• Published 21st May 2013
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A Lady's Mistake - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity notices her Spikey-Wikey's every move... His smile whenever he's around her, his mood lights up whenever he sees her. She knows what he feels towards her. But does she know how she feels towards him...?

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Hardworkers deserve a reward

Rarity awoke from her slumber, as she feels arms surrounding her. Without hesitation, she quickly stood up, causing the source of the arms that surrounded her wake up as well. She took a moment for her eyes to get a clear vision, and as soon as she did, she saw a green and purple dragon tiredly sitting up from her bed. Thoughts suddenly started bouncing in her head, if they did it last night or if it was only cuddling until one falls asleep. The dragon saw the surprise unicorn in front of him, following with a smile and opening his mouth.

"Good morning, my lovely sunshine..." He said, a fatigued tone to his voice. He stretched as Rarity just stood there, staring at him even though she knew it's improper to stare at a gentlecolt, or in this case, a gentledrake.

"Why so quiet? It something wrong?" Spike continued, now grabbing the mare's attention fully. Rarity blushed a very dark red and quickly turned away, her back facing Spike. She heard him chuckle and a familiar feeling from earlier reached her again. The arms surrounding her from a few minutes ago were once again there, and an addition to it, a soft kiss on her cheek. She didn't know blushing this much was even possible!

"Spike, darling... What happened last night?" She asked the dragon behind her, as he moves down to her neck and earning a soft moan from the mare.

"What do you mean?" He asked, moving away from the soft fur, then suddenly realizing what she meant. "We didn't do it, if you were wondering... I mean, I wish we did, but still... We only cuddled, until you fell asleep, which cause me to fall asleep as well..." He finished, and continued to kiss Rarity's soft neck. As for her, she was glad that she's gotten that cleared up... Though, she had to agree with Spike... She secretly wished they did it last night, but thankfully it was just cuddling... Spike's warm breath caused her thoughts to fade away and realize what was happening NOW!

"Uh, Spikey-Wikey...? Do you mind if I get ready for today...? Maybe we can do something like this again later in the day..." She said, feeling a little bit awkward but still liking the tone of her voice when she said it... She feels the lips curve as a sign of a smirk and they pull away from her neck and up to her ear...

"Promise?" The voice whispered seductively, as Rarity began to blush even more. She slowly nodded and lidded her eyes. She turns around to face the dragon and gave him a soft, special kiss on the lips. When they pulled away, Spike looked love struck as Rarity leans into Spike's ear and whispers...


Rarity wraps a towel around her and plugs in her hair dryer into the plug sockets. She levitates her bedazzled brush up to her deep plum colored mane and starts to brush it, turning on the hair dryer as well. Rarity took longer than usual today, and she didn't know why. Some ponies would say that she's doing it for a very special somepony, but they were wrong about one part. As Rarity opened her bathroom door, a fragrance entered her nostrils. She took in the smell with a deep inhale, and realized it was pancakes. Someone was cooking downstairs, and Rarity already knew who it was. She began to trot down the stairs, following the scent that became stronger and stronger with every step she took. She finally reached the entrance of her kitchen within a few more hoofsteps, and slightly hearing faint humming from inside. She entered quietly and took a seat on the dining table. Spike turned around, hearing the sound of one of the chairs moving, and smiling when he saw who it was.

"And how was your... Shower, mademoiselle?" He asked, setting a plate filled with pancakes in front of the mare and following with maple syrup in a fancy, transparent, small pitcher beside them.

"It was very fine, thank you!" Rarity said cheerfully, seeing the wonderfully made pastry in front of her. She felt like she was in an elegant restaurant, a handsome waiter serving her breakfast. And this waiter is handsome, indeed...

"You know... You took longer than usual today..." Spike continued, grabbing Rarity's attention again. He grabs the pitcher and pours some syrup on the stacked pancakes, letting the sticky liquid drip naturally.

"Oh, well! I want to look my best, and you can't rush perfection, now can you?" Rarity said, sitting up properly in her seat.

"You were already perfect before you got ready... I liked your mane a little messy sometimes..." Spike says, using a claw to stop the excess syrup dripping from the spout. With that said, Rarity's cheeks felt a familiar sensation again.

"Oh, stop! I loathe disorganization... Especially if it's moi we're talking about!" She says, cutting a portion of her pancakes and levitating it towards her mouth.

"Huh... Welp... I just thought you wanted to hear that... Because you do look adorable with whatever you do, really..." Spike says, now stacking a few pancakes for himself at the counter.

Rarity continues to eat the delightful breakfast she's been given as Spike makes his way back to the table and takes a seat across from the mare. Rarity savors the taste of the delicacy in her mouth, perfectly made and still warm. The dragon looks at her with delight... The look of the pony's face, a pink blush on her cheeks, tightly closed eyes and smiling lips. It was as adorable as her blushing-like-crazy face last night... He gave a quiet sigh as his thoughts circled his head with memories of last night. Rarity opens her eyes after she swallows the pancake and notices the dragon across from her staring into space. The look on his face caused her to give a small chuckle.

