfortable, his worried look became one of sympathy.

“Sorry for having to sedate you, but your heart rate went off the charts. It's not good to have a fast heart rate when you're recovering, so we had to. You've been asleep for about two days now.”

Scootaloo found herself unable to respond, probably because the effects of the drug lingered. The voice of the doctor seemed far away. So, instead, she just shrugged to convey her feelings.

“Scootaloo, the doctors and I have decided that the best thing for you now, is to see your friends. It'll help you relax in this place, and maybe seeing them will cheer you up. They've been waiting all day to see you anyway.”

The orange filly shuddered. They wanted to see her? After she'd killed Rainbow Dash? She was a monster. It was just as well Scootaloo had no tears left, or she would've burst out crying. Killing a pony was unheard of in Equestria. Maybe she'd get banished . Maybe that was a good thing-

The doctor interrupted her thoughts, “Well, I'll give you 10 minutes to prepare, and then I'll send them in, with your permission.” Doctor Brown waited for a response, so he could get on with his work. Scootaloo slowly nodded. If her friends were so keen to see her, they might as well.

Content, the doctor walked away from the bed. At the doorway, he stopped, and turned around.

“Scootaloo. I...know this must be very...hard for you, especially at such a....young age, but your friends will always be there to support you. They've waited patiently for about five hours now.

I know it's far too soon, but Scootaloo, you've got to get on with your life. You can't just live in the past. Yes, your friend is now gone, but she hasn't gone forever. She'll remain in your heart and memories always.”

And with that, Doctor Brown walked out of the room, and closed the door silently.

Scootaloo had always thought that doctors were incapable of passion, but what Doctor Brown said just then, made her feel hopeful. She would never be able to forgive herself, or find solace in Dash's death, but she wasn't entirely gone. If Scootaloo had any tears left, she would be crying her eyes out.

The ten minutes passed quickly, as the filly repeated the words in her mind. It made a lot of sense to her, what the doctor had said. If her friends really did wait for five hours, just to see her, they were obviously still her friends.

There was a knock on the door, and two small fillies entered the room. One was a pale yellow earth pony, with a red ribbon to match her mane. The other was a pure white unicorn with a mixed purple and pink mane. Their worried expressions became apparent as they walked over to the bed.

“Scootaloo, how you doin'?” Applebloom asked.

It took Scootaloo a couple of minutes to respond. Her friends cared more about how she was, rather than the fact that she had killed Rainbow Dash. Suddenly, Scootaloo felt like crying all over again.

“I'm not too bad...considering I managed to kill my idol.” Scootaloo tried hard not to cry, trying to look strong in front of her friends. It didn't work, as evidenced by the small tear rolling down her cheek.

“Scootaloo, you can't think like that! You didn't kill her! Rainbow Dash chose to sacrifice herself, so you could live!” Sweetie Belle suddenly said in an outburst of emotions. She quickly restrained herself from saying more, in case she accidentally hurt her friend further.

“But girls, it was my fault! I tried to fly, and Dash felt that she had to save me!” Scootaloo practically yelled at them for not understanding her pain. Of course she had killed Rainbow Dash. Who else would be responsible for her death?

The two fillies stepped back, surprised at the sudden outbreak. Scootaloo felt more tears roll down her face. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom quickly got over their surprise, when they saw how upset Scootaloo was. They rushed in to comfort her by giving her a hug.

Sadly, it didn't work. Scootaloo couldn't stem the flow of tears. Trying to think of what the doctor had said, Scootaloo wiped her tears away. Yes, your friend is now gone, but she hasn't gone forever. The words made sense, and seemed to calm her down. She'll remain in your heart and memories always.

It worked, and Scootaloo gave a sad smile.

“Thanks girls, I'll get over it eventually,” she lied. Of course she would never forgive herself - Rainbow Dash was like a big sister to her.

Applebloom and Sweetie Belle released her, content that her friend was now less upset. Trying to change the discussion, Applebloom started talking about how she attempted to get her cutie mark. Guessing by the blankness on Applebloom's flank, Scootaloo already knew the attempt had failed.

She zoned out, and stopped listening to her friends. They were the most best friends ever, but she had something on her mind. Something she couldn't quite place her hoof on. She laughed and nodded in the sufficient places, but other than that, she didn't input anything into the conversation.

After about half an hour of small talk, or thinking in Scootaloo's case, Doctor Brown walked into the room. He had a smile on his face, realising that the young filly had perked up. He told Sweetie Belle and Applebloom that Scootaloo needed her rest, and politely asked them to leave.

They both said their goodbyes and told her to stay strong. They left the room, and Doctor Brown stood by the doorway.

“Scootaloo, you may not know this, but you'll be allowed to leave here in several days. Your ribs and wing are still injured, so you'll have to be easy on yourself for a couple of days.”

Scootaloo nodded, and the doctor closed the door behind him. Back to thinking. She let herself drift off to sleep, so she could try and put her mind to rest.

She entered her mind again, the dark canvas surrounding her. However, something felt different. As if someone had lit a candle, and had made the canvas lighter.

Scootaloo decided to walk on for a bit, like she did last time, and sure enough, a breeze ruffled her feathers. Scootaloo looked behind her.

A cyan Pegasus with stood over her. A multi-coloured mane covered her neck, and her beautiful rose tinted eyes stared directly at Scootaloo.

Scootaloo couldn't believe it. She had been right. Rainbow Dash was in her mind.

Rainbow Dash

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Scootaloo's Mistake

Author's Note: Sorry it's taken me so long to write this, but this chapter was very hard to write. It's increasingly difficult to write about deep emotions, especially from a child's point of view.

Scootaloo wasn't alone in the black canvas of her mind anymore. Instead of being filled with darkness, every colour of the rainbow was right in front of her.

