• Published 13th Feb 2012
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Scootaloo's Mistake - DiabolicalMonocle

Scootaloo has had it. She wants to fly. Will she ever learn from her mistake?

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The Funeral

Rainbow Dash stood with her usual proud stance, grinning from ear to ear. She walked over to Scootaloo and ruffled her head. Something seemed different about the filly, like somepony had raised a heavy burden off of her.

Scootaloo could only grin back in response. Seeing Rainbow Dash smile made her feel happy - not that she wasn't happy already.

“So squirt,” The cyan mare began. “Where you been these past couple of days? I've had nothing to do for days, and your mind is kinda boring without anypony else.”

Scootaloo didn't mind about the tease – seemingly nothing could ruin her day. She began to explain what had happened over the past couple of days. Staying and leaving the hospital, meeting Pinkie Pie and finally about her and the Cutie Mark Crusader reunion. Again, Scootaloo left out the detail about the goggles - maybe she'd ask Dash about that later.

“Ah, pretty cool stuff then. Happy to see you're back to your normal self.” The mare gave an encouraging smile before continuing. “Well, seeing as though you're here again, wanna learn how to fly?”

If Scootaloo had been asked the same question in the last couple of days, she would've completely rejected the offer. Some part of her still thought that flying was an evil thing, and had ended up killing her idol. Another part, however, disagreed. It believed that flying was the way of moving on with her life, to forget all that had happened.

Hesitantly, the orange filly gave a small nod. Before the accident, Scootaloo would've jumped at the chance of learning how to fly. Why should her opinion change now?

A cyan blur rose into the air, leading a wavy rainbow behind it. Rainbow Dash always had been a show-off, apparently, even in death. The filly rolled her eyes and tried hard to look unimpressed.

The blur came into focus as it slowly descended on Scootaloo. Dash was now hovering a couple of feet away from her with a proud grin on her face

“Right. Now, first, and most importantly, take-off. I want you to jump in the air, and flap your wings in a circular motion. It might be a bit tricky at first, but you'll get used it.”

This was Scootaloo's chance. She could still prove herself in Rainbow's eyes, and now was the time. The filly bent her knees and launched herself into the air, before falling flat on her face.

Groaning, Scootaloo picked herself up. She expected laughter from Rainbow Dash, but none came. The small pegasus looked curiously at Dash, and noticed her confident expression.

“That's some good work, Scootaloo. I probably should've mentioned that you might need some exercise beforehand. Just give your wings a good shake and stretch 'em out”

Scootaloo did as she was told, and Dash gave a nod. This time she'd get it. She jumped up higher than before, and began to move her limbs. Her wings flapped furiously, trying to catch grip of the wind.

Seemingly, her feathers had made purchase with the breeze. Scootaloo was now hovering off the ground. Involuntarily, the filly gave a shriek of satisfaction. She was flying! After all the years of not being able to, Scootaloo had finally managed it!

However, the celebration was short-lived. Soon, the filly plopped back down on the ground, her wings exhausted. Rainbow Dash closed in on the resting pegasus and gave her a hoof-bump before congratulating her on her success.

“Hey, well done squirt! We'll have you flying as fast as me in no time!”


The next couple of hours were a blur for Scootaloo. Her idol had relentlessly trained her to fly properly, and now, she was utterly exhausted. She did, however, win the last race against Dash, and she would never let her forget it.

The small filly landed softly on the ground and lay on her back. She stared up, observing the wide array of colours before her eyes. Before long, Dash joined her, and they both watched happily.

Scootaloo realised there was something on her mind. Something she had previously forgotten, and she couldn't quite place her hoof on it.

“So, now you can use those goggles I gave you.” Dash spoke triumphantly. Why shouldn't she? She had just taught Scootaloo the basics of flying...


Rainbow Dash continued. “Y'know, the goggles. Didn't Pinkie Pie give you my old pair?”

That was it! Scootaloo was going to ask her about the goggles. Why would Dash give her her most prized possession? The filly turned to face her mentor, her expression inquisitive.

Sadly, there wasn't enough time.

As Scootaloo looked around at Dash, she noticed an orb of light rapidly expanding from the centre of the mare's body. It grew bigger, enveloping Dash's entire body at a slow pace. Scootaloo was almost as surprised as Dash, who was frantically tried to push the light away.

Her movements became erratic as she tried to force the inevitable away. The mare started to frown as the bubble enveloped her head. Suddenly, there was an audible pop, and Dash was now in the bright orb of light.

It hurt Scootaloo's eyes to look, so she tried to hold her hooves in the way of the intense energy. Among the sudden confusion, the filly could hear a voice. Scootaloo could barely make it out, but as the orb grew more intense, the message delivered clearly.

“Let me fly one more time, Scootaloo.”

The world around the filly crumbled. Vibrant colours disappeared, until the only thing that was visible, was the orb containing Rainbow Dash.

“One last time.”


Scootaloo woke up.