"What's on your mind, darling?" She asks, grabbing the dragon's attention.

"Oh, nothing... Heh..." He says nervously, earning a soft smile from Rarity and she continues to eat. He stares at her, and remembers the day he told her that she looks good when she was chewing... He meant it, as silly as it sounded, now looking back at it... He was little then... And he couldn't help but look at her trying his badly baked apple pie... He didn't realize it was badly baked until a few days later... In reality, he shakes his head and laughs at his behavior from when he was a baby dragon. The important thing was... He meant what he told her...

"PINCUSHION!!!!!" Rarity shouted across the room as Spike appeared on all fours and pins on his scaly back. Rarity hovered a few off of Spike and inserted them on a dress that was worn by a mannequin. It was the afternoon already, and Spike found out that Rarity and her overslept this morning.
"Oh... This darn hem is not how I want it to look... Nothing just seems to work!" The unicorn shouts the ending, causing Spike to flinch and step away from the raging mare.
"Well, why don't you iron it? I see that it's not straight, but if we're patient, you can stitch the hem and iron it after the dress is done..." Spike said, calming the seamstress for a while before hearing a thud. He sees Rarity, a hoof on her face. Huh, never saw her do one of those in a while... Spike thought.
"Of course! Spike, my darling, you are a genius!" Rarity said, letting everything her blue aura surrounded go and glomps on the teenage dragon who was terrified of the figure depending on his strength to hold her up. When Rarity releases the hug, Spike rubs the back of his neck.
"It was nothing, really... Even you would figure it out... You're more experienced, after all."
"I suppose so... I was just stressed because this dress has been in waiting for almost a week now..." Rarity says, mumbling something at the end. "Well, now! Why don't we do what you suggested, my dear? After all, a dress doesn't stitch itself!" She finished as Spike nodded with a determined expression. With that, they spent the rest of the day working. It didn't even matter that the boutique windows didn't give enough light inside. They kept on working. Until the teenage dragon gave out a yawn in between Rarity's gossiping stories. The fashionista noticed that her beloved was tired and realized that, she too, was a bit fatigued from working all day. She cleared her throat as Spike started to droop like melting jelly in his chair.
"Spike, deary!" Rarity said, tapping the sleepy dragon on his shoulder, causing him to straighten up his spine.
"HUH! What? I'm awake, Twilight! I'll make you breakfast, do my morning chores and even do the laundry early this week!!" Spike said rapidly as Rarity let him finish and giggled when he did.
"Spikey-Wikey... You can go home now... I appreciate you helping me as always! I'm sure Twilight is worrying about how you didn't come home last night... Now go on, I can clean up our hard work here..." She said, starting to levitate the scissors and scraps of fabric on the floor.
"Can I at least help you clean some things up? I don't want to leave you unsatisfied..." Spike said tiredly, as he was picking up scraps of fabric, too. Rarity magically grabbed the scraps from his claws and continued to look for more.
"It's alright, darling... Hurry up back to the library, Twilight will be very, very upset! The sooner you go home, the sooner she'll... Well... Just go home, Spike! I can take care of our mess." Rarity said, smiling at her lack of knowledge of Twilight freaking our about her number one assistant gone.
"Alright..." The dragon said, defeated and fatigued. He made his way to the door, and reached for the handle. He stopped for a moment, thinking. He looked back at the seamstress who was using her magic to levitate everything they did all day. Her blue aura surrounds the objects perfectly as a smile appears on the dragon's face. He slowly made his way to the distracted mare, and wraps his arms around her. Rarity, shocked but laughing, lets go of everything she was cleaning up. A pair of lips connected with hers, giving her that familiar feeling again. Spike's lips were curved to a smile, feeling happy about this action. Rarity knew this was coming, knowing the dragon's mind. She accepted the kiss, which felt like forever, but she didn't mind because she wanted it to last forever. A few more seconds of embracing eachother, and they both pulled away, eyes slowly opening. Rarity's stayed lidded, as Spike's were completely wide open. The mare in his arms laughed and pushed him away, as well as levitating the objects she was cleaning up before the teenager's action.
"Goodbye to you, as well, Spikey-Wikey." Rarity said, chuckling a little as Spike smirked and started to make his way to the door. He shut the door behind him and leaned against it, and begins to slide down. On the other side of the door was a blushing unicorn, trying to collect her thoughts on what is happening in her life. She loved it, yet it felt wrong... Why must she think about these issues thoroughly? She was sure that even a normal pony would see what was happening to her and the gentledrake... But why couldn't she...?