The cyan pegasus stood proudly in front of Scootaloo, gazing into her violet eyes. It's multi-coloured mane flowed freely and elegantly with the gentle breeze.

“Scoots, it's been too long.” The words uttered from it's mouth, before forming into a contented smile.

Scootaloo couldn't believe it. She was right – it had been in her previous dreams, but only as a whisper. Barely a shadow of it's former self. The whisper had become stronger, until it could physically manifest itself. Here, in front of Scootaloo, stood the figure of her mentor.

Rainbow Dash was here.

Scootaloo couldn't process all the emotions she was feeling. Amongst the initial responses of shock and confusion, there was guilt and fear. She had killed her mentor, and it was entirely her fault - no-one else was to blame.

Was Dash angry that she indirectly put an end to her young life? Most likely - Rainbow Dash always did have a short fuse when it came to Scootaloo. The small pegasus looked down, ashamed to even look at Dash's face. Whatever her mentor was going to do to her, she completely deserved it.

Involuntary tears rolled down her face. Scootaloo hadn't realised how emotionally unstable she was. Whether it was fear or guilt, the tears continued to fall onto the black floor. In her peripheral sight, the cyan figure moved towards her. The orange filly could only brace herself for what was coming.

A warm sensation infiltrated her shoulder. Unsure of herself, Scootaloo looked up cautiously. Rainbow Dash was now inches away from her, her hoof on Scootaloo's frame. Her deep rose eyes, stared into Scootaloo with a meaningful expression.

“Scoot, you can't blame yourself for what I did. I chose to sacrifice myself, to save you. Yes, you may have been a little hard-headed," Dash said that last bit with a chuckle. "But I was responsible for my own death."

Again, confusion flooded Scootaloo's mind. She had killed Rainbow Dash, because she wanted to learn how to fly. Dash, on the other hand, believes that it was her own choice. It just didn't make any sense.

Scootaloo tried to voice her own opinions. Her sobs had become more erratic, and she found it increasingly difficult to look at her former mentor, let alone speaking to her.

“B-b-but Dash, if I didn't jump off that c-cliff, you would still be a...alive.”

Scootaloo struggled to say the last part. It just felt so wrong that Rainbow Dash was dead, like some big part had been torn out of her life. Brutally stolen from her.

Noticing that Scootaloo had become even more depressed, Rainbow Dash moved closer to her, and embraced the small filly in a hug.

To Scootaloo, that was the last straw.

She cried openly onto the cyan pegasus' back, no longer caring about her appearance in front of her idol. Great sobs escaped her, as Rainbow Dash held her tighter. Everything Scootaloo had kept bottled up inside her, all emptied out. Every emotion and feeling escaped from her body in the form of tears and sobs.

Rainbow Dash decided to let the small filly release it all. There was nothing she could do anyway, so she just sat with Scoots and held her close. The tears trickled down her back and made her feel generally uncomfortable, but if this made Scootaloo feel any better, she would happily oblige.

She embraced her for at least ten minutes, allowing Scootaloo let go of all her sadness. Her tears started to slow, and her cries of anguish became quieter and quieter, until she made no noise whatsoever. Feeling that the embrace had run it's course, Scootaloo broke away, and began wiping her tears away.

“Feeling any better?” Rainbow Dash offered hopefully. She didn't want to see Scoots cry for any longer. The image of the grief-stricken filly upset her beyond her own understanding

Scootaloo gave a weary nod and looked down at the ground, unsure of what to do next.

Rainbow already knew what to do. Well, she was stuck in Scoot's mind for Celestia knows how long, so she might as well try to be useful. Dash took to the air of darkness. It was no longer pitch black, but rather a dark grey.

“Well, Scoots, seeing as though I have nothing else to do, how about I teach you to fly?”

Even from as high as she was, Dash could still see the slight shudder of Scootaloo's body. She was obviously still traumatised about the thought of flying. Time for a new tactic - tough love.

The cyan pegasus descended upon Scoots, and grabbed her small frame with her front hooves. She softly placed the small filly on her back. There was a gasp of surprise from Scootaloo, followed by a small scream. Rainbow Dash began to fly at a slow speed to begin with, allowing Scootaloo to get used to the sensations. She then increased quickly, until she was at maximum speed.

The rush of the wind affected both of them. Strong gusts made their manes and tails flow freely. The element of surprise was now gone, and Scootaloo had stopped screaming. She began to cheer, and flail her limbs about. Rainbow Dash forgot this was Scootaloo's first time flying, and fondly remembered her own first flight.

Scootaloo now knew what it was like to fly, and it felt so totally awesome. The feeling of unbridled and unmatched power, surging through the air. The feeling of vigorous gusts, caressing every curvature of her body. There was just something so cool about it. For the first time in days, Scootaloo felt alive.

Scootaloo didn't want the moment to end, but with every good dream, it had to fade away.

The grey canvas of her mind closed in on Scootaloo, almost to the point of suffocation. The small filly tried to deny the inevitability by thinking of other things. If she succeeded, she would never have to wake up. Never have to return to the reality without Rainbow Dash.

Scootaloo only wanted to stay with Rainbow Dash, and fly forever.


Scootaloo awoke.

The bright sun rays cascaded down on her, filling her very core with warmth. Doctor Brown had just opened the small window, and began to speak to Scootaloo incoherently. Whether the effects of drugs still lingered, or the filly was just weary, Scootaloo couldn't understand a word of what Doctor Brown was saying.

It strained her to try and listen, so she just stopped. She gave a small sigh, and nodded occasionally to the nonsensical words of Doctor Brown. Scootaloo didn't want to live in this world anymore. In her mind, Rainbow Dash was still alive, but out here, she had virtually no friends, or family for that matter, to comfort or console her

Eventually, Doctor Brown's words were starting to make sense. He mentioned something about Scootaloo being cleared to leave tomorrow morning, and that her wounds were healing very quickly.

