• Published 21st May 2013
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A Lady's Mistake - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity notices her Spikey-Wikey's every move... His smile whenever he's around her, his mood lights up whenever he sees her. She knows what he feels towards her. But does she know how she feels towards him...?

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Change of plans

5 days have passed, as a unicorn and a dragon were standing in front of a tall building. Rarity dressed up for the occasion, wearing one of her buisness outfits. She had a simple black skirt, and a blue short scarf to complete the look, making her look as if she wasn't that serious about this.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Rare?" The dragon who was beside her asked, nervousness in his voice.
"Of course I do! I might as well face the consequences!" She said, surprisingly in a cheery tone. She adjusted her scarf, trying to make it look straight. Spike, meanwhile, was trying to think of a way to stop this from happening. He knows what she did was for him, that doesn't mean she has to face the consequences of possibly going to jail. What's so bad about hunting for gems at Rocky Hills anyway? He never even knew this before, and him and Rarity have been gem hunting for years now. But... Not at Rocky Hills. Hoofsteps interupted his thoughts and sudenly sees Rarity making her way into the building. Then it hit him...
"Rarity, wait!" Spike said, cathing up to the unicorn who peculiarly got that close to the entrance in a small amount of time. Rarity stopped in her tracks as the dragon got in her way. Panting, he continued. "I have an idea!"
"What is it, Spikey? Does my scarf not suit my outfit? Oh, I have to get back to the boutique!" She said, rapidly zooming with her words. Spike raised an eybrow.
"No, no... But, instead of going to the boutique... Come with me..." He said.
Rarity cocked her head. "Where, darling?"
"Let's..." Spike paused, thinking that she might not accept. "Let's run away together..."
As soon as he said it, Rarity's eyes widened. She didn't know what to say... She... She certainly cannot say she hasn't thought of it, but...
"Wha... What about our family, friends?" Was all Rarity could say. Spike rested a claw on the mare's shoulder.
"They will all be fine... Just please... Run away with me..."
"Please..." Spike pleaded, now looking directly into Rarity's eyes. She saw sadness in the drake's eyes, telling her that he's serious about this...
"What are we running away from?" She asked, resting a hoof on the claw that is on her shoulder.
"This... We are running away from your consequences..." He said.
"But, it's never good to run away from your problems." She said back. The dragon sighed. She did have a point... Finally he said the real reason.
"I don't want you to leave me... I don't want to leave you... And the possiblities of you being sent to jail is just too much for me... Having the mare of my dreams locked up in a cell is unbearable... So, please... For me?"
Rarity gave out a heavy sigh and lowers her head. She felt wetness in the corner of her eyes, but prevents them from being noticable. Then, she gave in.
"Alright... For you... For us..." She said, putting a hoof on Spike's cheek. She pulled him into a passionate kiss, as he accepts. When they pulled away, they look admiringly into eachother's eyes.
"Thank you..." Spike whispered, making their forheads touch.
"One question, though, darling..." Rarity said. "Where are we going to run away to?"

"Where in Equestria is she?" Judge Azure Myth asked the colt next to him.
"I have no clue, sir." He said back, recalling the night he told a certain fashionista to come to Ponyville Confidential Court Industries.
"Did you tell our guest to come at this day, Mr. Shade?" Azure said, turning to him. Mr. Shade, or Midnight, nods, still thinking to double check.
"I am fairly certain, sir." He said, nodding again to say that he is completely positive about his answer. Azure sighs in frustration, massaging his temples with a hoof and closing his eyes.
"Well, I just don't get it... Perhaps there was a mix up in the dates, or she's just too busy?"
"Of course not, sir... I'm sure she wouldn't have anything planned for today... If she did, she'd cancel it." Midnight said.
"Alright... Another 5 or 10 minutes and we'll reschedule... If it comes to that, you know what to do, Mr. Shade." The defeated judge said, continuing to massage his temples.
"Of course, sir." Midnight responded, and with that... They waited for Rarity...

