• Published 2nd Jun 2013
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Harmony Squad - Rainbow87dash

In a world where there were never any Elements of Harmony, only one group of ponies can stop the evil that pervades the peace. Harmony Squad!

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Chapter one part 2

"we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. The choice is yours."

It was just a short hour since an ear-splitting crack had split the sky and caused a beautiful rainbow ring to spread out across Equestria. The aftermath of which caused every nearby animal to cower in terror, each either frightened by the noise or the gale force winds that followed. It took the gentle words of a cream yellow mare to calm them down. Fluttershy had just received her cutie mark, along with befriending over a dozen woodland critters.

She had decided to explore the wilderness in hopes of meeting some new friends and to admire the beautiful scenery. So far she had managed to ease the worry of a few animals still hiding in fear and discovered a serene, blue lake. She joyfully skipped along, through a meadow of flowers, when she heard the sound of light thumps and the soft cries of an animal in pain. She stopped and perked her ears to listen more closely. The noise was coming from her right, behind a small berry bush. The yellow mare began to slowly stalk towards it, shaking in fear at what she might find behind it. She reached out her hoof and gently parted the bush, making sure not to make much noise.

She gasped at what she saw, there, in a semicircle, were a group of large, grey hares. All of which were kicking a small white bunny, who was huddled in the fetal position and letting out cries of pain at each kick.

"P-please stop, you're hurting him," she asked in a voice barely above a whisper. The hares ignored her and continued their beating of the small bunny.

"I s-said stop it, c-can't you see you're hurting him?" she asked again, slightly louder this time. One of the hares stopped and turned to face her, he grinned before kicking the young rabbit even harder. This elicited a loud cry of pain from the defenseless bunny. She gasped, that was the last straw.

"I SAID STOP!" she screamed, staring down the hares. They all froze in fear, all staring at the intensity of her anger. Her once timid aquamarine eyes were now ferocious cess pools of anger and despair. "Good, now don't let me ever see you harming another creature again! Or there will be consequences! Are we clear?" The hares all nodded in unison before running off, a pile of brown pellets left in their trail.

Fluttershy quickly ran to the bunny's side to see if it was okay. When she saw it, she began to cry. It had many bruises along its body, mostly around its ribs, one of its front legs was bent at an odd angle and it’s torso was riddled with small cuts. She gently lifted it up into her forehooves and began flapping her butter yellow wings. When she was airborne, she quickly flew in the direction in which she had seen the lake, hoping the weak creature in her arms wouldn’t die on her.

"Please little guy, don't die, we're almost there," Fluttershy all but wept, seeing the small lake come into her line of sight. She sped up her pace, finding it hard to see clearly with the amount of tears falling from her eyes.

She landed, quickly putting the rabbit down near the waters edge and getting to work on its wounds. She checked it’s heartbeat and felt it slowly growing weaker with each quiet beat. She stopped, realising her efforts were in vain, and began crying harder, her tears falling on the bunny's body. She was so lost in her grief that she didn't notice her body beginning to glow or the fact the bunny was being encased in a sphere of water.

The yellow mare looked up and froze, her eyes locked on the small bunny which was completely surrounded by a sphere of water. This wasn't what caught her attention however, inside, the bunnies wounds were slowly healing. It's bruises disappeared completely, it's cuts were closing up and it's broken leg was slowly bending back into it's original shape. She could clearly see its bones repairing themselves beneath it's skin.

She looked away, unable to look at the grotesque scene before her, that's when she saw her reflection. Her heart nearly stopped. There, looking back at her, was a pony she didn't recognise. Her blue mane looked as though it was aflame, flowing calmly atop her head, her coat glowed with a strange energy but her eyes were the worst part. Instead of the ocean blue that they were meant to be, they glowed a powerful white. She stared at her reflection for another half second, wide eyed, before her legs buckled beneath her and everything went dark...


Fluttershy's eyes fluttered open shyly, she blinked away the blurriness in her vision and looked at her surroundings. She noticed that she was at the edge of a small lake surrounded by trees, her back hooves were slightly submerged in the water. She felt something push itself into her chest. Her eyes widened in fear and she looked down, only to see a small white bunny sleeping soundly against her breast. She sighed in relief and began wondering what she was doing there.

Then it all came back to her, the hares, the dying bunny, her desperate attempts at saving it, her sorrow, her helplessness over what was happening and... her whole body glowing with a mysterious aura. She shuddered, remembering her glowing white eyes.

She looked back down at the bunny, still sleeping soundly, and smiled. She didn't know anything about what had just occurred but she knew she had somehow managed to save the young rabbit’s life, and that's all that really mattered to her. She began wondering where the poor thing’s parents were and how it had gotten into the situation in which it had found itself. Did it’s parents abandon it? Did they loose it? Were those hares beating him for fun and enjoyment? Or did they have a reason? She shook those thought from her head, deciding that she would have to take it in and give it a home.

"I think I'm going to call you... Angel," she whispered softly, nuzzling the small bunny as it continued to dose on her chest.

Author's Note:

I'm gonna do something, if any of you guys can guess where the quotes in the first and second chapter come from, I'll think of a prize to give you.....

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