The smart-looking doctor then walked closer to Scootaloo's bed. He looked deep into her violet eyes, and said something that was undoubtedly clear.

“Scootaloo...Rainbow Dash's funeral will be held in a couple of days. Tuesday, to be precise.”

Scootaloo looked around at the calender on the wall next to her. After finding the corresponding week, she looked along, and found the date.

“In case you were wondering, Miss Scootaloo, today is Sunday.”

Well, this is the end of this chapter, and I hope you liked it. Please comment whatever you like – I want to see what you guys like, and what you don't. That is the only way I can improve my writing. Peace out.

A Present

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Author’s Note: Well, this chapter would've arrived sooner, but I decided to take the time to read a couple of stories, so sorry about that. Coal Buck also helped me with a part of this, so cheers, buddy, I was stuck on that detail. I’ve also decided to make each chapter longer. Enjoy, and peace out.

There were no dreams that night.

No visions of Rainbow Dash and no flying. Scootaloo didn’t know why. As soon as her head hit the pillow last night, she just woke up. Now here she was, lying in her bland hospital bed as the sun crept through the blinds.

Scootaloo didn’t care much – at least she could leave this hospital quicker. It was too boring just lying in bed all the time. The small filly jumped out of the bed, and took off the hospital gown. Today was the day she was going to leave.

As if to confirm this, Doctor Brown walked into the room.

“Ah, Scootaloo, glad to see you’re up n’ at em.” The brown colt gave a small smile.

“Now, you’ll have to be careful for a couple more weeks, until you’re fully healed. Your wings are still pretty badly damaged, so just try not to go jumping off any cliffs any time soon, you hear?”

Scootaloo gave a gasp of surprise - the doctor’s words had shocked her. Did he acknowledge what he had just said? Doctor Brown suddenly looked worried, surprised at the young filly’s expression. The colt finally realised what was wrong and His face matched that of Scootaloo’s as he walked closer, finally placing a hoof on her shoulder.

“Listen, Scootaloo, I didn’t mean it like that. Please forgive me.”

Though unintentional, the doctor had made Scootaloo feel a whole lot worse. The orange filly resisted the urge to cry. She had just been brutally reminded of what had happened in the past. The only thing stopping her from doing so was the image of her and Rainbow Dash, sailing into the grey canvas of her mind.

Defying gravity. Flying free across the sky, devoid of any emotion or responsibility. It was just the best feeling ever.

“It’s fine, doc.” Scootaloo murmured. Doctor Brown gave a nod, and dropped his hoof.

“So,” Scootaloo began. “Can I leave now?” The brown unicorn gave another quick nod, obviously still shocked at what he had previously said.

“Yes. I’ll go talk to the receptionist, and then I’ll lead you to the exit. Okay?”

Scootaloo quietly said yes, and the doctor left the room.

After what had seemed like a lifetime, Doctor Brown returned. He indicated over to the door, and the two ponies left the hospital room. The smart doctor led Scootaloo through the empty corridor, and before long, they were standing underneath the green-lit exit sign.

As the doctor and filly walked closer to the door, it automatically opened, and a gust of cold wind entered the room. For the first time in days, Scootaloo breathed in fresh air and gave a contented sigh.

The orange Pegasus stepped out of the doorway, and looked back at Doctor Brown. He just stood there, watching her with a sympathetic frown.

“Scootaloo, I’m really sorry for saying what I did back there. I didn’t even think about it before saying it.” Scootaloo was about to interject and tell the poor doctor that it was fine, but he continued on.

“I know this must be a difficult time for you, especially at such a young age, but I will always be there for you. If you ever need to pop in and talk to me, feel free. I might not be able to give you any good advice, but I’ll be there to listen to you. You got that?”

The small filly gave a small nod. She was touched at how much this doctor felt for her. Not only had he cared for her as a patient, but also as a friend.

Scootaloo didn’t deserve anypony’s pity – she was a monster. A cold-blooded killer. Nopony will ever forgive her, let alone-
Doctor Brown interrupted her thoughts. “Good. Hey, why don’t you go to Sugar Cube Corner? I heard Pinkie Pie went and made a little surprise for you.”

A surprise? What kind of surprise? It better not be another random story. That last one didn’t even make sense. How in Equestria did Pinkie Pie defeat Nightmare Moon - the most scary and evil pony in the world?

“What kind of surprise, Doc?” Scootaloo asked inquisitively, getting back to the point.

Doctor Brown chuckled, before answering. “Please, Scootaloo - call me Charlie. Even if I knew what sort of surprise it was, I wouldn’t tell you! Go down there and find out for yourself. Take care now!”

And with that, Charlie the unicorn returned to his work, helping and saving the lives of others. Scootaloo had to admit, Charlie had a certain charm. He understood her deepest feelings, and even allowed her to visit and console with him in the future. He was a very kind colt.

Almost as kind as Rainb-


It hurt her just thinking about her former mentor - Scootaloo just had to let it go.

Trying to put all of her guilt to the back of mind, the filly began to walk in the direction of Sugar Cube Corner.


As she made her way through town, Scootaloo felt like the entire population was watching her. Every pair of eyes bearing down on her. Glaring at her. Despising her for what she’d done. The pegasus gulped nervously before picking up the pace.

In reality, nopony held any kind of contempt for her – all they felt was sorrow. It was sad losing one of the most charismatic ponies in Ponyville, but it was even sadder to watch Scootaloo suffer for it.

The small filly couldn’t take it anymore, as her imagination got the best of her. She galloped away from the scene, trying not to return the looks of everypony.

Eventually, Scootaloo reached her destination. The tall, silly-looking building loomed over her. Everything, it seemed, loomed over her that day.The filly opened the door and walked into the shop.