The two lovers laughed at eachother, sitting on a park bench and eating ice cream.
"You still got some on your lips, Spikey!" Rarity said in between giggles. Spike quickly looked at his lips which was covered in mint chocolate ice cream and he prepares to snicker, when Rarity stopped him.
"I'll get it, dear..." She said, and leaned in. When she reached the drake's lips, she made sure to get every last drop of the frozen treat, leaving a red-faced dragon. She giggled again, and licked her ube ice cream which was surrounded by her magical blue aura.
"Got it..." She said attractively, also licking some left over ice cream on her lips.
"Th-thanks..." Was all Spike could say. Then he tried to lick his ice cream to see if it would impress his lover if he did it as sexy as she did; only to find that it was all gone. He looked back at Rarity, who was trying to hold in a laugh. He shrugged and layed back on the bench, wrapping an arm around the mare.
"Nice day, isn't it?" He said, as Rarity sighs and then nods. "We could have been enjoying this! The moment we entered P.C.C.I, we wouldn't have seen the birds chirpping, flowers bloomin'..." He trails off.
"I suppose not... But I still think it's a bad idea..." Rarity responded, almost done with her purple ice cream.
"What? But you agreed, didn't you?" Spike said, confused.
"Well, just because we got ice cream, doesn't mean we're running away, now does it? And P.C.C.I is only 4 blocks away..." Rarity finished, pointing to the tall building behind a few other short ones. Spike scoffs and rolls his eyes.
"Still... C'mon Rare... We can still... Run away..." He said, suddenly saddened. "You said this was for us..."
"It is, Spike..." Rarity lifts Spike's head by the chin, making him face her. "I know this is hard for you... It's hard for m--"
Spike snickers, causing Rarity to steam up.
"Are you listening to me?!"
"It's kinda hard to listen when you have ice cream on your nose!" He said, as Rarity looks down on her muzzle. She suddenly turns bright red, as Spike made her face him.
"I'll get it..." He said, and gave Rarity's muzzle a quick kiss, quick enough to make the forzen treat dissapear. Rarity gave out a small, quiet laugh.
"Thank you..." She said, her cheeks still slightly red.
"No problem... And I know it's also hard for you... But Rarity..."
"Spike, darling... I love you with all my heart, and you know that! But this is just something we can't do..." She lowers her head. "Not like this."
"Then how? How? What do I have to do to make it alright so we can do it?" Spike said, his voice desperate.
Tears started to flow from Rarity's eyes, rolling down her cheeks. She instanly hugs the teenage dragon, as he hugs back, realizing that the mare is in need of one.
"Spike..." She said, sobbing and sputtering. "I... I'm scared... I'm so scared..."
"Is that the reason...?"
"It's okay... Let it out..." Spike starts to caress the back of the mare's body, feeling the soft alabaster fur in between his fingers. Rarity's crying slowed down enough so that all you can hear was quick gasps. The two sat there, in eachother's arms. A few minutes passed, silence between them except for the world around. Then, Spike broke it.
"I'm scared, too, Rarity..." Her shaking became less noticable. "Really, really scared..."
"I'll be there..." She suddenly said. Spike pulled away.
"What?" He asked.
"I'll be there... Only if you be there with me..." She said, stroking Spike's scaly cheeks. He gave her a soft smile as she did the same.
"Pinkie Promise..." He said, his smile widening. Rarity, still has her lips to an arch, raised an eyebrow.
"Really?" She said.
"Really! Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!" He finished by lightly placing a fist on his left eye.
"Alright..." Rarity said, lightly laughing at the promise's ways.
"Hey, Rare..."
"Thank you..."

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wait is this sparity i wanna know this has to be sparity but it's labelled tragic sad and dark so i dunno do they break up does spike die what is this you have to tell me now please come on hurry up i need to know fjkhdlsdajkfhsjeklfhJKGDFHSDFKASJFHDKFHLSDJADFHLASDJFHASFASFHKLASFSAFASFASF

Definitely gonna read it sometime soon.

time is a silly thing

Yeah, the presence of the unholy trifecta of Tragedy, Sad, and Dark tags makes me want to wait until this is complete to find out whether the ending would make me regret having started it.

Dammit again? This story looks absolutely amazing, but I'm not going to read it. Only because it's unfinished with the last comment on it being over two years ago:applecry:.

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