• Published 2nd Jun 2013
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Harmony Squad - Rainbow87dash

In a world where there were never any Elements of Harmony, only one group of ponies can stop the evil that pervades the peace. Harmony Squad!

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Chapter one part 1

'Dare you look inside? To see the darkness that you hide?'

Shouting, screaming, things being broken. This is what Dash had been hearing almost every night this week, her parents were constantly fighting and arguing. She was scared, scared because she couldn't do anything to stop it, scared because her mother was talking about leaving her dad and she knew that, if that happened, she'd would probably never see her dad again, and she would never have a happy family again. She began to get angry, angry at her parents for being so stupid, angry at herself for being so useless. Crying like a foal when she should be doing something, anything, to stop her parents from doing this to each other.

She stood up, wiped away her tears and turned towards her bedroom door. She decided enough was enough, if her parents weren't gonna stop arguing on their own, then she was gonna make them! She slowly began inching towards her door knob, the sound of her parents shouting echoed in the background. She reached out slowly, grasping the knob in her teeth, before slowly turning it and opening the door. With the door opened the sound of her parents shouting became louder and she nearly flinched back inside her room. But she held strong and kept going, slowly creeping down the stairs, towards her parents.

When she reached the bottom, her parents words became clearer, although still slightly muffled by their living room door, which was open slightly. "LIAR!" her mother shouted, throwing a lamp at her father.

"Please honey, you know I'd never cheat on you! I love you!" Dash's father shouted back, dodging the incoming lamp as it whizzed by his head, smashing into a million pieces on the wall behind him.

"Yeah right! I bet you love that other mare too!" Her mother retorted, throwing another lamp at her father. It smashed near his hooves, leaving a few shards embedded in his leg.

He winced in pain and managed to grunt back, "Please Firefly, there isn't another mare! *ugh* I would never, ever think about dating another mare!" he held his hoof up to his face and winced at how bad the wound was.

Dash peeked through the crack in the door, upon seeing her Dad’s hoof, she became even more angry. Her eyes began to glow, but she didn't notice, she was too appalled by the scene before her. She shoved open the door and flew into the room, unaware that her body was glowing white and her mane looked as though it was a rainbow coloured fire.

"STOP!" she screamed, scaring herself at how loud her voice was. Her parents turned to her and froze in shock, their mouths falling open at what they saw. In front of them, instead of what was once their little girl, was now a luminescent filly with a flaming rainbow mane. Her eyes were glowing white and she was floating without the aid of her wings.

"Why are you fighting!? Why are you hurting each other!?" Dash screamed as tears flowed down her cheeks, vaporizing before they could drip off her face. "Don't you love each other!?" The tears continued to flow and she seemed to glow brighter with each passing moment. "ANSWER MEE!!" Light exploded from Dash as tendrils of energy began to shoot off from her, scorching the nearby walls. Rainbow dropped to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably, "Please answer me," she said in a voice just above a whisper.

The glow began to subside and Dash slowly turned back to normal but she continued to cry into her hooves. Her parents still stood there, dumbstruck, at what had just transpired. Slowly their parental instincts kicked in and they rushed to their daughter’s side. Firefly wrapped Rainbow into a wing-hug and began to Sing to her.

Dashie mine
Don't you cry
Dashie mine
Dry your eyes
Rest your head
Close to my heart
Never to part
Dashie of mine

Little one
When you fly
Don't you mind
Don't be shy
Let those wings
Flutter and glide
Never to fall
Dashie of mine

If they saw how you could soar
Rainbow crash you'd be no more
All those same colts that scold you
What they'd give to just fly half like you

Rainbow's sobbing ceased, her eyes started to become heavy whilst her mother held her, slowly stroking her mane. Dash snuggled closer to her mother and held onto her, unwilling to let her go.

From your nose down to your tail
You're made to fly, made to sail
You're just so precious to me,
Fast as can be, Dashie of mine

All those same colts that scold you
What they'd give to just fly half like you

From your nose down to your tail
You're made to fly, made to sail
You're just so precious to me,
Fast as can be, Dashie of mine

Dashie of mine

Dash drifted off into sleep, still snuggled into her mother’s chest, her snores were the only thing to be heard in the silent room.

"Spectral? I'm sorry for accusing you of cheating, I know you would never do it, it's just that I've been under a lot of stress late-" she was cut off by Spectral's hoof on her lips, he smiled at her.

"I know dear, you work yourself tirelessly for us all of the time, how about you take a week off of work? Spend some time with Dash." he looked down at Dash’s sleeping form, "Speaking of which, what just happened? She turned into some weird glowy thing!" he shouted, making Dash shuffle in her sleep.

"Shh! You don't like it when ponies interrupt your sleep!" Firefly whispered loudly, glaring at her husband whilst still stroking her daughters mane.

"Sorry! But do you think she is gonna be okay? I mean I've never heard of a pony doing that before, never mind a little filly!" Spectral whispered, looking at Dash as if she had sprouted a second head. "Should we do something about it? Take her to some professionals? A doctor? Celestia!?" he almost shouted, before remembering the sleeping filly.

"To be honest, I think we should just forget about any of this and never mention it again," Firefly answered, folding her wing tighter against her filly. "If we take her to any of those ponies, she'll never have a normal childhood, she'd become some kind of experiment and I don't want that to happen to her!"

"Yeah but what if this happens again? What if next time she hurts herself? Or hurts somepony else?" Spectral said anxiously, looking down at Dash for what must have been the fiftieth time.

"You’re worrying too much, I think if we keep her calm, she won't have another.... 'breakdown.' When she wakes up tomorrow, pretend like nothing happened, now help me get her to her room." Firefly instructed, gently lifting Dash up and placing her on her father’s back. They then began heading upstairs and towards Dash's room.

When they arrived, Spectral pushed open Dash's door and walked over to her bed, gently depositing the lightly snoring filly onto her cloud mattress. Firefly picked up her stuffed animal off of the floor and placed it in the the sleeping filly’s arms. She then gently brought the blanket over her and kissed her head.

"Goodnight my little angel, sweet dreams."

Author's Note:

First off, before any of you say 'what about Spectrals wounds?' 'what About the state of the house?' 'how can you burn clouds?'
The first two are simple, they would be in too much shock from their daughter suddenly going on a crazy magic rampage, when she isn't a unicorn, plus they'd be pretty tired and his hoof would probably be bandaged before he goes to sleep...
As for the clouds being burnt, this is out of control magic where talking about here people!

I do not own the song used in this chapter , it's Dashie Mine by Feather PonyArtist. In case you missed it

Point to anyone who knows where the quote is from!

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