The sweet smell of confectionary lingered in the air. Scootaloo never could resist the smell of cakes, and Sugar Cube Corner was the best cake shop in all of Equestria.

“Hello? Anybody home?” Scootaloo called out nervously. Instantly, a pink blur appeared at the doorway. The blur moved quicker than anything Scootaloo had ever seen. One second she was at the doorway, and the next, she was at Scootaloo’s side, embracing her with a hug.

Pinkie Pie.

“Oh, Scootaloo! We were all so worried about you! Are you okay now? I hope Doctor Brown took good care of you.”
Scootaloo gave a sheepish grin. If anypony could cheer her up at times like these, it was Pinkie Pie.

“I’m fine, Pinkie, I just gotta take it easy for a couple of days. So, I heard you have a surprise for me?”

There was a rush of air, and the pink pony standing in front of her was now gone. The small filly looked around her, but Pinkie was nowhere to be found. In a matter of seconds, the pink blur had returned with a big grin on her face.

In her hooves was a tray of fresh cupcakes, all individually made, completely different to the one next to it. A wide array of colours and decorations lit up Scootaloo's violet eyes.

“Dig in!”

Scootaloo didn’t hesitate. After eating bland hospital food for a couple of days now, these cupcakes tasted heavenly. After gobbling down at least four, the filly slowed down. She blushed a fierce crimson after realising Pinkie was laughing at her. Scootaloo joined in the bouts of laughter.

“Oh, yeah! I have another surprise for you! Just close your eyes for a sec.”

Scootaloo did as she was told, and she heard another rush of air.

“Okay, hold out your hooves!”

Again, Scootaloo followed Pinkie’s command. She felt something drop onto her hooves. Curious, the small filly felt around the object. It was definitely plastic – she could tell just by the feel of it. The object was almost impossible to guess – it just had so many random curves and edges.

No longer keeping her promise, Scootaloo opened her eyes.

In her hooves was a pair of goggles. Both sides contained the Wonderbolts insignia, a yellow lightning bolt joined by a set of wings. On the strap was a crude drawing of cloud, with a rainbow lightning bolt shooting out.

Next to this was a messy signature. Scootaloo struggled to read it, but it said something like ‘Spitfire’. Wasn’t Spitfire the idol of her idol? Scootaloo gasped as her realisation hit her.

The filly didn’t know what to think. No words could describe her emotions.

These were Rainbow Dash’s goggles.

Scootaloo didn’t know if it was sadness or just surprise that stopped her from talking. She tried to form words with her mouth, but nothing came out. Her eyes went wide, and a single tear rolled down her face.

Pinkie Pie stood opposite to Scootaloo, her smile rapidly disappearing.

“What’s wrong, Scoot? Don’t you like ‘em? Rainbow Dash gave them to me. She said if anything ever happened to her, I should give them to you, right away.”

Pinkie Pie struggled to say that last bit.

The pink pony started to frown. Her messy, pink mane fell down, forming into straight plait. Pinkie sat on the floor of the shop, and placed her head in her hooves. Several drops of clear liquid fell down her face as quiet sobs escaped from the mare, rapidly becoming louder and louder, until it was a full-on cry.

Between sobs, Pinkie began to speak. “I...I...I miss her, Scoots! She was best friend!” The rest of what the mare said wasn’t understandable. Scootaloo could hear the occasional word, but other than that, Pinkie was unintelligible.

Scootaloo didn’t know what to do. Here she was, on the verge of tears herself and Pinkie Pie looked so unhappy. The small filly walked over to the shaking figure, and held her tightly in a hug. The mare returned the hug with such strength, Scootaloo almost suffocated.

The pair just sat there on the floor of the shop, holding each other in a tight embrace. Both of them didn’t want to let go - it just seemed so wrong that Rainbow Dash wasn’t there.

After a good couple of minutes, the ponies stood up. Pinkie Pie wiped her eyes, and reached for a cupcake. Scootaloo resisted the urge to cry, however much she wanted to. She had to remain strong, for Rainbow Dash.

“ matter what you may think, no-one blames you for Rainbow Dash’s death.” Pinkie began. “It was all just a silly accident and Dash wanted to save you, that’s all. Please don’t think that it’s your fault, or you won’t be able to move on with your life. If you ever feeling like talking to me, don’t hesitate.”

Scootaloo gave a nod. That’s funny; Charlie said exactly the same thing. Why does everypony feel bad for her? Scootaloo doesn't deserve anypony's pity, let alone attention.

After eating the last cupcake, Scootaloo thanked Pinkie Pie and said goodbye. With slight hesitance, Scootaloo picked up the goggles in her mouth and opened the door. The weather had taken a turn for the worst, and now, the day looked particularly gloomy.

Scootaloo didn’t know why she’d picked up the goggles. Even to look at them hurt her beyond comprehension and reminded her of Dash. Why would Rainbow want Scootaloo to have them? Surely, the goggles must’ve been among Rainbow’s most prized possessions, so why give them to her? It just didn’t make any sense.

Something in the wind changed, and rain came cascading down upon the small filly. The ponies around her ran for shelter, hiding under any source of protection. Scootaloo sighed. She was already soaked through and through from the downpour. What was the harm in a little more?

Rain had always been calming to Scootaloo, ever since birth. There was just something so peaceful in it. Gentle lashes of liquid descending upon her body. Something about it just felt right.

The small filly wandered through the streets of Ponyville, each step followed by a squelch.

Scootaloo finally found her home and with a small creak, she opened the door. She staggered into her home, and placed the goggles down on the nearest table – she could look at them in more detail later.

She closed the door, and began to shake. The rain, previously caught on her fur, flew out in a massive sprinkle of water. Feeling less damp, Scootaloo decided to lie on her bed. Obviously because of past events, she was unaware of how tired she was. The small filly gave a small sigh, before wondering if this day could get any worse.