The sound of Dash's voice resonated within her head, directing the filly's full attention towards it. What did she mean fly one last time? Maybe it was a riddle of sorts, and Scootaloo was supposed to solve it. Dash never seemed to be the mysterious type though.

In the distance, the chime of bells echoed, alerting Scootaloo to her senses.

Today was Rainbow Dash's funeral.

The filly rushed over to her window, and noticed the large gathering outside of the Town Hall. Never before had Scootaloo seen everypony so sad in her entire life. Obviously, everyone was upset with Dash's untimely death, and who wouldn't be? Rainbow always had been the life of every party, and Scootaloo couldn't name a pony that disliked her. Or at least, used to dislike her.

With an exasperated sigh, Scootaloo opened her door.

She had to do this. Had to be strong for herself, but most importantly, Rainbow Dash.

The filly took a few tentative steps before closing her door and blending in with the moving crowd. Beside her, Scootaloo found her best friends, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. Obviously, they had spotted her and wanted to give her some comfort. Neither one of them looked happy that day, needless to say, the rest of the ponies.

The group didn't speak, and only exchanged encouraging glances.

Scootaloo, herself, felt sad. She probably felt the worst in all of Ponyville, but no way would she show it. Dash would've been wanted her to be strong, and strong she'll remain. She couldn't speak for the other citizens of Ponyville. Countless ponies suppressed their sobs as they marched forwards to Town Hall.

Suddenly, the major and Princess Celestia came into view. Standing on the balcony of Town Hall, they both looked proud. Their expressions, emotionless as they looked over the gathering mass of ponies.

Reaching their destination, the citizens of Ponyville stopped still. The Cutie Mark Crusaders stayed together, hooves resting on each-other’s shoulders for comfort. Celestia began to speak.

“Today, we are here to witness the celebration of Rainbow Dash's life.”

For some reason, Scootaloo gave a gasp of surprise. She didn't want to be here, it all just seemed so wrong. Dash shouldn't be dead, it should be her!

“Most of you knew her as a loyal friend, and to some, a respectable athlete.”

An audible cry broke out behind Scootaloo. She turned to see Applejack trying to comfort a heavily grieving Fluttershy, who obviously was taking Dash's death hard.

“Don't cry because good times are over, my little ponies. Smile because they have happened.”

Those were the last words Scootaloo heard. In her mind, there was absolute silence. She couldn't hear what was going on around her. She was just trying to think of what Rainbow Dash had meant. There was nothing she could do but block everything else out as she tried to focus.

Her idol's voice rung in her head again.

“Let my fly one more time, Scootaloo.”

“One last time.”

The noise returned to her. The cries were much louder and more plentiful this time. In front of her, several ponies had collapsed in bouts of tears, hoping to find some solace in Dash's death.

Sweetie Belle turned around to her. Her eyes were wide and face tear-soaked, but she seemed to want something. Her mouth formed words, but Scootaloo couldn't understand.

Her best friend pointed to the front of the crowd, where Princess Celestia stood. In her hooves, was a small jar.

Still not understanding, Scootaloo gave a puzzled look.

Sweetie Belle and Applebloom both led the confused filly through the crown in the direction of the princess. Just what the hay was going on? Soon, the orange pegasus stood before the looming alicorn.

The regal sister offered out her hooves containing the jar. Scootaloo took the jar, unsure of its contents. Celestia kneeled down to Scootaloo's level and whispered.

“She would've wanted you to do the honours.”

Instantly, Scootaloo knew what was going on.

Inside this small, ceramic jar, was Rainbow Dash.

No way. No way could Scootaloo do this. She was only a small filly, how the hay could she be expected to do this? Something niggled at Scootaloo's mind, as if something forgotten was trying to be remembered.

Suddenly, Scootaloo was hit by her own realisation. There was no riddle or puzzle to what was said.

Dash wanted Scootaloo to let her fly. Scootaloo had to bee strong now. That was Dash's last wish, and by Celestia, she was going to fulfil it.

Proudly, the small filly took the jar in her own hooves. Behind her, the crowd clapped for her sheer bravery. Everypony in Ponyville was clapping for her. Even the regal alicorn, Celestia, herself.

After Dash had taught her how to fly, it only felt right to show off her skills.

She took to the air with the jar in her hooves. Looking back, Scootaloo could see all of Ponyville, including its inhabitants. They watched her every movement, intent on seeing the moment.

Scootaloo lifted the lid of the jar off. Small, black particles flew out into the early morning sky, flowing freely with the gentle breeze. As the sun shone on them, Scootaloo could've sworn she saw every colour of the rainbow.

“Fly, Rainbow Dash. Fly.”

Author's Note: Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it. I wanted to thank all you guys for sticking with it and writing nice comments and stuff. I have to say, I feel inadequate to end this story here. Will I write an epilogue? Will it be a happy ending? When will I stop asking stupid questions? Keep tracking and find out. Peace out.

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