• Published 21st May 2013
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A Lady's Mistake - xXLadyErica99Xx

Rarity notices her Spikey-Wikey's every move... His smile whenever he's around her, his mood lights up whenever he sees her. She knows what he feels towards her. But does she know how she feels towards him...?

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A Misunderstanding and a Miracle

Rarity looked at Spike and gave him a smile, standing up and trotting towards the door. As she opened the door, a dark hued unicorn in a business outfit emerged into her doorway.

"May I help you on this fine evening, good sir?" The fashionista greeted the serious looking colt in front of her. He lifted a hoof and cleared his throat.
"Ma'am, may I ask a simple question that I'm sure a fair maiden such as yourself will speak the truth?" He said, now levitating a piece of paper and setting it aside of his face. Rarity stood there, now regretting the door to be open. She simply nodded as the business pony continued.
"I understand that you went gem hunting in Rocky Hills about 3 days ago?"
"Hm... Very well... I must give you this note for further information you might want to know about..." He gave her the slip of paper, as Rarity read it. The pony disappeared in a cloud of magic, leaving the unicorn stunned in her boutique. The dragon, now became curious of Rarity still not coming back. He stood up, and made his way to the entrance. He sees his friend standing in front of a closed door, levitating a slip of paper, with a stunned look on her face.
"Rarity? What happened?" The dragon asked, poking her shoulder. Rarity managed to hide the slip of paper with the same magic the business pony used on himself and made the object disappear.
"No-Nothing!! Let's continue our meal, shall we?" That was all she could manage to say, noticing her stuttering at the beginning. Spike just nodded and went back to the kitchen, being followed by Rarity. Still, he did not shake things off... Something was definitely wrong, and he was about to find out... No matter what...

As the two sat at their spots, the room was filled with silence for a good few minutes. Until Spike cleared his throat and started to cut a portion of his steak.
"So... Rarity, what's the truth?" He said, seeing the pony across from him flinch from the sentence.
"Uh... I-um... Nothing bizarre, no! Not that! I-I just..." The pony gave out a heavy sigh and calmed down. "It's very complicated, darling... You wouldn't understand..."
"Of course I would! I'm older now, not that baby dragon you used to know!" Spike said, narrowing his eyes. Rarity sighed once again, levitating her fork and knife and started to cut a piece of steak off of it's base.
"Sweetie... I know you're older, but it's still quite complicated... I'm so sorry..." She said, dropping the fork on the side of her plate, causing a clinking noise.
"You don't understand! I know something's bothering you, and I intend to find out!" The dragon stood up, banging the table and shouting the words. "I want to help you... I want to see that beautiful smiling face that I strongly adore and love... Not the sad, bummed out unicorn who just wants to ignore every single problem she comes across..." He said, now sitting down and as well as calming down. Rarity put one of her forelegs on the table and rested her head on the hoof.
"Very well... Gem hunting in Rocky Hills is illegal... And I'm going to speak to the judge next week on why I was gem hunting there..."
"Ra...Rarity, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to get you in so much trou-!"
"No it's fine!" She teleported in front of him and held a hoof against his mouth, covering it up. Blushing a light crimson, she took away her hoof opened her mouth to continue. "I did it because I wanted to get you special gems... Not those simple and cliche gems that you see almost everywhere nowadays..."
"Rarity..." The dragon whispered. Now realizing how close they were, both were blushing as one got closer to the other's face.
"I knew it was illegal, but I couldn't see you suffer with such... Simple gems surrounding you and I... I wanted you to have something special... Like the fire ruby you gave me years ago... I still have it, and I was admiring it one night... It was hard not to think of the dragon who gave it to me... I got inspired to do such a generous thing back to him, but I just didn't know what was the right gift... So I went to Rocky Hills the next day, even though I knew the consequences, and started gem hunting..." Tears were starting to form in the corners of the unicorns sapphire eyes. She rested a foreleg on the top rail of Spike's chair then continued.
"After I was done the deed, I made up excuses of where I was that day, telling ponies that I was on a trip to Canterlot for a few days... I wasn't ready to give it to that special someone just yet... I waited 3 days, until I invited a dragon who's admired me from afar... I meant this to be a simple give-the-gift-to-him night, and everything will be perfect... But I see now that the night will change after this..." The pony finished with as sigh, as the dragon felt the warm, faint breeze surround his neck. Rarity turned around but was then stopped by dragon claws surrounding her hoof. He turned her to face him, their faces inches away from each others.
"You did all of that... For me?" He asked her, as she nodded, her face flushed. Spike leaned in closer as Rarity did the same. Their lips merged, as Rarity wrapped her forelegs around her beloved. Spike was blushing like crazy, not realizing what's happening. Pulling apart, Rarity immediately looked away, her cheeks reddening even more. The dragon, overwhelmed at what just happened, finally became aware of the position the unicorn was in.
"I...I'm... I just..." Not knowing of what to say, she stood there, hiding her face in abashment with her forelegs that before were around the dragon in front of him. He, however, chuckled at his love's reaction. Spike moves her hooves from her face, revealing a blushing, white unicorn in front of him, eyes tightly closed. He loves her even more when she looks shy about what she just did. Whether it was this, or bursting out things but regretting it at the end.
"Is it over?" She managed to whimper. Spike hugged her in response as Rarity slightly calmed down.
"I dunno... I kinda wanna do it again..." He said, chuckling as he felt Rarity's lips curve up, giving him a sign that she's smiling.
"I fink we fshould cear fings up a fit" She muttered, her hoof covering her mouth. Spike released their hug and planted a confused face on his head. Rarity, who now was fully calmed down, repeated her sentence once again.
"I said, I think we should clear things up first." Laughing while saying that, it caused the dragon to laugh with her.
"I don't know... I pretty much know where this is going..." He said, giving her a smirk. That made Rarity's heart melt and caused her cheeks to redden again. She thought to herself... Maybe this night did go perfectly... And some things changed...

Author's Note:

HOW WAS THAT?!?! Huh? I got Dashie on my screen sleeping on a cloud right now... Anyway... I hope that wasn't a bad chapter... I was planning on doing something else for the ending... In fact, I didn't even plan for that to be the ending... But I hope you all like it!
Tell me what to change or make some things better, and I'll do it! No questions asked, because I want my writing skill to improve! :D So, please do tell me what I need to change or add some things here and there... Yeah... Thanks for reading and have a wonderful, amazing rest of the day! <3