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Scootaloo didn't know how long she had lay on her bed. All she knew was by the time she was up, the rain had stopped. Outside, the bright rays of the sun pierced the horizon, sending streaks of light across the entire town.

On closer inspection, it seemed like everypony was out and enjoying the good weather. The markets and shops were busy, and Scootaloo couldn't name a pony unaccounted for. Of course, there was one pony who couldn't be seen. Again, the feeling of guilt surged through Scootaloo's mind.

The filly gave a yawn, and stretched her body. Her wings still gave a slight pang of pain, but Scootaloo was prepared for it. She lazily opened up the fridge, and poured herself a glass of fresh apple juice, straight from Sweet Apple Acres.

To Scootaloo's surprise, there was a small knock on the door. The pegasus put down her glass, and turned to face the disturbance. Who would knock for her? Curiosity got the best of her, and she crossed the room to find the source of the noise.

Scootaloo's best friends stood at her doorway. They both had smiles on their faces, much like everypony in Ponyville. Sweetie Belle was the first to speak.

“Hey Scootaloo! Do you wanna come out with us to the park? It's a beautiful day, and we figured you might need somepony to talk to.”

The orange filly hesitated. She really only wanted to be left alone, to ponder in her thoughts. Applebloom saw the slight reaction, and decided to chime in.

“C'mon, Scoots, It'll be fun! We can talk like ol' times! Hey, we can even try and get our Cutie Marks!”

As much as she resented it, Scootaloo didn't think the idea was too bad. Just a nice, peaceful walk in the park. It couldn't end in too much disaster, anyway. Without saying a word, Scootaloo stepped out of her home. She raised a hoof to her eyes, letting them adjust to the intense brightness.

As the intensity decreased, Scootaloo began to take in her surroundings. A sweet smell of confectionery excited her senses – obviously, Pinkie was back to her old tricks. Looking up, Scootaloo could barely see a cloud in the sky. It was all so clear, apart from the massive, multi-coloured...


All the colours of the spectrum littered the cyan sky. Several stripes of individual colour, completely different to the one next to it. How couldn't she have seen it earlier? The curve took up the entire space above her, for Celestia's sake.

It reminded Scootaloo of her.

Fearful, the filly started to back away from her friends. Back into the safety and security of her home. Away from all outside contact, beside herself. Scootaloo only wanted herself for company, and nopony was about to change that.

Behind her, the pegasus heard a loud thud. Obviously, she had been too transfixed with her own thoughts to notice Applebloom. The yellow filly had managed to sneak behind Scootaloo and now stood between her and the previously-open door.

“Now, where do ya think you're goin'?” Applebloom seemed more surprised than angry, but her face told a different story. Her mouth had formed into a scowl, and her eyes were now squinting.

Scootaloo didn't know what to say. Her only escape route had been taken away, and Applebloom looked cross. She could always just run away from the pair, but friends as good as these didn't deserve that. Well, she could always just tell them the truth.

Unable to express herself without crying, Scootaloo simply pointed a hoof up in the direction of the rainbow. She didn't look herself - it hurt her enough the first time she had laid her eyes on it.

The two young fillies beside her followed her hoof 's direction to find the source of her discomfort. Sweetie Belle was the first to get it, as evidenced by her face. It contorted with shock, as the realisation hit her. The small unicorn quickly replaced this with a look of sympathy aimed at Scootaloo, to look strong in front of her fellow friend.

Applebloom didn't fully understand the significance of the cloud Scootaloo had pointed at. It just looked like a normal, fluffy cloud, - nothing out of the ordinary. Confused, she looked back at Sweetie Belle, who then quickly mouthed the word “rainbow”.

Rainbow? What rain- Oh. The one hiding behind the cloud. Applebloom gave a sheepish grin, before turning her attention back to Scootaloo.

Both fillies helped Scootaloo up off the ground, and gave her a big group hug. They knew Scootaloo wasn't one for group hugs, but at that moment, she didn't seem to care. At least, now, they understood where she was coming from. Applebloom broke the silence that ensued.

“Sorry about that, Scoots. Ah didn't quite understand.”

The orange filly gave a nod, before finding her own voice.

“That's fine, girls. I didn't really explain what was going on. So, how about that walk?”


As much as Scootaloo loved rain, she adored sunlight even more. The warm sensation as it permeated her body. Heating her to her very core and spreading throughout her limbs.

The three friends sauntered through the park. With no direction planned, the fillies just went with the flow. Each of them felt remarkable, and none of them had an explanation as for why. Maybe it was because of the great weather, or maybe even because they had all been reunited. Either way, the feeling was mutual between them.

After several failed attempts of recieving gardening Cutie Marks, the group returned to their usual antics. Sweetie Belle and Applebloom shared the gossip from school, and Scootaloo chatted about her time in the hospital. She decided not to mention Pinkie's 'surprise' from yesterday. The filly didn't want to ruin the good mood, especially her own.

The day crept on, and soon, the sky had transformed into a bright orange. As Rainbow Dash used to say, “Time flies when you're having fun.” Scootaloo never did understand that expression until now.

Deciding to watch the sun go down, the group sat down on the dew-encrusted grass. Not a word was said as they all watched the sun disappear from view. The sky turned a light violet, and the group decided to split. Scootaloo had been with her friends all day long, and now, she just wanted some time by herself.

The filly returned through the empty streets, and eventually found her home. This time, Scootaloo didn't feel upset. It felt like a massive load had been lifted off of her. Fumbling with the handle, she opened the door, and closed it behind her.

Being with her friends had taken a lot out of her, and now, she was drooping off to sleep. Scootaloo dropped on her bed and instantly fell asleep.

The filly found herself in her mind again. This time, there was no darkness to be seen. Patches of colour covered the entire area around her. A familiar voice spoke from behind her.

“Ah, Scoots. You've been busy, I see.”


Author's Notes: Well, the story has nearly finished now, and I hope you've enjoyed reading it. So, the funeral is happening, and how will Scootaloo react? As Rainbow Dash would say, “Dun, Dun Duuuuuun.”

The Funeral

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Rainbow Dash stood with her usual proud stance, grinning from ear to ear. She walked over to Scootaloo and ruffled her head. Something seemed different about the filly, like somepony had raised a heavy burden off of her.

Scootaloo could only grin back in response. Seeing Rainbow Dash smile made her feel happy - not that she wasn't happy already.

“So squirt,” The cyan mare began. “Where you been these past couple of days? I've had nothing to do for days, and your mind is kinda boring without anypony else.”

Scootaloo didn't mind about the tease – seemingly nothing could ruin her day. She began to explain what had happened over the past couple of days. Staying and leaving the hospital, meeting Pinkie Pie and finally about her and the Cutie Mark Crusader reunion. Again, Scootaloo left out the detail about the goggles - maybe she'd ask Dash about that later.

“Ah, pretty cool stuff then. Happy to see you're back to your normal self.” The mare gave an encouraging smile before continuing. “Well, seeing as though you're here again, wanna learn how to fly?”

If Scootaloo had been asked the same question in the last couple of days, she would've completely rejected the offer. Some part of her still thought that flying was an evil thing, and had ended up killing her idol. Another part, however, disagreed. It believed that flying was the way of moving on with her life, to forget all that had happened.

Hesitantly, the orange filly gave a small nod. Before the accident, Scootaloo would've jumped at the chance of learning how to fly. Why should her opinion change now?

A cyan blur rose into the air, leading a wavy rainbow behind it. Rainbow Dash always had been a show-off, apparently, even in death. The filly rolled her eyes and tried hard to look unimpressed.

The blur came into focus as it slowly descended on Scootaloo. Dash was now hovering a couple of feet away from her with a proud grin on her face

“Right. Now, first, and most importantly, take-off. I want you to jump in the air, and flap your wings in a circular motion. It might be a bit tricky at first, but you'll get used it.”

This was Scootaloo's chance. She could still prove herself in Rainbow's eyes, and now was the time. The filly bent her knees and launched herself into the air, before falling flat on her face.

Groaning, Scootaloo picked herself up. She expected laughter from Rainbow Dash, but none came. The small pegasus looked curiously at Dash, and noticed her confident expression.

“That's some good work, Scootaloo. I probably should've mentioned that you might need some exercise beforehand. Just give your wings a good shake and stretch 'em out”

Scootaloo did as she was told, and Dash gave a nod. This time she'd get it. She jumped up higher than before, and began to move her limbs. Her wings flapped furiously, trying to catch grip of the wind.

Seemingly, her feathers had made purchase with the breeze. Scootaloo was now hovering off the ground. Involuntarily, the filly gave a shriek of satisfaction. She was flying! After all the years of not being able to, Scootaloo had finally managed it!

However, the celebration was short-lived. Soon, the filly plopped back down on the ground, her wings exhausted. Rainbow Dash closed in on the resting pegasus and gave her a hoof-bump before congratulating her on her success.

“Hey, well done squirt! We'll have you flying as fast as me in no time!”


The next couple of hours were a blur for Scootaloo. Her idol had relentlessly trained her to fly properly, and now, she was utterly exhausted. She did, however, win the last race against Dash, and she would never let her forget it.

The small filly landed softly on the ground and lay on her back. She stared up, observing the wide array of colours before her eyes. Before long, Dash joined her, and they both watched happily.

Scootaloo realised there was something on her mind. Something she had previously forgotten, and she couldn't quite place her hoof on it.

“So, now you can use those goggles I gave you.” Dash spoke triumphantly. Why shouldn't she? She had just taught Scootaloo the basics of flying...


Rainbow Dash continued. “Y'know, the goggles. Didn't Pinkie Pie give you my old pair?”

That was it! Scootaloo was going to ask her about the goggles. Why would Dash give her her most prized possession? The filly turned to face her mentor, her expression inquisitive.

Sadly, there wasn't enough time.

As Scootaloo looked around at Dash, she noticed an orb of light rapidly expanding from the centre of the mare's body. It grew bigger, enveloping Dash's entire body at a slow pace. Scootaloo was almost as surprised as Dash, who was frantically tried to push the light away.

Her movements became erratic as she tried to force the inevitable away. The mare started to frown as the bubble enveloped her head. Suddenly, there was an audible pop, and Dash was now in the bright orb of light.

It hurt Scootaloo's eyes to look, so she tried to hold her hooves in the way of the intense energy. Among the sudden confusion, the filly could hear a voice. Scootaloo could barely make it out, but as the orb grew more intense, the message delivered clearly.

“Let me fly one more time, Scootaloo.”

The world around the filly crumbled. Vibrant colours disappeared, until the only thing that was visible, was the orb containing Rainbow Dash.

“One last time.”


Scootaloo woke up.

The sound of Dash's voice resonated within her head, directing the filly's full attention towards it. What did she mean fly one last time? Maybe it was a riddle of sorts, and Scootaloo was supposed to solve it. Dash never seemed to be the mysterious type though.

In the distance, the chime of bells echoed, alerting Scootaloo to her senses.

Today was Rainbow Dash's funeral.

The filly rushed over to her window, and noticed the large gathering outside of the Town Hall. Never before had Scootaloo seen everypony so sad in her entire life. Obviously, everyone was upset with Dash's untimely death, and who wouldn't be? Rainbow always had been the life of every party, and Scootaloo couldn't name a pony that disliked her. Or at least, used to dislike her.

With an exasperated sigh, Scootaloo opened her door.

She had to do this. Had to be strong for herself, but most importantly, Rainbow Dash.

The filly took a few tentative steps before closing her door and blending in with the moving crowd. Beside her, Scootaloo found her best friends, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Obviously, they had spotted her and wanted to give her some comfort. Neither one of them looked happy that day, needless to say, the rest of the ponies.

The group didn't speak, and only exchanged encouraging glances.

Scootaloo, herself, felt sad. She probably felt the worst in all of Ponyville, but no way would she show it. Dash would've been wanted her to be strong, and strong she'll remain. She couldn't speak for the other citizens of Ponyville. Countless ponies suppressed their sobs as they marched forwards to Town Hall.

Suddenly, the major and Princess Celestia came into view. Standing on the balcony of Town Hall, they both looked proud. Their expressions, emotionless as they looked over the gathering mass of ponies.

Reaching their destination, the citizens of Ponyville stopped still. The Cutie Mark Crusaders stayed together, hooves resting on each-other’s shoulders for comfort. Celestia began to speak.

“Today, we are here to witness the celebration of Rainbow Dash's life.”

For some reason, Scootaloo gave a gasp of surprise. She didn't want to be here, it all just seemed so wrong. Dash shouldn't be dead, it should be her!

“Most of you knew her as a loyal friend, and to some, a respectable athlete.”

An audible cry broke out behind Scootaloo. She turned to see Applejack trying to comfort a heavily grieving Fluttershy, who obviously was taking Dash's death hard.

“Don't cry because good times are over, my little ponies. Smile because they have happened.”

Those were the last words Scootaloo heard. In her mind, there was absolute silence. She couldn't hear what was going on around her. She was just trying to think of what Rainbow Dash had meant. There was nothing she could do but block everything else out as she tried to focus.

Her idol's voice rung in her head again.

“Let my fly one more time, Scootaloo.”

“One last time.”

The noise returned to her. The cries were much louder and more plentiful this time. In front of her, several ponies had collapsed in bouts of tears, hoping to find some solace in Dash's death.

Sweetie Belle turned around to her. Her eyes were wide and face tear-soaked, but she seemed to want something. Her mouth formed words, but Scootaloo couldn't understand.

Her best friend pointed to the front of the crowd, where Princess Celestia stood. In her hooves, was a small jar.

Still not understanding, Scootaloo gave a puzzled look.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom both led the confused filly through the crown in the direction of the princess. Just what the hay was going on? Soon, the orange pegasus stood before the looming alicorn.

The regal sister offered out her hooves containing the jar. Scootaloo took the jar, unsure of its contents. Celestia kneeled down to Scootaloo's level and whispered.

“She would've wanted you to do the honours.”

Instantly, Scootaloo knew what was going on.

Inside this small, ceramic jar, was Rainbow Dash.

No way. No way could Scootaloo do this. She was only a small filly, how the hay could she be expected to do this? Something niggled at Scootaloo's mind, as if something forgotten was trying to be remembered.

Suddenly, Scootaloo was hit by her own realisation. There was no riddle or puzzle to what was said.

Dash wanted Scootaloo to let her fly. Scootaloo had to bee strong now. That was Dash's last wish, and by Celestia, she was going to fulfil it.

Proudly, the small filly took the jar in her own hooves. Behind her, the crowd clapped for her sheer bravery. Everypony in Ponyville was clapping for her. Even the regal alicorn, Celestia, herself.

After Dash had taught her how to fly, it only felt right to show off her skills.

She took to the air with the jar in her hooves. Looking back, Scootaloo could see all of Ponyville, including its inhabitants. They watched her every movement, intent on seeing the moment.

Scootaloo lifted the lid of the jar off. Small, black particles flew out into the early morning sky, flowing freely with the gentle breeze. As the sun shone on them, Scootaloo could've sworn she saw every colour of the rainbow.

“Fly, Rainbow Dash. Fly.”

Author's Note: Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. I wanted to thank all you guys for sticking with it and writing nice comments and stuff. I have to say, I feel inadequate to end this story here. Will I write an epilogue? Will it be a happy ending? When will I stop asking stupid questions? Keep tracking and find out. Peace out.


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“I'm happy to announce the new member of the Wonderbolts team...Scootaloo!”

An orange mare burst out from the curtains, brandishing her shiny, new Wonderbolt costume. She flew up high into the sky before performing her signature move: Purple Burst.

Nopony knew quite how she did it, but the end result was a massive, purple shock wave spreading across the sky. Different shades of purple burst into the cloud-line, turning the once-cyan sky into a vibrant purple. The audience erupted into applause, fascinated by the wonderful performance.

The pegasus descended upon the crowd, inches away from their heads as she passed over them. Their cheers and whistles were almost deafening, and if it weren't for Scootaloo's vigorous training, she would've been overwhelmed.

Eventually, the mare reached her destination. She stopped flying, and dropped down onto the centre stage, where the announcer was speaking.

Scootaloo struck a few awesome poses for the cameras before walking proudly over to the microphone.

“Hey Cloudsdale, how's my favourite city doing?”

The audience replied with a roar, becoming increasingly louder and louder until Scootaloo could barely hear herself think.

“It's my honour to accept this invitation to the Wonderbolts, and before I get started with that, I'd like to thank a couple of ponies for me being here. Firstly, you guys! You have been an awesome audience, and I'm honoured to have shown you my skills.”

Again, the crowd cheered their hearts out. Most ponies were now jumping up and down, trying to get a view of the newest edition of the Wonderbolts team. All this incessant noise was starting to give Scootaloo an earache.

“Secondly, I'd like to thank Spitfire, who made me into the mare I am today. Through my toughest days, Spitfire was always there for me, and without her, I would never have made it as a Wonderbolt!”

The orange pegasus didn't know how announcers put up with this. Every sentence she said, ended with a massive response from the audience. Yes, they were praising her, but this was way too much.

“Last, but not least, I would like to thank Rainbow Dash. She used to be everything to me - big sister, teacher, friend, idol – you name it. Dash was the most loyal pony I'd ever met, and I hope I've made her proud. Here's to you, Rainbow Dash!”

Scootaloo's voice cracked on her last sentence. Instead of roaring and cheering loudly, the crowd remained silent. Every single pony had an expression of confusion, as if they didn't understand what Scootaloo had meant.

The young mare suddenly became conscientious of her actions. Everypony was now staring at her, curious as to why she had brought the matter up. Scootaloo's legs almost buckled as tens of thousands of pairs of eyes gazed upon her. She couldn't take this any longer.

“I...I'm sorry everypony. I can't do this.”

Struggling to speak without letting her emotions run escape, Scootaloo flew away. She didn't fly away leisurely fly, however, she put all her strength in her wings and sped away into the skies.

It had been many years since Rainbow Dash's untimely death. In fact, it had been seven years last Wednesday. Scootaloo had tried to live the last couple of years as normal as possible. She'd finished university, got a coltfriend and even managed to become a Wonderbolt.

That was just the thing though. This was Dash's dream, not hers.

The orange mare continued on her way through the clouds. On the horizon, her house came into view. It wasn't anything special, she only wanted to live in a humble home.

Scootaloo pushed through the fluffy door, before collapsing on her shaggy couch. She let out an exasperated sigh before wondering just what the hay she would do. It should be Dash dressed in this outfit, not Scootaloo.

Rainbow Dash had never come back to her dreams after the funeral. It had been ten long years since Scootaloo had last seen her, and she had given up all hope of ever seeing her again.

Even though the event had happened a decade ago, Scootaloo didn't feel any less guilty. Not a day goes by without her thinking of Dash's death. If anything, the mare will never forget that it was entirely her fault-

Suddenly, there was an audible voice from behind her. Out of instinct, Scootaloo turned around and looked for the source of noise. It had definitely been a voice, even though the mare couldn't determine what was said. The voice was definitely familiar...

Again, the voice sounded, this time stronger than before. The mare could locate the source this time. It seemed to have originated from one of her cupboards. She opened the doors, and peeked inside.

The voice was loud now and was rapidly becoming more clearer. Scootaloo delved further into the furniture. She threw objects out of the cupboard, desperately trying to find the source of the voice.

Her hooves fell upon a plastic object. As she did so, the noise became as clear as day.

“I'm watching, Scootaloo. Make me proud.” And with that, there was silence. Curious, the mare inspected the object in the light.

A pair of flying goggles.

These weren't just any old pair of goggles however, these were Dash's. Scootaloo ran her hooves around the curvature of the accessory. The crude Cutie Mark came into view. These were definitely Rainbow Dash's.

Scootaloo had completely forgotten about these. In an attempt to move on, the pegasus had tried to block all connections to her past, most of which took residence inside this cupboard.

That had definitely been Dash's voice. After many years of not hearing it, Scootaloo would've been sceptical. After what had been said, however, there was no denying it. What did all of this mean?

There was a gentle knock on her her door, and a fellow Wonderbolt walked in. Of course, it had to be Spitfire.

“Hey, kiddo. Something wrong? Well I guess there must be – you don't usually storm off like that...” The proud Wonderbolt's voice trailed off after noticing the object Scootaloo held in her hooves.

She almost looked like she was going to say something, but obviously, the shock of seeing such an object had clouded her mind. Scootaloo could tell by her expression that she recognised it.

“S-S-Scootaloo, who gave you t-that?” Spitfire struggled to speak, confusion spreading across her face. For a second, Scootaloo could've sworn she saw a tear fall off her teacher's face.

What should she do? Scootaloo never did end up telling anyone about the goggles, no matter how much she wanted to. The only one who knew of its current position was Pinkie Pie, but she had never told anypony else either. The mare gave a sigh, before explaining a story never told before.

Scootaloo told Spitfire everything. Rainbow Dash's presence in her mind, how the goggles came into her possession – even why she flew away earlier. She told her her true feelings, how she believed Dash should be where she was right now. How this was Dash's dream.

A few minutes later, the story was over. The heavy burden she'd been carrying for all those years had been lifted away, and suddenly, Scootaloo felt empty. As if a part of her being had just simply disappeared.

The mare stared into her teacher's eyes, trying to recognise a reaction. What would she say? Did she understand Scootaloo's emotions? Spitfire always had had a brilliant poker face, and Scootaloo couldn't see any emotions or anything, for that matter.

The older pegasus rested a hoof on the young mare's shoulder, before looking deeply into her violet eyes.

“Scootaloo. You got here on your own accord and nopony else's. Sure, it may have been Dash's dream, but that doesn't mean it can't be yours too. I've never seen a more determined pony in my entire life, Scootaloo. You completely deserve this.”

Spitfire dropped her hoof from Scootaloo's shoulder and started to walk away.

“Come on, now. You're a Wonderbolt now, and it's time to get your game on. Wear those goggles with pride.” And with that, her teacher left her home.

Scootaloo understood Spitfire completely, although she didn't quite believe it herself. She was right with some things, however. Scootaloo was a Wonderbolt now, and there was no time to mope about in self-pity.

Putting away the brand new goggles, Scootaloo placed Dash's pair around her head. She slid the strap down until the eyepieces rested comfortably around her face.

The young mare observed her own flank. For some reason, Scootaloo felt encouraged just by looking at her Cutie Mark. Of course, she had received it many years before, but something about it just struck inspiration inside of her.

To her, the Cutie Mark was one of her most prized possessions, despite it's simple design. It was a bright purple splodge of colour, with a wing on each side. Scootaloo often pondered if this was the inspiration for her signature move, Purple Burst, but right at this point in time, it didn't matter.

It was time to fly.


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